Kylie Lip Kit: Perfect Dupes for Every Shade

kylie lip kit alternatives

Getting your hands (or shall we say “pout”?) on Kylie Cosmetics is a constant race. The ever-popular glosses and lipsticks sell out at the speed of light, filling you up with disappointment.

Have no fear, there are other ways to get the same luscious pout as Kylie. Heck, with our list of Kyshadow replicasKylighter and Blush dupes, you can even nail those signature Kylie eyes and cheeks.

Whether Kylie’s lipsticks are out of stock or out of your budget, we’ve listed a bunch of replicas that will give you the same gorgeous color you’ve been craving. 

Here are the best Kylie Lip Kit dupes for every shade…

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Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Candy K (Matte)

One fact about Kylie Jenner is that she doesn’t enjoy wearing much makeup. But we’re sure she swears by the natural Candy K on a makeup-free day. Get that pale pink super-matte finish with Colourpop’s ‘Fifth Avenue’ lipstick. At an affordable price, this Candy K dupe can pass as the real deal.

kylie candy k alternative

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Dolce K

Compliment any look with this matte lipstick that comes pretty darn close to Kylie’s Dolce K. You can easily pull off that dark nude color by using Anastasia Beverly Hills’ ‘Ashton’ Liquid Matte Lipstick. It’s a great option if you’re on the hunt for similar Kylie Lip Kit dupes.

kylie dolce k replica

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Koko K

Milani’s Stay Put Lipstick in ‘Glow Up’ is a perfect match to Kylie’s light rose shade. Smack on this Koko K dupe and truly feel like you’re wearing the reality TV-star’s pinky-nude cosmetic!

kylie koko k copy

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Posie K

Get super-girly with this Posie K dupe that is valued a lot less than Kylie’s lipstick. With this identical pink shade, you’ll be rivaling the fashionista’s cosmetics collection.

kylie posie replica

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Mary Jo K

Who needs to spend thousands on a Kylie makeover when you have an affordable lipstick to make your lips just as plump? Nail that classic bright red look with NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Amsterdam’ – a perfect match for the Mary Jo K lipstick.

kylie mary jo copy

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You can get a replica of Kylie’s natural beige tone, Exposed, by spending a few dollars on NYX’s ‘London’ Lip Cream. You’ll get that gorgeous nude and slightly brown color that Exposed delivers.

kylie exposed alternative

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Look straw-berry beautiful with this lipstick that’s a perfect match for Kylie’s pink shade, Kristen. You’ll get that strawberry-bold matte lip in an instant!

kylie kristen dupe

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Compliment your summer tan with this gorgeous lipstick by About-Face. The light brown shade delivers the equivalent ‘Ginger’ look as seen on the star below, making it a brilliant choice if you’re on the hunt for the best Kylie Lip Kit Dupes…

ginger kylie dupe

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Love Bite

If you can’t get Kylie’s Love Bite, you could always opt for Lime Crime’s matte lipstick in the shade ‘Saint’. This Love Bite dupe will paste that same brownish, purply color directly onto your pout…

love bite alternative

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Brown Sugar

Sprinkle some Brown Sugar onto your lips in the form of Lime Crime’s lipstick in ‘Shroom’. The gorgeous light brown color looks stunning on all skin types…

brown sugar dupe

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This autumn-awesome shade is perfect for the fall season. Maybelline’s ‘Amazonian’ shade is one of the best Kylie lip kit dupes for Pumpkin. It nails that gorgeous burnt orange pigment.


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A dark lip will never get old! If you and Kylie share the same astrological star sign, then you’re bound to want her dark red matte lipstick, Leo. If you didn’t get to snag the real thing, then opt for this duplicate by Milani!

kylie leo lipkit dupe

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If red, burgundy or nude isn’t your thing, then consider this pinky shade for your lips instead. It’ll give your pout that natural pink glow, like Kylie’s Angel shade!

kylie angel dupe

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The beautiful matte lipstick, Bunny, is the ideal warm purply hue. If her purple and creamy shade has caught your eye, consider nabbing this dupe by Lime Crime!

bunny koko dupe

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Things come to those who wait. Just when you planned on buying Kylie’s Twenty Lip Kit, this perfect and more affordable dupe by NYX turns up! Just as creamy and beautifully nude!

twenty kylie dupe

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One Wish

If your one wish is to get hold of Kylie’s perfectly pink shade, make your dreams partly come true by nabbing this equally gorgeous dusty pink nude lipstick by NYX.

kylie one wish dupe

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Make your lips look just as voluptuous and berry-filled with this stunning hue by Maybelline. That rich raspberry shade will catch anyone’s attention during your night out.

kylie hollyberry dupe

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This reddish brown hue is the perfect color for those looking to wear a warm shade. Kylie’s Clove lipstick isn’t the only type you can get. This shade can also be found in an awesome Kylie Cosmetics dupe by NYX.

kylie clove dupe

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Bite Me

What’s Halloween without a lustrous red lip? Kylie’s Bite Me matte lipstick is a deep red shade which is almost an identical dupe to Lime Crime’s product in ‘Rustic’.

bite me kylie dupe

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Snow Way Bae

You can’t go wrong on any night out if you’re wearing this gorgeous lip paint. Maybelline’s formula is smooth, moisturizing and highly pigmented, just like Kylie’s.

kylie snow way bae dupe

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Better Not Pout

Oh you better pout if you’re the proud owner of this red and berry lipstick! NYX promises a high definition look and kissable lips in the same way Kylie Cosmetics’ item does!

kylie better not pout dupe

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Sweater Weather

If you’re just as ready for sweater weather as we are, then this Kylie Cosmetics dupe for her warm pink matte shade is the best choice to compliment that winter look.

kylie sweater weather dupe

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Wish You Were Here  

Kylie’s Wish You Were Here shade is to die for. This plummy pink shade is gorgeous for any hot night in with your lover and it looks just like Kylie’s matte lipstick, too! 

wish you were here dupe kylie

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Built to Last  

Just as Kylie’s name for this lipstick says – it’s built to last. Whether you plan on kissing or eating during your special evening, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipstick has a matte effect that will last all night. 

built to last kylie dupe

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You can’t get more extraordinary than this hot pink lipstick. Applies smoothly and leaves a silky and comfortable feeling, NYX’s product in San Paulo is an affordable version of the fashionista’s raspberry item.

extraordinary kylie dupe

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Kylie (Matte)

She named it after herself which can only mean it’s one of her favorite shades. Kylie’s go-to nude hue is perfect, indeed. You can get your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit dupe in the shade ‘Loyalist’ by Maybelline.

kylie dupe

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Bad Lil Thing

Paint your pout in one of Kylie’s best reds yet and officially call yourself a bad lil thing. This burnt red lipstick by Lime Crime is a great item to switch to if you never managed to get your hands on the real thing.

bad lil thing kylie dupe

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Handbag Ho

Handbag Ho is Kylie’s lippie and it’s certainly one of the most luscious on the list. If you want a shade that’s similar to this matte hue, check out NYX’s shade in ‘Hot Caramelo’.

handbag hoe kylie dupe

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What’s Christmas without a little red? From festive parties to family get-togethers, there’s every excuse to wear a foxy red lip. If you haven’t been able to grab Kylie’s Dashing matte lip kit, we’ve found a matte lipstick as a great dupe.

dashing kylie dupe

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Velvet Lipsticks


Kylie’s cosmetic range is ever-growing! One of the prettiest additions to her lip kit collection is Charm, a velvet liquid lipstick. Makeup Revolution also has a pale pink velvet lippy that’s just as perfect and pretty.

kylie charm velvet dupe

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Love matte but don’t like that dry feeling on your pout? This velvet liquid lipstick almost passes as Kylie’s gorgeous Harmony shade. The non-drying formula promises to give you that soft, creamy look!

kylie harmony dupe

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Party Girl

Consider yourself quite the party girl? Then get your hands on this dupe for Kylie’s Velvet lipstick. It won’t be long before you start pouting and partying like the makeup queen herself.

party girl kylie dupe

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High Glosses

The girliest and most popular Kylie Cosmetics lip color is Candy K, and not only does it come in matte, but in high gloss, too. NYX’s Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Madeline’ is a dead ringer for Kylie’s and it’s low-cost, as well!

candy k gloss dupe

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Dying for a warm brown gloss that resembles ‘Like’? Check out this option that is very Kylie-esque. NYX’s ‘Butterscotch’ gloss is a cheaper option compared to Kylie’s $18 product!

kylie like gloss copy

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Partner in Crime 

Get that radiant and ultra-glossy shine using NYX’s ‘Praline’ shade, which pulls off a look just like Kylie’s nude lip gloss, Partner in Crime.

partner crime kylie dupe

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Daddy’s Girl

This dupe for Kylie’s High Gloss will drizzle baby pink goodness all over your lips and give you that full, shimmering pout you’ve been after in no time.

kylie daddy's girl dupe

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Oh You Fancy

If you’re looking for a gorgeous golden and peachy lip, but haven’t managed to get Kylie’s gloss in Oh You Fancy, there’s always this product by none other than Revlon!

kylie ohy fancy dupe

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Matte Lipsticks

Kylie (Lipstick)

Kylie’s go-to shade is a velvet lipstick with a stunning warm pink pigment. The original might be named directly after her, but this gorgeous substitute offers a more affordable price with a similar look – what more could you ask for?

kylie matte lipstick dupe

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Up to No Good

This warm pink matte hue is stunning. Wear it on both casual and dressy occasions and enjoy the long-lasting velvety, hydrating feel. This product by Milani is a top choice if you’re on the hunt for a dupe for Kylie’s ‘Up to No Good’ lipstick.

up to no good kylie dupe

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You Could Never

If you want to jazz up your look by giving it a touch of hazel-brown, this lippie by Milani will do the trick. With a powerful pigment and creamy feel, you can’t go wrong by applying this cosmetic on your pout!

you could never kylie dupe

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Lip Blushes

Sister Sister 

Kylie Cosmetics’ Sister Sister Lip Blush is a stunning warm pink hue that Kylie probably wears on a daily basis. If you want that same rosy mauve shade, try out this ideal dupe!

sister sister kylie dupe

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Booked and Busy

This lipstick will give you that plum(p) pout you’ve been looking for. Matte, marvelous and mega beautiful, bareMinerals offers a much more affordable version than Booked and Busy, although it may come out a little brighter than Kylie’s version.

booked and busy dupe

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Can’t Talk RN

Peachy…perfect…and plump. What more could you want in a new lipstick? NYX’s hue in ‘Turn-On’ might be your best bet if you’ve been on the hunt for a Can’t Talk RN dupe. It’s a peachy nude shade that compliments any look you choose to own.

can't talk RN dupe

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Lip Shine Lacquers

This deliciously warm pink nude lip lacquer is truly to die for. If you’re looking for a similar item with an equally gorgeous shine, why not try out this one by NYX in the shade ‘Bit of Honey’?

felt cute kylie dupe

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A Whole Lewk

As cliché as it sounds, Kylie’s lip shine lacquer is indeed a whole lewk! If you’re keen on grabbing this plum red hue, but haven’t been able to, try this dupe by NYX, instead!

a whole lewk kylie dupe

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90s Bby

Whether you were born in the 90s or not, this warm purple shade is a requirement for any occasion. Dressing up or dressing down? Paint your pout with this lip gloss by NYX in the shade ‘Angel Food Cake’ and we guarantee you’ll be looking fly.

90s bby kylie dupe

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Gloss Drip


Kylie describes this lippie as a watermelon pink gloss and she couldn’t have said it better. This beauty product by NYX is similarly pink and delivers an equally wet look on your pout that you won’t regret.

bestios kylie dupe

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Baby pink and beautiful. A juicy lip gloss by Maybelline you can’t resist. This lippie will work wonders on your pout and give you that same shiny vibe that Kylie’s Underestimated Gloss Drip does.

underestimated kylie dupe

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Fall in Love

It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful plummy, red gloss by Kylie. If you’re looking for a cheaper version, there’s always this product by Maybelline, instead.

kylie fall in love dupe

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Crème Lipsticks

In My Bag

‘Do Not Disturb’ by e.l.f. is a hot brown hue offering a bold, satiny color in one single swipe. It’s a great replica for Kylie Jenner’s crème lipstick and a more affordable one at that, too!

in my bag kylie dupe

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Talk is Cheap

This lipstick by Loreal is lush and lustrous, made to nourish the lips and deliver a bright pinky pink creamy color. It’s a great purchase if you’re shopping for a ‘Talk is Cheap’ dupe!

talk cheap kylie dupe

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If Looks Could Kill

A dusty pink nude by Loreal is all you’ll need to bring life to your lips. ‘If Looks Could Kill’ by Kylie was replicated by high street beauty brands, you’d definitely get this awesome lipstick, which is available at an awesome price.

looks could kill kylie dupe

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Lip Crayons

It takes a lot to nail Kylie’s best makeup looks. With her Realizing Things lip crayon, though, you might well be on your way to achieving that gorgeous lip! Get your hands on this dupe to replicate her pout!

realizing things kylie dupe

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If you’re aiming for a natural look this season, try out this perfect crayon by Maybelline, which is a good dupe for Kylie’s Hits Different lip item. Long-lasting and smudge-resistant, this lip crayon is exactly what you need to replace Kylie’s popular cosmetic.

hits different kylie dupe

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Are you dying to be the main character? Stand out with Kylie by using this caramel lip crayon by Maybelline. The hot crayon paints the exact same shade as Kylie’s sultry lipstick does – for a cheaper price!

main character kylie dupe

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Tinted Butter Balms

NYX has answered all of your prayers if you’re desperate for a That’s Tea dupe! This hydrating lip balm named ‘No Filer Needed’ is just as pink and perfect as Kylie’s item and guarantees to hydrate and nurture the lips, too.

thats tea kylie dupe

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Kylie’s Love That 4 U lip balm is a gorgeous shade. After searching high and low, we managed to find this similar color by NYX. It offers a smooth, comfortable feel and looks fabulous on all complexions.

love that 4 u kylie dupe

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This peach nude shade is as pretty as a picture. Can’t nab the Kylie Cosmetics one? Tarte has a great dupe which also creates the same buttery smooth finish you’ve been looking for.

tinted lip balm kylie dupe

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Plumping Glosses

Plump up that rosy pink pout using this dupe for Kylie’s Rose and Chill Plumping Gloss. This smooth and shiny plumper by Maybelline will give your lips a gorgeous sheen, perfect for the summer season.

rose and chill kylie dupe

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This sheer warm honey hue from Kylie’s Plumping Gloss collection is the ideal light golden lip gloss you need for any occasion. If this item was out of stock, try out this similar dupe by Maybelline instead!

not your bae kylie dupe

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We’ve found the perfect dupe for Kylie’s shade Moody Queen. This plumping lip gloss by NYX is the same plum-rose shade as Kylie’s gloss, guaranteeing long-lasting wear.

moody queen kylie dupe

Buy at Ulta

These matte, gloss and lip kit dupes promise to make your lips look just as full and super glossy.

Next time you get that “sold out” message after filling up your Kylie Cosmetics basket, look no further than our list of alternatives. You’ll have Kylie’s luscious pout in no time!

Want more from the cosmetics queen? Have a look at our list of Kylie Jenner gifts that every fan deserves to receive…

Originally published in May 2016.


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Paris Dryden
1 year ago

Girl I desperately need a dupe for coconut lip kit please I’m begging

1 year ago

Can you find a color match lip pencil for shade “Kylie” ?

Sherrell miller
1 year ago

Can you please help me find a dupe for not your bae gloss by Kylie Jenner please :)

1 year ago

I am trying to find a dupe for Kylie’s Goals liquid lipstick. You have a ColourPop lipstick listed but the link on Amazon doesnt exist anymore, do you know which color from the line is similar to the Goals?

2 years ago

Hiiiii kisses from italy! I don’t find the dupes of Kylie of Kylie’s liquid lipstick! Just in case did you find an other alternative?

Elaine Strachan
2 years ago

What about Kylie Friday lip kit? Love that one

6 years ago

Thanks so so so so much!

7 years ago

What lipstick Bea Miller is using in her music video Yes girl? I have been tried to search it everywhere, but can’t find it nowhere.. ASAP