Kylie Lip Kit: Perfect Dupes for Every Shade

kylie lip kit alternatives

Getting your hands (or shall we say “pout”?) on Kylie’s Lip Kit is a constant race. The ever-popular glosses and lipsticks sell out at the speed of light, filling you up with disappointment. Have no fear, there are other ways to get the same luscious pout as Kylie. Heck, with our list of Kyshadow replicasKylighter and Blush dupes, you can even nail those signature Kylie eyes and cheeks!

Whether Kylie’s lipsticks are out of stock or out of your budget, we’ve listed a bunch of replicas that will give you the same gorgeous color you’ve been craving. Here are the perfect Kylie Lip Kit dupes for every shade…

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This list is constantly updated with Kylie’s latest lip kits. Listed oldest to newest.

Candy K

As revealed in our list of Kylie facts, she doesn’t enjoy wearing much makeup. But we’re sure she swears by the natural Candy K on a makeup-free day! Get that pale pink super-matte finish with Milani’s ‘Adorable’ lip cream for an affordable price! We guarantee this Candy K dupe can pass as the real deal!

kylie candy k alternative

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Dolce K

Compliment any look with this matte lip cream that comes pretty damn close to Kylie’s Dolce K! You can easily pull off that dark nude shade using Lime Crime’s Buffy Liquid Matte Lipstick.

kylie dolce k replica

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Koko K

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul is a perfect match to Kylie’s light rose shade. Smack on this Koko K dupe and truly feel like you’re wearing the reality TV-star’s pinky-nude cosmetic!

kylie koko k copy

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Posie K

Get super-girly with this Posie K dupe that is valued a lot less than Kylie’s lipstick. With this identical pink shade, you’ll be rivaling the fashionista’s cosmetics collection!

kylie posie replica

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Mary Jo K

Who needs to spend thousands on a Kylie makeover when you have an affordable lipstick to make your lips just as plump? Nail that classic bright red look with NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam –  a perfect match for Jenner’s Mary Jo K lipstick!

kylie mary jo copy

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Kourt K

Get the same rockstar vibe that Kourt K provides by opting for this same deep purple shade. NYX Soft Transylvania Matte Lip Cream is Kourt K’s perfect lookalike shade!

kylie kourt k replica

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L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor delivers a gorgeous look that feels similar to Kylie’s orangey-red 22 lipstick! This can easily pass off as her must-have shade!

kylie 22 alternative

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True Brown K

If you weren’t quick enough to score Kylie’s boldest colour of the kit, this replica product is your best bet. This shade by ColourPop has a very similar vibe to Kylie’s deep brown, bold shade, True Brown K.

kylie true brown copy

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You can get a replica of Kylie’s natural beige tone, Exposed by spending a few dollars on NYX’s ‘London’ Lip Cream. You’ll get that gorgeous nude and slightly orange color that Exposed delivers.

kylie exposed alternative

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Dead of Knight

Smack on this dark and daring black colour that could almost be taken for Kylie’s matte lipstick, Dead of Knight. This version by NYX promises to give that identical gothic and gorgeous look.

Dead of Knight dupe

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NYX’s Macaron Pastel in Blue Velvet bears a striking resemblance to Kylie’s bright blue lipstick. Skylie sells out quickly so make sure to get a replica like this one! If you’ve got the bravery to sport this bright bold colour, get your hands on this replica now!

Skylie dupe

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Feeling blue? This replica of Kylie’s Freedom lipstick will boost your mood! There’s nothing sexier than a girl who dares to wear this hot blue colour! If Kylie can rock it, you can rock it too!

kylie freedom dupe

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Look straw-berry beautiful with this lipstick that’s a perfect match for Kylie’s pink Kristen. You’ll get that strawberry-bold matte lip in an instant!

kylie kristen dupe

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Complete your makeup with this Maliboo dupe. This gorgeous warm colour achieves the same light cool-tone nude shade that Kylie recommends!

maliboo alternative

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Compliment your summer tan with this gorgeous NYX liquid lipstick. The light brown shade delivers the equivalent ‘Ginger’ look as seen on Kylie below…

ginger kylie dupe

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Love Bite

If you can’t get Kylie’s Love Bite, you could always opt for Colourpop’s TooLips matte gloss. This Love Bite dupe will paste that same brownish, purply color directly onto your pout…

love bite alternative

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Brown Sugar

Sprinkle some Brown Sugar onto your lips in the form of NYX’s Soft Matte lip cream. The gorgeous light brown color looks stunning on all skin types…

brown sugar dupe

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Dirty Peach

What a smoochable shade! We’ve found the perfect dupe for Kylie’s Dirty Peach! Just as dirty and certainly just as peachy! You’ll be making an impact with this light, soft and creamy color.

kylie dirty peach replica

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Adore Kylie’s “Smile” lipstick? Color your pout with this perfect replica! This is her pinkiest and cutest shade yet and you could be wearing something completely identical!

kylie smile dupe

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This autumn-awesome shade is perfect for fall, and of course Halloween. Colourpop’s Tansy is the ideal dupe for Kylie’s Pumpkin lip kit. It nails that gorgeous burnt orange pigment.

pumpkin lip kit dupe

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Feeling adventurous? You’ll be Spicing up someone’s life in no time with this stunning Spice replica by Dose of Colors. This hot pink shade is suitable for any skin type and any Spice!

kylie spice dupe

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Mix a hint of grey with a touch of brown by painting this Moon dupe on your pout. The warm shade will compliment your autumn and winter look this year!

kylie moon dupe

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If this shade makes you green with envy, then it’s time to spend a few dollars on this gorgeous alternative by Colourpop. It’s so similar to Trick, you’ll be tricking people, convincing them you’re wearing Kylie’s very own hunter green lip kit.

trick kylie alternative

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Dying for a warm brown gloss that resembles “Like”? Check out this option that is very Kylie-esque. COVERGIRL’s Melted Toffee gloss is a cheaper option compared to Kylie’s $15 product!

kylie like gloss copy

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Get your hands on NYX Cosmetics Xtreme Lip Cream in Skin Tone for a decent price to ace that creamy, nude colour that Literally gives off. This alternative is Literally just as good as Kylie’s cosmetics!

kylie literally gloss replica

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So Cute

The lightest and most girliest Lip Kit colour is So Cute. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss is a dead ringer for Jenner’s lipstick and it’s low-cost, too!

kylie so cute alternative

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King K

Glittery liquids are hot right now! Snag this King K lookalike shade and give your lips that same lustrous, high-shine look that Kylie’s glittery gold gloss delivers.

kylie king k gloss copy

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This LA-Splash Cosmetics Studio Shine gloss will offer a shimmer and shine that is almost identical to Kylie’s sold-out metallic Heir gloss. This shade will be your new go-to color, we promise!

kylie heir dupe

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Once again, thanks to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, you can purchase a lip gloss that is an extremely close match to Kylie’s Reign. In case you weren’t one of the lucky ones to nab Reign, you can achieve the same metallic copper sheen with this flawless Kylie Lip Kit alternative!

kylie reign replica

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Pretty-up your lips with this KyMajesty replica by LA Splash Cosmetics. This metallic shine is a definite copy-cat shade of Kylie’s sultry lip gloss. With a hint of both blue and black, we promise you can’t go wrong!

kylie majesty dupe

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Kylie’s birthday metal lip glosses are available for a limited time only but there’s no need to worry when there are great alternatives like this on the market! Get Poppin’ with this stunning orangey-gold glitter lip gloss. It’ll paint the same beautiful shimmering color on your lips as Kylie’s Poppin’ would.

kylie poppin dupe

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All that glitters is gold! Your lips will be glistening from a mile away with this gold lip gloss that works as a great replica for Kylie’s birthday gloss, Lord. This alternative may not be infused with real gold, like Kylie’s glosses but we promise it’ll deliver that same gorgeous shine.

kylie lord dupe

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A red lip will never get old! If you and Kylie share the same astrological star sign then you’re bound to want her dark red matte lipstick, Leo. If you didn’t get to snag the real thing, then opt for this duplicate which bears an identical, perfect burgundy/maroon shade.

kylie leo dupe

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Damn Gina

Kylie has collaborated with her sister, Khloe Kardashian to create this glittery pink shade, Okurr. If you’re looking to look just as pretty and pink as Khloe in this photo, get your hands on this Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip gloss!

dupe for damn gina

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Khloe’s a fan of nude lipsticks! If you are too, then consider buying Abu Dhabi by NYX – a spot-on alternative for the kurvy Kardashian’s very own Khlo$…

dupe for khlo kollection

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If you’re feeling this florescent pink shade that comes with Kylie’s Koko Kollection, we’ve found the perfect replica! Just as hot and just as pink and perfect!

okurrr dupe

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When in need of a dupe from the Koko Kollection, this shade by Colourpop will be your go-to color. It looks just like Khloe’s gorgeous, hot burgundy Gorg lipstick!

gorg koko kollection dupe

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If red, burgundy or gold isn’t your thing, then consider this pinky shade for your lips this Christmas! It’ll give your pout that natural pink glow, like Kylie’s Angel Holiday shade!

kylie angel dupe

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Dark colours work best in the winter months! If Kylie Jenner’s plum lip kit, Vixen takes your fancy, try out this perfect copy by Lime Crime…

kylie vixen dupe

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Another hot red lip kit – and we’re not complaining! If you find that Kylie Jenner’s Merry Holiday lip kit costs too much, there’s always this alternative by Milani!

merry dupe

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Christmas is all about glitter! We’ve found the perfect dupe to match Kylie’s coppery rose gold metal gloss. It comes in the form of this wonderful shade by Colourpop!

cupid dupe

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Desperate for one of Kylie’s Holiday metal glosses but can’t get one? Have no fear, this substitute by Colourpop is here! Equally gold and equally gorg!

noel dupe

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It really is a race to grab one of Kylie’s famous liquid lipsticks. Craving Blitzen? Why not try out this back-up version which offers an identical raspberry-plum colour?

blitzen dupe

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What better way to feel the Christmas vibe than by wearing this bright red lippy? If you can’t get your hands on Kylie’s Holiday shade, this replica by Anastasia Beverly Hills is just as Naughty and nice!

naughty dupe

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Who doesn’t love a red lip at Christmas? Kylie’s Holiday gloss, Jolly is berry beautiful, just like this spot-on dupe by L’Oreal!

jolly dupe

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You’ve got to love Kylie’s metal glosses – especially her shiniest one, Dancer! Haven’t managed to nab it at Kylie Cosmetics? You can get your pout on this alternative which delivers the same ruby wine pigment!

kylie dancer dupe

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Get that perfect pink pout this Valentine’s Day! This dupe by NYX is pretty much identical to Kylie’s Valentine lip kit. If you’re looking to impress this February, it’s time to bag this gorgeous lippie.

kylie valentine dupe

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Head Over Heels

Ain’t nothing like a standout purply shade to fill your lips with on Valentine’s Day! Love Kylie’s warm mauve lipstick? Guess what? It’s been done before by Lime Crime – just as purple and pretty!

head over heels dupe

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If you’re going for a more toned down look this Valentine’s Day, why not try NYX’s Buenos Aires lipstick? Resembling Kylie Jenner’s mini lipstick, Apricot, this cute color is perfect for any skin tone.

kylie apricot dupe

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High Maintenance

Get that gorgeous Valentine’s look that Kylie has by owning Colourpop’s matte lipstick in Clueless. Who said you need Kylie’s Valentine’s collection when you’ve got this?

kylie high maintenance

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Kylie’s cosmetic range is ever-growing! One of the prettiest additions to her Velvet lip kit collection is Charm, a velvet liquid lipstick. Bourjois also has a pale pink velvet lippy that’s just as perfect and pretty.

kylie charm velvet dupe

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Thick, consistent and deliciously creamy. If you adore Kylie’s Dazzle shade, get your hands on this alternative by Colourpop which also offers that stunning velvety look.

kylie dazzle velvet dupe

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Love matte but don’t like that dry feeling on your pout? This velvet liquid lipstick almost passes as Kylie’s gorgeous Harmony shade. The non-drying formula promises to give you that soft, creamy look!

kylie harmony dupe

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Get that Kylie Jenner velvet lip by applying this Rosie dupe by Colourpop. Delivering that same burgundy pink pigment, this liquid lipstick promises to plump and beautify your pout.

kylie rosie dupe

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KKW x Kylie Cosmetics is the simplest addition to Kylie Jenner’s lipstick line but boy is it one of her hottest! Kim and Kylie’s line features four beautiful nude shades, one of them, Kimberly which is an identical dupe to Colourpop’s Lippie Stix in Skimpy.

kimberly dupe

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If you want to nail that nude but peachy look, consider this replica for Kylie’s cosmetic collaboration with Kim. Kylie’s cream-based formula can be found in Colourpop’s gorgeous shade, The Twirl. This alternative for Kim’s lip kit is perfect for the summer!

kimmie kylie dupe

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One of Kim Kardashian’s favorite signature nude looks can be achieved with her lip kit – Kiki. If you haven’t been able to get your pout on this dusty rose shade, opt for this Kiki dupe by Too Faced. You’ll get that pinkish pout in no time…

kiki dupe

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Dare to go nude and natural? Get twinning with Kim by owning this stunning lip cream by Colourpop. Exaggerated nails that brownish-nude shade found in Kim. This Kim Kardashian lip kit dupe is guaranteed to be a big seller this summer!

kim lipkit dupe

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Guess what? You can also get your hands on KKW Beauty Dupes for that Kim Kardashian makeup lover!

Strawberry Cream

Get your pout ready for the summer! Kylie’s luscious, sweet pink lip can be achieved with Golden Rose’s Velvet Matte Lipstick in Deep Blush Pink II. Delivering the same moisturizing and velvety feel as Strawberry Cream, we promise you won’t look back!

strawberry cream kylie dupe

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Poison Berry

Kylie Jenner’s Poison Berry isn’t as unique as you thought! Her vampy velvet lip kit has been done before! Get that creamy matte finish with this berry-inspired hue by Victoria’s Secret! Just as poisonous and berry beautiful!

poison berry dupe

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Grape Soda

Embrace the 90’s with this bold, lavender hue that belongs in Kylie’s Velvet collection. Grape Soda is an identical dupe to Colourpop’s equally purple and perfect shade, Marshmallow. This lipstick promises to give you a creamy, matte pout without drying out your lips!

grape soda dupe

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Get red, hot, but never sticky with this matte lipstick that’s a dead ringer for Kylie and Khloe’s Doll lip! The orange and red hues are captured in Colourpop’s stunning shade, First Class, giving off that same vixen vibe as seen on Kylie’s pout…

doll kylie dupe

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Khloe Kardashian’s Koko Kollection features the beautiful matte lipstick, Bunny. If her purple and creamy shade has caught your eye, consider nabbing this dupe by Lime Crime!

bunny koko dupe

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Baby Girl

Perfect for the summer, and any baby girl, this pretty and pink lipstick by Milani is identical to Kylie and Khloe’s warm coral lippy. Couldn’t get your hands on the Koko Kollection? There’s always this alternative…

baby girl kylie dupe

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Sugar Plum

Get glittery and glossy with Colourpop’s My Jamnew gloss that resembles Sugar Plum from Kylie’s Koko Kollection. You’ll be shimmering and shining from afar!

sugar plum kylie dupe

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June Bug

Get vibrant and violet with this dupe for Kylie’s Vacation lip kit – June Bug. NYX have mastered the purple tone with their shade, Seoul, ready to make your summer hotter than ever!

june bug dupe

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Naked never looked so good! This lipstick by NYX is the best alternative for Kylie’s nudest matte shade, Naked. Need a natural look for the beach? Look no further than this gorgeous colour!

kylie naked dupe

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Birthday Suit

Worried that you don’t look good in your birthday suit? Fear no more if you’re wearing this warm beige hue! Why buy the Send Me More Nudes collection when you’ve got Colourpop to save the day?

kylie birthday suit dupe

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Tan? Check. Highlighter? Check. Lipstick? Make that a check by painting your pout with this sexy beige tone by Colourpop. Looking just like Kylie’s Commando lipstick, this shade is ideal for your sun-kissed skin!

vacation commando dupe

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This nude pink pout will compliment any tanned look! Whether you’re headed for a sexy getaway or a chilled vacation, this rosy nude lipstick will be your number one go-to shade.

kylie vacation bare dupe

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This summer is all about getting glittery and glamorous! Do so with this dupe for Kylie’s Glamour lip gloss by L’Oreal! This super shimmery shade is perfect for your bronze look this season!

kylie glamour gloss dupe

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Once you’ve got your glamour on, it’s time to get glitzed! We’ve found the perfect dupe for Kylie’s glitter gloss from her Vacation collection!

glitz kylie dupe

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Cupcake Gloss

Pump up that peachy pink pout using this alternative for Kylie’s Cupcake Gloss. This smooth and shiny gloss by Colourpop will give your lips a gorgeous lustre, perfect for the summer season!

kylie cupcake gloss dupe

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Cherry Pie 

Looking to impress with a red and radiant lip? Get that luminous and voluminous effect using this Cherry Pie replica by Nars. Who needs the Kylie Birthday collection when you’ve got this?

cherry pie kylie dupe

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Things come to those who wait. Just when you planned on buying Kylie’s Twenty Lip Kit, this perfect and more affordable dupe by NYX turns up! Just as creamy and beautifully brown!

twenty kylie dupe

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Thought Kylie’s LA lipstick was gorgeous? Wait until you try this dupe by Colourpop. It’s time to make your pout velvety and voluptuous with this light nude and peachy shade.

la kylie lipstick dupe

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Surprise Me

If fuchsia is more of your go-to colour, look no further than this pretty lipstick by Golden Rose. You’ll be so surprised at how similar it is to Jenner’s lipstick…

surprise me dupe

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Party Girl

Consider yourself quite the party girl? Then get your hands on this alternative for Kylie’s mini Velvet lipstick. It won’t be long before you start pouting and partying like the makeup queen herself.

party girl kylie dupe

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This summer, it’s all about making your pout vibrant, violet and velvety! Sprinkle some goodness onto your lips with Golden Rose’s Velvet Matte Lipstick in Mulberry Violet – it’s a carbon copy of Kylie’s mini Velvet lipstick.

kylie sprinkle dupe

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One Wish

If your one wish is to get hold of Kylie’s Birthday Collection, make your dreams partly come true by nabbing this equally gorgeous dusty pink nude lipstick by NYX.

kylie one wish dupe

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All Nighter

If red and coral colors appeal to you more, try out this matte lipstick by Colourpop that’s a dead ringer for Kylie’s All Nighter shade. We promise you won’t look back!

all nighter dupe

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We’ve found the perfect alternative for one of the lightest and girliest of lip kits – Bubble. This matte lipstick by Shany is the same purple-pastel shade as Kylie’s lipstick, guaranteeing long-lasting wear. What’s more? It’s infused with a natural lip plumper!

kylie bubble dupe

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If dark brown is your go-to colour this autumn, paint your pout with Colourpop’s Kapow lipstick. This shade is an exact duplicate of Kylie’s Mink lip kit – equally brown and beautiful!

kylie mink dupe

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Pink is the ideal shade for an upcoming winter. Give your face some colour with this Penelope lip kit dupe. NYX’s soft matte Tokyo lipstick is the ideal match you never knew existed until now.

kylie penelope dupe

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Get into the Autumn spirit with this warm and rosy shade by Colourpop. The matte lipstick is a great dupe for Kylie’s Fall Collection cosmetic. This color is perfect for the Halloween and harvest season.

autumn kylie dupes

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Did Kylie’s Butternut lippy catch your eye? If you haven’t managed to purchase her butterscotch shade, opt for this identical knock-off by Lime Crime. Squash is equally as bright and yellow!

butternut kylie dupe

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If you prefer to go nude this autumn, then Kylie’s Hazel lip kit is your go-to hue. Get your hands on the replica by Dose of Colors. This lipstick may be a little pricier than expected but it promises quality and long-lasting effectiveness.

hazel kylie dupe

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Paint your lips with a natural nude hue using NYX’s Cario lipstick. This shade mirrors Kylie’s Libra lip kit, and promises a matte, natural look for this season.

kylie libra dupe

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If you’re the type to wear bright and bold colors on your lips, this liquid lipstick by NYX is super-pigmented and infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E. This alternative to Kylie’s Wicked lipstick offers a flawless pout.

kylie wicked dupe

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Paint your pout with this magnificent mauve hue which is a superb alternative for Kylie’s Karma Velvet lipstick. Suitable for those who love a dark lip and ideal for the winter months.

kylie karma dupe

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Boy Bye

Tell a Boy Bye and make him regret the day he lost you by wearing this irresistible color. Kylie’s Cosmetics may sell a similar pinky mauve shade but guess who did it first? Colourpop.

kylie boy bye dupe

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Go plum brown with this hot and heavy lipstick which is ideal for those who can pull of a dark lip. Who needs Jenner’s Punk product when you’ve got this cheaper dupe by Colourpop?

kylie punk dupe

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Kylie’s Velvet lipstick collection truly is Goals. If you’ve been unable to get your hands on one of her gorgeous colors, have no fear, we’ve found perfect copies, like this one by Colourpop which is a perfect match for Goals.

kylie cosmetics goals dupe

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Want that smooth and moisturizing feel on your lips? Buy this beautiful shade by Colourpop which is a spot-on dupe for Kylie’s Brat Velvet lipstick…

kylie brat dupe

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We’ve found the perfect shade for Kylie’s most savage fans. This nude hue by Colourpop will give you that natural creamy matte look that’s flawless and just as pigmented as the Jenner’s girl’s Savage lipstick.

kylie savage dupe

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Low Key

If you’re feeling a little low-key, opt for this lipstick by Colourpop. Rayezor is almost identical to Kylie’s Low-Key Velvet lipstick which is a warm pinky coral for when you’re feeling cold.

kylie low key dupe

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Give your pout a touch of color with this dupe for Basic by Golden Rose. This natural shade suits any skin tone and compliments all kinda Basic looks. Nothing feels better than a smooth and sexy lip in the cold months.

basic kylie dupe

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Get that real Christmassy look with this gorgeous dupe for Kylie’s Juniper gloss from her Spice lip set. The burgandy and wine shade will compliment any outfit during the holidays!

kylie juniper dupe

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Make your lips look just as voluptuous and berry-filled with this stunning hue by Dollup Beauty. That rich raspberry shade will catch anyone’s attention during the festive season.

kylie hollyberry dupe

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Jingle all the way with this brown lip gloss. Just as shiny and shimmery, this dupe by Laura Mercier is equally as perfect as Kylie’s Cinnamon shade!

kylie cinnamon dupe

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This purple hue is the perfect colour for those looking to wear a warm shade this Christmas. Kylie’s Clove lipstick from her Spice lip set can be found in this awesome alternative by Colourpop.

kylie clove dupe

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If you’re in need of a glittery gloss, turn to this shade by Colourpop that gives Kylie’s Butter lip gloss a run for its money. Gold, glittery and great for the Christmas holidays!

kylie butter dupe

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Pink is the go-to shade for the festive and frosty season. This glittery hue is almost an identical dupe for Kylie’s Sugar lip gloss.

kylie sugar dupe

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Red Velvet

If Kylie’s Red Velvet lip kit from her Holiday Collection caught your eye but you didn’t manage to get your hands on it, have no fear because this dupe by Colourpop is here!

kylie red velvet dupe

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Angel Cake

Paint your pout nude in 2018 and give them that smooth and creamy feel with this lipstick by Rimmel which is a dead-on dupe for Kylie’s lipstick, Angel Cake.

angel cake dupe

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Dulce de Leche 

Give your lips what they’ve been waiting for with this toffee brown shade. This color by Revlon is exactly what you deserve if you’ve tried hard to grab Kylie’s sold-out Dulce de Leche lipstick…


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Make sure everyone has a Crush on you in 2018 by pasting your lips with this soft warm pomegranate-like hue. If you thought Jenner was the only one to create this beautiful shade, you’re wrong. Rimmel has a similar one, too.

crush kylie dupe

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Christmas may have been and gone but that’s no excuse to neglect a red lip. Prepare for the red, hot summer months or the next festive season with this beautiful shade by Rimmel. Just as flaming red as Kylie’s Pomegranate lipstick.

pomegranate kylie dupe

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Achieve that same creamy satin finish that Butterscotch offers using this lipstick by L’Oreal. This product delivers a soft peachy nude shade that no beauty lover will be able to refuse.

butterscotch kylie dupe

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Do your lips deserve some Passion? Compliment your makeup with this pretty purple and pink hue by Revlon that almost resembles the Lip Kit queen’s shade in Passion.

passion kylie dupe

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If 2018 is all about going bright and bold, get your hands on this Amore alternative by Rimmel which offers that same coral color as Kylie’s lipstick.

amore kylie dupe

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Raspberry Charlotte

This shade by Revlon depicts the juiciness and sultriness of any raspberry with its hot pink hues. If you’re a fan of Kylie’s Raspberry Charlotte lipstick, spend a few bucks on this one instead.

raspberry charlotte dupe

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Are you infatuated with Jenner’s lipstick collection? Has her baby pink shade made you green with envy? If her version of Infatuation is sold out, why not grab this dupe by Maybelline instead?

infatuation kylie dupe

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Puppy Love

If a warm pink is on your beauty wish-list, consider coloring your pout with this beautiful lipstick by Rimmel. Just as creamy and easily glides on like Puppy Love by Kylie Cosmetics!

puppy love kylie dupe

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You can never go wrong with a sultry and sexy red lip. Maybelline has exactly what you need and more – this beautiful warm strawberry pigment will make anyone envious.

madeline kylie dupe

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Chocolate Souffle

This brown lipstick will define and accentuate your pout and make them chocolately gorgeous. Who needs Kylie Cosmetics when you’ve got this equally gorgeous shade by L’Oreal?

chocolate souffle

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Creme Brulee

Is Creme Brulee your favorite lipstick out of Kylie’s collection? Guess what? L’Oreal have an identical dupe that offers a similar soft pink hue in a long-lasting matte lipstick.

CRÈME BRULEE kylie dupe

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If you want more of a darker and sexier shade, consider Nude Nuance by Maybelline which is a replica of Kylie’s sold-out lipstick called Truffle.

truffle kylie dupe

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Trouble Maker

Kylie got the fans talking when she revealed Trouble Maker, a warm terracotta lipstick. But guess who done it first? Maybelline, of course. Get your hands on the equally stunning shade before that sells out, too!

trouble maker kylie dupe

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If you’re one to walk on the street with a loud (and proud) lip color, then this dupe for Lovesick is your new go-to hue. This shade suits very few so if you believe you’re one of them, spend a few bucks on this lipstick by Golden Rose.

lovesick kylie dupe

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This warm orange color looks gorgeous on those who adore an apricot hue. Offering a gorgeous finish and a modern matte, Revlon have hit the nail on the head with this shade – especially for those who were after Kylie’s Sherbet shade.

sherbet kylie dupe

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Mont Blanc

You can never go wrong with a dark nude lip. Round-up your makeup look with this pretty, warm brown pigment that suits all skin tones and provides a moisturizing and long-lasting finish.

mont blanc dupe

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Red Hot

Ready to get Hot Red? The brightest, sexiest and reddest shade from Kylie’s lipstick collection is also offered by renowned brand, Maybelline. Just as red and raunchy, this lipstick promises to turn all heads and keep ’em staring!

red hot kylie dupe

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If you really want to feel Kylie’s Vibe, get your hands on this velvet lip product that mimics her dirty mid-tone orange hue. This warm brown shade compliments all skin tones and promises to give you that edgy look.

vibe kylie dupe

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This pretty rich mahogany lip paint will make anyone Shook. Make sure all eyes are on you this spring with a perfect dupe for Kylie’s Velvet lipstick.

shook kylie dupe

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Desperate to feel the Heat? A bolt of this burnt orange lipstick can update your look instantly and provide that perfect amount of color you’ve been on the hunt for.

heat kylie dupe

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No matter your Mood, this alternative for the Jenner girl’s lipstick guarantees to give you that all-important sassy look. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition’s shade is a warm terracotta brown – identical to Kylie’s Velvet item.

kylie mood dupe

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There’s nothing like getting a bit of candy on your lips. This lip gloss by Lime Crime is just as delicious looking as the Weather collection’s cutest gloss, Flash.

flash kylie dupe

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Kylie’s Weather collection offers a warm and wonderful Matte lipstick which will give you the natural, effortless look you’ve wanted all this time. Let Maybelline’s lipstick in Carnal Brown do it for you instead!

cosmic kylie dupe

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Get that warm rose shade covering your pout in no time with NYX’s lipstick in Strawberry Daiquiri – a hue that almost passes as Kylie’s Nova product.

nova kylie dupe

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Get ready for the night out with this hot and heavy black lipstick that only the brave will wear. If Kylie can face up to it, so can you!

nightfall kylie dupe

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Be a boss lady by shading your lips with this hot red lipstick that looks exactly like Kylie’s Boss beauty item. Lime Crime done it first, so who’s to say Kylie’s is better?

kylie boss dupe

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It might be Ironic to buy a lipstick that isn’t Kylie Jenner’s but needless to say, this product by Maybelline will do a similar job. If you fancy getting your hands on a green-a-licious lipstick, look no further than this one.

ironic kylie dupe

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Say No More

Looking for a bright pink and florescent lipstick to get the boys talking this summer? Bourjois Paris have this shade which looks just like Kylie’s Say No More…

say no more dupe

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Dying to own an item from Kylie’s collaboration with Kourtney? We’ve found an affordable alternative to their shade, Minnie. This gorgeous burgundy/red hue can be found in Bourjois’ Peach Club velvet lipstick.

kourt minnie dupe

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French Kiss

If you plan on French Kissing this coming summer, make sure you’re wearing this dupe for the Kourt x Kylie lippie.  You’ll fall in love with this identical Bourjois product in no time.

kourt french kiss dupe

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Kourtney’s Rad Velvet lipstick really is her fave color. We’ve seen her in this peachy-red shade multiple times. If you haven’t managed to buy Kylie’s hottest Velvet item, get your hands on this replica by Golden Rose!

kourt rad dupe

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Show off a pink and perfect pout with this matte lipstick by NYX. It replicates Kylie’s shade in Show-Off and promises to offer that same long lasting smooth, matte finish.

kylie show off dupe

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If you’re in the mood to throw shade, make sure you’re wearing this bold grey lipstick. This item by Colourpop is an identical alternative to Kylie’s Shady lipstick.

kylie shady dupe

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Give Me a Kiss

Grab hold of this gorgeous nude shade that the equally gorgeous Kris Jenner loves to wear. This hue by Maybelline looks great on any skin tone, and is ideal for those who prefer not to wear a loud lip.

give kiss kylie kris jenner dupe

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That’s Wild

Loud lip lovers can opt for a red-tastic look by owning this replica by Golden Rose. Kris Jenner would certainly approve of this dupe as it paints the exact same color as her shade, That’s Wild.

thats wild dupe kylie kris

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A hot look always needs a sultry red hot pout. If Kris and Kylie’s product in Boss takes to your liking but you weren’t able to add it to your basket, why not consider adding this one by Bourjois Paris Rouge which offers an equivalent hot devilish look.

boss dupe kylie kris

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Middle Finger

A brighter red shade goes perfectly in the scorching hot summer months. Kris gave us this orangey-red color, now you can also own it with Rouge Edition’s alternative which is just as foxy and fine.

middle finger dupe kylie kris

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Time to get down and dark? This makeup look will suit any skin tone. If you’ve been looking far and wide for an Overwhelmed dupe, why not try this sexy item by Golden Rose Velvet?

overwhelmed dupe kylie kris

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Too Blessed

If you plan on making the boys go wow, compliment your face by using this pinky shade. We promise it’ll light up your look like Kris & Kylie’s item in Too Blessed would.

too blessed dupe kylie kris

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This is Everything

Kris Jenner likes to gloss up her lips and so should you! This beautiful dark nude hue will give u that shine you’ve always wanted and is in fact, a lot more affordable than Jenner’s Kris Kollection!

this everything dupe kylie kris

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Driving Me Crazy

If you prefer to go even lighter, this color will blend into your complexion like no other. Add a touch of glint and glimmer to your made-up face and you’re ready to go.

driving crazy dupe kylie kris

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You can never turn down a pink lip gloss. Make your face beam with this dupe for Kylie and Kris’ Really???. It really is the perfect alternative to the Kris Kollection’s pinkiest gloss.

really dupe kylie kris

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If Kylie’s BFF, Jordan gives you makeup goals, you can now get your hands on a lipstick that’s ever so close to her go-to shade. Forget Jordy, this Colourpop dupe will be your new best friend!

jordy kylie dupe

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This vixeny and victorious shade is the ultimate go-to color for your summer look. If Kylie can rock this red, we’re sure you can too with this perfect replica by Colourpop!

victoria kylie dupe

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Go Bananas

Go Bananas for this gold and glittery lip gloss by NYX which is light-weight, glamorous and sparkly. It’ll add definition and dimension to your pout that you never knew you had!

go bananas kylie dupe

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Don’t Slip

Who doesn’t love a pinky gloss? Get that luminous effect that Kylie’s product promises using this ideal dupe by NYX. Pink, perfect and illuminating from afar – what more could you ask for this summer?

don't slip kylie dupe

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Chill Peel

Take a Chill Peel and apply this icy pink glitter gloss that’s an identical dupe for one of Kylie’s Summer 18 Collection shades. This lip gloss by NYX is the just as glittery and super sexy too!

chill peel kylie dupe

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On Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, we wear pink, right? Only Kylie would dedicate one of her Summer ’18 collection items to the signature Mean Girls phrase! If you love this bright pink color, why not grab this dupe by Lime Crime?

Wednesdays kylie dupe

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Every vacation needs a bright fuchsia lip like Kylie Jenner’s Vacay lip kit! If you can’t buy the real thing, don’t shed a tear because this replica by NYX is just as perfect.

vacay kylie dupe

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Orange and zesty! This product by Maybelline offers a dynamic hue just like the Summer Collection lipstick, Tangerine!

tangerine kylie dupe

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If you’re keener on going nude, then this shade by Revlon will be your perfect buy. It paints a colour just like Miami by Kylie and offers that same beautiful matte effect.

miami kylie dupe

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Fancy a flirt? This lipstick by Maybelline is a steal compared to Kylie’s Flirtini item. It may not be straight out of her Birthday Collection but we promise it’s a great swap for the original item!

flirtini kylie dupe

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Kylie’s 21st Birthday Collection featured this stunning soft pale nude shade called August. Make sure to nab this dupe by Maybelline for a similar long-lasting matte finish.

august kylie dupe

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Rumor has it that this alternative for Kylie’s Birthday Collection lipstick is the real deal for those who enjoy wearing a red and ravishing deep plum hue. Get this Maybelline item while stocks last!

rumor kylie dupe

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Birthday Behavior

It may not be your birthday right now but when it is, you’ll have a lipstick ready to be worn. Kylie Jenner’s cherry lip colour is defined and pigmented in hot red hues just like this item by Rimmel!

birthday behavior kylie dupe

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You can always trust Kylie to release the perfect coral colour for a night out. This summery shade by NYX is an exact dupe for Rager and is gloriously affordable next to the real thing!

rager kylie dupe

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Doll yourself up and compliment your Glam with a little bit of pink! If Kylie’s 21st Birthday Collection lipstick took to your fancy, we’ve got you covered with this replica by Colourpop – it doesn’t get closer to the original than this beaut!

glam kylie dupe

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We’ve found the right lipstick for your Tipsy night out! Kylie’s vibrant liquid lipstick has caught the eyes of many but some were unable to get their hands on the gorgeous product. If you’re one of them, try out this raspberry-licious item by Lime Crime!

tipsy kylie dupe

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Kylie has a lipstick for all the Baddies out there and so does Lime Crime. This deep tangerine is a bargain-friendly dupe for the most orange of Kylie’s shades.

baddie kylie dupe

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Twenty One

Kylie celebrated her 21st birthday by selling this perfect cool toned lipstick. If you’ve been lusting for something similar, check out this shade by Colourpop.

twenty one kylie dupe

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The After Party

Every lip needs a touch up at an After Party, right? According to Kylie, a bright cherry lipstick is the way to go. If you feel the same, try out this dead ringer doppelganger by Colourpop!

after party kylie dupe

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Take shots and reapply that hot glossy lipstick using one of Colourpop’s bestselling shade in Dropout. It’s the closest you’ll get to Kylie’s Birthday Lip Trio product.

shots kylie dupe

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A warm yellow nude is the way to go when you’ve got a hot summery tan. Part of Kylie’s Twenty One bundle, this lipstick can be swapped for Colourpop’s lustrous product, Solow.

queen kylie dupe

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Partner in Crime 

Get that radiant and ultra-glossy shine using NYX’s Praline shade which pulls off a look just like Kylie and Jordyn’s nude lip gloss, Partner in Crime.

partner crime kylie dupe

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This bright gold glitter gloss can be worn over your favorite matte lipstick or alone with a bold lip liner. It may be part of the Kylie x Jordyn collection, but we think Maybelline might have done it first.

23 kylie dupe

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There isn’t a better shade to wear this autumn season than this warm rose lipstick by Maybelline which is ever so similar to Jordyn Wood’s lipstick collaboration with Kylie Jenner. If it suits Kylie’s BFF, it’s bound to suit you, too!

woods kylie dupe

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Bite Me

What’s Halloween without a lustrous red lip? Kylie’s 2018 Halloween collection features this deep red shade which is almost an identical dupe to Lime Crime in Red Rose.

bite me kylie dupe

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Spider Bite

Plan on creating the best witch costume? Or how about a being a vampiress? Perhaps you’re just into this dark berry purple shade? Either case, NYX’s Siren lipstick is a perfect alternative to Kylie’s Spider Bite matte hue.

spider bite kylie dupe

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Creep it Real

If you want to Creep it as Real as Kylie’s look in this photo, look no further than this nude Matte lipstick by NYX which aims to color the same light natural nude shade as her Halloween lipstick.

creep real kylie dupe

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Haunt It

A metallic orange lip is all you’ll need this Halloween. Glide this shade by Palladio onto your pout and you’re good to go! It’s exactly the same as Jenner’s Haunt It lipstick and carries that twinkling gold shimmer, too!

haunt it kylie dupe

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Only Kylie can make olive the next best look. This metallic green hue with hints of shimmer and shine is the closest you’re going to get to the Halloween18 item, Monster.

monster kylie dupe

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Handsome Devil

Enhance lip volume at this year’s Halloween party via this awesome item by Lime Crime. It’s coppery gold, it glistens and it’s got that gorgeous coral orange shade that’s found in Kylie’s lippy, Handsome Devil.

handsome devil kylie dupe

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No girl can go without a pink gloss. Grab this one by Colourpop and wear it with any makeup look. It’s just as glossy, bold and creamy as Kylie’s High Gloss in Diva!

kylie diva dupe

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Everyone has a clear lip gloss at hand whenever need be. Add this one by L.A Colors to your shopping list, it’s a dead-on knock-off for Kylie’s product in Klear!

kylie klear dupe

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If you’re looking to paint your pout with a peachy gloss, look no further than this item by Colourpop which promises a coppery, orange shine like no other.

kylie snatched dupe

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Always Shining

A pink lip for any special occasion, especially this Christmas! L’Oreal has the perfect alternative for Kylie’s gloss in Always Shining which is just as glistening and glorious as the original!

kylie always shining dupe

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Daddy’s Girl

This dupe for Kylie’s High Gloss will drizzle baby pink goodness all over your lips and give you that full, shimmering pout you’ve been after in no time.

kylie daddy's girl dupe

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Yasss Girl

Wear this lip gloss, put your best heels on, and shout “yasss girl” at the top of your lungs. This dupe for Kylie’s brightest and goldest gloss of the bunch is deliciously smooth and sultry.

kylie yasss girl dupe

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Oh You Fancy

If you’re looking for a gorgeous golden and peachy lip, but haven’t managed to get Kylie’s gloss in Oh You Fancy, there’s always this product by none other than Revlon!

kylie ohy fancy dupe

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Dream On

This might just be the prettiest lip kit from the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday collection. If you found it to be sold out on the official website, have no fear because this replicate by Lime Crime is just as snazzy as the real thing.

kylie dream on dupe

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Snow Way Bae

You can’t go wrong this holiday season if you’re wearing this gorgeous lip paint. Maybelline’s formula is smooth, moisturizing and highly pigmented!

kylie snow way bae dupe

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Sleigh my Name 

A lipstick that glistens just as bright as tinsel. This beautiful berry item by NYX was released long before Kylie’s Sleigh my Name, so you can bet it’s just as good as the beauty mogul’s product.

kylie sleigh name dupe

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Better Not Pout

Oh you better pout if you’re the proud owner of this pink and berry lipstick! Golden Rose promises a high definition shine and kissable lips in the same way this holiday collection item does!

kylie better not pout dupe

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If you plan on having a very merry kissmas, this lip kit is the way to go. Peachy and perfect, matte and marvelous, this lipstick promises to bring out all the confidence in you.

kylie kissmass dupe

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Cold as Ice

Has the cold drained all the color from your face? Feel like you need to add a little umph to your makeup look? Test this lipstick by Lime Crime which is similarly purply and pink as Jenner’s metal lipstick.

kylie cold ice dupe

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Milk and Cookies

Add this lipstick to your basket and wave goodbye to the cold for good! Colourpop’s Treat Wave will bring all the warmth you need in this cold chill with its orangey shade that’s as hot as fire.

kylie milk cookies dupe

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Warm up your winter with this lipstick by Maybelline and never say Brrr again. Its pristine, pearly and peachy effect is exactly what you’ll need for your pout this winter season.

kylie brrr dupe

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Snow Sparkle

If snow was sparky, this is what it would look like. A clear shine and sparkle, what a way to jazz up your Christmas outfit this year.

kylie snow sparkle dupe

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Snow Cute

A metallic lipstick to make your holiday all the merrier. This super cute glistening pink liquid lipstick is what will make all heads turn at one of your Christmas parties this year.

kylie snow cute dupe

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Stay Cozy

If you’re up for a more deeper pink lip, check out this dupe for Kylie’s Stay Cozy lipstick. Offering a shine like no other, this makeup item will be the next best addition to your cosmetic collection.

kylie stay cozy dupe

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This is as stunning as it gets when it comes to pink. Perfectly metallic and ideal for the ice cold weather, this dupe for Kylie’s Snowball mini kit is the rosy shade you’ve been after all this time.

kylie snowball dupe

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No Peeking

This dupe for No Peeking promises a glide-on that’s smooth and seamless, just like Kylie’s peachiest velvet lip kit of the bunch.

kylie no peeking dupe

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Sweater Weather

If you’re just as ready for sweater weather as we are, then this alternative for The Holiday Collection’s warm pink matte is the best choice to compliment that winter look!

kylie sweater weather dupe

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Small Wonder

Another pink velvet lipstick to make the holiday season even better. This warm rosy tone is a duplicate of Kylie’s Christmas shade in Small Wonder.

kylie small wonder dupe

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Naughty is the New Nice

Red may be the color of Christmas but metallic red is the color of a hot Christmas. This lipstick by NYX is a wonderful dupe for Jenner’s naughty lip kit!

kylie naughty new nice dupe

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Get a gorgeous plush matte look by wearing Maybelline’s lipstick in Pioneer. It’ll give you the same red finish as the December lipstick and well, it’s perfect to wear during the festive season.

kylie december dupe

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Under the Tree

Hoping to find a lip kit wrapped as a gift under the tree? If you find yourself disappointed, try out this makeup item which looks just like Kylie’s brightest fuschia lipstick from her 2018 holiday collection.

kylie under tree dupe

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Hot Cocoa

Grab a warm cup of hot cocoa and sit by the fireplace with a hot date, or close friend whilst wearing this matte deep plum red lipstick. It’s the right fit for this Christmas and an exact copy of the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick.

kylie hot cocoa dupe

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Kim and Kylie certainly are the twins of the famous family and this is the shade that gives them that perfect identical look. Get your hands on a dupe by Palladio!

kylie twinning dupe

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Double Trouble

A medium-tone brown lipstick that works on any skin tone! This item by Colourpop is perfectly matte and smooth to apply, giving the same effect as the KKW X KYLIE lipstick.

kylie double trouble dupe

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Soul Sister

A berry lip is all you’ll need in the coming winter months. If Kylie and Kim swear by this shade, then you can, too with this copycat color by NYX.

kylie soul sister dupe

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Main Bae

Achieve Kim and Kylie’s glittery, gold and gorgeous pout by wearing Colourpop’s lip gloss in DM. You’ll be replicating their magnificent looks in no time!

kylie main bae dupe

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Midnight Kiss

Warming up that pout for your midnight kiss? This metal liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner is gorgeous and all, but you can find the exact same rose gold hue in Gerard Cosmetics’ shade in Dream!

midnight kiss kylie dupe

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In With the New 

If you’re walking into the new year with a hot and fresh makeup look, try out this metal lipstick by NYX which is almost identical to the Kylie Cosmetics New Year collection!

in with new kylie dupe

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Yes Baby

Chestnuts and chocolate painted all over your pout! This item by Gállány Cosmetics is the closest you’ll get to the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick in Yes Baby.

yes baby kylie dupe

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Almost Friday

There are so many nude shades to choose from in the world of cosmetics but this one by Maybelline is the hottest of the bunch and to top it off, it’s just like Jenner’s Almost Friday!

almost friday kylie dupe

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Lovey Dovey

A warm chocolatey lip is the right way to go this winter. This hue suits any skin tone and offers a toasty look just like Kylie’s shade in Lovey Dovey.

lovey dovey kylie dupe

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Wish You Were Here  

Kylie’s 2019 Valentine collection is to die for. This plummy pink shade is gorgeous for any hot night in with your lover and it looks just like Kylie’s matte lipstick from her Love Set! 

wish you were here dupe kylie

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If you plan on having one heck of a sweet night in this Valentine’s, try out this super sultry lip gloss by NYX that resembles the same rosy shine that Kylie Cosmetics’ version delivers! 

sweet kylie dupe


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Built to Last  

Just as Kylie’s name for this lipstick says – it’s built to last. Whether you plan on kissing or eating during your special evening, Maybelline’s liquid lipstick has a matte effect that will last all night. 

built to last kylie dupe

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Story of Us 

If you’re more into a laid-back-look this Valentine’s but one that’s bound to leave a good impression on your admirer, try out this luscious gloss by Rimmel – it’s almost a dead-on dupe for Kylie’s Story of Us! 

story of us kylie dupe

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Call Me 

If you’re truly trying to nail that Valentine’s look, try out this hot red lipstick by Stila which will turn more heads than just your admirer’s. 

call me kylie dupe

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Blow Me Away 

This perfectly peachy gloss will tempt any Valentine this February! Deliciously glossy with a subtle glittery shine, Anastasia Beverly Hill’s item in Venus is a great option for a top-coat over a red lip during your sexy night in! 

blow me away kylie dupe

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Wear this clear lip gloss on top of any matte lipstick an add some shimmer and shine to your pout. No glitter, just a simple, yet stunning plain gloss for those who like to stand out.

crystal kylie dupe

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Lost Angel

A pink lip goes far for any occasion. Wear it to dress up, wear it when you’re dressed down, this dupe for Kylie’s Lost Angel is a go-to for all pink lovers.

lost angel kylie dupe

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I’m the Catch 

Add a bit of life to your lips with this product by Han which is an identical alternative for Kylie Jenner’s ‘I’m the Catch’ gloss. Peachy and perfect, Revlon’s lip shade is ideal to jazz up a sexy look.

im catch kylie dupe

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Slept On

Go bolder and pinker with this glittery and gorgeous lip gloss by Revlon. Super lustrous and just as trendy as Kylie Cosmetics’ ‘Slept On’, Revlon’s hue in Pango Peach should be the newest item in your makeup bag.

slept on kylie dupe

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My Moon & Stars

My Moon & Stars is one of the best of Kylie’s High Gloss collection. If you haven’t managed to nab it this time round, opt for this great alternative by L’Oreal which promises to take your lips to new levels.

moon stars kylie dupe

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Mind ya Business

Telling someone to mind ya business this summer? Make sure you’re wearing this rose mauve creamy lipstick by Clio. It’s a great swap for Kylie’s shade and it’s equivalently smooth and sultry!

mind ya business kylie dupe

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You can’t get more extraordinary than this hot pink lipstick! Applies smoothly and leaves a silky and comfortable feeling, Revlon’s product in Addiction is an affordable version of the fashionista’s raspberry item.

extraordinary kylie dupe

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She named it after herself which can only mean it’s one of her favorite shades. You can get your hands on a dupe for Kylie’s go-to nude hue in Forever by Revlon!

kylie dupe

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Bad Lil Thing

Paint your pout in one of Kylie’s best reds yet and officially call yourself a bad lil thing. This burnt red lipstick by Lime Crime is a great item to switch to if you never managed to get your hands on the real thing!

bad lil thing kylie dupe

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No Sleep

Tan? Check. Hot outfit? Check. Bright red lipstick? Check. Get yourself ready for a summer with no sleep by owning this hot coral lip product by Stila that’s a dead-on dupe for Kylie’s cosmetics item!

no sleep kylie dupe

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The Bigger the Hoops

If like Khloe you’re a fan of big hoops, make sure you’ve got her lipstick to match! Haven’t managed to get your hands on the real thing? Try out this identical copy by Lime Crime which paints that same rose pink shade.

bigger the hoops kylie dupe

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Allergic to Bullsh*t

Kylie and Khloe’s addition to the Koko Collection has fans pink with envy. If this soft pink nude color is on your wishlist this summer, opt for this dupe by Colourpop instead!

allergic to bull kylie dupe

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Endless Summer

Endless Summer from Kylie’s Under the Sea collection is a product we all wish we had. But sometimes you’ve gotta go for second best – this lipstick by Luscious Cosmetics will bring all the pearly, pinky goodness you’ve been looking for.

endless summer kylie dupe

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Beach Bum

This nude matte shade by Milani is a spot-on dupe for Kylie Jenner’s lipstick in Beach Bum. It’s a beautiful color to wear whilst on the beach, or even on a night out on the town!

beach bum kylie dupe

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Paradise Please

Paradise please! This lipstick is all the paradise you’ll need in the hot weather. Maybelline know exactly how to deliver and paint a pout that will look just like the Kylie product.

paradise please kylie dupe

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Bikini Bod

You can never get enough of a pink and creamy lip. Kylie’s Bikini Bod lipstick may be the answer to all your makeup prayers, but this product by Milani is actually just as good.

bikini bod kylie dupe

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Boss Bay

Boss Bay is hot like fire! But guess what? So is this liquid matte lipstick by NYX that has a sultry and smooth application and stunning result. 

boss bay kylie dupe

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You are the Sun

Truly channel your inner sun goddess by adding this lip gloss to your makeup collection. It’ll add the subtle, yet defining shine and effect to your pout that you’ve been looking for.

you are sun kylie dupe

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One in a Billion 

Kylie’s high gloss from her 2019 Birthday Collection is a dazzling pink shade with a hue of gold pearl. If it impresses you that much, but you haven’t been able to make that dream purchase, consider this equally lustrous lip gloss by Milani!

kylie birthday high gloss

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Kylie’s go-to shade is a velvet lipstick with a stunning warm pink pigment. The original might be named directly after her, but this gorgeous substitute lipstick offers a more affordable price and similar look – what more could you ask for?

kylie velvet lipstick dupe

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Hustle Honey

If you’re busy hustling this summer, then make sure your pout is painted with an appealing pink shade like this one. We’ve found the perfect dupe for Kylie’s Hustle Honey matte lipstick by Maybelline which promises that same smooth and creamy coverage.

hustle honey kylie dupe

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Money Mindset

Kylie’s Birthday Collection had pink and money written all over it. Get double the treat by owning this glamorous lipstick, created by Peripera. It’s the best alternative you’ll get for the makeup mogul’s lipstick in Money Mindset.

money mindset kylie dupe

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Mama Boss

Mama Bossing this summer? Join the kraze with Kylie by using this foxy lipstick by Maybelline. The hot pink crayon paints the exact same shade as Kylie’s sultry lipstick will – for a cheaper price!

mama boss kylie dupe

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Cherry on Top

Put the cherry on top of your makeup look by painting your lips in this ravishing shade by Maybelline. The bright cherry red lipstick resembles Kylie’s matte product so much, you might not even tell the difference!

cherry top kylie dupe

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I’m Blushing 

The Kylie Cosmetics lip blush certainly puts the p in pink. If you can’t afford the real thing, or are struggling to get it delivered to your door, try out this soft coral red product instead.

im blushing kylie dupe

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Warm strawberry lips is just what you’ll need this winter. You can get an identical product to Kylie’s Butterfly shade by wearing this lip paint by Maybelline.

butterfly kylie dupe

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Kylie’s collaboration with Balmain is undeniably beautiful. Her matte lipstick in Paris is a warm blushing pink that’ll be worn by all fashionistas. You can get a similar dupe by Lime Crime!

paris kylie balmain dupe

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Model Behavior

If, like Kylie and Olivier Rousteing, you’re on that Model Behavior, then it only means you should be painting your pout with a shade like this which is just as pink, glittery and glistening as the Kylie x Balmain item.

model behavior kylie dupe

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Coming to Town 

Christmas is certainly coming to town and what better way to get in the festive season than with this gorgeous nude lipstick that’s an ideal dupe for Kylie’s matte Holiday Collection item?

coming town kylie dupe

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Naughty List 

The Holiday Collection’s reddest cherry pop lipstick is the go-to shade this Christmas. Kylie’s Naughty List product is beautiful and all, but you can get a similar shade by Revlon, too!

naughty list kylie dupe

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Merry Jo  

Get into the merry spirit by painting this hue onto your lips this December. Milani’s item is a superb alternative to Jenner’s Merry Jo lippie in every way.

merry jo kylie dupe

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Snowman Szn 

If you’re going for a more subtle, yet cute look this December, try out this lipstick by Maybelline which is a great buy if you didn’t manage to get your hands on the Holiday Mini Set.

snowman szn kylie dupe

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Team Santa 

The cold months are all about rosy cheeks…and rosy lips. Team Santa by Kylie is one of the items on your wishlist, but did you know you could get a cheaper alternative by Revlon instead?

team santa kylie dupe

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Rosy Cheeks 

We said it before – rosy cheeks are a popular look in the winter. You can have equally pink and rosy lips by wearing this beauty product by Ambreesh, too!

rosy cheeks kylie dupe

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Kylie Klaus 

Her Holiday Collection certainly makes Kylie Mrs Klaus this Christmas. If you have your eyes on her metallic red shade, but the item’s out of stock, opt for this dupe instead!

kylie klaus kylie dupe

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Wish Come True 

Sometimes, a glossy lip tops a matte one. If you’re looking to paint your pout with a warm orangey shiny hue, add this cosmetics item by Rimmel which looks just like Kylie’s Wish Come True High Gloss.

wish true kylie dupe

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Ho Ho Ho

It will feel like Santa’s really coming to town after owning this lip gloss by Rimmel. If Kylie’s High Gloss in Ho Ho Ho is on your gift list this Christmas, you can consider this equivalent product instead!

ho ho ho kylie dupe

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Must be Magic

It must be magic because Revlon has an identical shade to Kylie’s pinkest item in her Holiday High Gloss collection! Equally pink, pearly and pretty!

must magic kylie dupe

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Girls Trip

This luscious light brown hue suits any complexion in the cold winter months. If Kylie’s product in Girls Trip is on your wishlist, but you haven’t been lucky enough to get it, try out this alternative item by Maybelline.

kylie girls trip dupe

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Blushing Babe

Bright, bold and brave. If that describes your personality, have a taste of this stunning ruby red shade by Maybelline which is a great swap for the Kylie Cosmetics item, Blushing Babe.

kylie blushing babe dupe

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Got an important rendezvous? Need that perfect lip to impress? If you can’t get Kylie’s lipstick from her Lipstick Kit, paint that pretty pout with this sexy red hue instead.

kylie Rendezvous dupe

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Fall in Love

It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful plummy, red lipstick by Kylie. If you’re looking for a cheaper version, there’s always this product by Maybelline, instead.

kylie fall in love dupe

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Heads in the Clouds

Part of the Stormi Collection, Heads in the Clouds is certainly a shade many fans will be after. The hot pink lipstick sells out quickly on Kylie’s website but have no fear, as we’ve found a similar dupe by Maybelline which is equally pink and berry beautiful.

HEADS CLOUDS kylie dupe

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Give me Butterflies

If Kylie’s shade gives you butterflies, you can also consider this pretty hue by Lime Crime which looks just like the Stormi Collection item. Matte, magnificent and marvellous. There’s no other alternative on the market like it.

give butterflies kylie dupe

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You can’t resist a lipstick named after Kylie’s very own gorgeous girl, Stormi. We’re sure the sweetheart would wear a shade like this when she’s older. If you weren’t able to nab the real thing, try this product out by Colour Pop instead!

stromi kylie dupe

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Handbag Ho

Handbag Ho is Kylie’s lippie and it’s certainly one of the most luscious on the list. If you want a shade that’s similar to this matte hue, check out Maybelline’s shade in Fighter.

handbag hoe kylie dupe

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Sister Sister 

The Kendall x Kylie Collection has been long awaited and boy has it come with a bang! The Sister Sister Lip Blush is a stunning warm pink hue that both Jenner girls wear on a constant basis. If you want that same rosey mauve shade, try out this ideal dupe!

sister sister kylie dupe

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Can I Borrow That?

If you’re wearing this beautiful gloss, we can almost guarantee that everyone will be asking if they can borrow it. The luscious sheer berry gloss is one of Kendall’s faves, and you can wear it too with this version by Revlon!

borrow that kylie dupe

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Do You Boo

If you’re eager to wear a warm nude hue with a touch of pink, try out this shade by NYX which is also a lovely everyday option to enhance your pout.

do you boo kylie dupe

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Nude Attitude

Nude Attitude is one of Kylie’s Lip Blush Kits which delivers a rosy taupe hue. If you prefer to get your hands on a more affordable option, splurge a little on this lipstick by Maybelline instead!

nude attitude kylie dupe

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Kiss Me, Sailor

This dupe for the Sailor Collection matte lipstick is the right choice if you’re looking for a warm pink liquid lippie. Highly pigmented with a smooth application, this lipstick by Mabelline is pretty perfect.

kiss me sailor kylie dupe

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Private Island

Get that cherry lip in no time by painting on this lip gloss by Glossier! It’s red, raunchy and really similar to Kylie’s Private Island lip gloss from her 2020 Sailor Collection.

private island kylie dupe

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Don’t Trip

A soft rosy nude is ideal to complete your natural makeup look. This item by Stila is matte and marvelous enough to provide the same shade as Kylie’s hue in Don’t Trip.

don't trip kylie dupe

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Electric pink is for those who want to rock a risque look. If you’be struggled to snag the Kylie Cosmetics product, why not replace it with this hue made by Maybelline, instead?

risque kylie dupe

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Can’t Be Tamed

If you, like Kylie, you can’t be tamed, try out this matte liquid lipstick by Maybelline, a lovely terracotta shade that’s almost identical to Kylie’s lippie from her On The Wild Side collection.

cant be tamed kylie dupe

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A sheer champagne gold hue that will suit any complexion. If you haven’t managed to get the Kylie Cosmetics shade in Wildin’, this lippie by Revlon might just be your next bet!

wildin kylie dupe

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Feline Cute

Kylie’s pinkest hue from her On The Wild Side High Gloss set is gorgeous! If you’re feline cute, paint this sheer pale peach color onto your pout and you’re ready to go.

feline cute kylie dupe

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Hissy Fit

An orange shade like the sunset – what more do you want when you’re feeling cold this winter? This product by Milani just so happens to be a great alternative for Kylie’s gloss, Hissy Fit.

hissy fit kylie dupe

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Bad Kitty

If you’re desperate to get your hands on Kylie’s gloss, Bad Kitty, you have the option of grabbing its dupe by Buxom which offers a similar opaque warm terracotta shade.

bad kitty kylie dupe

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This sheer warm honey hue from the reality star’s KYLIE X GRINCH collection is the ideal light golden lip gloss you’ll need this Christmas. If this item was out of stock, try out this similar dupe by NYX instead!

snowcapped kylie dupe

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Want a strawberry red lip this season? Kylie’s stunning lip kit is everything a Grinch girl could want, but there’s also this lipstick by Maybelline which offers an identical red foxy shade.

grinch stole christmas kylie dupe

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Lip Shine Lacquer – Shade 2

This deliciously warm pink nude lip gloss dropped straight out of Kylie’s 24K Birthday Collection. If you’re looking for a similar item, with an equally gorgeous shine, why not try out this one by NYX?

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Lip Shine Lacquer – Shade 3

This stunning peachy nude hue as part of Kylie’s 24th Birthday Collection is truly to die for. Perfect for the autumn months and ideal for a smoochy pout, you can actually get your hands on a cheaper version by NYX!

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Only a Dream

Whether you’ve got a smoky eye or cat eye this Halloween, add a subtle touch of pink to your lips by wearing this shade by Mented. It’s just as pinkish and nude as Kylie’s gloss from her “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Lip Shine Lacquer Set.

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Elm Street

You’d think something named “Elm Street” wouldn’t be a pretty sight, but heck, this blood-red lippie is definitely a dream. If you can’t nab Kylie’s lip gloss, try this alternative by NYX, instead.

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Never Sleep Again

We can almost guarantee that any admirer will never sleep again once they see you wearing this deep red shade this Halloween! Nearly identical as Kylie’s and as red as wine, this dupe by Milani will have the same effect!

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No One’s Baby

A romantic pink and purple matte shade that will lure and attract all of your admirers this Valentine’s. If you’ve struggled to get the Kylie Cosmetics version, try out this one by NYX.

no one's baby kylie dupe

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About Last Night

Achieve that long-lasting rosy lip on Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter) by applying this color-rich formula by Stila. It’s quality, cute and crazily similar to Kylie’s About Last Night lipstick.

about last night kylie dupe

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February Bae

Kylie’s stunning item is ideal for the Valentine’s season, but whether it’s February or October, this deliciously hot pink lip gloss is fit for any occasion. NYX glosses are buttery soft and silky smooth, we promise they won’t let you down.

February bae kylie dupe

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A Whole Lewk

As cliché as it sounds, Kylie’s lip shine lacquer is indeed a whole lewk! If you’re keen on grabbing this plum red hue but haven’t been able to, try this dupe by NYX, instead!

a whole lewk kylie dupe

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Don’t @ Me

Promising a luminous shine and lightweight formula, you can’t go wrong with Kylie Cosmetics’ lip gloss, Don’t @ Me. If you want a product as equally gorgeous and ruby red, consider this one by NYX.

dont @ me kylie dupe

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90s Bby

Whether you were born in the 90s or not, this warm pink shade is a requirement for any occasion. Dressing up or dressing down? Paint your pout with this lip gloss by NYX and we guarantee you’ll be looking fly.

90s bby kylie dupe

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Kendall Lip Gloss

The Kendall Collection made its grand arrival in 2022 and boy, was it a stunning set! Part of the collection is the Kendall Lip Gloss which offers a peachy fuller-looking, shiny lip. Here’s the ideal dupe for it!

kendall lip gloss dupe

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As We Should Kendall Lip Crayon

It takes a lot to nail Kendall’s best makeup looks. With her As We Should lip crayon, though, you might well be on your way to achieving that gorgeous lip! Get your hands on this dupe to replicate her pout!

as we should kylie dupe

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Stassie x Kylie

Perfectly drizzle your pout in this gorgeous matte lipstick and define every angle of your lips. A deliciously dark nude hue that looks ever so similar to Kylie and Stassie’s matte item.

stassie kylie dupe

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Kylie describes this lippie as a watermelon pink gloss and she couldn’t have said it better. This beauty product by NYX is similarly pink and delivers an equally wet look on your pout that you won’t regret.

bestios kylie dupe

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Baby pink and beautiful. A juicy lip gloss by Maybelline you can’t resist. This lippie will work wonders on your pout and give you that same shiny vibe that Kylie’s Underestimated Gloss Drip does.

underestimated kylie dupe

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Match My Energy

Match Kylie’s energy by applying this lip gloss by Wet n Wild. It’s a crystal clear gloss that can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. 

match energy kylie dupe

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Not in the Mood

Even when you’re not in the mood, this lipstick by Maybelline will lift your spirits right away. Lightweight and comfortable like Kylie Cosmetics’ lipstick, this cosmetic is also just as coppery and cute in color.

not in mood kylie dupe

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Clap Back

A chestnut brown hue that will zhush up any complexion and give your makeup look a boost. NYX’s liquid lipstick is a great dupe for Clap Back and promises a gorgeous matte lip that lasts hours on end.

clap back kylie dupe

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Another Day, Another Nude

Those who are on the hunt for another nude, but haven’t been able to get their hands on Kylie’s item can enjoy this alternative by NYX. Equally matte and magnificent and a stunning nude shade that suits everyone. 

another nude kylie dupe

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Booked and Busy

This lipstick will give you that plum(p) pout you’ve been looking for. Matte, marvelous and mega beautiful, Revlon offers a much more affordable version than Booked and Busy, although it may come out a little lighter than Kylie’s version.

booked and busy dupe

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Can’t Talk RN

Peachy…perfect…and plump. What more could you want in a new lipstick? NYX’s hue in Turn-On might be your best bet if you’ve been on the hunt for a Can’t Talk RN dupe. It’s a peachy nude shade that compliments any look you choose to don.

can't talk RN dupe

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Category is Lips

You can never go wrong with a dark pink lip. Whether you want this shade for your casual dates or for a night out, it’s bound to take your look from 0-100 real quick. Covergirl’s affordable lipstick is matte, vegan and promises 24-hour wear.

category lips dupe

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Dinner At Mine

Instant shine and a pop of color is what you’ll get when painting your pout with Wet n Wild’s Attitude Check lip gloss. It may not be Kylie’s product to a T, but it certainly gives you a similarly gorgeous rose touch.

dinner at mine dupe

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It’s The Gloss For Me

If it’s the gloss that does it for you, then grab this lippie by Wet n Wild. It’s a fabulous alternative to Kylie Cosmetic’s Lip Shine Lacquer and offers a comfortable wear, whilst simultaneously looking great.

gloss for me dupe

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Don’t F*ck With Me

Kylie’s Kris Collection has her name written all over it. This color is one even the momager would wear in her old age. Pink and deliciously daring, grab a dupe for Don’t F*ck With Me in the form of this shade by L’Oréal.

don't f with me dupe

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But As Her Manager… 

If you’re aiming for a stand-out look this season, try out this perfect cosmetic by Maybelline which is a cool dupe for Kylie’s But As Her Manager… item. Long-lasting, smudge-resistant and lusciously red, this lip crayon is exactly what you need to replace the limited-edition Kris Collection Lip Crayon Set.

as her manager kylie dupe

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What’s Christmas without a little red? From festive parties to family get-togethers, there’s every excuse to wear a foxy red lip this season. If you haven’t been able to grab Kylie’s Dashing matte lip kit, we’ve found a matte lipstick as a great dupe.

dashing kylie dupe

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You may have found it strange that Kylie Cosmetics brought out a Batman collection, but there’s certainly nothing strange about its gorgeous products. Her Bat lip gloss is a peachy nude with subtle gold shimmer, and it mimics the same hue offered by this Rimmel shade.

bat kylie dupe

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Have you always been inspired by Kylie? And erm…Catwoman? Well, now’s your chance to combine your passion for both by wearing the beauty mogul’s Catwoman lipstick. If it’s out of stock, have no fear, because you can use this replica by Maybelline, instead!

catwoman kylie dupe

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Ruby Slippers

Kylie’s Wizard of Oz collection features the wonderful shade Ruby Slippers, and it’s certainly something out of your dreams. You can color your pout in an equally metallic and magical lipstick by using this item by Maybelline!

ruby slippers kylie dupe

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Up to No Good

This warm pink matte hue is stunning. Wear it on both casual and dressy occasions and enjoy the long-lasting velvety, hydrating feel. This product by Maybelline is a top choice if you’re on the hunt for a dupe for Kylie’s ‘Up to No Good’ lipstick.

up to no good kylie dupe

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An Apple a Day

It doesn’t get better than a red lip. Whether it’s Christmas or summer, a scarlet pout always looks good. Choose this lipstick by Revlon if you’re eager to get your hands on a similar shade to ‘An Apple a Day’.

apple a day kylie dupe

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Here For It

This rose nude is deliciously pink and red – and we’re totally here for it. If you weren’t successful in bagging the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick, try out this alternative by Milani, instead.

here for it kylie dupe

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You Could Never

If you want to jazz up your look by giving it a touch of hazel-brown, this lippie by Revlon will do the trick. With a “powerful pigment blend”, infused with antioxidant Vitamin E, you can’t go wrong by applying this cosmetic on your pout!

you could never kylie dupe

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Fire Sign 

Cherry bright, this florescent lipstick is the way to go when wanting to brighten up your pout. ‘Fire Sign’ is exactly the shade you’d expect – fiery red and fabulous. Get your hands on this item as a Kylie Cosmetics dupe.

fire sign kylie dupe

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In My Bag

‘Do Not Disturb’ by e.l.f. is a hot brown hue offering a bold, satiny color in one single swipe. It’s a great replica for Kylie Jenner’s crème lipstick and a more affordable one at that, too!

in my bag kylie dupe

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Talk is Cheap

This lipstick by Wet n Wild is lush and lustrous, made to nourish the lips and deliver a “bright pinky pink” creamy color. It’s a great purchase if you’re shopping for a ‘Talk is Cheap’ dupe!

talk cheap kylie dupe

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If Looks Could Kill

A dusty pink nude by Covergirl is all you’ll need to bring life to your lips. ‘If Looks Could Kill’ by Kylie was replicated by high street beauty brands, you’d definitely get this awesome lipstick, which is available at an awesome price.

looks could kill kylie dupe

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Been a Minute

If it’s been a minute since you’ve worn a red lip, consider grabbing this beautiful one by NYX. Their Shout Loud Satin Lipstick is infused with Shea Butter and “delivers up to four hours of hydration”. Order it now if you want a dupe for Kylie’s crème lipstick.

been a minute kylie dupe

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One For the Books

This peach nude shade is as pretty as a picture. Can’t nab the Kylie Cosmetics one? Amazon has a dupe available by e.l.f., which also creates the satin finish you’ve been looking for.

one for books kylie dupe

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Nowhere 2 Go

We’ll admit, Kylie’s ‘Nowhere 2 Go’ crème lipstick is a unique shade. But after searching high and low, we managed to find this similar color by Maybelline. It offers a smooth, comfortable feel and looks fabulous on all complexions!

nowhere 2 go kylie dupe

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The Girl in Red

Looking for an electric red, creamy, satin lipstick? This cosmetic by Covergirl is everything you’ll need and more. It’s a long-lasting color that resembles Kylie’s lippie, ‘The Girl in Red’, which promises to glide on smoothly.

girl in red kylie dupe

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Not Sorry

L’Oréal has answered all of your prayers if you’re desperate for a ‘Not Sorry’ dupe! This hydrating lipstick with pomegranate extract is just as pink and perfect as Kylie’s makeup item and guarantees to hydrate and nurture the lips, too.

not sorry kylie dupe

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These Lip Kit dupes promise to make your lips look just as full and super glossy. Next time you get that “sold out” message after filling up your Lip Kit basket, look no further than our list of alternatives. You’ll have Kylie’s luscious pout in no time!

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This post was originally published May 17, 2016



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