30 Best American Horror Story Gifts for Every Fan

american horror story gifts

American Horror Story has brought us a lot of frights and entertainment, from the Montgomery’s Murder House to the End of the World (and more!). Hardcore fans can recite behind the scenes facts and lore backwards and forwards. The best of fans even know which AHS characters and events are based on real life by heart.

Whether you’re a die-hard fanatic or you know someone who loves everything about the popular show, these 30 American Horror Story gifts will show the world just how much you love this horror series. Here’s the best AHS merch on the market to show your support for witches, freaks, demons and ghosts alike…

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1. Coven Sweater

Cozy up when it’s cold with this homage to Coven, featuring five of our favorite badass witches. If you loved the third season and you love to get snugly, marry the two together with this unique lightweight sweater.

ahs coven sweater

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2. Hypodermic Sally Mug

Another great find for the coffee or tea lover who also can’t get enough of Hotel is this Hypodermic Sally mug. Get your daily dose of your drug of choice (caffeine, people, caffeine) and declare Hotel as the best American Horror Story season thus far.

hypodermic sally cup

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3. AHS T-Shirt

Ghosts and inmates and witches? Oh my, the list goes on and on! If you couldn’t pick your favorite season just because you loved them all, grab one of these red hot and comfy AHS t-shirts that declares your passion for every series up until now.

ahs t-shirt

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4. Twisty the Clown Figure

Funko Pops are super popular among fans from all corners, so if you want to show off your AHS fandom membership, grab one of these collectable Twisty figures.

twisty clown funko

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5. Pepper Mug

Who didn’t love Pepper and her tale of survival? One of the most memorable performances from Freak Show, fans and caffeine lovers unite here with this adorably freakish, dishwasher-safe Pepper mug.

pepper ahs mug

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6. Countess Lady Gaga T-Shirt

So many Hotel fans couldn’t get enough of The Countess (portrayed by the pop icon, Lady Gaga). Whether you’re a fan of the singer or a fan of the character from the show, this gruesome tee is sure to shout it out to fellow fans of the series.

countess gaga shirt

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7. AHS Phone Case

The best way to let your freak flag fly while simultaneously showing off your love for Freak Show is right here on this phone case. We’re all freaks around here, and this case fits the iPhone to a T (you can also get it for Samsung phones).

we are all freaks iphone case

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8. Supreme Shirt

Cordelia Goode: Scared Bigot or the F*cking Supreme? This Apocalypse reference means you don’t need a reminder that you’re the Supreme when you walk into any room. Feel like the witch boss in this cool t-shirt, available in short and long sleeves.

im the supreme shirt

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9. Coven Pouch

Speaking of witchcraft, but with a capital B, you can now carry your money, herbs, wand, or magic potions inside this durable zipper pouch. Fans will recognize the font straight away, marking you as one of those Coven bitches witches.

bitchcraft ahs merch

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10. Tate Langdon Pillow

The most intransigent Tate Langdon fans (or at least those with a morbid sense of humor) will love unwrapping this “Mrs. Tate Langdon” pillow. Because loving the dark side is the first step to owning your own shadow. Perfect for yourself, a sister, or a friend!

tate langdon pillow

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11. AHS Witches Mug

For the biggest AHS fans who just can’t decide who their favorite witch is, get yourself this mug featuring beautifully illustrated characters from Coven including Zoe Benson and Gabourey Sidibe.

witches ahs mug

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12. AHS Socks

Can’t get enough of Apocalypse (or Coven)? Sock collectors (yes, that’s a thing) who love the Witches from the show will adore these bi**hin’ socks, complete with a pentagram design. Ideal for your girlfriend!

ahs coven socks

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13. 1984 AHS Mug

If 1984 was your favorite season, grab hold of this awesome coffee mug – it even features a print of an aerobic dancer – probably grooving away to some iconic 80’s music from the show!

ahs 1984 mug

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14. Evan Peters Photo

Evan Peters is a fan-favorite in many of his roles throughout the series. If you’re a hardcore fanatic for Peter and his outstanding performances, decorate your walls with this high gloss photograph dedicated entirely to him.

evan peters horror story poster

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15. ‘American Psycho’ Mug

Serious mug collectors will want to make space for this AHS item, featuring the words ‘American Psycho’ imprinted on it. Perfect for any addict (and psycho) of the show, and of course lover of tea or coffee.

american psycho mug

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16. American Horror Story Clock

This will remind you it’s probably time to freak out. This piece of American Horror Story merchandise will help you keep track of the time, while remembering the epic show.

american horror story wall clock

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17. Tate Langdon Mug

One of the most frightening psychological horrors from Murder House was when Tate donned this makeup to commit an atrocious act. True horror fans will appreciate Tate’s face in full force on this novelty mug, reminding them of that very moment.

tate langdon mug

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18. Hypodermic Sally Shirt

Hotel fans don’t need a reason to snatch up this Hypodermic Sally shirt. Sarah Paulson’s memorable performance and the shirt’s misanthropic sentiment make a perfect combination for the dyed-in-the-wool fan.

Hypodermic sally shirt

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19. Michael Langdon Mug

For Apocalypse fans who need to quench their thirst (and there were some seriously thirsty fans for Michael, for real)! Grab this Michael Langdon merch featuring the villain’s pretty mug before the end of the world.

Michael Langdon Mug

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20. American Horror Story Hoodie

Are you a freak for AHS (or a freak in general)? Do normal people scare you (as they should)? Keep the normies away and the fans close with this tribute to a fan-favorite season.

ahs hoodie

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21. Coven Coffee Mug

Coven merch makes a great AHS gift idea for those who are major fans of the season – and coffee addicts. Show off your love for the two with a tribute to the creepy series with this top-quality travel mug.

asylum ahs mug

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22. American Horror Story Shirt

We picked this simple, cotton t-shirt for fans who want comfort and quality and want to express their love for the entire show. Why limit yourself to just one season when there have been so many other good ones, too?

american horror story shirt

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23. Tate Langdon Shirt

Tate is practically a cultural icon for fans, and this t-shirt pays tribute to one of the best characters on AHS. So, if you’re up for a walk on the dark side, pick up one of these Tate Langdon tees.

evan peters shirt

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24. Supreme Coven Mug

You won’t want to be without this Supreme mug—the ceramic walls will keep your “Supreme” beverage hot just how you like it. Just be sure to put it on display at your desk, so your colleagues know who they’re dealing with.

next supreme ahs mug

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25. Twisty the Clown Shirt

Clowns are fun and so, so happy! That and super disturbing. If you loved Freak Show and Cult and want to keep the coulrophobes at bay, don this t-shirt to show your love for Twisty.

ahs twisty shirt

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26. Tattler Twins Figure

This is definitely not a two-for-the-price-of-one thing here, but Freak Show fans will adore this Funko Pop Tattler Twins figure. This item is the best for displaying their love for the double trouble duo.

ahs Tattler Twins funko

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27. AHS Monsters Shirt

Turns out that it’s true—all monsters are human. AHS fans will cherish this t-shirt emblazoned with this referential and thematic quote from our beloved show.

monsters human ahs shirt

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28. Nun Asylum Mug

Mugs! Collectors of American Horror Story memorabilia will need a cabinet for their collection, and while you’re at it, make sure there’s room for this creepy crying nun piece, straight out of Asylum. Bonus? The nun appears after you pour your hot liquid in the mug!

asylum ahs mug

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29. Twisty the Clown Wig

American Horror Story cosplay is an essential part of the fandom, and if you’ve been looking for a piece to complete your Twisty the Clown costume, this is the right one. The latex material makes it a good fit for many different head sizes.

twisty clown wig

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30. Jessica Lange Character Shirt

If you or someone you know is equally as obsessed with Jessica Lange as we are, then you need to snag this t-shirt. With fun depictions of Lange’s iconic characters from the show, this clothing is enough to make any fan smile.

jessica lange merch

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If you’re ready to be part of the ever-growing American Horror Story fandom, be sure to grab one of these AHS gifts.

It’ll be sure to become a talking point in your fan collection and show your support in years to come. You even have the option of grabbing one as a Christmas or birthday present!

This post was originally published in September 2015.


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