Anna Killick


Location: New Zealand

Education: BA in English and Foreign Languages

Experience: Content writing, blogging and copywriting

Writer bio: 

Anna hails from the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand. Apart from sharing her TV insights at Tell Tales Online, she is a teacher, jewelry designer, international award winning writer and blog owner of The Story Sofa. After becoming an international HarperCollins/ Agatha Christie award winner, she started a proofing/editing/writing business. Anna loves binge-watching TV shows then analyzing them, drinking tea, writing mystery stories, the cool wind on a dark night and rain on the roof.

You might find her:

  • Binging and never missing out on any spin-off of ‘The Walking Dead.’ 
  • With pen to paper, taking notes on the most popular TV shows.
  • Waiting for more series or movies from the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe.

Who she follows:

Favorite shows:

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