21 Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

game of thrones costumes

Halloween is coming.

You know what that means, right? It’s time to dress up as some of the best Game of Thrones characters.

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Scary or not, these costumes are bound to bring Winter to any party or event. Deck out in a Daenerys dress or make everyone’s blood turn cold with a White Walker outfit.

We’ve even added a few House of the Dragon costumes in this list so you can truly ramp up your Halloween outfit this year.

Here are the best Game of Thrones costumes to wear this Halloween…

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1. Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Daenerys wears a variety of beautiful outfits throughout the show but none come close to her signature silver dress that she wore during season one. Channel your inner Khaleesi and truly feel like the Mother of Dragons this Halloween with one of the most gorgeous Game of Thrones costumes around.

costume Daenerys Targaryen

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2. Daenerys Wig

Who’s Daenerys without her dragons…or perfect silver locks? You may not have Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal by your side to let everyone know who you’re dressing up as, but this gorgeous wig is bound to give it away – especially if you’re wearing it with Dany’s signature grey dress!

daenerys wig

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3. Jon Snow Costume

Do you dream of being a member of the Night’s Watch? More importantly, do you wish you were Jon Snow? Now’s your chance to finally look like the beloved Bastard of Winterfell with this Jon Snow outfit. It’ll keep you warm for the Winter ahead.

Jon Snow costume

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4. Jon Snow Wig

No outfit is complete without  a decent hair do! Make sure your Jon Snow costume is on point by donning his trademark hair. Grow a beard, slip on his costume and proudly call yourself the King of the North this Halloween.

jon snow wig

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5. Longclaw Sword

Winter is coming and you’re definitely going to have to guard yourself from those white walkers. By owning this magnificent replica of Jon Snow’s sword, you’ll be well protected. Just make sure not to be stabbed in the heart by your own men!

jon snow sword

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6. Night King Mask

Here’s your ideal Game of Thrones Halloween costume idea! It’s time to freeze over the autumn months by dressing up as the terrifying Night King. This white walker mask will have party guests trembling in their pants. Unless they’ve got a hold of some dragonglass, of course.

night king mask

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7. Night King Costume

Complete your white walker outfit by wearing this costume. Similar to the Night King’s outfit, this cosplay costume will make you the scariest of them all at your Halloween party this year. Attach the King’s infamous pin on the front and truly feel like Winter has arrived.

night king costume

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8. Dothraki Wig

Besides the White Walkers and Lannisters, there’s another race in Westeros that everyone fears – the Dothraki. Intimidate everyone at your Halloween party by slipping on this typical Dothraki wig. Don’t forget to screech and scream like the Game of Thrones warriors, too.

dothraki wig

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9. Dothraki Armor

Keep yourself protected from the enemy by wearing Dothraki armor and belts. Make sure to wip out your best warrior fighter skills and mount your horse like a true Dothraki would whilst wearing this super-cool costume.

dothraki armor

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10. Khal Drogo Beard

Khal Drogo may be dead and gone, but you can make sure he forever lives on by dressing up as him this Halloween. It’s pretty difficult to grow a beard like his so save the hassle by getting your hands on this fake one. Daenerys would be proud.

khal drogo beard

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11. Melisandre Costume

Who knew it could be so easy to dress up as the Red Witch of Westeros? One of the most stunning Game of Thrones costumes, you can drape this red hooded cape over yourself and channel your inner Melisandre. Don’t forget to look into the flames!

melisandre costume

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12. Melisandre Wig

What makes Melisandre so enchanting? Not only her magic powers, but her stunning red locks, too. Make sure you completely nail the Red Witch’s outfit by wearing this wig – only then will your friends realize who you’re really dressed up as. Who knows, you might bring the dead back to life, making this Halloween more frightening than it already is.

melisandre hair wig

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13. Joffrey Baratheon Costume

It’s time to dress up as Game of Thrones’ most despised character – Joffrey Baratheon. When he was alive, everyone feared him. Bring King Joffrey back to life this Halloween! This outfit may not be completely identical to Joffrey’s but it’s certainly similar.

joffrey costume

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14. Joffrey’s Crown

You can make your King Joffrey costume even more accurate by wearing his crown. Just make sure you’ve got the blonde hair to let people know you’re dressing up as Westeros’ most hated King.

king joffrey crown

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15. Arya Stark Costume

A girl may have no name but she certainly has a costume! When someone asks who you’re dressing up as this Halloween, make sure your reply is, “No One”. Arya Stark is Game of Thrones’ most beloved Stark sister and now you can deck yourself out in her outfit!

arya stark costume

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16. Arya Stark Wig

Match your costume with Arya’s wig before you start showing off your best sword-fighting skills this Halloween. Everyone will know exactly who you are at your fancy dress party this year, just make sure they don’t get on your bad side. They don’t want to end up on your kill list.

wig arya stark

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17. Cersei Lannister Costume

Looking for a Cersei cosplay? Get your hands on this beautiful dress that mirrors the Lannister Queen’s attire. Put on your resting bit*h face, dress up in this costume and fight for the Iron Throne like your life depended on it.

costume cersei lannister

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18. Cersei Lannister Wig

The Queen of Westeros is feared by all, what better person to dress up as this Halloween, right? Let everyone know you mean business by dressing up like Cersei to a T. This blonde cosplay wig will be a hit at your fancy dress party!

cersei wig

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19. Rhaenyra Targaryen Costume

If you’ve binge-watched House of the Dragon, then you’re probably keen on dressing up like the lead character herself, Rhaenyra Targaryen. You can own Rhaenyra’s dress which will help you rule the kingdom this Halloween.

Rhaenyra Targaryen costume

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20. Daemon Targaryen Costume

The silver-haired character from House of the Dragon might offer the best Halloween costume idea this year. Grab this Daemon Targaryen cosplay costume from Amazon and truly resemble the fighter of Westeros.

Daemon Targaryen costume

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21. Alicent Hightower Costume

This House of the Dragon dress is enough to make you want to fight for the throne this Halloween. You can turn into Alicent Hightower for the night by slipping on this beautiful emerald green costume and make everyone fear your status at the party.

alicent hightower costume

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In the words of Melisandre, “the night is dark and full of terrors”. Put the T in terror this Halloween by choosing one of these awesome Game of Thrones costumes.

You’ll be fitting in with the people of Westeros in no time…

This article was originally published in April 2020.


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