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Telling tales on the most popular celebs, trending TV shows, hottest music and famous movies.

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We’ve been telling tales since 2012, delivering shareable and engrossing content about the world’s most-talked about celebs, movies, TV series and music. 

Founded and operated by a true pop culture junkie, Angela Stephanou, Tell Tales Online also has a dedicated team of editorial staff that live and breathe pop culture. Together, we dig deep and fact-find the latest and greatest tales from the entertainment world, summing it up for the fangirl/boy in you.

Our library of more than 400 stories reaches more than 100,000 readers (a.k.a. ‘Tale Tellers’) a month, who like putting pop culture first.

What We Do

Tell Tales Online loves to discuss pop culture with you, and keep you updated on the best stories going on both on and off screens. We turn you into “that friend” who recites their fave TV show and dishes the dirt on trending stars. 

We spill the beans on celebrities from who’s dating who, their feuds, messiest breakups and even down to what they’re eating and makeup they’re using. Pleasing movie buffs and TV show geeks is also our passion, giving you the scoop and eye-opening trivia on the latest binge-worthy entertainment.

Most importantly, we make sure to fact-check our content, so that everything we deliver to you is accurate, well-researched and juicy enough to engage with.

Whether you’re a Taylor Swift or Beyonce stan, you’re going to have fun here. Tell Tales Online unleashes all the juicy gossip, sharing who’s dating who, which celebs are feuding, what makeup they’re promoting, and the workouts they’re doing right now.

Binged a popular TV show? Come on over and read some tell-all facts about the cast and behind-the scenes. From Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, we present to you Easter Eggs, our take on the best characters, and more eye-opening trivia about your favorite shows.

Battle out with us on the best Harry Potter characters, or take a look at which movie series to binge-watch next right here in our movie category. This is also a fun place to be if you love MCU Easter Eggs or Star Wars trivia.

What’s Justin Bieber’s best song? We’ve ranked the tracks of your favorite artists. You’ve come to the right place if you need the perfect caption for your socials – we’ve listed Ariana and Nicki Minaj’s best song lyrics! Have a look, Tell Tales Online has a whole lot more music lore to give.

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, Tell Tales Online is a great starting point for pop culture gift ideas. We scour the web to bring you the very best and highest rated merchandise and accessories for fans of celebrities and popular TV shows. From Harry Styles to ‘Friends’, we do the work for you by recommending only the very best items.

Our Team

angela stephanou
Founder, Chief Editor

As owner and chief editor, Angela oversees the content and strategy across Tell Tales Online. A true pop culture junkie, she loves researching and writing about celebrities, covering anything to do with movies and obsessing over the latest TV shows.  

joanna zambas

Joanna discusses all things celebrities at Tell Tales Online. You can also find her working in marketing, content writing, and religiously following celebrity fashion and the daily lives of the Kardashians.

Maria Supplisson

Maria covers movies and TV at Tell Tales Online, and is also a screenwriting student. As well as being unhealthily addicted to Game of Thrones, she translates articles on film, series, and celebrities for a news agency.

mark stamp

Mark Stamp writes about movies at Tell Tales Online, covering Marvel and DC Comics. He’s constantly on the lookout for new movies, video games and TV news, and has a head for writing, whether it’s short stories, journals or the latest news.

arabhis nicholson

Arabhis covers celebrities at Tell Tales Online and is particularly obsessed with social media and content creation. She is known for her poetic words of affirmations, her love for books, and all things pop culture.

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