Ariana Grande


Birthday: 06/26/1993
Net Worth: $240 million

About the celebrity:

Ariana Grande is one of the lead female vocalists of our generation, bringing pop music to her millions of fans and wowing the world with her acrobatic vocals. She’s also famous for her iconic hair, makeup, and dating life, having hooked up with the likes of Big Sean and Pete Davidson. Ariana also gets the people talking by tapping into the acting world and building her own beauty line, r.e.m. Beauty.

Famous for:

  • Starring in multiple Nickelodeon shows before singing.
  • Being one of the top 30 best-selling female artists.
  • Building her cosmetics empire (r.e.m. Beauty).
  • Starring in the upcoming ‘Wicked’ movie.
  • Dating Big Sean, Mac Miller & Pete Davidson.
  • Getting caught up in a relationship scandal with Ethan Slater.