mark stamp

Mark Stamp


Location: United Kingdom

Education: BA in Computer Animation Arts

Experience: Writing, blogging, computer animation.

Writer bio: 

Mark Stamp has a head for writing, whether it’s short stories, journals, or the latest news. When he’s not deep in exploring a new tale or world, he is on the lookout for the latest in movies, video games, and TV.  Much of Mark’s writing at Tell Tales Online has focused on articles exploring the latest Marvel and DC movies and comics. Along with this have been several posts featuring the trivia of popular superheroes like Superman, Deadpool, and Batman: his favorites (or shall we say ‘idols’?). 

You might find him:

  • Studying Marvel comic books as though they are the bible.
  • Enjoying movie marathons to find the most mind-blowing Easter Eggs. 
  • Constantly comparing the capabilities of Batman vs. Superman.
  • Scheduling plans around MCU premieres and finales. 

Who he follows:

Favorite shows:

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