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We’ve been telling tales since 2012, delivering shareable and engrossing content about the world’s most-talked about celebs, movies, TV series and music. Our dedicated team of editorial staff dig deep and fact-find the tales and tattles of pop culture, summing it up for the fangirl/boy in you.

Tell Tales loves to discuss entertainment with you, and keep you updated on the latest showbiz stories going on both on AND off screens. Indeed, we turn you into “that friend” who recites their fave TV show and dishes the dirt on trending stars. 

We spill the beans on celebrities from who’s dating who, their feuds, controversies, messiest breakups and even down to what they’re eating. Pleasing movie buffs and TV show geeks is also our passion, giving you the scoop and eye-opening trivia on the latest binge-worthy entertainment.


Angela Stephanou

As an avid writer and someone who eats, sleeps and breathes entertainment, Angela decided to take matters into her own hands and establish a pop culture website. Angela graduated from university with a BA in Communications and now oversees the content and strategy across Tell Tales, building an audience of loyal pop culture junkies like herself. Her social media follows have more celebrities than real-life friends, music runs through her veins and she’d much rather be glued to her TV screen, piled under an array of snacks than go out on a Friday night. Angela’s guilty pleasure is watching cheesy reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but she’s also a sucker for all things Marvel and DC - two entirely different worlds, we know.