Maria Supplisson

Maria Supplisson


Location: United Kingdom

Education: BA in English & Creative Writing

Experience: Writing, blogging, screenwriting and translating

Writer bio: 

Maria is a screenwriting student at the London Film Academy. She is also an avid blogger and is obsessed with storytelling on literature, TV shows, movies, and documentaries. During her time at the London Film Academy, Maria wrote two short films, one of which was showcased at the BFI for graduation. She is now working on multiple projects from a short film to a play, while also translating articles from English to French about film, television, and celebrities for a London-based entertainment news agency.

You might find her:

  • Being unhealthily addicted to Game of Thrones lore.
  • Watching re-runs of anything Marvel-related. 
  • Having Netflix marathons which almost always includes a Stranger Things episode.
  • Reciting every quote from Star Wars.
  • Imagining life in Hogwarts.

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