15 Vampire Diaries Gifts Every Fan Deserves to Receive

vampire diaries gifts

Know someone who’s stuck by this show for eight whole years? Do they crave another episode like a vampire craves his next bite? Heck, they probably know every fact about The Vampire Diaries inside and out. From a replica of Elena’s necklace to a blanket dedicated to Damon, there are a bunch of awesome items that every fan deserves to receive.

Whether it’s a Christmas, anniversary or birthday gift, scroll through these Vampire Diaries gifts and treat yourself or that addicted fan in your life…

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1. Elena’s Vervain Necklace

If this unique necklace means as much to you as it does to Elena, get your hands on this replica now! Not only will this anti-vampire pendant mean a great deal to a dedicated fan, but it will also make a great addition to any pretty outfit. That red rhinestone will glisten from a mile away, keeping any vampire at distant…

elena gilbert necklace

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2. Mrs. Salvatore T-Shirt

Know someone who’s obsessed with those Salvatore brothers? Are you proud to call yourself “Mrs Salvatore”? This t-shirt is brilliant for any girl who’s got a major crush on a vampire. Which brother are you married to? Is it Damon or Stefan? Slip this cool shirt on and keep em’ guessing…

future mrs salvatore shirt

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3. The Vampire Diaries Blanket

Find yourself crying to sleep at night? The show’s ending is bound to break your heart. Prepare to shield the pain by covering yourself with this awesome blanket, dedicated to the show’s famous characters. It’s a gift that belongs in every fan’s bedroom!

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4. The Vampire Diaries T-Shirt

The Vampire Diaries has come to an end so it’s time to show your never-ending love for the show. Make sure the show forever stays in your heart by owning this t-shirt. It’s never too late to show off your unconditional love for the series!

vampire diaries t-shirt

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5. ‘Hello Brother’ Shirt

Does it get any cuter than this? If you’re looking to treat someone to some Vampire Diaries memorabilia, you’ve come to the right place. This shirt imprinted with “Hello Brother” is enough to thrill any fan. Let them show-off their support in style by gifting them with this adorable item.

hello brother shirt

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6. Damon and Stefan T-Shirt

One major dilemma all Vampire Diaries fans face is choosing one brother over the other. Elena struggled and now you have to, as well. Guess what? It’s okay to love them both! Profess your undying love for both Stefan and Damon with this t-shirt and never feel torn between the two again.

team salvatore shirt

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7. Vampire Diaries Charm Bracelet

Carry a piece of the show everywhere you go by wearing this super-cute charm bracelet. Charms come in the form of a wolf, a stake, a vile of vervain and even vampire teeth. There’s no better present than this for that girly TVD addict in your life!

vampire diaries bracelet

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8. Damon Salvatore’s Ring

Make sure that fan in your life owns a piece from the show now that it’s gone forever! This ring is an exact doppelganger of Damon’s daylight ring, making it the perfect gift for a die-hard fan. If they hate the sunlight as much as vampires do, get them to slip this ring on!

damon salvatore ring

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9. Vampire Diaries Pillow

Who cares if the beloved series has come to an end? That won’t stop you from watching The Vampire Diaries over and over again. If you know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes the show, treat them to this pillow…

vampire diaries addict pillow

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10. Damon Salvatore Blanket

Keep warm at night by wrapping yourself in Damon’s face – not literally, but you get the gist. This blanket is ideal for anyone who’s infatuated with the blue-eyed vamp. You’ll go to bed dreaming about the best Vampire Diaries character and wake up thinking about him, too.

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11. Salvatore 1864 Pillow

1864 is a significant date for both the Salvatore brothers and Vampire Diaries devotees. This pillow will make the perfect addition to any fan’s bedroom, especially those who obsess over the show…

salvatore pillow

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12. Mystic Falls Mug

Looking to buy some Vampire Diaries merchandise? Get your hands on this mug or gift it to your girlfriend (or boyfriend)! They can wake up every morning and sip their favorite hot beverage out of this cup that only true fans would appreciate.

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13. Vampire Diaries Purse

Show your allegiance to the Vampire Diaries by owning this cute purse. If you wish you were dating Damon, then it’s about time you were carrying this super-cute pouch which is big enough to fit all your necessities including some vervain or maybe even a stake!

vampire diaries salvatore purse

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14. Team Stefan Shirt

Now the show’s over, you’ll be longing to see Stefan’s name even more – what better way to do so then by owning this shirt? Have a Vampire Diaries marathon and get cozy by wearing this cute and comfortable Stefan top.

team stefan shirt

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15. Vampire Diaries Board Game

Ready to enter Mystic Falls and avoid every possible vampire bite? Make sure you’re the last one standing by having a go at this ultimate Vampire Diaries board game! It’s a great idea for a girly night in!

vampire diaries board game

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Now that the show has come to an end, you’re probably wishing you could have done more to support it. A fan’s love for The Vampire Diaries will never go unnoticed by owning one of these great gifts…

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  1. Looking to purchase if possible – the Reindeer Mug with the antlers that Demon had in the Winter Scene in Season 7 Disc 2 that he was drinking eggnog in while walking down the sidewalk.

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