Celebrities and Their Pets: Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and More!


Got a gallery filled with endless photos of your pet? Taken an embarrassing selfie with your furry friend? Don’t worry, celebs do it too!

With all the ups and downs of fame, sometimes a celebrity has no one to turn to but their pet. The unconditional love from your cat or dog is truly gratifying and a lot of celebrities relate.

From Justin Bieber’s pooch to Tori Spelling’s chicken (yes, you read that right), we list a few of our favourite celebrity pets. Some of them are stylish, some of them are unbearably adorable and some of them are pampered. Have a look at these Instagram photos of celebrities with their dearest darlings…

Harry Styles and Colin

We are totally loving the shades, Colin! Harry Styles’ dog somewhat looks cooler than his owner!

Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Just by scrolling through Amanda Seyfried’s Instagram account, you’ll see that Finn really is the apple of her eye. True love right there!

Ed Sheeran and Graham

Ed Sherran’s selfie with his newly adopted kitten is beyond cute. Graham is claiming his spot on Sheeran’s shoulder!

Kaley Cuoco and Norman

Kaley Cuoco is devoted to her pup to the point that she even shares a slobbery kiss with him!

Taylor Swift’s Meredith

Taylor Swift’s cat will meow its way to anyone’s heart. Or will she? Meredith looks super chilled, she’ll probably expect you to make the first move…

Justin Bieber’s Karma

Justin Bieber let his fans pick out a name for his insanely adorable dog. Beliebers will be swooning over Karma more than they do for Bieber!


Justin Bieber | Instagram


Miley Cyrus and Floyd

Miley Cyrus has taught her pooch the right tricks. He knows how to take a silly selfie!

Victoria Beckham’s Coco

Victoria and David Beckham’s dog took a liking to another kind of sport. Forget football, basketball is more his thing…

Ian Somerhalder and Moke

Ian Somerhalder’s kitty likes getting comfortable in unusual places. Moke really does love his dad…

Tori Spelling’s Coco Chanel

Tori Spelling’s feathered friend, Coco is probably the most pampered chicken we’ve ever seen…

These cuddly creatures are more popular, richer and spoilt than we’ll ever be but that doesn’t stop us from ooing and ahhing over them…

Excuse us as we go and pose for a selfie with our pet…

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