10 Best Movie Villains You Love to Hate


Almost all movies make room for a hated villain. The baddie is always there to stir your emotions and make your blood boil. But at the end of the day, you can’t help but have some sort of admiration for them. The villain, especially if played by a talented actor, is at times hated but also loved.

They kill, they sin and they deliberately damage the hero. From The Joker to Voldemort, we list 10 best movie villains that you simply can’t help but love to hate.

The Joker – ‘The Dark Knight’

Played by Heath Ledger

The Joker in the Dark Knight is so deranged, psychotic and portrayed so effortlessly well that he instantly becomes a villain you love to hate. The combination of this villain’s unpredictability, gruesome appearance, and irrational motives have made him unforgettable to many. Heath Ledger played the role of The Joker flawlessly. It’s hard to come by such a movie villain who has received such a widespread applause from both critics and fans. Batman’s arch-nemesis will forever be a movie icon.

the joker

Warner Bros.

Ivan Drago – ‘Rocky IV’

Played by Dolph Lundgren

Ivan Drago is a boxer from Russia who is pumped on performance enhancing drugs. He wants to beat Rocky – and in our eyes, no one should take down the famous heavyweight champion! Ivan Drago was so heartless and terribly loathed. There was a lot of political backdrop at the time this movie was released, but simply put, nobody will forget this cold-blooded baddie in a hurry. Ivan Drago is still hated by millions.

Ivan Drago Rocky

Ivan Drago from Rocky IV | MGM

Tony Montana – ‘Scarface’

Played by Al Pacino

The gangster who had it all, then loses it in the most tragic way. Tony Montana is a Cuban immigrant who goes to America with big dreams, and big balls. This gangster is not your typical movie villain because you actually want him to stay alive and end up in one piece! Tony Montana’s attitude, character, and mannerisms make him stand out amongst all bad-guys. Al Pacino was definitely the best man for the role. It’s hard to imagine another actor who can pull off the role of Tony Montana and make Scarface the popular movie it still is today. Overly ‘ambitious’, incredibly greedy, and the most tenacious villain out there, you just gotta love to hate Tony Montana.

tony montana villain

Tony Montana from Scarface | Universal Pictures

Alonzo Harris – ‘Training Day’

Played by Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is renowned for playing the good-guy in many of his movies, but in Training Day, you quite literally end up hating the guy. Alonzo is a corrupt L.A.P.D. detective who is tasked with training newbie Jake (played by Ethan Hawke). Training Day is an intense movie full of moral dilemmas. As with all great villains in movies, Alonzo’s screen presence is continually strong giving viewers a daunting feeling whenever he’s on screen. Denzel Washington channelled his inner-evil-doer brilliantly.

Training Day

Alonzo from Training Day | Warner Bros

Tommy DeVito – ‘Goodfellas’

Played by Joe Pesci

Tommy DeVito is as cruel as gangsters can get. Joe Pesci will forever by remembered for playing this spiteful and prestigious role. While he is so hated at times, you still can’t help but enjoy watching him on your screen. With his destructiveness and memorable villainy, Tommy is undoubtedly charming for all the wrong reasons. After watching Goodfellas you’ll deeply love to hate this villain!


Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas | Warner Bros

Hannibal Lecter – ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

Played by Anthony Hopkins’

Hannibal Lecter is a villain that sends shivers down your spine whenever he’s on screen. It’s obvious Anthony Hopkins done his research when taking on this role. Somehow you really believe that this guy actually feasts on people, so much that you would think twice at approaching the actor in the streets! We don’t actually see Hannibal do as much harm in this movie but we are taken aback and naturally frightened by his manipulative nature and way of talking. The Silence of the Lambs is a chilling thriller and Hannibal Lecter is one of the most terrifying villains to ever grace our television screens.

Hannibal Lecter villain

Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs | Strong Heart/Demme Production

Darth Vader – ‘Star Wars’

Played by David Prowse, Voice by James Earl Jones

Darth Vadar from Star Wars, has a menacing aura that makes your teeth chatter. Costumes don’t get better than this for a movie villain. His dark, over-powering and threatening presence has made Darth Vader a globally, recognized character and hated character. One of his notable characteristics is his deep, unnerving breathing. Besides his costume, he is a man full of hate who’s on a mission to lead the Galactic Empire and rule the galaxy! Darth Vader is truly unforgettable and favorited by many.

Darth Vader movie villain

Darth Vader from Star Wars Episode III | Lucasfilm

Jack Torrance – ‘The Shining’

Played by Jack Nicholson

Labelled as one of Stephen King’s most twisted and complex characters, this villain will certainly give you the chills throughout the run of this classic film. After his uncontrollable temper and drinking problems loose him his job, Jack Torrance moves with his family to maintain a huge isolated and creepy hotel. He slowly starts to go insane and begins to torment his family as supernatural forces get the better of him. It’s the pure insanity that makes Jack Torrance well remembered by movie watchers. The one and only Jack Nicholson knows how to play a deranged role so well; his bizarre facial expressions are everything!

Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance from The Shining | Warner Bros

Lord Voldemort – ‘Harry Potter’

Played by Ralph Fiennes 

Lord Voldemort is the ultimate villain in the amazing, fictional series of Harry Potter. With his mutilated soul that’s driven by evil and unmatched supernatural powers, Voldemort is even feared by viewers, we almost avoid speaking his name along with the characters! The exceptional story writing, imagination and portrayal of this monstrous character lead a craze of millions of viewers to watch that climatic scene where Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort finally battle it out. The scene definitely goes down as one of the greatest bad-guy last stands! Nightmarish and sinister, Voldemort will forever be classed as one of the best movie villains. Nobody tries to take down Harry Potter, after-all!

lord voldemort harry potter

Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter | Warner Bros

Scar – ‘The Lion King’

Played by Jeremy Irons

The iconic animation character was the pure evil at the heart of this classic Disney movie. Scar, so ruthless and devilishly appealing, is almost completely hated as if he were real. The Lion King will have you in tears thanks to the evil motives of this dark and catty lion. Scar is the devious brother who wants to be king and goes to extreme measures in order to take the throne. He is without a doubt, one of the most loathed Disney characters ever to be created however his brutal badness and evil magnetism will enthral you, all the while.

Scar movie villain

Scar from The Lion King | Walt Disney Pictures

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  1. I may have mellowed over the years but, still, I am far from being a moderate. So I either like or dislike things with unbridled passion. I loved to hate all those cretins once more, thanks to your fine compilation. However, my favourite villain is Commodus from Gladiator.

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