25 ‘Hunger Games’ Gifts Every Tribute Deserves to Receive

hunger games gifts

Want to treat someone with a piece of their favorite book series? Want to rebel against the Capitol by carrying the Mockingjay symbol everywhere you go?

As a treat to all the Tributes in your life (including you), why not consider buying one of these awesome Hunger Games gifts?

We’ve also listed a bunch of presents relating to the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (scroll down)!

The odds will definitely be in their favor by gifting a fan with one of the following items…

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1. Mockingjay Pin

Help that special person in your life claim themselves the Mockingjay by gifting them with this Pin replica as worn by Katniss in the Games. The gold pin is true to size and has an attractive, high level of detail. Wear this pin on any item of clothing and show-off your support for the Girl on Fire!

Mockingjay Pin

$15 at Amazon

2. ‘District 9 3/4’ T-Shirt

We all know that one person who’s a wannabe tribute and wizard, right? You might be one of them! If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our Harry Potter gift guide, you can opt for this funny t-shirt that blends the two beloved movie series together!

hunger games harry potter shirt

$24 at Redbubble

3. ‘Peeta Bread’ Apron

Fanatics can remember one of the best Hunger Games characters, Peeta, and his love for bread by owning this cool and funny apron. Ideal for that fan on their birthday who loves cooking. Who knew kitchen life could be so fun?

hunger games apron

$23 at Redbubble

4. Mockingjay Necklace

Know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes this movie? Do they know every fact about The Hunger Games? This Mockingjay necklace is the perfect merch for those who are dedicated to District 12. This remarkable, unique accessory has such precision in the design; it will even impress those who haven’t seen the movies!

mockingjay katniss necklace

$8 at Amazon

5. The Hunger Games Mug

Looking for one of the best Hunger Games gifts? Want to treat yourself? This mug has been made especially for fans of the great franchise. Wake up in the morning, drink your favorite hot beverage, and let the odds be ever in your favor for the remainder of the day.

may the odds be in your favor mug

$17 at Amazon

6. Mockingjay Earrings

These earrings would make the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. What better way to feel powerful than by wearing the great symbol of rebellion and strength? Look stylish and stand behind your favorite Tribute, Katniss by sporting these earrings.

Mockingjay Earrings

$10 at Amazon

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7. ‘Cinna Told Me To Wear This’ Top

Who wouldn’t want Cinna to be their very own stylist? Get your hands on this funny top for a friend and let them show their support for The Hunger Games in style! Although Cinna would probably go for something more extravagant, this cute top will do for casual occasions (it comes in other colors, too!).

cinna told me wear this shirt

$20 at Amazon

8. Katniss Everdeen Clock

This fun wall clock will make a wonderful compliment to any room in your home or office, and tell visitors that you’re a die-hard fan. If you’re looking to grab some Hunger Games merchandise for a friend, they’ll definitely be pleased to receive this! May the odds be ever in your favor with every passing minute!

katniss everdeen clock

$38 at Redbubble

9. Hunger Games Pillow

The quote on this pillow is motivating enough to inspire anyone, whether they’ve watched The Hunger Games or not. Bright, vivid and powerful, this gift idea will stand out in any fan’s home!

hunger games pillow

$23 at Redbubble

10. ‘I Volunteer as Tribute’ T-Shirt

Are you just as selfless as Katniss? Think you’ve got what it takes to participate in the Hunger Games? This shirt should be yours. The slogan takes you back to the first movie where it all began for the Girl on Fire. Super-fans can wear this fun t-shirt and show their love for the dystopian adventure series.

hunger games tribute shirt

$22 at Amazon

11. ‘The Hunger Games’ Book Trilogy

We all know The Hunger Games is a book turned movie series. While most fans already own the book trilogy, it’s still worth buying them this boxed set of hardbacks. Book lovers know what it means to own a hardback version of their favorite novel, so why not do your friend a favor by gifting them with this beautiful edition?

Hunger Games book Trilogy

$60 at Amazon

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12. The Hunger Games Bag

Call yourself the Mockingjay? Practice what you preach with this tote bag. This colorful bag is perfect for travelling or carrying your school books in. It’s almost big enough to carry Katniss’ bow and arrow! Good quality and reasonably priced, you won’t be disappointed with this Hunger Games inspired gift. 

hunger games tote bag

$29 at Redbubble

13. Mockingjay Bracelet 

Whether it’s for your sister, girlfriend or wife, they can wear some Hunger Games memorabilia wherever they go with this super-cute bracelet. This piece of jewelry which features the Mockingjay symbol is appropriate for any teenager. Dangle this from your wrist and become the leader of your own rebellion!

mockingjay bracelet

$14 at Amazon

14. The Hunger Games Wall Art

Die-hard fans of the movies will be thrilled to receive such a unique present. This wall art decor poster which features the Mockingjay symbol, as well as the movie’s slogan is great way to surprise that special someone with – you’ll hear them screaming for joy from here to Panem and back.

hunger games wall decor

$12 at Amazon

15. ‘Every Revolution’ Mug

If you think the quote on this mug will resonate to your best friend, brother or boyfriend, make sure you gift it to them this holiday season. It’s a powerful statement that will take fans right back to the epic movie series.

hunger games quote mug

$18 at Redbubble

16. ‘May the Odds’ Blanket

The odds will be in your favor every evening if you’re wrapped in this super-cute blanket. Whether you buy yourself this merch, or treat it as a present to a loved one, we guarantee it’s one of the best Hunger Games gifts you won’t regret buying.

hunger games blanket

$30 at Amazon

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17. The Hunger Games Stickers

This set featuring over 60 stickers is the ideal stocking filler or self-gift this Christmas. Fans can place these on their laptops, phones or mirrors and always be reminded of their love for The Hunger Games franchise.

hunger games stickers

$8 at Amazon

18. Peeta Mellark T-Shirt

Wrap up this t-shirt for the Peeta fan in your life. This Hunger Games apparel is ideal to treat as a graduation present or gift for your daughter or sister. Everyone needs a bit of Peeta in their lives…

peeta mellark shirt

$29 at Amazon

19. ‘The World of the Hunger Games’

A rich guide to The Hunger Games for the true enthusiast in your life. Detailing everything you need to know about the districts of Panem and all the participants in the Games, this book makes a super-cool gift for a Hunger Games fan this season.

world of hunger games book

$10 at Amazon

20. Katniss Everdeen Bookmark

This unique bookmark has been embroidered to perfection and features a cute illustration of none other than Katniss Everdeen. Whether you’re about to tuck in to the Hunger Games books again, or if you know someone who is about to soon, this small but precious gift is the best of the bunch.

hunger games bookmark

$15 at Amazon

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21. ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ Notebook

Fans of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes can enjoy this stunning notebook! A fantastic stocking filler for Christmas or a birthday gift, this is a fabulous idea so fans can jot down their important notes.

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes notebook

$15 at Redbubble

22. ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ Keychain

What better way to show-off your fandom for The Hunger Games prequel than by owning this keychain? A keyring presenting the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes emblem, as well as the Mockingjay symbol, consider this for a Secret Santa gift or ‘just-because’ present!

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes keychain

$15 at Amazon

23. ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ Coasters

These mesmerizing coasters are a superb gift idea for sprucing up a home. Whether you place them on a coffee table or in the dining area, we guarantee guests will be impressed by your support for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes coasters

$17 at Redbubble

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24. ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’ Shirt

Wondering what Hunger Games gifts there are out there? You can’t go wrong with gifting someone with a shirt! If you know a fan that wants to wear their favorite movie series loud and proud, this might just be the best item around!

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes shirt

$24 at Amazon

25. ‘The Hunger Games’ Pins Collectors Set

This beautiful set features pins representing symbols from Catching Fire, Mockingjay Part 1 and 2, and also The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. You could kill two birds (or shall we say ‘songbirds’?) with one stone by treating someone to this gift set that represents The Hunger Games and its prequel! 

hunger games pin set

$50 at Amazon

Whether it was a mug or a pillow that you chose to buy, we’re sure the Tribute in your life will be delighted with one of these Hunger Games gifts!


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