15+ Best James Bond Gifts for 007 Fans

james bond gifts

James Bond has been around for decades, and yet it has never been stronger. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, the Bond frenzy only grows stronger with each movie, and we bet it’s never really going to end.

Any self-respecting Bond fan should therefore make sure that they have enough 007 merchandise to impress their grandchildren with. To that end, we have compiled a list of 007-themed gifts that might just do the trick.

Here are the best James Bond gifts you’ll wish you’d thought of before!

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1. James Bond Bingo

Prove yourself the true 007 aficionado you are with this Bingo game that features 64 characters, gadgets and locations from all the movies. This game also comes with a leaflet full of trivia that explores the famous movie series. It’s seriously one of the best James Bond gifts a fan could ask for…

james bond bingo game

$35 at Amazon

2. ‘License to Grill’ Apron

It’s rare to see Bond cooking, the man being far too busy saving the world and all. That being said, wearing this ‘License to Grill’ apron will make you more confident and classier at the stove than ever before. Just make sure you’re not so busy battling villains, you forget the pie that’s in the oven.

licenese to grill apron

$20 at Amazon

3. ‘The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia’

If one of your friends is eager to beef up their knowledge about the James Bond universe, this encyclopedia is a perfect starting point. This book not only goes through the entire lore and events of every Bond movie, it also contains some memorable stills and trivia about the world of your favorite spy.

james bond movie encyclopedia

$20 at Amazon

4. Bond Aston Martin Lego Set

A Bond gift idea any fan would love! Nothing is more beautiful than James Bond’s car sitting on your shelf to remind you how much you love this franchise. Lovers of collectibles and Legos will relish in taking the time to build this stunning Aston Martin – an effort that is well worth the end result.

Bond Aston Martin lego

$239 at Amazon

5. James Bond Mug

This gorgeous porcelain mug is so slick, you’ll feel ten times more important just pouring coffee into it. With its simple but glossy look, it’s perfect for any morning person who needs to catch a glimpse of the 007 sign and feel motivated for the day. If you don’t buy one for yourself, this also makes a wonderful present for a significant other.

bond 007 mug

$35 at Amazon

6. 007 Sticker Set

Looking for some special yet affordable James Bond gifts? This sticker set will go down a treat for fans. Whether they place these on their mirror, wall or office notebook, these stickers will make one feel like their home is a spy lair filled with gadgets and secrets.

james bond sticker set

$6 at Amazon

7. Bond Trump Cards

This Top Trumps card game will both entertain and educate fans of the Bond universe, allowing players to explore every single 007 movie but also the most iconic characters and villains of the franchise. Playable with as many people as you fancy, not a single after-dinner party will ever feel dull again.

james bond top trumps

$15 at Amazon

8. Bond Wall Clock

If you’re thinking of getting something cool and original for your Bond-loving best friend, dad or boyfriend, this wall clock is the ultimate gift idea. With its black and white color scheme and silhouette imagery, this clock is both beautiful and striking. We dare you to find a better present idea.

james bond clock

$40 at Amazon

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9. Bond Fragrance

Whether you prefer to shower yourself with fragrance or slightly spray a small but effective dose on your neck, this 007 perfume will instantly turn you into the life of the party. Make everyone wonder if you haven’t secretly been enrolled in Her Majesty’s Secret Service – remember to keep it confidential, though.

007 fragrance ocean royale

$30 at Amazon

10. Car Air Freshener

Want to feel like a proper British spy? This Daniel Craig air freshener is both stylish and menacing. Whether it’s for your mom who has a crush on the actor, or your dad who’s a fan of Craig’s portrayal, this small 007 gift is fabulous.

bond craig air freshener

$10 at Amazon

11. 007 Cufflinks

If you know a stylish Bond fan who likes to look as prim and pristine as 007 himself, grab ahold of these cufflinks for them! These small James Bond gifts are the perfect way to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday” to a loved one…

007 cufflinks

$15 at Amazon

12. 007 Travel Mug

Want to feel like you’re having a drink with the head of a dangerous secret organization? This cool tumbler cup is perfect and will have all of your friends asking you where you got it. The iconic 007 design is slick enough to shine from afar. What are you waiting for?

007 travel mug

$28 at Amazon

13. James Bond Playing Cards

These 007-themed playing cards are any Bond fan’s wildest dream. Great for a Christmas stocking gift, the recipient can tuck in with friends and family one evening, have a Bond marathon and get their favorite card game going! You’re never leaving the house again, are you?

$7 at Amazon

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14. ‘Spectre’ Ring

Although it’s one of the smaller James Bond gifts on our list, any fan of Spectre will appreciate this ring. Add it to their Christmas stocking or simply treat it as a birthday present so they can feel like they belong in the 007 movie themselves.

spectre bond ring

$17 at Amazon

15. 007 Lighter

This unique lighter is both stylish and simple. It’s the perfect way for a fan to feel like they could save the world at any point. Coming in 12 different designs, from the classic black and white logo, to the retro look of the “Dr. No” lighter, this item is a must-have for any dad, husband, or sister who aspires to be 007’s number one fan.

007 lighter

$67 at Amazon

16. James Bond T-Shirt

Want to make sure you don’t forget the many actors who have played James Bond over the years? This t-shirt has them all. From Connery to Craig, this small but evocative collage will make its owner stand out as a fan who doesn’t need flashing 007 logos to profess their love for the saga. Sometimes, a face says it all.

bond actors t-shirt

$28 at Redbubble

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17. Daniel Craig Funko Pop Figure

Many moons ago, fans of the franchise were outraged to learn that a blonde-haired, blue-eyed actor named Daniel Craig would take over Pierce Brosnan’s place as the lead of the 007 saga. Over a decade later, most fans wouldn’t have it any other way. This fantastic Casino Royale Funko Pop is a testament to the brilliance that is Daniel Craig in this iconic role.

daniel craig funko pop

$45 at Amazon

18. Bond DVD Set

There is no better proof of one’s love for James Bond than by owning this stunning DVD box set which reunites most of the movies. 45 hours of pure thrills and blissful adventures, it will also look fantastic on any shelf. Can you resist the temptation to marathon them everyday? We think not.

bond dvd set

$84 at Amazon

Although there have been many different Bonds over the years, one chore element of this franchise is its thrilling, adventurous universe we all enjoy revisiting.

Whether it’s for Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday, we hope you’ve found something in our list of gifts for James Bond fans.

Hurry up and get some 007 merch to make your friends’ dreams come true!


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