madeline zapletal

Madeleine Zapletal


Location: United Kingdom

Education: BA in Music Production and Sound Engineering, A Level in English Language & Literature

Experience: Content writing, copywriting, SEO & digital marketing 

Writer bio: 

Maddie is a freelance copywriter by day and celebrity gossip enthusiast by night. With a background in music and digital marketing, she’s always in tune with the latest pop culture trends. Maddie landed her first writing gig at the age of just 12 when she was asked to write for a popular London-based social work magazine. Since then, she’s covered everything from AI to interior design – but let’s be real – her guilty pleasure is dissecting the glamorous (and sometimes messy) lives of the rich and famous!

You might find her:

  • Obsessively stalking Sabrina Carpenter on TikTok (sorry, not sorry).
  • Growing her colossal Fenty Beauty collection.
  • Getting her nostalgia fix by watching re-runs of Gossip Girl.
  • Remixing Beyoncé tracks in her home studio.
  • Lusting over every single outfit Hailey Bieber has ever worn.
  • Drinking her body weight in tea (she’s British, after all)!

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