54 Funniest Game of Thrones Memes You Will Ever See

game of thrones memes

Before you tuck in, we warn you, spoilers are coming

Blood is splattered, tears are cried and guts are spilled in the epic television series that is Game of Thrones. You spend the majority of your time anxious, excited and at the edge of your seats whilst indulging through an hour of Game of Thrones madness. There’s absolutely no room for laughter or glee, that’s why we’ve scanned the internet for some of its funniest Game of Thrones memes. From suffering through that Red Wedding to watching Jon Snow get cold-bloodedly murdered, GOT fans deserve a freakin’ break…

If you crave some comic relief or need some LOL in your life after watching a tense episode, scroll through these 54 hilarious Game of Thrones memes for a laugh…

1. Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow don’t have much in common…

tyrion jon snow meme

2. This was the scariest “Come At Me Bro” move we’d ever seen…

come at me snow


3. Tywin Lannister would make a great Mastercard Ad…

tywin lannister funny


4. Jaime Lannister and Luke Skywalker have more in common than you think…

cersei princess leia joke


5. “To the Window to the Wall” has never seemed more appropriate…

Window to the Wall game of thrones


6. Poor Hodor has had a hard time Raisin’ Bran…

raisin bran


7. When Game of Thrones went all Walking Dead on us…

game of thrones walking dead


8. If the Game of Thrones characters had Facebook…

jaime lannister facebook meme


9. Wow, the internet is CREATIVE! Should we laugh or cry?

jaime lannister facebook meme


10. We wouldn’t be surprised if this became an actual movie one day…

game of thrones jokes


11. When this Valentine’s Card was all too literal for Jaime Lannister…

jaime lannister meme


12. The Stark family wouldn’t have a hard time picking the soundtrack of their lives…

game of thrones meme


13. Talk about trust issues…

petyr baelish meme


14. We’re not going to lie, this broke our hearts a little…

jon snow meme


15. Damn Dany’s been playing quite an interesting game all this time…

daenerys targaryen meme


16. Hands up if you’d totally watch this spin-off…

two half men game of thrones


17. Hodor may find love after all…

hodor meme


18. Savage, Jaime, savage…

game of thrones joke


19. When you realize why the credits are always on a black background…

game of thrones credits meme


20. Joffrey really is the equivalent of a moody Monday!

monday joffrey meme


21. Forget Uma Thurman, Arya Stark should have starred in Kill Bill!

arya stark kill bill


22. #Mind-blown … mind the pun…

game of thrones funny


23. If the Game of Thrones books were written from Hodor’s perspective…

game of thrones hodor meme


24. Why can’t these siblings just get on?!

cersei tyrion get along


25. How many times has poor Jorah been friend-zoned?!

jorah friend zoned


26. Dany knows how it feels to find that perfect Avocado for Guacamole…

daenerys targaryen avocado


27. In case you wanted to teach your kid a lesson when riding his bike…

game of thrones viper meme


28. Why you gotta be like that Frey?

harry potter game of thrones



game of thrones funny meme


30. Those White Walkers have nothing on Elsa!

winter is coming elsa


31. If Daenerys went to Starbucks…

daenerys targaryen joke


32. We were JUST beginning to like her!

wildling meme


33. YOLT! Jon Snow Only Lives Twice!

jon snow yolt meme

34. Arya Stark has a few problems when ordering a Starbucks coffee…

arya stark starbucks


35. You hang in there, Theon! Good things come to those who wait!

theon greyjoy meme


36. In case you were wondering what dog food to buy your pup…

ramsay bolton meme


37. No wonder Baelish got there just in time!

baelish watch


38. How not to be shit at dying…

the hound meme


39. Rickon, you could have zig-zagged, dammit!

rickon meme


40. We’d totally buy this! A Ho-door-stopper!

hodor joke


41. As much as we love GOT, this is a movie we wouldn’t pay to see…

got meme


42. Now we know why it’s called “King’s Landing”…

kings landing meme

43. Get you a Wildling who can do both…

tormund meme

HBO | khivju

44. Ed Sheeran’s next cameo is going to look a lot like this…

ed sheeran game thrones meme


45. Daenerys and Jon Snow’s Starbucks cups…

jon daenerys starbucks meme


46. The Stark reunion be like…

stark reunion meme

47. When Jon Snow discovers he’s a true Targaryen

jon snow targaryen meme


48. Can he get the White Walkers off his mind for just one second?

jon snow white walker meme

girlwithnojob | Instagram

49. We’ve never rooted for this much incest in our lives…

jon dany incest meme

Game of Laughs

50. Jon Snow and Peter Parker have SO much in common!

jon snow peter parker


51. After Cersei let Jaime Run Free…

jaime lannister meme


52. When you realize you have to wait over a year for the next season…

game of thrones waiting meme

53. So THAT’s what the Sixth Sense kid meant when he saw Dead people…

white walker memes


54. Jon Snow and Daenerys next season be like…

jon snow daenerys pregnant

We’re sure your laughter was heard across all seven kingdoms and your happy tears were enough to fill the Narrow Sea after seeing these memes! Thank you internet for creating such awesomeness…

Consider yourself a true Game of Thrones geek? How many of these facts do you know about the show?

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