45+ Best Game of Thrones Gifts True Fans Will Love

game of thrones gifts

We all know a GOT geek who eats, sleeps and breathes the epic show. They’ve been there, done that, and even bought the Game of Thrones t-shirt. Perhaps, you’re one of them. If you’ve read all the books, watched the series more than once and now find yourself wanting more from the sensational show, we’ve got exactly what you’ll need to fill that gaping hole.

These best Game of Thrones gifts are essential for any die-hard fan…

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1. Iron Throne Replica

Face it, you’re never going to actually sit on that Iron Throne! You could however, purchase this miniature version and truly feel like a ruler of the seven kingdoms. This Iron Throne replica is perfectly crafted and captures all the details of Westeros’ chair of royalty.

game of thrones iron throne replica

Buy the Throne

2. The Trivia Game

Gather your friends for a trivia night and compete against each other for the Iron Throne. Who has the most knowledge about television’s most popular show? Do you know every single fact about Game of Thrones? Answer over 1,200 questions, conquer key locations in Westeros and have full control over the Seven Kingdoms!

game of thrones trivia game

Buy the Game

3. Jon Snow Statue

Modeled to look just like Jon Snow, this statue is superb for anyone who admires the iconic “bastard of Winterfell”. The item has been sculpted with great detail, making it a stunning addition to any room in your home.


Buy the Statue

4. Game of Thrones Shot Glasses

Take shots as you watch swords clash and blood splatter! These shot glasses feature the sigil and motto of House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and House Baratheon. Get together with friends, pick out your favourite house and drink away. Just make sure not to get as drunk as Tyrion Lannister would!

game of thrones shot glass

Buy the Glass Set

 5. Drink and Know Things T-Shirt

This quote by Tyrion will always go down as one of our faves! Know someone who reminds you of him? Do you have plenty in common with the beloved GoT character? If you or someone else “drinks and knows things” like the little Lannister, then this t-shirt makes the perfect gift!

tyrion drink know things tshirt

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6. Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

Want to be the proud owner of that infamous Game of Thrones coin? This replica of the Valar Morghulis coin will make the best gift for that Arya Stark fan in your life. Officially licensed by George R.R. Martin and made of cast zinc pot-metal, you can’t go wrong if you decide to splurge on this special item…

Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

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7. 4D Westeros Puzzle

Keep yourself busy during the show’s hiatus and learn all about the various locations and regions of Westeros with this awesome 4D Westeros Puzzle. The multidimensional puzzle that includes over 1000 pieces is bound to give you a challenge. See if you can construct it before the next season airs!

4D Game of Thrones Puzzle

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8. Heat Changing Mug

Winter is certainly coming and what better way to prepare for it than by sipping a warm cup of coffee out of this mug? Watch the sleeping faces of your favorite characters appear once you fill it up with a warm beverage! You won’t want to drink out of any other mug!

game of thrones heat mug

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9. Targaryen Necklace

Pledge your alliance to House Targaryen by sporting this fantastic Targaryen sigil necklace. Hang the notorious 3-headed dragon around your neck and forever show-off your support for Daenerys’ house.

targaryen necklace

Buy the Necklace

10. Dinner is Coming Apron

The best gift for the chef in your life! It even makes the perfect GoT-themed present for a mom, dad or partner that often prepares meals. If you’re tired of family members asking when dinner’s ready, show them your apron.

dinner is coming apron

Buy the Apron

11. Tyrion Lannister Statue

Purchase this model of the fan-favourite character and begin (or continue) your Dark Horse Deluxe statues collection. Replicating that exact iconic moment from season 2, this model of everyone’s favourite “imp” charging into battle is highly recommended for fans of the show!

tyrion lannister statue

Buy the Statue

12. Not a Princess, I’m a Khaleesi T-Shirt

“I’m not a Queen, I’m a Khaleesi”. One of Daenerys’ greatest quotes is pulled straight out of the series, given a little twist and imprinted on this awesome t-shirt. Buy this goodie for your loved one Khaleesi or wear it yourself to tell people who’s really in charge.

not a princess a khaleesi

Buy the T-Shirt

13. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Find out what it’s really like to fight for the Iron Throne in this awesome game of Monopoly! Rule all of Westeros by competing against your family and friends. Forget Mayfair and Piccadilly! You’ll be fighting to get your money on locations like King’s Landing, Winterfell, Castle Black and more!

Game of Thrones Monopoly

Buy Monopoly

14. Cersei Lannister Necklace

Get your hands on this cool replica of Cersei’s necklace and truly feel like the conniving queen of Westeros! Made of zinc alloy, this item is ideal for those who truly consider themselves a loyal Lannister.

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Necklace

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15. Hodor Door Stop

Not only has poor Hodor been turned into a meme, he’s now a door-stopper, too! Buy your very own Ho-Door-Stopper and always remember the show’s big friendly giant. His destiny was to hold a door, so put Hodor to good use with this super-cool home accessory. Your guests will crack a smile, we promise!

hodor door stopper

Buy the Door Stop

16. Drink and Know Things Beer Glass

There hasn’t been a more appropriate glass! If Tyrion Lannister was real, he’d certainly own this fantastic item! Let a loved one channel their inner Tyrion and drink in style! It comes with a free Hand Of The King bottle opener, too! Ideal for Father’s Day! 

game thrones beer glass

Buy the Glass

17. Drogon Statue

This Drogon statue is frightening enough to keep your enemies away! This stunning, amazingly detailed statue and texture of the fiery creature will watch over you as it rests on your shelf. In danger? Shout “Dracarys”, and Drogon might just come to the rescue!

baby drogon statue

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18. Game Of Thrones Lamp

“I am the sword in the darkness.” Light up your room and get rid of all darkness with this Sword Lamp whilst watching an episode. Featuring a mini replica of Jon Snow’s sword as well as a “Winter is Coming” print, this product is great for any Game of Thrones fan!

game of thrones lamp

Buy the Lamp

19. Dinner is Coming Chopping Board

If you know someone who loves to cook and loves GOT, gift them with this great chopping board. Made of secure wood and embedded with the show’s infamous slogan, you can’t go wrong with this unique present!

dinner coming chopping board

Buy the Board

20. Daenerys Targaryen Statue

Order this remarkable edition statue of Daenerys. The model simulates one of her best moments in the series, when Khaleesi held her eggs. The Mother of Dragons and her scaly dragon eggs will compliment your shelf or desk, perfectly.

daenerys targaryen figure

Buy the Statue

21. All Men Must Poop Mug

Game of Thrones may be filled with doom and gloom every week so why not add a bit of humor to it with this hilarious mug? “All men must die”, sure we already knew that. Guess what else all men must do? Poop…duh! An ideal gift for a brother, boyfriend or best friend!

All Men Must Poop Game of Thrones Mug

Buy the Mug

22. Hodor T-Shirt

Since Hodor can’t carry you on his back, you can carry him by wearing this fab t-shirt! Only avid GOT watchers would appreciate this great clothing piece. If you adore Hodor as much as we do, then this t-shirt should be yours.

hodor t-shirt

Buy the T-Shirt

23. A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook

Ever wondered what the people of Westeros like to eat? Always wanted to wine and dine with Tyrion or eat some meat with Jaime? This themed cookbook will never let you go hungry again.

A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook

Buy the Book

24. Westeros Blanket

Winter’s coming so it’s time to keep warm in the realm! This Game of Thrones blanket guarantees to do the job! Wrap up, get comfy and cuddle up during your GOT marathon!

game thrones westeros blanket

Buy the Blanket

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25. Stark Direwolf Keychain

Those who side with the Starks deserve to receive this small but very special gift. This keychain features the menacing direwolf sigil of House Stark, guaranteeing to help anyone fit in well at Winterfell…

game thrones stark keychain

Buy the Keychain

26. Longclaw Sword Umbrella

Talk about creative! Show off your support for Jon Snow by owning this awesome umbrella! Not only is it made of Jon’s Longclaw sword but it also has the show’s well-known slogan imprinted on it.

longclaw sword umbrella

Buy the Umbrella

27. White Walker Figure

Dare to venture past the Wall and come face to face with “the others”? This phenomenal White Walker figure captures all fine details of the show’s most menacing race, making it a great buy for any obsessed fan of the show. With this statue in your home, you’ll truly feel as though winter has arrived.

white walker statue

Buy the Statue

28. Game of Thrones Poster

Want to decorate your room with an affordable poster? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. This poster is rich with colour and large enough to tell the world you’re a true fan. Hang it up on your wall and remind yourself of the foreboding slogans of every House in Westeros.

game of thrones house sigils poster

Buy the Poster

29. The Night’s Watch T-Shirt

We rarely crack a smile whilst watching this show so this funny t-shirt is great when wanting to break the ice. Believe it or not, the ladies will love it. It will attract more girls than you know thanks to its clever and brilliant slogan. Stick to the Night’s Watch vows and parade the streets with this hilarious clothing!

Sorry Ladies I'm In The Nights Watch

Buy the T-Shirt

30. Stark and Lannister Salt and Pepper Shakers

Know someone who’s totally obsessed with GOT? These salt and pepper shakers shaped like Stark and Lannister stamps make a great gift. They’d look awesome on any kitchen counter.

stark lannister salt pepper

Buy the Shakers

31. Targaryen Ring

Know someone who wished they belonged to the family of dragons? This ring features the Targaryen family sigil – the 3-headed dragon emblem beautifully etched in its center. You’d be a Targaren to the T by wrapping this ring around your finger.

Game of Thrones Targaryen Ring

Buy the Ring

32. Boxed Book Set

Even if a fan already has the books, this beautiful gift set will be more appreciated. The box set looks better and each book definitely feels better in your hand! The best item to receive on your birthday or Christmas!

game of thrones book set

Buy the Set

33. Stark Hat

Chosen which house you’d belong to if you lived in Westeros? If you’re Team Stark, wear this cap with pride! It promises to keep you warm, especially when Winter is Coming!

stark hat

Buy the Hat

34. Night King Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

The Night King isn’t so scary after all! This adorable (kinda) figure of the show’s most notorious villain is the ideal gift idea for the obsessed fan in your life.

Night King Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

Buy the Figure

35. Coloring Book

Busy yourself with this adult coloring book and start a new therapeutic, fun and enjoyable hobby. Filled with beautiful illustrations from the fantasy story, this gift will keep any fan busy for a while.

game of thrones coloring book

Buy the Book

36. Charm Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift for your sister, girlfriend or wife that’s small but cool, opt for this cute bracelet with mini charms of the Iron Throne, the Targaryen emblem, Longclaw, a Direwolf and more. This merch is perfect for the fashionable GOT head!

game of thrones bracelet

Buy the Bracelet

37. Vintage Cushion Covers

Bring Westeros into your home with these lovely, comfortable vintage cushion covers. The covers include the sigils of each house as well as the slogan. Can’t seem to choose your favourite house? With these cushion covers, you’ll be supporting all of them!

Game of Thrones Cushion Covers

Buy the Cushion Covers

38. Bend the Knee Mat

If like Daenerys, you won’t accept anyone under your rule unless they ‘Bend the Knee’, make sure you place this outside your front door. It’s menacing, and pretty damn funny for fellow GoT fans, too!

bend the knee door mat

Buy the Mat

39. The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones

Eat , sleep and breathe the hit TV show? Know everything there is to know about Arya or Jaime? Heck, you even clocked that Jon Snow and Daenerys were related long before anyone else did. Believe it or not, there are some secret details and hidden gems about Westeros and its famous residents that you didn’t know. All will be revealed in this brilliant book…

The World Ice Fire History Westeros of Thrones

Buy the Book

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40. White Walker Mask

This mask is terrific for hard-core fans of the show. You’ll raise fear among everyone at the Halloween party and be the most frightening one there. Crafted with exquisite detail, this White Walker mask is pricey but it’s something you’ll treasure for life! Have a look at more Game of Thrones costumes for the ultimate dress-up or Halloween party!

white walker mask

Buy the Mask

41. Sigil Mug

Nothing shouts ‘fancy’ more than this precious item. Although a little pricey, it’s very much worth your money. This hand-painted mug with the show’s greatest house sigils makes the ultimate gift for fans who are sad to say goodbye to the show.

game thrones house mug

Buy the Mug

42. Wine Glass

Gift someone with this super cool merch dedicated to Tyrion’s iconic quote. The product description says it’s made from the highest-standard thick glass in Casterly Rock, so you can’t go wrong! Bonus? It comes with a free gadget – a bottle opener!

game of thrones wine glass

Buy the Glass

43. Game of Thrones Mask

Keep safe during those winter months and protect yourself from any viruses by wearing this funny mask. It’s dedicated to Arya’s infamous line and it’s pretty stylish!

game thrones mask

Buy the Mask

44. Christmas Ornament

Prepare this Christmas gift in a stocking or treat yourself with it! These hanging ornaments dedicated to famous quotes from Game of Thrones will look great and make a cool statement on a tree, or anywhere else in the house.

game thrones christmas ornaments

Buy the Ornaments

45. Champagne Glass Set

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding or anniversary gift for a couple who loves GoT, go for this product! The champagne glasses come in a box and have the legendary quote shared between Daenerys and Khal Drogo engraved on them.

game thrones wedding gift

Buy the Set

46. Theme Song Music Box

This music box makes a unique gift for any GoT fan in your life. The dinky little goodie plays the show’s theme tune by rotating its handle, just so its receivers can remember the iconic song forever. The best buy for a girl or boy!

game thrones music box

Buy the Box

With our gift guide, you should have no trouble finding the ideal present for yourself or that GOT geek in your life. Load up on some super-cool Game of Thrones merchandise and truly feel like you’re a part of Westeros!

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This article was originally published on September 2015.


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