14 Hunger Games Gifts Every Tribute Deserves to Receive


Want to treat someone with a piece of their favorite book series? Want to rebel against the Capitol by carrying the Mockingjay symbol everywhere you go? As a treat to all the Tributes in your life (including you), why not consider buying one of these awesome Hunger Games gifts.

The odds will definitely be in their favor by gifting them with one of the following items…

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1. Mockingjay Pin

Help that special person in your life claim themselves the Mockingjay by gifting them with this Pin replica as worn by Katniss in the Games. The gold pin is true to size and has an attractive, high level of detail. Wear this pin on any item of clothing and show-off your support for the Girl on Fire!

Mockingjay Pin

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2. District 9 3/4 T-Shirt

We all know that one person who’s a wannabe tribute and wizard, right? Heck, you might be one of them! If you didn’t find what you were looking for in our Harry Potter gift guide, you can opt for this t-shirt that blends the two beloved series together! This funny top that comes in various colors is exactly what that Harry Potter/Hunger Games fan has been looking for! District 9 3/4? J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, make it happen!

District 9 3/4

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3. Katniss Action Figure

Fanatics can have their very own Katniss Everdeen by owning this awesome action figure. Dressed in the costume she wore during the first Games, this life-like model of the Hunger Games heroine is beautifully sculpted and would make a wonderful collectible for any fan. Place Katniss on a shelf and have her protect you from an impending Peacekeeper!

Katniss Figure

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4. Mockingjay Gyroscope Necklace

Know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes The Hunger Games? This Mockingjay necklace makes a perfect gift strictly for those who are dedicated to District 12! The pendant transforms from the Mockingjay symbol to the silent salute by rotating it which means you can carry not one, but two Hunger Games symbols around with you! This remarkable, unique item has such precision in the design; it will even impress those who haven’t seen the movies!

Hunger Games Mockingjay necklace

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5. Hunger Games Mug

Looking for a gift that will put a smile on your fellow Tribute’s face? Or simply want to treat yourself? This mug has been made especially for fans of the great franchise. Wake up in the morning, drink your favorite hot beverage from this mug and let the odds be ever in your favor for the remainder of the day.

Hunger Games mug

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6. Mockingjay Earrings

These Mockingjay earrings would make the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. What better way to feel powerful than by wearing the great symbol of rebellion and strength? Look stylish and stand behind your favorite Tribute, Katniss by sporting these earrings. Word of warning – they would probably get in the way whilst battling in the Games!

Mockingjay Earrings

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7. Cinna Told Me To Wear This Top

Who wouldn’t want Cinna to be their very own stylist? Get your hands on this funny top for a friend and let them show their support for The Hunger Games in style! Although Cinna would probably go for something more extravagant, this cute top will do for casual occasions (it comes in other colors, too!).

cinna told me wear this

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8. Hunger Games Clock

This fun wall clock will make a wonderful complement to any room in your home or office and tell visitors that you’re a die-hard fan. If you’re looking to purchase Hunger Games merchandise for a friend, they’ll definitely be pleased to receive this! May the odds be ever in your favor with every passing minute!

hunger games clock

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9. Hunger Games Nail Polish

Order one of these inspired nail polishes for the fashionable fangirl in your life! These polish colors made by Lionsgate and China Glaze are intended to represent each of the twelve Districts. The interesting colors range from bland to bright and are ideal for every nail lover. Which District do you belong in? Purchase the right color and we’ll know straight away. See the whole collection!

Hunger Games Nail Polish

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10. I Volunteer as Tribute Shirt

Are you just as selfless as Katniss Everdeen? Think you’ve got what it takes to participate in the Hunger Games? This shirt should be yours! The shirt’s slogan takes you back to the first movie where it all began for the Girl on Fire. Superfans of the franchise can wear this fun t-shirt and show their love for the dystopian adventure series.

I Volunteer as Tribute

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11. The Hunger Games Trilogy

While the majority of fans already own the book trilogy, it’s still worth buying them this boxed set collection of hardbacks. Book lovers know what it means to own a hardback version of their favorite novel so why not do your friend a favor by gifting them with this beautiful boxset edition?! It will be like reading the trilogy for the very first time!

Hunger Games Trilogy

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12. Mockingjay Backpack

Call yourself the Mockingjay? Practice what you preach with this backpack. This black and orange backpack is perfect for travelling or carrying your school bags. It’s almost big and sturdy enough to carry Katniss’ bow and arrow. Good quality and reasonably priced, you won’t be disappointed with this Hunger Games inspired gift. 

hunger games bag

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13. Hunger Games Charm Bracelet 

Wear some Hunger Games memorabilia wherever you go with this super-cute charm bracelet. This piece of jewelry which features a tiny picture of Katniss, the District 12 logo and Mockingjay symbol is appropriate for any teenager. Dangle this from your wrist and become the leader of your own rebellion!

Hunger Games Bracelet

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14. Limited Edition Character Posters

These limited edition posters may be a little on the expensive side, but they are well worth the price! Die-hard fans of the movies will be thrilled to receive such a unique gift. These collectible high quality posters which feature Rue, Cato, Cinna, Effie, Haymitch, Gale, Peeta and Katniss also come with a certificate of authenticity. Surprise that special someone with these limited posters and you’ll hear them screaming for joy from here to Panem and back.

Hunger Games Limited Posters

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Whether it was a mug or the poster that you chose to buy, we’re sure the Tribute in your life is delighted!

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