angela stephanou

Angela Stephanou


Location: Cyprus

Education: BA in Communication, Media and Film studies

Experience: Writing, blogging and editing, operating Tell Tales Online

Writer bio: 

Since graduating from university, Angela has written for various publications on celebrities, career and lifestyle topics. Now, for over a decade, she oversees the content and strategy across Tell Tales Online, writing about celebrities to movies and TV, while building an audience (a.k.a ‘Tale Tellers’) of pop culture junkies like herself. She follows more celebrities than real-life people, is addicted to updating her Spotify playlists, and she’d rather be glued to her TV, under a pile of snacks than go out on a Friday night. 

You might find her:

  • Comparing Taylor’s Eras tour with Beyonce’s Renaissance tour (WHICH SHE ATTENDED!).
  • Taking sides on the infamous Selena Gomez vs. Hailey Bieber feud (team Hailey, duh).
  • Skipping the Superbowl, but watching the half-time show (Usher’s obvs).
  • Counting down the days until we get a ‘Euphoria’ season 3 announcement.
  • Obsessively idolizing celebs and keeping tabs on who said what and who’s dating who.
  • Binging Netflix, having movie marathons, and judging red carpet outfits.

Who she follows:

Favorite shows:

Favorite movies: