The Most Shocking & Gory ‘Game of Thrones’ Scenes

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones in all its gory glory never fails to impress. Among its memorable scenes of battles, sex, weddings and violence, the hit-show is most often blood-soaked with brutal scenes.

Whether they’ve been hanged, beheaded, skinned, poisoned or stabbed, the characters on this show often die a painful, shocking and gory death. We’ve selected the best, most shocking and gory Game of Thrones scenes. Relive those gruesome moments in these gory GIFs…

1. When Jaime Killed Jory Cassel

In the first season of Game of Thrones, it’s as though Jaime Lannister was doing anything and everything to have the viewers hate him. Jamming a knife into Jory Cassel’s eye is a spectacular, and very gruesome scene to date.

jory cassel death

2. When Khaleesi Ate a Horse’s Heart

We don’t know about you but we gagged when Khaleesi was forced to eat a horse’s raw heart during a Dothraki ritual. Marked as one of Khaleesi’s best moments and the most bloodiest scenes on the show, this was enough to turn our stomachs around. We later discovered that the heart-prop was just a “gummy-bear-like” substance. As mentioned in our list of Game of Thrones trivia, Emilia Clarke said it tasted “horrible”…

khaleesi heart

3. When Viserys Got Crowned

We longed for spiteful Viserys Targaryen to die a painful death – he was cruel to Khaleesi after all. The white-haired villain succumbed and sizzled to his death as the molten gold drenched his body. It was certainly tough to watch.

viserys death

4. When The Mountain Killed Hugh of the Vale

We’ve been treated to a bunch of gory deaths but this one was of sheer awesomeness. The blood-spraying scene that showed the Hugh of the Vale get skewered in the neck was as gruesome as a bloody death can get.

hugh vale death

5. When Arya’s Sword Killed Lommy

Blood-splattering, stomach-churning and revolting all in one. We all know the power of Arya’s sword and it was made even clearer as it was smoothly pierced into the poor boy’s neck.

lommy death

6. When Rats Tortured the Villager

We felt sympathy for the poor villager that endured torture by rats. The sounds and screams were enough to imagine a bunch of rats clawing their way into the man’s chest cavity. What a way to go…

rat torture got

7. When Theon Killed Sir Rodrik

Theon reached the all-time low when he murdered a beloved character- Sir Rodrik. It took four sword strikes and a kick to finally see Rodrick’s head roll to the floor. Gross.

sir rodrik death

8. When Jaime Lannister Lost His Hand

Just when we thought his eye was going to be pierced, the unexpected happened and Jaime’s sword-hand was hacked off. Although the character has grown to be liked by viewers, maybe he deserved this dreaded fate after pushing little Bran off the tower.

jaime lannister hand

9. When The Red Wedding Happened

No matter how many times you watch The Red Wedding, you’re still left flabbergasted. In what is considered the most shocking Game of Thrones scene yet, the show killed off three main characters in the most horrific way possible. Slashing Talisa Maegyr’s pregnant belly was the ultimate EW! Believe it or not, this violent scene plays out very differently in the books.

talisa death

10. When The Mountain Killed The Red Viper

In what is possibly the most nauseating but best moments from season four, Oberyn’s head exploded after The Mountain pushed his thumbs into his eye sockets. We were left mentally and emotionally drained by the ghastly scene.

oberyn death

11. When King Joffrey Was Poisoned

Joffrey’s death left viewers both pleased and repulsed. Watching the poison slowly suffocate the villain’s body and turn his sour face purple was everything we had wished for. As cold-hearted as it sounds, that was the perfect death for Joffrey.

joffrey death

12. When Sansa Was Raped

Many had to cover their eyes during this brutally disturbing scene. Poor Sansa was raped by her sadistic husband and the show’s then-villain, Ramsay Bolton back in season 5. Watching the young 15-year-old get tormented in such a horrible way and watching Theon let it happen left scars in fans’ minds, perhaps more so than the gruesome and bloody scenes we’ve seen before.

sansa rape

13. When Shireen Was Burned Alive

It doesn’t get crueler than this. Poor, innocent Shireen was burnt alive in sacrifice in front of her heartless mother and father. The sound of her horrific screams were gruesome and shocking to say the least.

Shireen death

14. When Arya Finally Got Her Revenge on Meryn

As repulsive as it was watching Meryn’s blood spill, we have to admit that we enjoyed it. Arya finally got her hands on one of the people on her kill list and carried out a brutal, but well deserved murder.

Meryn death

15. When They Killed Jon Snow

This particular moment may not have been as gruesome but it was definitely savage and completely shocking. Jon Snow’s “brothers” of the Night’s Watch plunged their swords into their Lord Commander’s chest, one by one until he lay dead in his own pool of blood. Awful.

jon snow death

16. When a Spear Thrust Through Trystane’s Head

Damn, that must have been one forceful strike! The season six premiere prepared us for all the bloodshed that was to come with this squirmish scene. The Sand Snakes took out the men one by one in Dorne, giving Trystane one of the most repulsive deaths to date…

Trystane game of thrones

17. When Jon Snow was Trampled on

We prayed with all our might that Jon Snow wouldn’t die on us again during this hectic scene in the Battle of the Bastards. Watching Jon get stamped, crushed and trampled on beneath hundreds of men gave us serious claustrophobia. This Game of Thrones battle scene was so graphically well-made, it was as though we felt Jon’s panic and suffocation…

battle of bastards jon

18. When Ramsay Got Eaten by His Dogs

Although we felt great satisfaction watching Ramsay Bolton die a gruesome death, it was still difficult to watch. We can only imagine the fear that rippled through his body as his own pup licked the blood off him. When the dog teared a chunk of skin from Bolton’s face, we knew the worst was to come. As hideous a death as this was, it was simultaneously triumphant to see Bolton die a savage death…

bolton death

19. When Loras Had His Head Carved

If we lived in the Game of Thrones world, we would be sure of one thing – to never devote our lives to the Faith of the Seven. It would mean getting the seven pointed star carved onto our foreheads – no thank you! We could almost feel the pain as the sharp dagger chiseled into Loras’ head back in the season six finale. Excuse us as we vomit into a bucket!

loras game of thrones

20. When Arya Killed Walder Frey

Not only was Walder Frey’s death gory, but shocking, tooWe totally didn’t expect the servant girl to turn into Arya. Seeing her get revenge for her family’s death at The Red Wedding was satisfying indeed. Spill as much evil blood as you wish, Arya…

arya frey

21. When Arya Slit Littlefinger’s Throat

As annoying as Littlefinger was, none of us saw this scene coming. We may have witnessed gorier scenes than this on GoT, but Arya’s calm demeanour when slitting Littlefinger’s throat was disturbing indeed. In fact, we might have felt sorry for him for a second.

littlefinger death

22. When Dany Killed Varys

Daenerys has done a lot of killing in her time but rarely was it a character we loved. Out of her rage and feelings of betrayal, Dany ordered her dragon to breathe fire onto poor Varys, burning him to smithereens. This moment certainly goes down as one of the hardest to watch.

varys death

23. When Missandei was Killed

It’s never nice seeing someone decapitated on this show, but it was especially hard seeing it happen to the beloved Missandei. The girl was innocent and played no part in harming Cersei, yet still, her head was chopped off by The Mountain right in front of her loved ones to see.

missandei death

24. When Daenerys Burned King’s Landing

Although not as bloody or visually disturbing as other Game of Thrones scenes, Daenerys’ rampage over the innocent people of King’s Landing still sent shivers down our spines. Knowing that she was setting alight hundreds and thousands of blameless citizens had us not only despising the once-was queen, but feeling terribly sorry for the lost lives.

drogon kings landing

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This post was updated on June 27th 2019.


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