Johnny Depp’s Best Movie Roles


He’s gone from a cocky and witty pirate to a chocolate-crazed factory owner. He’s been a drug dealer and a tourist. Name it, he’s been it.

Johnny Depp is without a doubt, one of the best actors of our generation. The iconic Hollywood hero has taken on remarkable and memorable roles in film.  Reserved and mysterious in reality, Depp steps into a movie role and he owns it.  Depp so naturally adapts to the character he plays as he jumps from one eccentric role to the other.

Here are Johnny Depp’s best movie roles…

Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp excelled in what goes down in history as one of the darkest yet most heart-warming stories of all time. Depp doesn’t need dialogue in order to craft such a compelling character. With the simple use of outfit, makeup and facial expressions, Depp as Edward was fundamentally endearing.

Edward Scissorhands

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Willy Wonka – ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

A character with a bizarre haircut, creepy smile and chirpy personality was so bravely embodied by Johnny Depp. The actor was certainly the right man to take on such a cherished role. Depp’s larger-than-life portrayal of Wonka was weird, whimsical and so wonderfully depicted.

Willy Wonka Johnny Depp

Warner Bros

John Dillinger – ‘Public Enemies’

Johnny has also stepped away from kooky and cartoonish characters to play more serious roles. What is considered his most bad-ass role thus far is also his most enigmatic. Depp captured the thrilling life of bank robber, flawlessly.

Johnny Depp Public Enemies

Universal Pictures

Jack Sparrow – ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise

Johnny threw on the eyeliner and gold teeth and showcased his magnificence as an actor. Quirky, sarcastic and intelligent,  Jack Sparrow is a beloved character in film. Depp added charm and swagger into a mischievous pirate character, creating another celebrated role on screen.

Jack Sparrow

Walt Disney Pictures

Sweeney Todd – ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’

Among his great body of work, Johnny Depp sings. The Hollywood legend laid bare his ability to take on musical theatre in this impressive delivery. Depp played a menacing serial killer in a light-hearted musical that awarded him a Golden Globe for Best Actor.


Warner Bros.

George Jung – ‘Blow’

It is Johnny’s duty to provide consistency of a character and he does exactly that in Blow. Drug dealer- George Jung is depicted so shockingly well by Depp, he definitely deserved an Oscar for this performance.

Johnny Depp Blow


The Mad Hatter – ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Depp is no stranger to outlandish make-up and wacky outfits; perhaps that’s why he so effortlessly shined as the renowned Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. The idolised actor took on a fascinating and flamboyant character and proved that he is truly a master at his craft.

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter

Walt Disney Pictures

Tonto – ‘The Lone Ranger’

Although The Lone Ranger received some harsh criticism, there’s no denial that Depp’s depiction as the Native American Tonto is engaging and humorous. Like his other imaginative roles, Depp handles the comedy marvellously.


Walt Disney Pictures

Ichabod Crane – ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Johnny Depp’s collaboration with Tim Burton represents some of the actor’s most splendid work. He swayed audiences with his naturally alluring presence on screen as Ichabod Crane in this creepy blockbuster.

sleepy-hollow-johnny depp

Paramount Pictures

Frank Tupelo – ‘The Tourist’

Depp starred alongside Angelina Jolie in this romantic comedy thriller. Probably one of the actor’s least thrilling roles, Depp still managed to captivate audiences with his charisma and charm as Frank Tupelo.

Johnny Depp The Tourist

GK Films

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