30 Best Batman Gifts for Gotham Geeks

batman gifts

It’s time to suit up with some fantastic Batman merchandise! You may not have Bruce Wayne’s net worth, gadgets or his Dark Knight superpowers, but owning one of these items can make your life just as rich and cool. We’ve found 30 of the coolest Batman gifts that only true Gotham geeks would appreciate…

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1. Pendant Necklace

This pendant comes with a thick silver chain so you know it’ll last. The stainless steel logo has a shiny finish that will let the world know that you’re a Batman fan, wherever you go. Perfect for men and women!


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2. Batman Logo Shirt

This awesome t-shirt is fitting for any occasion, at any time of the year, for any kind of Bat-fan. Made of cotton and with an eye-catching illustration of the iconic logo in the center, this shirt is a superb gift idea for a boyfriend, husband or even girlfriend!

batman logo shirt

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3. Car Seat Covers

Okay, so you don’t own a Batmobile, but the next best thing are these car seat covers. Comfy for long drives, Batman’s classic yellow and black logo is prominently displayed. This present will make any Dark Knight driver proud!

batman seat covers

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4. Batman Silk Tie

Show your Batman fandom even at the office with this sleek tie. Made of silk, the black tie looks professional, and your boss might not even notice the subtle Batman images patterned throughout. Perfect for dad, your brother, or any Batman lover in your life!

batman black tie

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5. Batman Encyclopedia

Think you know every character in Gotham? Does that super-fan in your life insist they know all of Batman’s friends and foes? We bet not – especially after going through this marvelous Batman Character Encyclopedia! Gift this to yourself or a loved one to enjoy the several character profiles which include fun statistics and illustrations!

batman encyclopedia

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6. Batman Hoodie

Get warm this winter with this fantastic hoodie. It’s cool, it’s comfy and it’s the perfect fit for any Bat-fan. Superb for knights out in Arkham city!

batman logo hoodie

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7. Superman vs. Batman Statue

If you enjoyed this Batman movie, this awesome statue of the two heroes at war ought to tide you over. The characters are designed after Frank Miller’s representations in The Dark Knight Returns. If this item doesn’t lure you in, maybe one of these Superman gifts will impress you.

batman superman statue

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Whether you’re suiting up for work or for a special ‘do, these special, silver cufflinks are an ideal accessory choice. They’ll make you feel closer to Bruce Wayne than ever before…

Batman Symbol Cufflinks

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9. Batman Keychain

Holy Batman! It doesn’t get cooler than this awesome keyring! You can proudly take your love for the caped crusader everywhere you go by hanging this on your set of keys. It’s official DC merchandise, too!

DC Batman keychain

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10. Batman Bust Bank

Let the bravest of superheroes keep your coins safe! This piggy bank will not only store your money, but it will also look great on any counter-top in your home or office!

batman bust bank

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11. Batman Apron

If no one has seen you and Batman in the same room, could that mean you are the one and only Dark Knight himself? You can be with this apron, which is made of a durable cotton and features the caped crusader’s old gray and blue suit.

batman apron

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12. Villains Glass Set

Spend some time on the dark side of Gotham with this four-pack of shot glasses. Each colored glass showcases a different infamous villain, including Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Catwoman, and the Joker. Make sure to wash these by hand.

batman villain shot glasses

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13. Batman Deluxe Cape

Convention season is almost here, and soon it will be time to bring out this bad boy. Rubie’s made this black satin cape. It’s 90 inches wide and 45 inches long, which means that it should fit no matter your height. It ties around the neck and features a Batman logo in darker black in the center.

Batman Deluxe Cape

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14. Batman Logo Wallet

Let Batman keep your cash and credit cards safe with this badass bifold wallet. Made with faux-leather, this wallet is all the merch you need to declare yourself a Dark Knight supporter.

batman wallet

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Hide cookies in the coolest way possible with this cookie jar. Made of ceramic, Batman looks mean and ready for battle. Between his crossed arms and imposing look, no one will steal your sweets again. This cookie jar is nearly 11 inches tall.

batman cookie jar dc

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16. Welcome to the Batcave Mat

What a wonderful way to show off your love for the Dark Knight! Know somebody who’d happily live in a bat cave? Gift them with this fantastic doormat to place outside their home.

batcave doormat

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17. DC Comics Batman vs. Joker Figurines

The battle between the Joker and Batman is the stuff of legends. Commemorate their feud with this two-pack of painted figures. At 7 inches tall each, these figures are small enough that you can find the space to squeeze them on any shelf that’s filled with your Batman memorabilia.

batman joker action figure

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18. Batman Snapback

If you know someone who’s a serious Bat-fan and also loves to wear snapbacks, gift wrap this awesome cap!  Made of a mesh-type material with a plastic silver and black Batman logo shining on the front, you really can’t go wrong with this gift idea!

batman snapback

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19. Grey Costume Mug

Start your day off right with coffee from your Batman mug. Warm yourself up with black coffee (because we’re sure that’s how Bruce Wayne likes it) or any other beverage in this unique mug. The old school costume pictured makes this a great addition for any collection.

batman funny mug

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20. Stud Earrings

For the female Batman lover, these stud earrings are perfect for every day wear. Let her show off her support by brandishing the Batman logo loud and proud. Supporting the Dark Knight has never been so fashionable.

batman logo earrings

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21. Bat Signal Kitchen Timer

Count down the minutes until your meal is ready by using this awesome kitchen timer – when the time is up, the Bat signal will light up, letting you know it’s time to eat!

Batman Kitchen Timer Bat Signal

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22. Batman Figure

The Dark Knight Rises, the last film in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, was a smash hit. If Christian Bale was your favorite actor to play Batman, now you can have a figure from the flick. Medicom Toy Company in Japan designed this highly-poseable figure, which includes various faces and hands.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Figure

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23. Car Emblem

Always wanted a Batmobile? Spruce up your car with this Batman metal symbol adhesive emblem. The reflective, chrome plated car emblem easily applies onto your car, giving it that impressive superhero touch. It’s a small, subtle and spectacular way to show-off your Bat-obsession…

Batman Car Emblem

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24. Batman Lamp

This gift is a perfect Batman item for both adults and kids! The Batwing lamp is ideal for your desk or bedroom nightstand and is guaranteed to impress everyone who sees it!

batman side lamp

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25. Batman Toaster

Who would have thought you could be eating toast with Batman’s sigil imprinted on it? This toaster is the greatest gift idea for any Bat-freak!

batman toaster

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26. Batman Hat

Celebrate the most cherished DC hero by being in style. This Batman themed hat is wrapped with imprints of his very logo and will look super-cool with any outfit you wear.

batman hat

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27. Symbol Clock

Know someone’s who’s fan-enough to have this clock pinned up on their wall? Treat them to it and let them keep track of the time just as Bruce Wayne would for his next mission.

batman clock

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28. Batman: Chokeout T-Shirt

This menacing t-shirt depicts two of DC’s most significant characters – Batman, and his arch-nemesis, The Joker. With a magnificent HD illustration on top of a comfortable cotton tee, this Batman apparel is everything a fan needs and more.

Batman Chokeout T-Shirt

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29. 3D Night Light

You can really impress guests and ward off any enemies by having this night light lit up in your bedroom. Offering a 3D vision effect of the Caped Crusader, this novelty gift also comes in various colors. Stylish and super-bad, what else would a Bat-fan want?

3d batman night light

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30. Ceramic Logo Mug

There’s nothing better to give you a boost of confidence than this epic logo mug. Made of ceramic, and encompassing a Dark Knight feel, fill this up with your tea or coffee and get a superhero buzz like no other.

batman ceramic mug

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If you have a Dark Knight fan in your life, you don’t need to be stumped on what to get them thanks to our list of awesome Batman stuff. Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, there are plenty of themed gifts to choose from!

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