Andromeda Uju


Location: Nigeria

Experience: Writing, blogging, publishing

Writer bio: 

Andromeda is a full-time nurse, and a part-time cinema junkie. If she isn’t babbling on about movie scenes and characters that impact her, she delights in channeling that enthusiasm into pop culture writing. She is a proud KDP publisher (for celebrity news and biographies) and when she isn’t in the hospital, she hits “play” on a new film or TV show and afterwards rants – sorry – writes about it on Medium. Her patronus animal is a Siberian husky.

You might find her:

  • Rating celebrity red carpet outfits and screenshotting inspirations.
  • Obsessing over ‘Harry Potter’ and side-eyeing people when they tell her to grow up.
  • Gorging on celebrity, film and TV show updates.
  • Burning for Regé-Jean Page and missing Alan Rickman.
  • Binging ‘Saturday Night Live’.
  • Scrolling on Pinterest, awwing at cute dogs.

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