Our favourite Salvatore has found a new vampire girlfriend!

Ian Somerhalder has been spotted getting close to actress Nikki Reed.

The Vampire Diaries heartthrob and Twilight star looked to be all over eachother in recent photos taken whilst they were shopping at an L.A. Farmers’ Market on Sunday.

Although there was no neck-biting, the two vampire actors did appear to be cozying up. The snaps show Ian kissing Nikki’s neck and putting his arm around her.

We wonder what Ian’s ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev will have to say about this?

Ian and Nikki have not yet been confirmed as a couple. We may just be over-analysing these photographs. The two have in fact been close friends for years. We will have to wait and see…

This is the closest we will ever get to some kind of Vampire Diaries meets Twilight special!



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Angela Stephanou

Angela Stephanou

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