20+ Wednesday Gifts for Fans of the Show

wednesday gifts

Calling all normies, outcasts, freaks and monsters!

Wednesday may be “against birthdays” (they remind her she’s a “year closer to death’s cold embrace,” remember?) and it’s unlikely the morbid teen is a fan of Christmas (she’d rather crash a funeral).

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But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out these best Wednesday gifts for friends, family, or even yourself!

So, whether it’s for an upcoming holiday, or a chance to self-indulge, these unique items are a great way for woeful fans to keep enjoying the show (and dance, dance, dance like Wednesday Addams). 

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1. Wednesday Stickers

A few creepy and kooky stickers never hurt, right? Well, this set comes with 70 of them! They include everything from quotes, characters like Enid and Xavier, to various other emblems from the popular show. Use them to decorate your laptop, bathroom mirror, or wherever else comes to mind. 

wednesday stickers

$5 at Amazon

2. Wednesday Bath Mat

What a perfect mat to step out of the shower on (hey, Gorgons, don’t look at the mirror!). If you can’t get enough of Jenna Ortega’s iconic Wednesday look, this bath mat is a great household accessory. It doesn’t stick out too much, but it’s an unmistakable shout-out to the show to satisfy your fanhood. 

wednesday bath mat

$33 at Redbubble

3. Thing Mug

Want to spill your dark family secrets over a cup of Joe? This delightfully off-putting mug featuring the disembodied hand known as “Thing” is great for it! As a crucial part of Wednesday’s life, as well as Addams Family lore, this mug is a cool addition for any fan, and one they will always appreciate. 

thing wednesday mug

$21 at Redbubble

4. Wednesday Hat

This is a beautifully designed hat featuring Wednesday and Enid’s stained-glass window. Also including the infamous quote, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” this cap comes in various colors and in different styles, too!

wednesday hat

$22 at Redbubble

5. Dance Dance Dance Tote 

Wednesday’s school-dance has become an instant classic and this tote bag pays tribute to that very moment. With a depiction of Wednesday dressed in all her gothic glory, doing one of the well-known moves from the dance, this is an awesome and stylish accessory for fans. 

wednesday bag

$27 at Redbubble

6. Wednesday Clock 

This clock’s half-colored spider-web design is pulled from Wednesday’s shared dorm room in the series. Essentially a miniature version of the window itself, this clock works as beautiful wall art and is a great Wednesday nod for a sister or boyfriend who appreciates the Netflix show

wednesday clock

$43 at Redbubble

7. Wednesday Pillow 

A throw pillow with a deep red background behind the image of a faceless Wednesday. This is a piece of fan art, and a wonderful way to convey the full attitude of the morbid teen. It’ll make guests think twice about taking your favorite spot on the couch, too!   

wednesday pillow

$23 at Redbubble

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8. “On Wednesdays” Shirt

Blending Wednesday and erm, Mean Girls in one, most fans will get the reference on this t-shirt. “On Wednesdays we wear black” is a callback to the beloved teen comedy Mean Girls, but this tee is a perfect moody fashion statement for Wednesday fans, instead. 

wednesday t-shirt

$24 at Redbubble

9. Wednesday Keychain

You can never go wrong with a nice (or gloomy) keychain. This one comes with an assortment of gothic charms straight out of Wednesday including a dark skull, an image of Thing, Nero the scorpion, and the heroine herself, with the “I don’t do tears” quote. Great for your best friend or girlfriend!

wednesday netflix keychain

$12 at Amazon

10. Charm Bracelet

This is beautiful jewelry for any fan of Wednesday. The bracelet is adorned with colorful and vibrant charms based on Addams Family lore – Wednesday herself might even “secretly enjoy it,” too!

wednesday charm bracelet

$17 at Amazon

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11. Funko Pop! Figure

This Funko Pop! figure of Wednesday is fabulous for fans of the show. Depicting her in her Nevermore uniform, complete with an unimpressed expression, it’s as accurate as it gets. Our advice? Get two and keep one in the box. You never know when this sort of thing might become valuable. 

wednesday funko pop

$14 at Amazon

12. Nevermore Backpack

This is one of our favorite Wednesday gifts! It’s a miniature black backpack almost closer to handbag size and designed in the image of the Nevermore uniform. This is a super-cool tribute to the Netflix show and an ultra-stylish bit of fan memorabilia, not to mention it’s well-made in vegan leather!

wednesday backpack

$50 at Amazon

13. Wednesday Dance Dress

Looking for a replica of Wednesday’s outfit from the school dance? Bingo! This dress is a cosplay costume that you can snatch for Halloween or gift to someone with a goth-y wardrobe. Anyone who owns it will be inclined to try the TikTok moves based on Jenna Ortega’s twitchy dance moves! It’s a perfect present! 

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wednesday costume

$50 at Amazon

14. “I Hate Everything” Coasters

“I hate everything” actually dates back to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams, though Jenna Ortega embodies the sentiment just as well. At any rate, these simple coasters, with “I Hate Everything” written in a black, gothic font on a white background, make for excellent accessories for your holiday cocktails. 

wednesday coasters

$17 at Redbubble

15. Thing Earrings

If you’re imagining a pair of earrings shaped like Thing, you’re right on the money! These earrings are a dark and daring accessory for any fan of Wednesday (or Addams Family content in general). We guarantee others will recognize them right away! 

thing wednesday earrings

$10 at Amazon

16. “On Wednesdays” Bottle

Made of black stainless steel, this water bottle features a fun Mean Girls x Wednesday crossover. Depicting Wednesday’s dedication to morbidity, it’s one of the most stylish gift items we’ve highlighted. Bonus? These stainless-steel bottles tend to last forever. 

wednesday water bottle

$28 at Amazon

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17. Wednesday Blanket

This makes for a perfect Wednesday gift! In addition to looking incredibly cozy, this blanket has an iconic design any fan will adore. A 60×50-inch light throw blanket that will jazz up (or darken up) any bedroom or living room.

wednesday show blanket

$30 at Amazon

18. “Allergic to Color” Shirt

If wearing color also makes you “break out in hives” and causes the flesh to “peel off your bones” like Wednesday, this t-shirt should be yours. A grimly amusing line, indeed. It’s off-putting, but it’s classic Wednesday, and this tee captures it all.  

wednesday allergic color shirt

$23 at Amazon

19. Wednesday Notebook 

This Wednesday-inspired notebook features a well-drawn picture of Jenna Ortega’s version of the character – complete with the arms-folded pose, as well as Thing perched on her shoulder. The Wednesday vibe might just get your creative juices flowing when you open it up to write or sketch! 

notebook wednesday

$14 at Redbubble

20. “I Am Smiling” Pouch 

Uttering “I am smiling” while, of course, not smiling at all, is another callback to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday. That said, this pouch features Jenna Ortega’s version, instead. A well-designed pouch that lots of fans will appreciate, it’s certainly both cute and classy. 

wednesday addams pouch

$14 at Redbubble

21. Wednesday Gift Set

If you can’t decide on which Wednesday gifts to pick from our list, this set is a perfect solution. It features a makeup bag, necklace, sticker set, and a very cool keychain. It’s a Wednesday gift that any true fan would love to receive. 

gift set wednesday

$13 at Amazon

Wednesday’s gothic aesthetic and penchant for quotable lines, makes for a wealth of gift ideas and merch. 

If you have a Wednesday fanatic in your life, or you just want to stock up on some fan merch for yourself, all of the above Wednesday gifts are well worth considering. 

Here’s hoping for even more collectibles and apparel when season two comes out in 2024! 


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