25 ‘Friends’ TV Show Gifts – Best Merchandise for Fans

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Friends ended almost two decades ago and yet new and old generations are still as crazy about the five pals from Central Perk until this day. Know someone who still sings the theme tune and mutters Joey or Chandler lines on an everyday basis?

In honor of the sitcom that never dies, here are a few Friends TV show gifts and merchandise items that will help you or a close one preserve your fondest memories of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica…

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1. Friends Phone Case

We all remember that door as if it was our own! Here is the perfect phone case for your Friends cravings. What better way to show your love for the popular series than by having the gang’s purple door and trademark theme tune right over your smartphone?

friends show phone case

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2. Friends Clock

Having your favorite sitcom on your wall is the best love letter to the show that you could possibly have. It comes in beige, black or white, and the hands come in many colors, too from black, white, red and blue.

friends show clock

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3. Central Perk Mug

This ceramic coffee mug is a wonder for the eyes, with the well-known ‘Central Perk’ logo. Promising to make you feel as though you’re enjoying your morning latte in the fictional coffee shop where the gang reunites, this is a great treat for a friend. Get one for yourself too, and you might as well be the new generation of Friends.

central perk mug

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4. Friends Pillow

Looking for some stylish Friends merchandise? This pillow is so fashionable, you’d think you were hanging out with the gang in their overpriced New York apartment. Printed with the slogan of the series, it comes in five different sizes to fulfil all your sleeping and relaxation desires.

friends pillow

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5. ‘Pivot’ Shirt

This t-shirt is the hilarious Friends-themed gift any fan deserves and something you won’t regret buying! We all remember the famous pivot scene where Ross yells at Rachel and Chandler to pivot their couch upstairs. With this nice t-shirt that comes in six different sizes from x-small to xx-large, you’ll be ready to lift any couch perfectly.

pivot friends shirt

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6. Friends Pouch

Available from small to medium to large, this quirky zipper pouch is covered in an iconic quote pulled straight from the show. The absolute must for any self-respecting Friends aficionado!!

funny friends purse

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7. Tote Bag

This tote bag not only has the gang drawn in a stylish way along with the show’s title, it’s also very resistant. This item comes in three different sizes so you can carry those Friends box sets to your bestie’s house whenever you want. Great for a Christmas or birthday gift!

friends tote bag

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8. Monica / Rachel Mug

Who wouldn’t want a friendship like Monica’s and Rachel’s? This Friends coffee mug is made of high-quality ceramic and is the perfect TV show gift for your best friend(s) as a testament of their endless and devoted affection. It’s also a reminder for said friend to always be as loyal as Monica was to Rachel, because as previously stated: friendship goals!

monica rachel mug

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9. Yellow Frame

The famous yellow frame in Monica’s home – we can’t get enough of it! Own a replica of it in your own home to do right by the characters you love so much. Super cool and easy to hang, this is the perfect gift idea for your friends or yourself (okay yeah, for yourself, mostly).

friends yellow frame

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10. ‘How You Doin’?’ Mug

Friends merch that will please any Joey Tribianni fan! The famous “How You Doin’?” catchphrase from one of the funniest guys around is positioned right on your coffee mug. What an awesome source of morning inspiration to finally talk to your crush by channelling your inner Italian seducer!

how you doin mug

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11. Friends Sweater

This sweater is the epitome of coolness. It’s as comfy as a coffee in the winter and it comes in various sizes and colors, from grey to black, yellow to red, from small to x-large! When wearing this, you’ll want to binge-watch the show all over again and feel like a truly accomplished fan.

friends sweater

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12. Friends Notebook

There’s nothing better than to write in a lovely little notebook covered with nods to your favorite show! Whatever you might want to pen in there, this beautiful notebook is both stylish and practical and will make you feel as geeky as Ross and inspired as Phoebe.

friends notebook

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13. Chandler Bing Mug

This adorable mug is the ultimate Friends gift for yourself or for your friends, duh! Perfectly and hilariously depicting Chandler Bing’s iconic dance on a white background, you’ll have those coffee breaks in perfect company.

chandler dance mug

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14. Friends Milkshake Poster

What better way to declare your love to Monica and the gang than by having a large poster of the whole bunch on your wall? At 36 x 24 inch, this is the perfect gift for someone who really wants to be reminded of the beauty of friendship and the late 90’s television show.

friends milkshake poster

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15. Central Perk Shirt

This amazing and bold Central Perk t-shirt is the most adorable piece of Friends clothing a true fan can possess. Coming in small to x-large, it is both casual and stylish enough for indoors and outdoors, parties and lunch breaks! ‘Central Perk’ might not exist but you’ll feel right at home in this one.

Central Perk Shirt

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16. Personalized Friends Mug

This personalized mug is every friend’s dream! You can get your own name or that of a friend’s on this nice little white cup, plus the lyrics of the show’s theme tune! You can’t go wrong with this as a gift, and it will make you feel as though you were part of the gang all along. Ideal for a sister or best friend!

personalized friends mug

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17. ‘Metal Perk’ Quiz Book

Mental Perk is the ultimate quiz about everything Friends-related. Invite your friends for coffee and get ready for an unforgettable night of questions that’ll test everyone’s loyalty to the sitcom and its amazing characters.

Friends Quiz Book

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18. Joey Tribbiani Figure

This Funko Pop figure of Joey in Chandler’s clothes is just as funny as the episode it’s inspired by. We all remember Joey wearing layers and layers of Chandler’s clothes to get back at him for taking his tuxedo. This cute little Funko Pop will look amazing on your shelf, reminding you of one of the best Friends moments.

joey tribbiani funko pop

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19. Friends Coasters

These coasters contain the best quotes from Friends. From “We were on a break!” to “Welcome the world… it sucks”, these accessories will embellish your every meal. “We were on a break!” might still stir some heavy debates among your friends, but that’s the type of discussions worth having a drink over, right?

friends coasters

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20. Friends Trivial Pursuit

This Trivial Pursuit game is the best way to re-explore the best moments from the show and talk about the famous Central Perk gang all over again. Get together with your own gang and test yourselves over these easy to hard questions that’ll keep you busy and entertained the entire evening.

friends trivial pursuit

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21. Friends Shirt

Another Friends t-shirt that makes a great present for a boyfriend, brother or dad! Altogether simple and beautiful, casual and smart, this t-shirt comes in many sizes, from x-small to x-large. You’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

friends t-shirt

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22. Yellow Frame Keychain

This keychain is a simple yet beautiful accessory from the TV show that replicates the famous door frame in Monica’s apartment. A great miniature version that will look wonderful on your keys! This piece of memorabilia will make you emotional just by opening your car door. Ah the power of television.

friends frame keychain

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23. TV Show Shirt

Here’s a cute cotton white t-shirt that will suit all occasions, available from small to 5X-large! What’s more? This merchandise dedicated to the TV show comes with lovely stickers to put on your laptop or any other surface you fancy. That way your surroundings will always look amazing and friendly.

friends shirt

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24. Friends Glass

This amazing glass is yet another perfect proof of your devotion to the TV show. There’s truly nothing better than seeing the gang and reading their best quotes every time you pour yourself a cool beverage.

friends quotes glass

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25. Friends Cap

This cap will send you back to the 90’s! With the Friends logo on the front, this little wonder is the perfect unisex gift in the summer. It will look fantastic on any friend’s head and will compliment any outfit.

friends cap

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There you have it, the best gifts for Friends fans you could possibly ask for. Whether it be a keychain or a cap, a t-shirt or a sticker, there really is no shortage of Friends memorabilia – all for those who will never get tired of it, even in years to come.

Want more from the comedy show? We’ve got a list of the 20 best Friends Easter Eggs – have you spotted them all?

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