Superman Gift Guide – 30 Unique Present Ideas for Fans

superman gifts

One of the greatest cultural icons of our time, Superman has been admired, adored and aspired for. Whether you’re looking for a present for a friend or wanting to show off your love for the Man of Steel with some cool merchandise, we’ve looked about for a selection of some of the best Superman gifts you could possibly get…

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1. Superman Bi-Fold Wallet

This faux leather bi-fold wallet combines Superman’s iconic symbol with a slick black and silver effect, offering plenty of room for cards, notes and ID. Whether it’s for a friend, boyfriend or close family member, this is surely a product they’d love to receive!

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2. Superman Encyclopedia

For those who have everything, they might appreciate this codex of knowledge on everything Superman. It might not have all the knowledge you might find in the Fortress of Solitude but let’s be honest, the book form of that is probably too big for any shelf.

superman encyclopedia

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3. Funko POP Figure

An essential addition to any fan’s Funko POP collection. This vinyl model of Superman from Funko’s Heroes line looks almost ready to leap into the sky and soar like a plane. What a great item to place on your shelf of figures or collectibles!

superman funko figure

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4. Be The Character Cooking Apron

The heroic chef inside you would surely love this Superman Be the Character adult apron, featuring a print looking like you are wearing the man’s iconic tights. This may or may not bestow you with the power of super-cooking but it certainly makes a great present for those who love the Man of Steel and cooking!

superman apron

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5. Symbol Beanie Hat

For those cold afternoons, keep those ears warm and show your love for the Man of Steel to the world with a super-warm and comfy beanie that’s blazing with the House of El. It’s the ideal gift for a DC Comics fan!

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6. Costume Travel Mug

All Superman needs to get though the day is the light of Earth’s yellow sun. For those super-people who are not lucky enough to be solar-powered, this plastic super-travel-mug is ideal for that other energizing life force: Coffee!

superman travel mug

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7. Superman Onesie

Truly feel like you could save the world on your laziest days with a onesie of the superhero’s iconic outfit. It also comes with a cape you can remove to give that extra-heroic feeling during a quiet night in.

superman onesie

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8. Superman Coffee Machine

As far as we know, the Man of Steel doesn’t drink coffee. He gets all his energy from our yellow sun. But if he had a coffee machine, he’d probably have this one. This unique Superman gift comes with its own matching super-mug too.

superman coffee machine

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9. Symbol Pewter Keyring

It’s a shame that most of us don’t have x-ray vision. You wouldn’t lose anything when you can see though walls and inside cupboards. For when you can’t, this nifty pewter keyring can at least help keep your keys visible and in one place.

superman keychain

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10. Superboy Hoodie

Superboy often gets overlooked by his dad. But he still has his fans who might really appreciate this half-cotton-half-polyester hoodie. A good run in this should make you feel like either one. Did we mention it’s very warm?

superboy hoodie

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11. Lego Digital Clock

Here’s a gift for all Superman lovers! Sleep safe while the LEGO hero watches vigilantly over you or your loved ones. This 9” table clock has poseable arms and legs, so if you wanted to, there is nothing wrong with posing him taking flight!

superman lego clock

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12. Stainless Steel Ring

We’ve speculated that the House of El might class as a dynasty so what better way to identify the dynasty with a stainless steel signet ring stylishly highlighted with red? With a higher stainless steel rating than usual, it is abnormally tough just like the man himself.

superman ring

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13. Yellow and Red Earrings

Krypton may be long gone, but we bet if it was still around these Superman ‘S’ epoxy stud earrings would be the talk of Kandor. And they’re yours for a pretty good price. Good thing Braniac shrank it down.

superman earrings

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14. Superman Black and Red Cap

Wear your allegiance to the Man of Steel and stand out in a crowd with this black-and-red 59Fifty cap. This item will keep you cool and let you feel the wind in your hair should you ever find yourself flying.

superman 59Fifty hat

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15. Beach Towel

It might not be indestructible Kryptonian Cotton, but this super-absorbent 30×60 inch beach towel is perfect for those sunny days or after those long soaks in a bath or shower. A perfect gift for your brother or friend!

superman towel

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16. Adult Slippers

Superman’s super-durability means he’s not bothered about the chilly winds that blow into the Fortress of Solitude. For everyone else, these comfy S-label slippers with the iconic blue-and-red are a very snug choice.

superman adult slippers

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17. Superman Logo T Shirt

We love Superman. We love him so much that we love this t-shirt that puts a wooden, American spin in Superman. How could this cool apparel be any better? Get your hands on it or treat it as a gift for a loved one this Christmas.

superman symbol shirt

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18. Floating Bookshelf

With this concealable wall-mounted bookshelf, it is as if a shadow of the Man of Steel himself was more than happy to suspend your books in mid-air. Perhaps the hero decided to lend you one of the mini-Supermen he could project from his hand.

superman floating bookshelf

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19. Ultimate Collector’s Movie Anthology

The perfect gift for any Super-Fan, this limited ultimate collector’s edition comes complete with all four Superman movies, the director’s cut of II and a whole mass of behind the scenes and feature-length goodies. Even if you didn’t like The Quest for Peace, the rest is surely a must.

superman dvd collection

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20. Clark Kent Ripped Shirt

Ever wanted to rip your shirt like Clark Kent but not ruin your clothes? This sublimated print t-shirt of a half-pulled Clark Kent shirt and tie is probably second-best. Complete with imperfections as if your shirt is in the middle of being flung open.

superman costume shirt

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21. Adults Coloring Book

Relax and let your cares fly away with your pencils with this stress-relieving Justice League coloring book for adults. 96 pages of bold, iconic scenes for you to fill with soothing color. Highlight Superman’s tights purple if you like, as bad Bizarros we absolutely promise to tell.

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22. Superman Throw Blanket

Want to fill your home up with some super-cool merch dedicated to your favorite hero? Sleep safe under the watchful sigil of the Man of Steel with this 50-by-60-inch square throw blanket. This huge 100% polyester blanket is cosy and easily has enough room underneath to cuddle up with someone special.

superman blanket

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23. Driving Mats

The perfect accessory for any driver! The front pair of these four black vehicle mats are printed with Superman’s world-famous logo. They’re universal so whether your car is small, big, a compact or a big truck, there’s going to be room.

superman car mats

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24. Hero Wristband

This Superman-stamped bracelet is the perfect gift for a fashion statement or that special someone. It’s leather so it won’t tarnish, just like your hero, and would look snappy when or if you ever visit Kandor.

superman wristband

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25. Dad T-Shirt

For those Super-dads out there, this blue and screen-printed Superman DAD t-shirt is the perfect present for any parental hero in the family. The cotton-polyester wave is strong and durable, so you know it’s going to last.

superman tshirt dad

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26. Superman Vinyl Clock

This superb wall clock does two amazing things. First, obviously, it tells the time. More importantly, the vinyl outline cut of the whole thing can look as if you’ve got an authentic Superman ink drawing surrounding your timepiece. The clock has all sorts of custom extras too.

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27. Heat-Changing Mug

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s a mug. But add hot water to it and Clark Kent disappears, reappearing in the sky to save the Earth as Superman. Make every coffee break a chance to save the day.

superman heat mug

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28. Laser-etched Crystal Ball

Inside this flawless crystal ball is a laser-etched image of Superman. Is he trapped there? He certainly looks ready to leap into action. The LED lights in the base illuminate the walls and the etching in a mesmerizing spectrum, glistening like the Fortress of Solitude!

superman crystal ball

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29. DC 80 Years of Superman Anthology

DC is celebrating 80 years of the Man of Steel with this collection of some of Superman’s greatest stories including his first ever adventure, the time he became Vigilante and discovering the Fortress of Solitude. This a must for any Superman follower.

80 Years of Superman comics

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30. Glass Decanter and Rock Glasses

What more perfect an addition to your glassware could you have than a decanter and two rock glasses engraved with the House of El? Perfect for entertaining guests or visiting superheroes.

superman glass set

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So many gift ideas, so many ways to celebrate. It seems whatever the occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, there’s a super-version of everything. Jimmy Olsen would be jealous!

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