30 Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

harry potter gifts

Get your Galleons out! Looking to treat a friend for their birthday or Christmas? Want to indulge your inner Potter fan?

From getting your hands on Harry’s wand to owning Gryffindor’s sword, we’ve gathered up a list of Harry Potter gifts that will please any dedicated fan of the wizarding world.

Ready to unlock some of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans? Here goes: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…”

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1. Hogwarts Heat Sensitive Mug

This heat-sensitive mug is strictly for passionate fans. Including a beautiful depiction of the Hogwarts logo, this gift is something every die-hard Potter fan will value as a Christmas stocking filler or anniversary gift.

harry potter heat mug

$26 at Amazon

2. Horcrux Locket

Collecting horcruxes is easier for you than Harry! This authentic replica of the Horcrux locket is crafted to copy the same one Harry wore. It even comes with a collector display box, so everyone is protected from its manipulating powers. We’re kidding; fortunately, this doesn’t come with a fragment of Voldemort’s soul.

Harry Potter Locket

$50 at Amazon

3. ‘I Solemnly Swear’ Shot Glass

Solemnly swear that you’re up to no good while taking a shot in this. You can pour in some butterbeer and truly feel like you’re at the Three Broomsticks Inn. This makes the perfect addition to any party and shows friends that you’re up for a night of fun and mischief. Engraved with a fitting caption, this item is ideal for the drinker in your life.

harry potter shot glass

$11 at Amazon

4. Harry Potter’s Wand

This merch needs no introduction. Harry’s wand makes the greatest gift for all die-hard fans of the Potter movies and novels. If you’re going to collect all wands, it’s best you start with Harry’s. Wave it, cast your spell, and picture the magic happening in front of your eyes. You’ll be yelling “Expecto Patronum” in no time!

harry potter's wand

$45 at Amazon

5. Kids and Adults Coloring Book

Fill in some spare time by coloring in your favorite characters from the Potter universe! This coloring book, filled with beautiful and detailed illustrations pulled straight out of the movie makes the perfect gift for fans of the wizarding world!


Buy the Book

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6. ‘Wizards Only’ Poster

Want to keep those muggles away? This poster works tremendously well for a wizards-only room! Proudly hang this on your bedroom door and work your magic on the inside! It would even do great for a Potter-themed party! Know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes Harry Potter? Get them this as a gift!

wizards only sign

$12 at Amazon

7. Ministry of Magic Toilet Sticker

Flush yourself straight to the Ministry of Magic with this funny toilet sticker. Surprise all guests when they use your bathroom and make using the toilet more exciting by sticking this onto the seat. This is on one the smallest, yet funniest gifts for Harry Potter fans with a sense of humor.

harry potter Bathroom Decal

$6 at Amazon

8. Collectible Quidditch Set

You can’t go wrong with some Harry Potter memorabilia! Buy this item for the dedicated Potterhead in your life! This collectible Quidditch set includes a Quaffle, two Bludgers, a non-removable Snitch, and a collectible poster. It’s an outstanding display set that will look even better next to your collection of Harry Potter books!


$38 at Amazon

9. Marauder’s Map Replica

Looking for Harry Potter merchandise? What fan wouldn’t get a kick out of this? Gift-wrap this detailed full size Marauder’s Map replica and make your friend/family member super-happy! Special for any dedicated Potter fan, help them get to know the ins and outs of Hogwarts like never before!

Marauder's Map

$30 at Amazon

10. Hogwarts Houses Keychain

Nothing shouts “I’m a Harry Potter fan” more than this awesome keychain! Purchase this for your friend and let them carry the four houses of Hogwarts everywhere they go. The house crests of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw will stand out and glisten among their set of keys!

Harry Potter Keychain

$12 at Amazon

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11. Charm Bracelet

Fashionable Potterheads should own a bracelet like this! Style yourself with some Harry Potter-prettiness and wear all the famous symbols from this movie series loud and proud. You can spot the Snitch, Hedwig, Hogwarts, and a broomstick in there!

harry potter charm bracelet

$8 at Amazon

12. Gryffindor Blanket

Claim yourself a true Gryffindor? Know someone who perfectly fits in this Hogwarts house? Treat them to this stunning blanket featuring Gryffindor’s logo. One of the loveliest Harry Potter gifts for Christmas or as a birthday present.

gryffindor blanket

$30 at Amazon

13. Harry Potter Slippers

Looking to treat your mom or your boyfriend? These glamorous and glistening slippers dedicated solely to Mr. Potter himself are the coziest and warmest gift you could pick for them. Available in various sizes, you can’t go wrong with this merchandise!

harry potter slippers

$25 at Amazon

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14. Harry Potter Puzzle

It’s time to tune into your inner witch or wizard by succeeding with this jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle full of 550 pieces that come together to display Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There’s never been a better gift idea – for both kids and adults!

harry potter puzzle

$10 at Amazon

15. Hedwig’s Theme Music Box

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift to treat your sister or best friend. This music box beautifully plays the Harry Potter theme song upon winding it up, and even features a picture of Hogwarts and the three main characters on it.

harry potter music box

$16 at Amazon

16. Golden Snitch Lamp

If you really want to jazz up your room or make someone’s world, grab ahold of this night lamp for Christmas, a birthday or house-warming present. Fans of Quidditch will relish in this light dedicated to all things Harry Potter.

golden snitch lamp

$33 at Amazon

17. Hogwarts House Crest Pins

One of the most stunning and cool collectible gifts for Harry Potter fans, these Hogwarts house crest pins will be cherished by every Potterhead as they display it on a shelf or on their desk. A superb gift idea for a dad, boyfriend or bestie.

Hogwarts House Crest Pins

$25 at Amazon

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18. Hogwarts Writing Quill

Consider this gift a true treasure! The Hogwarts Writing Quill will look wonderful in any household. Owners of this item can write spells with this vintage-looking quill and add that touch of magic to their day-to-day activities. A must-have souvenir for any true fan of the Harry Potter legacy.

Harry Potter Writing Quill

$40 at Amazon

19. Triwizard Cup Replica

Treat a friend or family member with this Triwizard Tournament Cup replica and make them feel like a champion! They’ll come out on top as the number one Harry Potter fan by owning this light-up cup. A magnificent item that will bring magic to any home and enchant all visitors with its fine detail.

harry potter triwizard cup buy

$50 at Amazon

20. Hogwarts Houses Glass Set

Looking for some stuff to treat a loved one? Add that spark of magic to a friend’s kitchen by buying this glass set for them. Owners of this item are spoilt for choice! They can choose to sip a cold drink from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw’s cup!

Harry Potter House Crests Glass

$26 at Amazon

21. Golden Snitch Necklace

Now that’s what you call fine jewelry! We consider it one of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans, so they can carry the Golden Snitch everywhere they go. Never let your love for Harry Potter go unnoticed with this stunning accessory…

harry potter necklace

$24 at Amazon

22. ‘Harry Potter’ Trivial Pursuit

Fans can revisit the magical world by tucking into this Trivial Pursuit game dedicated to the Wizarding World. Players will get the chance to test their knowledge on Harry Potter facts with 600 trivia questions. A special and fund present wrapped in one!

harry potter trivial pursuit

$22 at Amazon

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23. The Sword of Gryffindor

Thrill the Gryffindor in your life by gifting them with this special item. The legendary sword has passed through the hands of Gryffindor, Dumbledore, Snape, Mr. Potter himself and now it can be yours! Whether you’re buying this merchandise for yourself or a friend, be sure to wield it to its full, advantage! Pair it with a Harry Potter costume, too!

The Sword of Gryffindor

$64 at Amazon

24. ‘Harry Potter’ Books Set

You might already own the Harry Potter books, but we doubt you own this hardcover boxed set! The collectible edition of all seven books is one of the best gifts a Potter fan could receive. Own all seven books in quality condition for sentimental value and cherish them for life.

Harry Potter Boxed Set

$174 at Amazon

25. Lord Voldemort’s Wand

If you know someone who’s into the Dark Arts, here’s exactly what they need – the weapon of the Dark Lord! Although they won’t be able to cast the Killing Curse with it, it’s still an awesome item to keep at home. Voldemort’s wand looks very genuine, down to it’s bent shape and bone handles.

Voldermort's Wand

$40 at Amazon

26. ‘The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Want to cook up a magical meal? Want to spellbind your family and friends with an irresistible snack? This ‘Harry Potter Cookbook’ features over 100 magical recipes, pulled straight out of the novels for wizards and even muggles! Here’s your chance to finally taste Molly’s Meat Pies and Treacle Tart!


$14 at Amazon

27. Platform 9 & 3/4 Watch

What better way to check the time than with this Harry Potter watch? Designed with the Platform 9 and 3/4 logo, this watch promises to reveal the time in the most magical way. Ideal as a gift for your sister, girlfriend, or bestie!

platform 9 potter watch

$33 at Amazon

28. Wizards, Muggles Doormat

The doormat is perfect for Harry Potter fans, especially those who only welcome wizards in their homes! It makes the best house-warming present, as well as a funny gift for your mom or dad! Of course, muggles and non-magic folk will always be tolerated…

harry potter door mat

$30 at Amazon

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29. Harry Potter Chess Set

This unique item is suitable for hard-core fans who’d appreciate every little exquisite detail. The chess piece replicates the famous chess game as seen in the first movie. Unfortunately though, the chess pieces do not come alive…

Harry Potter Chess Set

$40 at Amazon

30. Harry Potter Bag

There’s never been a more fashionable way to show-off your fandom. This stylish and unique bag belongs to the most loyal of Potter fans and features beautiful artistic depictions of Hogwarts castle, the Sorting Hat, and even Hedwig’s birdcage.

harry potter bag

$70 at Amazon

With our list, you no longer have to go looking for Harry Potter gift ideas! Bet you’re wishing you could “Accio” these items into your hands right now!

Let us know which one of these gifts for Harry Potter fans you bought and for whom!

This article was originally published in August 2015.


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