15 Ways American Horror Story Connects to Past Seasons

american horror story connections

“They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.” – Ryan Murphy

At first, American Horror Story seemed like a disconnected anthology series. Each season had its own story to tell. But as the seasons continued, we came to realize that plenty of characters and sub-plots were in fact, linked to each other. Believe it or not, there truly is a fictional AHS universe where ghosts, aliens, witches, murderous clowns and vampires all live in.

From Murder House to Cult, we connect the dots and tell you exactly how all seasons of American Horror Story are “intertwined”…

Freak Show & Asylum Connections


Remember Pepper from Asylum? Everyone’s fan-favourite “Pinhead” was a patient in Briarcliff Manor in season 2 but her backstory, including how she was admitted into the sanatorium was then explored in Freak Show. In fact, Pepper was the first character in the American Horror Story series to appear in more than one season.

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Asylum may have ended after season 2 but Pepper’s origins and the conclusion to her character were brought up just two years later. In Freak Show (set in the 1950s, 12 years before the events of Asylum), Pepper was one of the “freaks” in the performing group called Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities. So how did she land herself in that awful asylum? In Freak Show, Pepper was wrongly accused of murdering her sister’s baby and so she was admitted into Briarcliff Manor and accepted by Sister Mary Eunice. And so her story in Asylum began…

american horror story pepper

Sister Eunice 

To complete Pepper’s backstory, yet another renowned character from Asylum appeared in Freak Show. The sweet nun, Sister Eunice, returned to American Horror Story in season 4 to interview Pepper’s sister and welcome Pepper into Briarcliff Manor. As mentioned earlier, Freak Show occurred 12 years before the events of Asylum so this was long before Sister Eunice’s demonic days. At first, Sister Eunice was appalled by Pepper’s appearance but she later grew fond of her when she saw that she was looking for redemption. The nun took Pepper on as a personal rehabilitation project, which led Pepper to organize the hospital’s library.

american horror story sister eunice

Dr. Hans Gruper 

No one can forget that horrid physician in season 2 of American Horror Story. Dr. Arden would often torture his patients in Asylum and perform terrible experiments on them too. Fans watching Freak Show were shocked to see him again in a flashback scene. In the 1930s, Dr. Arden went under disguise as Dr. Hans Gruper, a Nazi doctor of torture and science. It turns out, he’s the one who amputated Elsa’s leg!

Dr. Hans Gruper


Murder House & Coven Connections

Madison Montgomery

So far, we’ve only touched on the links between Asylum and Freak Show. You’ll be happy to know that there could possibly be a crossover between Murder House and Coven, too. Let’s take it back to season 1, where the Murder House is haunting the lives of many. Keep in mind that the original owners of the Murder House were called Montgomery. Two seasons later and that family name rings a bell. Madison Montgomery. Could Coven’s stone cold bitch be a direct decedent of the Murder House owners? We’d like to think so…

american horror story madison

Hotel & Murder House Connections

Marcy the Realtor

Thought you’d recognized that realtor who was responsible for selling the Hotel Cotez to Will Drake? Well, you were right, you had seen her before – in season 1. Marcy is the realtor who sold the Murder House to Chad and his lover Patrick. When the couple died, she later sold it to the Harmons.

marcy connect american horror story


But wait, there’s another Murder House overlap in season 5. One of Marcy’s first lines in Hotel was, “I had to put my dog down. He came to me through very unfortunate circumstances.” Here’s a friendly reminder that Marcy adopted the Harmons’ dog after they died in season 1. #Mindblown!

marcy dog ahs


The iconic realtor’s life came to an end in Hotel though when ancient vampires, Valentino and Natacha killed her.

The Murder House 

Everything that happened in season 1’s Murder House may seem like forever ago but five years later we’re being reminded of it again. Nostalgia hit us right in the gut when the actual Murder House made a comeback in Hotel!

american horror story hotel murder house

Dr. Montgomery 

Not only did the house reappear in Hotel, but one of the first season’s notorious, most scariest characters did too. Dr. Montgomery. Here’s the connection – in a 1920s flashback scene we saw the Countess go to the Murder House for an illegal abortion appointment. Of course, the twisted doctor performing this abortion was indeed Charles Montgomery. She later gave birth to baby Bartholomew.

american horror story hotel montgomery

Billie Dean Howard 

Murder House’s psychic, Billie Dean Howard made a comeback in Hotel. She claimed her fame in this series by contacting the ghosts of the Hotel Cortez but was quickly sent away after being threatened by James March and Ramona. She was pretty annoying, anyway!

ahs hotel billie


Hotel & Coven Connections


Coven fans were treated in episode 11 of Hotel when a certain witch made an appearance. Human voodoo doll, Queenie checked into the Hotel Cortez but was soon killed off by none other than James March. It was great seeing Queenie use her special powers again to take down Ramona. But our favorite moment had to be when she said, “Bitch, when was the last time you went to the dermatologist?”!

american horror story hotel queenie

Roanoke & Murder House Connections

Piggy Man 

Piggy Man haunts your dreams once more! Remember that sinister butcher who wore a pig’s head in Murder House? Turns out, the monster is the star of the show in Roanoke! Piggy Man has been haunting Matt and Shelby’s house for quite some time now but is he the same urban legend from Murder House? Yes, indeed!

In Chapter 8 of Roanoke, Jether Polk tells Lee about Piggy Man’s origins. His ancestor, Kincaid Polk used to to “take hogs to slaughter in Chicago”. At the World’s Fair in 1893 however, he decided he wanted to slaughter people too. And so he put on the head of a pig and the frightening Piggy Man was born. This recital may be familiar to you because it was also told by Derrick back in season 1OINK EEK!

piggy man



The word “Croatoan” has sprung up several times in Roanoke. Cricket the psychic used it to banish the Butcher and Dr Elias said it to make Piggy Man disappear. In Chapter 4, we learnt that the word “Croatoan” was carved on a tree by the lost colonists of Roanoke and now it is a word of dark power and blood magic that banishes dark spirits. Ring a bell?

As you may recall, the word “Croatoan” was mentioned by Billie Dean Howard back in the 11th episode of Murder House. The psychic told Violet about an exorcism that occurred at the Roanoke Island in the year, 1590. Billie Dean told the story of colonists who haunted the Native Americans and in order to banish the spirits, one of the elders muttered the word “Croatoan” as part of the exorcism. It seems these “spirits” are the very same ones that are haunting Shelby and Matt’s house!

roanoke croatoan


Roanoke & Freak Show Connections

The Motts 

There’s another character in Roanoke that once again connects this season to its past ones. This time, it was Freak Show. Dr Elias Cunningham reveals to Matt and Shelby that their house was built in 1792 by a man named Edward Mott. We even got to know a little more about him and his death in Chapter 5. That surname calls to mind a certain creepy murderer from Freak ShowDandy Mott, the psychopath who killed members of Elsa Mars’ freak show!

american horror story dandy


Roanoke & Coven Connections

The Original Supreme 

Remember when Cricket told us he “met the bitch with the real power”? It’s hard to forget Lady Gaga’s woodland witch character from Roanoke. Ryan Murphy has admitted that this enchanting lady is in actual fact – “the Original Supreme” – the head witch mentioned in Coven! Now that’s what you call an awesome crossover! Apparently we’re going to learn a little more about her in a future season!

american horror story gaga


Roanoke & Asylum Connections

Lana Winters

Lana Winters made a special appearance in the season finale of Roanoke to interview Lee Harris after a series of murders. The crossover between Roanoke and Asylum was made official by bringing up Lana’s horrific experiences from decades ago.

lana winters


Cult & Freak Show Connections

Twisty the Clown 

Twisty the Clown made his deadly comeback in season seven of AHS – but this time, as part of a comic book. As Oz reads through his comic book featuring endless terrors of the legendary Twisty, we relive each scene as though they were real. We see the show’s iconic villain kill a couple and he later returns as part of Oz’s nightmares. Always nice to see a familiar (half) face, right?

twisty cult


Have we missed out any links? What American Horror Story connection have you noticed in all seven seasons that we haven’t? Let us know in the comments below…

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This post was originally posted on December 22nd, 2015

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