Kim Kardashian: 20 Best No-Makeup Photos

kim kardashian without makeup

Kim Kardashian is always contoured, lashed out, and glamorous in front of the cameras. Hardly a day goes by when her face isn’t covered in makeup.

She may be famous for her overdone looks and create beauty products for a living (KKW), but believe it or not, sometimes, Kim goes against Hollywood’s rule of ‘beauty’.

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She lets her skin breathe and has rare occasions showing-off her bare-faced beauty. 

Before you haters start denying Kim’s natural beauty, Tell Tales has the receipts to prove it! These photos of Kim Kardashian without makeup will have you doing a double take…

1. Pale-Faced Yet Pretty

Kim K is known for bearing a makeup-free face these days, and looks completely flawless in this picture she shared whilst on vacation. If only we could all look this perfect without a drop of cosmetics. 

2. Soft as a Baby

Kimmy’s skin looks just as good as her baby’s in this sweet snap! The $4,500 she spends on her skincare routine is well spent, giving her a glowing and dewy complexion.

3. No Makeup in Public

At Paris Fashion Week 2016, Kim Kardashian did the unthinkable. She was brave enough to wear a bare face without a hint of makeup. She broke boundaries by simply wearing a Balenciaga coat as a dress and toned down her entire look. It’s one of the few rare moments that Kim stepped in front of the cameras without a drop of slap on and boy, did she impress.

4. Naturally Perfect

When the Kardashians aren’t filming, they strip back their glam and let their skin breathe. This gorgeous photo of Kim with her sister Khloe shows just how naturally pretty the makeup mogul is. 

5. Young & Free of Makeup

Even in her early twenties, Kim looked stunning! She didn’t go through that awkward acne and ‘ugly duckling’ stage like the rest of us and was instead the perfect ‘girl next door’. 

6. A Natural Selfie

The trending star shows support to her sister Kendall by sharing this makeup-free pic and we are here for it! We love seeing Kim look more natural and stripped back. 

7. Bare-Faced for Vogue

Kim was brave enough to go bare-faced for the cover of Vogue Spain, enforcing that you don’t need a ton of makeup to be beautiful. For once, she carried out the message that natural beauty is the way forward. 

8. A Flawless Complexion

Although Kim’s perfectly toned figure takes away from her face, we can’t help but have a little envy of how flawless her complexion looks without any cosmetics. 

9. Freshly Faced 

What are the benefits of using a surrogate for the birth of a baby? Well, a fresh face like Kim’s is certainly one of them. She’s bright-eyed and blooming in this image while holding her newborn Psalm. 

10. An Everyday Look

Woah! Kim looks…human in this snapshot! She runs errands just like the rest of us; with a pony, sweats, no makeup and a ton of caffeine to keep her going! 

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11. Letting Go of Perfection

Kim looks like she’s having the time of her life with her daughter Northie and isn’t afraid to show off her toned down, makeup-free, pyjama wearing look. 

12. Barefaced with a Bestie 

The global pandemic hasn’t taken a toll on Kim’s skincare regime. If anything, it looks more flawless than ever in this snap she shared of herself with her bestie. 

13. More Realistic

In April 2019, Kim braved to go barefaced once more by posing on the cover of Vogue USA. It was the first time she was invited to feature on her own and wanted to offer a more “realistic” image (encouraged by her ex-hubby Kanye West). 

14. Makeup Free For Once

Kim looks picture-perfect before bed! Here she is living her best makeup-free life whilst cozying up with her daughter. A rare sight, we know!

15. No Cosmetics and Confident

A great brow shape frames the entire face, and Kim’s are on point in this no-makeup selfie that she shared with her nephew Reign. We love that she’s confident in embracing her natural beauty once in a while!

16. Morning Face

Are you dying for a dewy complexion like Kim’s in this “morning” image? You’ll have to copy her 17-step skincare regime to make sure you get the same effect. 

17. Less is More

While this image isn’t entirely cosmetic free, it proves that you only need minimal makeup to look good! Used to promote her concealer from her KKW Beauty range, Kim looks just as pretty as she would with a full face of glam. 

18. Contour Queen Goes Natural

Wouldn’t you want to look as good as Kimmy at 6am? The famous entrepreneur hasn’t got a dark circle in sight and looks a whole lot better when she’s not caked in lipstick, eyeliner or contouring! 

19. Cover Girl’s Raw Beauty

A no-makeup look that has us green with envy. The brunette beauty looks captivating in this cover for Vogue Spain and proves that she doesn’t need a drop of makeup to look breathtaking. 

20. Flawlessly Makeup Free

Before her rise to fame, Kim K took a sweet selfie with her bestie Paris Hilton and they both look magnificent without a hint of makeup. If only our teen pictures weren’t embarrassing unlike like this one! 

Wipe away that Kardashian kontouring and you get a radiant, beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

As you’ve probably gathered, Kim looks beautiful without makeup. But we want to know your opinion. Do you think Kim Kardashian is naturally beautiful? Does she look better with no makeup on?

Go off in the comments below…

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