Jordan Page


Location: United Kingdom

Education: BA in Creative Writing and Screenwriting

Experience: Writing, blogging and screenwriting

Writer bio: 

Jordan is an avid writer, but can’t just stick to one topic – or one superhero! Having graduated from the University of Worcester with a BA in Creative Writing and Screenwriting, Jordan enjoys writing about a variety of niches he takes an interest in including superheroes, entertainment, history, sports and politics. However, he doesn’t stop there! Jordan loves a good challenge, alongside the opportunity to research and learn more about something new, making him an incredibly versatile writer.

You might find him:

  • Comparing the agility and strength of Batman vs. Superman.
  • Eagerly and impatiently awaiting another Marvel movie (or show).
  • Skipping the bar and choosing the movie theatre instead.
  • Enjoying anything new the DC universe brings us. 

Who he follows:

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