KKW Beauty Dupes for the Kim Kardashian Makeup Lover

kkw beauty dupes

Kim Kardashian’s reign as beauty queen is far from over, folks. In fact, it’s only just getting started. The reality TV star has her own beauty line, and it’s giving Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits and cosmetics line a run for its money.

Makeup lovers have swarmed the KKW Beauty website, only to be disappointed to learn that Kim’s contour and highlight kits have sold out.

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Have you been let down? Have no fear, we’ve found alternative products that will give your face that same definition and gorgeous glow. Here are the best KKW Beauty dupes for Kim Kardashian’s latest products…

This list is constantly updated with Kim’s latest KKW items. Listed oldest to newest.

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Contour and Highlight Sticks

kim kardashian contour highlight sticks

Dupe 1: NYX Wonder Stick

Sculpt and highlight your face with NYX’s Wonder Stick. The dynamic duo includes two shades, one for defining your cheekbones, jawline and hairline and the other to give your skin a luminous, radiant look. A perfect dupe for Kim’s contour and highlight sticks!

NYX Wonder Stick

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Dupe 2: Sephora Collection Contour Duo

You can’t go wrong with Sephora’s products! Their contour and highlight stick is a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian’s beauty item. Giving you the chance to shape your features in the most flattering of ways, you’ll be asking yourself why you even wanted Kim’s stick in the first place…

Sephora Collection Contour Duo

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Dupe 3: CCbeauty Dual-ended Stick

Promising a creamy finish in one universal shade, CCbeauty’s duel-ended stick is the perfect alternative for the KKW Beauty item. Make your face glow just like Kim’s and define those pretty features all summer long!

CCbeauty Dual-ended Stick

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Dupe 4: BYS 3 Shade Contour Sticks

Blend these three hues together and sculpt the hollows of your favorite features to create Kim Kardashian’s best looks. Chisel your cheekbones and enhance your natural facial structure using all three of these sticks by BYS.

BYS 3 Shade Contour Sticks

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Dupe 5: Maybelline Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

Master your contour and highlight regime with this all-in-one stick by Mabelline. Contour flawlessly over your focal points and get the people talking about those killer cheekbones! Featuring a creamy matte formula that glides on and blends in easily, you’ll be saving a bunch if you choose this over Kim Kardashian’s sticks!

Maybelline Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

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Powder Contour and Highlight Kits

kkw Powder Contour Highlight Kits

Dupe 1: City Color Countour Effects Palette

Prefer using a palette when applying your makeup? This kit by City Color contains three different shades: contour, bronze, highlight. Enhance and flatter your natural features, just like Kimmy with this easy-to-use, long-lasting palette!

City Color Countour Effects Palette

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Dupe 2: e.l.f. Contour Palette

You can get the exact same results as Kim’s powder kit with this palette by e.l.f. Sculpt and strobe your pretty features and ace Kim’s favorite looks with these four beautiful shades. What are you waiting for? Glow for it!

e.l.f. Contour Palette

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Dupe 3: NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

This highly pigmented contour and highlighter kit will make you feel like your Kim Kardashian makeup game is on-point. Bring out your cheekbones, slim your nose, and sculpt your face seamlessly with NYX’s flawless collection.

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

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Dupe 4: Ultra Beauty’s Highlight + Contour Palette

Start powdering those cheeks and highlighting your angles with this brilliant dupe for Kim’s Powder Contour and Highlight Kits. Ultra Beauty’s palette comes with different colors, ideal for sculpting your face.

Ultra Beauty's Highlight + Contour Palette

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Dupe 5: Evermarket Contour, Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette

Interesting fact about Kim Kardashian? Her makeup routine apparently costs a whooping $770 worth of products! If you can’t afford that high level of maintenance, spoil yourself with this affordable palette by Evermarket which doesn’t only come with contour, highlight and bronzing powders but a makeup brush, too!

Evermarket Contour Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette 

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Ultralight Beams First Batch

Iridescent Powder

Get that gorgeous, snowy glow with L’Oreal’s powder in Moonlight. This shimmery cosmetic is the ideal dupe for Kim’s Iridescent Ultralight Beam loose powder.

iridescent powder dupe

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Iridescent Gloss

If a sliver and glittery lip is your go-to colour this winter, opt for this gorgeous gloss by Maybelline. This frosty shade is so similar to the KKW Iridescent gloss, we promise you won’t look back.

Iridescent Gloss dupe

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Yellow Gold Powder

Add some sunshine onto your facial focal points with a Yellow Gold highlighter powder. We’ve found an identical dupe for Kim’s product by Au Naturale which promises that same expensive shine.

yellow gold powder dupe

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Yellow Gold Gloss

If you want that same yellow gleam that the Yellow Gold KKW gloss offers, look no further than this alternative by Revlon.

yellow gold gloss dupe

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Rose Gold Powder

Everyone loves a Rose Gold sheen. Kim Kardashian’s Ultralight Beam loose powder in Rose Gold is the perfect product but there are many who can’t get their hands on it. If you’re one of the unlucky, opt for this similar dupe by Au Naturale.

rose gold powder dupe

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Rose Gold Gloss

This glowy gloss by NYX is pink and perfect enough to steal the shine away from Kim’s Rose Gold gloss. If you’re on the hunt for a replica, you can’t go wrong with this cosmetic.

rose gold gloss dupe

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Bronze Powder

The darker, the hotter! KKW isn’t the only prestigious brand to release its very own Bronze Powder –  Colourpop done it first. It’s about time you had that same bronzey look as Kim!

bronze powder dupe

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Bronze Gloss

Get that lustrous luminous lip with this gloss by L’Oreal that’s a spot-on dupe for the KKW Ultralight Beam Bronze lip gloss. Nobody ever said no to a metallic brown hue…

bronze gloss dupe

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Copper Powder

Highlight your cheeks or compliment your eyelids with this KKW dupe for the Copper powder. This highlighter which is a Coppery shade will bring any pale complexion to life.

copper powder dupe

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Copper Gloss

Paint your pout with a golden brown glittery gloss. If you can’t afford Kim’s Copper Gloss from her Ultralight Beam collection, spend a few bucks on this alternative instead.

copper gloss dupe

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Brightening Powder

Brighten your under eye area with e.l.f’s Prime & Stay Finishing Powder and nail that translucent, illuminating lightening effect. This product is a great option if you’re looking to nab Kim’s constantly sold-out Brightening Powder.

kkw brightening powder dupe

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Baking Powder

Want that long-lasting finish that the KKW Baking Powder delivers? This powder by Maybelline is the perfect substitution and is available in all colors. All beauty addicts need this item to extend their wear of makeup and achieve that gorgeous-looking complexion.

kkw baking powder dupe

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Liquid Concealer

Start hiding those blemishes and imperfections with NYX’s Concealer Wand. This beauty item might not have the KKW mark on it but we can assure you it’s just as flawless and one of the top ranges in concealers. Pick the right shade and you’re good to go.

kkw concealer dupe

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Juicy Gloss

Paint your pout with this high-shine gloss by NYX to pull off that KKW x Mario-look. This pinky shade will give you that same glossy glow as Juicy and it promises to deliver a plumper pout.

kkw mario juicy dupe

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Super Nude

When she’s not wearing a lot of makeup, Kim likes to wear a gorgeous nude lip. Recreate her luscious lips in this photo by grabbing this gloss by L’Oreal. It’s great to wear alone as well as on top of a yet another lipstick just to add that extra little shine.

kkw super nude dupe

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Crème Lipstick

The KKW x Mario lipstick is indeed to die-for. If you’ve been one of the unlucky who missed out on a chance to wear it, look no further than this just-as-amazing lipstick by Maybelline which also give your pout a perfect satin finish.

Crème Lipstick kkw dupe

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10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

KKWxMario Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Glazed Pop Colors Palette

Whether you want shimmer or matte, this palette by Beauty Glazed offers over 30 perfect shades to bring out your eye color. What’s more is that you’ll find dupes for each of Kim and Mario’s shades from their 10 Pan Palette in there!

beauty glazed eyeshadow palette

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KKW x Argenis Crème Color Sticks


Get that long-lasting creamy eyeshadow by using Maybelline’s Concentrated Crayon. It comes in a jet-black color just like Kim’s KKW creme color stick does, too!

Dramatico kkw dupe

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You can never turn down a copper eye, no matter your skin tone. The KKW beautiful, glistening eyeshadow crayon has been done before by Maybelline. Get this perfect dupe for Peshosa, now!

Peshosa kkw dupe

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Comic King

This easy-to-apply eyeshadow crayon will paint a similar gold hue onto your eyelid like Kim Kardashian’s Comic King would. A lot more affordable than the KKW product, you can’t go wrong!

Comic king kkw dupe

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Color your lids and up your eye game with this gorgeous eye crayon by Rimmel. You’ll catch the eyes of everyone around you after lighting up your makeup look with this blue product!

Genis kkw dupe

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Powder Contour Singles

If you live for contouring and your usual makeup routine consists of this method, it might be time to try out NYX’s matte powder which works as a contour powder as well as a bronzer. It comes in various colors, too, just like the KKW powder!

powder contour kkw dupe

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Classic Palette

classic palette

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

Kim’s eyeshadow palette is a beauty, isn’t it? If you’ve struggled to land the stunning collection, get your hands on this perfect dupe by Colourpop. There are alternatives for both Chicago and Gemini in there!

colourpop Double Entendre

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Peach Cream Lipsticks

Peach 1

If the lightest shade of the bunch took to your fancy, you’d be pleased to know that a replica by Rimmel is on the market! This versatile color is perfect for casual occasions and nights out, too!

peach 1 kkw dupe

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Peach 2

Tempted to go a little darker? This truly perfect peachy lipstick by L’Oreal is the idyllic product to help you hop on the trend that Kim Kardashian started.

peach 2 kkw dupe

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Peach 3

KKW’s Peach 3 shade is a mid-tone coral that will get all the makeup junkies talking. If you’ve been unable to score the creamy lipstick, opt for this KKW Beauty dupe by L’Oreal!

peach 3 kkw dupe

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Peach 4

Everyone loves a sweet red and ripe peach. If you’re looking for a lipstick that resembles just that, consider this lip cream by L’Oreal which offers a creamy and smooth rich red look that mirrors the last of Kim’s Peach Crème lipsticks.

peach 4 kkw dupe

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Ultralight Beams Second Batch

Peach Powder

Get that spellbinding glow using this gorgeous shimmer powder by Maybelline. It delivers a shine that’s ever so close to Kim Kardashian’s Ultralight Beam Powder in Peach!

ultralight beam peach powder dupe

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Peach Gloss

A little peachy lip gloss never hurt nobody! The KKW product is gloriously glittery but so is this gloss by NYX. A fusion of copper and gold will suit any skin-tone on a night out.

ultralight beam peach gloss dupe

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Pink Powder

If your cheeks are missing that extra little pink undertone, get your hands on this dupe for Kim’s Pink Ultralight Beam Powder by Colourpop which promises a luminous rosy sheen like no other.

ultralight beam pink powder dupe

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Pink Gloss

A combination of baby-pink and rose, this lip gloss by NYX is the perfect alternative for the KKW Ultralight Beam Gloss in Pink. Play up your pout with a high-shine gloss today!

ultralight beam pink gloss dupe

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Lavender Powder

This unconventional highlighter color is ideal for those who have a thing for purple. A Lavender Powder dupe by Colourpop is on the market and just as violet as Kim’s original product. Try it out for the ultimate, ultralight beam!

ultralight beam lavender powder dupe

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Lavender Gloss

Purple might not be the first shade that comes to mind when wanting to apply a lip gloss but Kim has made it the latest hot trend with her Lavender Gloss. Wear the exact same hue using Maybelline’s Glitter Fix Lip Gloss!

ultralight beam lavender gloss dupe

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Classic Blossom Palette

classic blossom palette

L.A. Girl Nudes Eyeshadow

Glisten your eyes with these stunning shades by L.A. Girl. This palette is a gorgeous replica of Kim’s Classic Blossom Palette and even features dupes for Chi, Season and more.

L.A. Girl Nudes Eyeshadow

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Classic Blossom Blushes


If a baby pink cheek is what you want this winter, opt for this powder by L’Oreal which offers an exact same rose gold hue as the KKW blush.

grace kkw dupe

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Achieve that flattering flushed look with this dupe for Kim Kardashian’s Destiny Classic Blossom blush. This product by NYX will give you that peachy cheekbone in a hot minute.

destiny kkw dupe

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If you think a plum blush will work better for you, consider this powder by L’Oreal which will warm and enhance any complexion.

karma kkw dupe

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Pink Creme Lipsticks

Soft Peachy Pink

Define and accentuate your lips with this soft peachy pink shade by none other than Kim Kardashian. Her lipstick is certainly to die for, but so is this alternative by NYX.

pink lipstick 1 kkw dupe

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Cool Blue Pink

This shade really is for every look, whether it’s for work or a night out. NYX’s long-wear lipstick provides full pink coverage like the KKW Cool Blue Pink lipstick would.

pink lipstick 2 kkw dupe

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Mid Tone Yellow

Want to go a little darker? Just a tad, right? This is your go-to shade if you want that flawless dark pink pout that pulls off the same color as Kim’s Pink Lipstick 3.

pink lipstick 3 kkw dupe

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Mid Tone Berry

Moisturize your lips and coat them with this hot color. We promise this product by e.l.f will help turn your pout into kissable lips!

pink lipstick 4 kkw dupe

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Warm Mauve

This shade is ideal for when you’re by the fire this winter. Kim’s Warm Mauve lipstick truly is stylish and luscious but believe it or not, you can get the exact same results with this item by NYX!

pink lipstick 5 kkw dupe

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Warm Plum

If you’ve been on the hunt for a lipstick that’s somewhere in between pink and red, BINGO! KKW may have its shade in Warm Plum, but Revlon done it first with their hue in Sultry.

pink lipstick 6 kkw dupe

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Deep Violet

Sometimes, you just want to go for a sexy and dramatic look. Achieve every inch of sexy with this lipstick by Maybelline which offers a deep purple paint like Kim’s Deep Violet.

pink lipstick 7 kkw dupe

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Hot Pink

If you’re up for a fun night out, prepare to have all eyes on you with this super-fuchsia lipstick! KKW’s Hot Pink product really is a dream but if you can’t get your hands on it, check out this version by Revlon instead!

pink lipstick 8 kkw dupe

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Flashing Lights Powders

flashing lights powders

UCANBE Monroe Walk Palette

Who knew you’d be able to get a palette with almost all of Kim’s Flashing Lights shades in one? This versatile collection features shades that resemble New Drip, Extra and Freaky, we promise you won’t look back!

Monroe Walk palette

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Glam Bible Palette

glam bible palette

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

This hot palette by Kim is all you’ll need to achieve that perfect signature Kardashian smokey eye. It’s a dead on dupe for the Glam Bible Palette and it comes at an exceptional price, too!

Maybelline The Nudes Palette

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Glam Bible Highlighter

Wondering how Kim’s cheekbones always look so flawless? She applies highlighters like this! Maybelline have a highlighter powder that’s ever so similar to the KKW’s powder, you’ll be recreating Kim’s best looks in no time!

kkw glam bible highlighter dupe

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Glam Bible Blush

Give your check bones a sweet yet natural flush with this quality blush by Elizabeth Mott. Offering a gorgeous orangey effect, this alternative for Kim’s Glam Bible Blush is all you’ll need this winter.

kkw glam bible blush dupe

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Glam Bible Creme Lipstick

Classic Icon 1

Kim’s famous for her flawless nude lip. If you’ve managed to achieve her popular makeup looks and all that’s missing is a lipstick like hers, try out this dupe for the Classic Icon 1 lipstick!

kkw classic icon 1 dupe

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Classic Icon 2

If you fancy going a little bit darker on the lip, this product by L’Oreal is your next best option after Kim’s KKW item in Classic Icon 2!

kkw classic icon 2 dupe

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Glam Bible Gloss

If matte is not the look you’re after this winter, here’s a gloss that offers a high shine like no other. This is a beauty product that will always have a place in your cosmetics bag because it suits all makeup looks on the planet!

kkw Glam Bible Gloss dupe

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Classic Red

If you want to nail Kim’s signature red lip, try out this lipstick by Maybelline that paints an exact same creamy coat and color as Kimmy’s shade in Classic Red.

classic red kkw dupe

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Hot Sauce

You can have lips like Hot Sauce by using this product by L’Oreal! Sultry, sexy and super smooth, this red lipstick is a great KKW Beauty dupe!

hot sauce kkw dupe

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Candy Apple

If you’re looking for a shade that’s as sweet and devilishly red as candy apple, check out this sexy hue by Maybelline that’s similar to Kim Kardashian’s vivid blue red lipstick.

candy apple kkw dupe

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Cherry Pop

If you’ve had your eye on Kim’s Cherry Pop but haven’t been able to get your pout on it, look no further than this lipstick by Maybelline which is smooth, moisturizing and provides that awesome red definition to your lips!

cherry pop kkw dupe

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Forever Highlighter

The Mrs. West Collection truly is to die-for. If Kim’s Forever Highlighter has caught your eye but it’s ran out of stock, worry no more, because this powder by Wet n Wild is a brilliant dupe!

forever kkw dupe

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Flower Wall Blush

Remember Kim’s beautiful flower wall at her wedding? Well you can shimmer your cheeks with all the flowery goodness using this item by Maybelline. It’s a dead-on dupe for the beauty mogul’s powder.

flower wall kkw dupe

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Soulmate Gloss

Luminate and lush up those lips using this product by Colourpop which offers the exact same look as the KKW Soulmate Gloss. We guarantee it’ll attract your soulmate in no time!

soulmate kkw dupe

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Love Lipstick

Nude is always the way to go if you’re looking to replicate Kim Kardashian’s look. Her Love lipstick is stunning but so is this item by none other than Maybelline.

love lipstick kkw dupe

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Mrs. West Palette

mrs west palette

Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette

Kim proudly released an eyeshadow palette to honour her wedding anniversary and what a range of colors it was. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on this pretty item, look no further as this collection by Maybelline is just as good!

maybelline blushed nudes

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Skin Perfecting Body Shimmer

Shimmer your legs, arms and any other part of your torso using this glowing body shimmer cream by Melanie Mills. Offering a variety of shades, just like Kim’s product, this item is also a moisturiser! Bonus!

body shimmer kkw dupe

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Loose Shimmer Powder 

If you prefer to powder your legs rather than cream them, opt for this item by 4tify. Offering a beautiful and long-lasting shine, 4tify’s powder promises to glisten areas of your body from miles away.

shimmer powder kkw dupe

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Skin Perfecting Body Foundation

Tired of pigmentation? Want to cover up parts of your skin that are a nuisance? Use this body foundation by DermaBlend which offers a smooth and seamless application like the KKW Skin Perfecting Body Foundation.

skin foundation kkw dupe

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Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette

sooo fire eyeshadow palette

Docolor Matte Glitter Palette

It doesn’t get more fire than this! Kim’s gorgeous eyeshadow palette brings all the heat with its creamy matte hues and metallic shades. But if you haven’t managed to nab it, you can get the same orange, browns and gold colors by purchasing this dupe instead!

docolor Matte Glitter palette

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Extinguish Sooo Fire Gloss

Get that same golden brown pearly shade on your lips by owning this beautiful lip gloss by Buxom. Promising a unique and long-lasting shine, this product is as close as it gets to Kim’s Extinguish gloss.

extinguish kkw dupe

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Sooo Fire Gloss in Flammable

Flammable your lips will be indeed after painting them with this shade! Revlon’s high-pigmented lip gloss is exactly what you’ll need to set any admirer on fire this summer.

flammable kkw dupe

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Sooo Fire Gloss in Radiate

Make your pout Radiate just like Kim’s by splashing on this gloss by NYX. Shimmer and shine this summer and impress any fan who’s after a similar nude shade.

radiate kkw dupe

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Yellow Gold Sooo Fire Eyeliner 

Bright, gold and metallic is the way to go this year. If you’ve been looking for a similar product to Kim’s Sooo Fire Eyeliner in Yellow Gold, check out this item by NYX!

gold eyeliner kkw dupe

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Rust Sooo Fire Eyeliner

Thick, red and sultry. This eyeliner by L’Oreal is an identical dupe to Kim’s eyeliner in Rust. Just as rusty red and offering a long-lasting effect, you can create any gorgeous look with this product.

red eyeliner kkw dupe

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Copper Sooo Fire Eyeliner

Coppery, cool and eye-catching – just like the KKW eyeliner! This pencil by NYX offers a metallic copper brown shade that lets any girl paint a fancy wing on their lids!

copper eyeliner kkw dupe

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Matte Smoke Eyeshadow Palette

matte smoke eyeshadow palette

BYS On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palette

Kim’s Mattes Collection has makeup fans drooling. If you haven’t been able to bargain for her Smoke Eyeshadow Palette, look no further than this item by BYS. It may feature less shades than Kim’s but we guarantee the six hues in there will recreate the socialite’s smokiest looks.

BYS On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palette

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Matte Cocoa Eyeshadow Palette

matte cocoa eyeshadow palette

Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

Oranges, pinks, and beiges are the way to go this autumn. The Kardashian queen’s Cocoa Eyeshadow Palette is beautiful indeed, but it’s been done before in other products such as this gorgeous one by Milani.

Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

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90’s Chic Matte Lipstick

Wear this sultry lipstick shade and you’re bound to turn heads. This item by NYX is just as hot and reddish as Kim’s Matte Collection product, ’90’s Chic’. A highly pigmented, long-lasting lipstick with a gorgeous, matte finish.

90s chic kkw dupe

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90’s Glam Matte Lipstick

Get glam with this lipstick by NYX which is a dead-on dupe for Kim’s KKW item, ’90’s Glam’. ‘Daydream’ is just as good as the real deal thanks to its equally stunning honey nude hue.

90s glam kkw dupe

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90’s Style Matte Lipstick

If you’re more a fan of natural shades, then Kim’s ’90’s Style Matte Lipstick’ has probably caught your eye. If it’s out of your budget, don’t shed a tear, because we’ve found a great replica by none other than Milani.

90s style kkw dupe

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90’s Supermodel Matte Lipstick

No one gets bored of a warm pink matte lip, not even Kim! If like the celeb, you are obsessed with her shade in ’90’s Supermodel’, try out this perfect dupe by NYX.

90s supermodel kkw dupe

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90’s Icon Matte Lipstick

Winter is almost here and a brown lipstick is fitting for every occasion. Why not give this lipstick by NYX a try? It also happens to be a similar shade to Kim Kardashian’s Matte Lipstick in ’90’s Icon’!

90s icon kkw dupe

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KKW x Winnie Eyeshadow Palette

KKW x Winnie Eyeshadow

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

The KKW X WINNIE palette features colors that will make you drool. If you haven’t got the chance to nab this gorgeous product, worry no more, because we’ve found a great dupe by NYX that includes alternatives for shades Harlow, Couture and more.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

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KKW x Winnie Secret Gloss

If a pinky and glossy lip is what you’re looking for this autumn, try out this item by Revlon which is a perfect replicate of the KKW X WINNIE lip gloss in Secret. Promising a long-lasting shine, this lip gloss is the go-to product for high glitz and a beautiful finish.

KKW Winnie Secret dupe

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KKW x Winnie Tiger Eye Gloss

Go a little darker with this dupe for Kim and Winnie’s lip gloss in Tiger Eye. A burgundy lip is great for a sexy night out or casual date. Get onlookers staring with this gorgeous deep wine shade which matches all skin tones.

KKW Winnie tiger eye dupe

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KKW x Winnie Aura Gloss

This nude gloss by Kim and Winnie is ideal for a casual look with a shimmery shine. Tell Tales have managed to find a similar shade by none other than Revlon. You’ll get that natural beam with this cheaper, and just as great item.

KKW Winnie aura dupe

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Very Graceful Blush

If you’re looking for a very graceful look, consider this blush by Honest Beauty! This peachy hue isn’t just pretty in itself, it’s also an identical dupe for the KKW x Mario Artist & Muse blush!

very graceful kkw dupe

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Proud of You Gloss

We all know Kim loves a nude gloss, but Mario does, too! If you, too are a fan of going au natural with a subtle shine, try out this product by NYX which looks just like the Proud of You Gloss.

proud of you kkw dupe

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He’s a Mixer 

The Artist & Muse collection really is something – but it sells out so quickly, right? If you wanted the He’s a Mixer lipstick, look no further than this beauty item by Anatstasia Hills instead!

he's mixer kkw dupe

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The Artist & Muse Palette 

The Artist Muse Palette

Catkin Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow shades picked out by none other than Kim Kardashian and Mario – what more could you want in a palette? If you struggled to buy the real thing, we’ve found a similar alternative to get your hands on!

catkin eyeshadow palette

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Glitz & Glam Palette

Glitz Glam Palette

NYX Warm Neutrals Palette

Experiment with Kim’s Glitz & Glam eyeshadow shades by using this awesome and just-as-pretty palette by NYX. Although not completely identical to the KKW palette, it still features similar alternatives for Moonlight Glow and Crushed Cranberry!

nyx Warm Neutrals

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Gold Sparkle

Christmas time is all about gold and sparkles and that describes Kim’s lip gloss in full. If you didn’t manage to nab the KKW item, try out this similar product by Milani!

gold sparkle kkw dupe

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Nude 4

If the winter season is all about laid-back makeup, then this lip gloss by Neutrogena is the perfect way to go. What’s more? It looks just like Kim’s Glitz & Glam item in Nude 4!

Nude 4 kkw dupe

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Black Cherry

Get sexy, sultry and mysterious by painting your pout with this luscious cherry-looking hue by NYX. It’s smooth, gorgeous, and ever so similar to the KKW Beauty product, Black Cherry!

black cherry kkw dupe

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Glossy Mink Crayon

Kim’s lipstick crayons are on everyone’s wishlist! If you’re after her bold and beautiful brown shade, you could try out this alternative product by Maybelline instead.

glossy mink kylie dupe

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Sweet Mauve Crayon

This pink and perfect shade is the way to go leading up to summer. Just like the KKW lipstick crayon, Revlon’s item in Sultry is creamy, smooth and long-lasting!

sweet mauve kylie dupe

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Subtle Nude Crayon

When there’s no other shade to suit your look, go nude. That’s what Kim would say. This lovely hue is fitting for any makeup and outfit, and its seamless application makes any pout kissalicious.

subtle nude kylie dupe

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Dreamy Peach Crayon

If you’re more into a peachy look this coming spring, try out this color by Revlon which is a great alternative for Kim’s crayon in Dreamy Peach.

dreamy peach kylie dupe

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Classic Blush Palette

Classic Shimmers Blush

Milani Flowers Of Love Blush Palette

This palette by Milani is literally an identical dupe for the KKW Classic Mattes and Shimmers Blush Palettes. If you want the same rosy shine that Kim’s item offers, but can’t get the real thing, try out Milani’s version instead!

Milani Flowers Of Love Blush Palette

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Bronze Heaven Eyeshadow Palette


Maybelline The City Eyeshadow Palette

Bronzes, shimmers and shines – what more could you want for a rusty, bronze eyeshadow tone? The mini collection by KKW is gorgeous to say the least, but so is this palette by Maybelline!

Maybelline The City Eyeshadow Palette

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Night Sky Eyeshadow Palette


Covergirl truNaked Roses Palette

If you’re more a lilacs, pinks and purples kinda chic, then this eyeshadow palette by Covergirl is just for you. With similar shades to Kim’s Night Sky palette, your eyes are about to get prettier and brighter thanks to these sweet hues.


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Sepia Sunset Eyeshadow Palette


Maybelline Burgundy Bar Palette

You can have a mixture of shades from both the Bronze Heaven and Night Sky eyeshadow palettes by owning this darling collection by Maybelline. It’s a great copycat product for the Sepia Sunset palette, too!

Maybelline Burgundy Bar

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Classic II Palette

classic II palette

AFU High Pigmented Palette

Kim’s eyeshadow palette features ideal warm colors to shimmer your eyelids this spring. The second Classic Palette has deep dark browns and gold hues that can also be found in AFU’s collection, too.

AFU High Pigmented palette

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B.F.F.A.E Palette

KKW Allison Palette

Milani Everyday Eyes Palette 

If you’re a fan of Kim’s eyeshadow palette with longtime bestie Allison, this collection by Milani will satisfy your cravings. With similar shades of mattes and metallics, Milani’s palette offers a warm array of tones for any fan.

milani everyday eyes palette

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P.P.S Gloss

Kim and Allison’s go-to gloss was probably something along the lines of this lustrous glass-like lippie. If you can’t get your hands on the P.P.S Gloss, there’s always this lip gloss by Rimmel which is second-best!

pps gloss kkw dupe

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London Lip Crayon

If a sultry pink lip is your style, apply this lip crayon by Julep which is ever so similar to the KKW x Allison item in London. Rich and creamy, this cosmetic delivers a hue that will turn any head.

london crayon kkw dupe

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Palm Springs Lip Crayon

If a more natural shade is your usual thing, this lip crayon by Julep should be your next best buy. Although it’s not the exact KKW product, it will still provide the same warm glossy finish you won’t regret.

palm springs crayon kkw dupe

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Opalescent Pressed Powder Palette

opalescent palette

Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Palette

As part of Kim’s 40th birthday celebrations, she has brought out this luscious opalescent powder palette with magnificent metallic and matte shades. You can get similar hues in this collection by Urban Decay, too!

Urban Decay Ultraviolet Palette

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Birthday Suit Lipstick

Here’s a shade that’s so Kim. One of the fashionista’s lipsticks from her Opalescent Collection is all you’ll need for a natural, yet intense color. This item by NYX is pretty much the same thing – and much cheaper!

birthday suit kkw dupe

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Classic Kim Lipstick

If you’re on the hunt for a lipstick that’s ‘Classic Kim’, try out this one by NYX. It’s just as hot and hydrating as the KKW Beauty item, too!

classic kim kkw dupe

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Birthday Gift Lipstick

Celebrate Kim’s 40th birthday by owning a lipstick that’s true to her style. This perfectly nude shade is all the color you’ll need in the coming winter months.

birthday gift kkw dupe

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HBD Lipstick

Every lip shade in the KKW Opalescent collection is to die for. If you’ve yet to grab Kim’s shade in HBD, try out this KKW dupe instead by Stila!

hbd kkw dupe

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After Party Lipstick

This hot red shade is the ideal cosmetic for that upcoming after party. Luscious and highly pigmented, it’s almost certain you’ll think you’re wearing Kim’s lippie.

after party kkw dupe

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Surprise Party Lipstick

Whether you’re attending a surprise party or hopefully about to have your own, this bright red lippie is what you need to get you in the mood.

surprise party kkw dupe

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Birthday Kiss Lipstick

Everyone will be tempted to give you a birthday kiss once you’re wearing this electric pink matte lipstick. Smooth, sexy and totally spicy!

birthday kiss kkw dupe

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Birthstone Gloss

Desperate to find a dupe for Birthstone Gloss by KKW Beauty? This product by Rimmel may not have been created by Kim but it’s certainly a great alternative for her pearly gloss!

birthstone gloss kkw dupe

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Icy Pink Mini Gloss

This sheer petal gloss with a hint of golden pearl is the ideal shade you’ll need to look rosy this cold winter. If Kim’s Icy Pink lippie stands out from her Crystalized Collection, but you don’t want to buy the entire gloss set, try this individual item by Revlon.

icy pink kkw dupe

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Pink Sapphire Mini Gloss

If you prefer a more red tone to paint your pout this Christmas, try this item by Revlon which is mega similar to the KKW lip gloss, Pink Sapphire, just a little more lighter.

pink sapphire kkw dupe

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Crystalized Eyeshadow Palette

crystalized palette kkw

Wet n Wild Nude Awakening Palette

The KKW Beauty Crystalized Eyeshadow Palette has a collection of matte and shimmery shades that will give your eyes a warm, wintery look this season. If you can’t grab Kim’s palette, try out this dupe by Wet n Wild.

wet n wild nude awakening

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Honey Pot Blush

Add that soft flush to your cheeks by using this super-cute blush by Maybelline which is ever so similar to Kim’s latest Honey Blush shade. Perfectly smooth and powdery, this item is ideal for the upcoming spring season.

honey pot blush kkw dupe

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Honey Love Blush

If you prefer something a little lighter and less distinct, apply this shade by Burt’s Bees onto the apples of your cheeks. Honey Love from the KKW Matte Honey collection may be beautiful, but you can get your hands on something more affordable!

honey love kkw blush

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Honey Matte Lipstick 2

Acheive full coverage in one swipe using this subtle, yet gorgeous lipstick by Maybelline. Just like Kim’s Honey Matte lipstick in number 2, this lippie offers a lightweight and pretty texture.

honey lipstick 2 kkw dupe

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Honey Matte Lipstick 3

Those who want to accentuate their nude lips a little more can opt for this lipstick by Almay which is pretty similar to the KKW Beauty item. Warm honey…light chocolate…however you prefer to call this lippie, just make sure it’s yours.

honey lipstick 3 kkw dupe

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Matte Honey Palette

mauve honey palette

Maybelline Matte About Town Eyeshadow

Kim will always bring out the best eyeshadow collections, and this time round, it’s a group of luxurious Honey shades. If you can’t nab her palette, try out this collection by Maybelline which features a few similar hues including Buzzing and Stung!

Maybelline matte about town Eyeshadow

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Fuzzy Pink Blush

Color in those cheeks with a fuzzy pink flush! If the focal points on your face need a little more umph, use this powder blush by Honest Beauty – it’s almost identical to Kim Kardashian’s KKW matte soft warm rose item!

fuzzy pink blush kkw dupe

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Rose Quartz Blush

If your cheekbones need a darker hue for the winter season, then Rose Quartz by KKW Beauty is the way to go. But if Kim doesn’t deliver to your country or the item has ran out of stock, this dupe for Rose Quartz by Maybelline is the perfect substitute.

rose quartz blush kkw dupe

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Mauve Matte Lipstick 1

Give your pout that pale pink blossom effect using this charming lipstick by Maybelline. It may not be straight out of the KKW Beauty store, but it’s certainly just as gorgeous – and mauve! Bonus plus? This dupe is so much more affordable than the real thing!

mauve lipstick 1 kkw dupe

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Mauve Matte Lipstick 2

Every girl (or guy) needs a warm nude pink lipstick in their makeup bag. Whether you like to wear it on the daily, or only on special occasions, this cosmetic by Almay is a top choice! It also happens to be a suitable aternative for the KKW lipstick!

Mauve Matte Lipstick 2

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Matte Mauve Palette

mauve palette kkw

Maybelline Skyscape Dust Palette

This palette made up of delicious pink, purple and creamy eyeshadows doesn’t have the KKW Beauty logo on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as perfect. If you’re craving similar shades to Kim’s Matte Mauve palette, this collection is a great dupe!

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Creamy Nude Lip Lacquer

Offering a similar light beige shade with slight shimmers of gold, this lip crème might just be a good dupe for Kim’s Creamy Nude Lip Lacquer. They both promise moisture and a shine, so what more could you ask for?

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Baby Pink Lip Lacquer

Add a touch of baby pink to your pout using this Mode Cosmetics lip crème. Both this product and the KKW Beauty item glide on effortlessly and deliver a sweet pink shine.

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Sneaky Eye Crayon

Give your eyes a dynamic finish with this metallic eye crayon by Julep. With “stay-all-day” power as well as an identical antique gold hue, you would have found yourself a great Sneaky alternative in no time.

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Disguise Eye Crayon

A bronze eye is a sure-fire way to go for that smoky and sexy look. KKW’s Disguise eye crayon apparently glides on seamlessly, but so does this cosmetic by Julep! Plus, it’s just as brilliantly bronzy!

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Take Cover Eye Crayon

Smudge in this red dusty hue for the ultimate foxy face. Julep offers this stunning eye color that pretty much resembles Kim’s latest Take Cover eye crayon.

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Trooper Lipstick

Velvety texture and a smooth matte finish is what KKW Beauty’s lipsticks promise. NYX have a similar pledge with their famous matte liquid lipsticks. This one in particular turns out to be a decent dupe for Trooper, too!

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Private Lipstick

Want a nude lip but with more definition? This lippie by Stila offers a warm beige rose hue that’s ever so similar to Kim’s product, Private. Both matte and equally intense color guaranteed!

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Legend Highlighter

Kim is the kween of serving face and one way she does that is with her quality highlighters. This powder by Maybelline is an affordable drugstore version of her own which is just as legendary as the real thing.

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Champion Highlighter

Add a drip of champagne into your focal points using Maybelline’s Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Powder. Delivering a metallic glow and strobing effect, this cosmetic is a satisfactory dupe for KKW’s Champion Highlighter.

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Camo Pressed Powder Palette

NYX Olive You Palette

Kim opted to give fans “natural earth” eyeshadow colors this time round, and boy, did she deliver. This NYX palette does the exact same with its earthy tones in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.

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After years of admiring Kim’s flawless makeup, we’re finally able to get our hands on products that guarantee to recreate her perfect looks. We look forward to seeing what products will come next…

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