Editorial Policies

At Tell Tales Online, we believe it is our responsibility to maintain accuracy, honesty and transparency in our content. Our editorial staff strive to adhere to the best journalism practices when covering celebrities and other pop culture subjects.

Fact Checking Policy

When publishing an article at Tell Tales Online, we make sure to fact-check our content, so that everything we deliver to you is accurate, well-researched and up to date. 

Our seasoned writers and editors search high and low for the original sources, and will only link to credible, reputable and trustworthy sites when presenting information about celebrities, TV series, movies and music.

We are committed to verifying reference material, ensuring it is accurate. This is achieved through the use of photos, sightings, quotes, or reports.  

We link to the primary and (if needed) secondary sources to verify or support our claims, facts or methodology of our findings. 

Sometimes, we share rumors concerning specific celebrities, movies or TV series. These rumors are not without method. They are identified from reputable and trustworthy sources. We will always state and clarify if our information is a ‘rumor’ and from which source it originated.

The quotes included by the celebrities and/or related subjects in our articles are always traced and sourced from trustworthy and reliable reports and/or interviews. We never fabricate any quotes by our subjects.

Updating Policy

When new information is available, we revisit and update our older articles to ensure readers are engaging with content that is current and factually correct. When an article has been changed, the modified date is disclosed at the top.

Corrections Policy

We want to prevent the spread of misinformation, therefore, if there are any mistakes in our content, we prioritize editing and correcting them in a timely manner when necessary.

Ethics Policy

Our editorial staff put fairness, along with accuracy first. 

We aim to produce articles that are with respect for the rights and interests of everyone involved. Our stories avoid any conflicts of interest, do not mislead or discriminate, and are fair, truthful and respectful. Objectivity is of extreme importance when covering topics with a sensitive nature.

We occasionally post articles that share our personal taste or opinion on subjects (disclosed at the top of the article). We do so by being fair, ethical and constructive. Our writers refrain from fabricating, abusing or bullying subjects in our articles.

As participants in affiliate programs, we occasionally earn commission when you buy one of the recommended products in our gift guides. We clearly disclose when articles include affiliate links or other sponsorships.

If you have any corrections or update requests, please contact [email protected]