The 10 Most Inspiring Female Celebrities


There are plenty of women in the public eye however there is only a handful that we consider to be truly inspiring. They’re worth a million and they’re worth recognition on International Women’s Day.

We select ten female celebrities who inspire and who are more than just a pretty face. They’ve succeeded, they’ve overcome incredible challenges and they are victorious in all that they do. From the world of music, film, fashion, books and television, we give you a rundown on the most inspiring female celebrities. We honour and give them the most fanfare they sincerely deserve…

1. Oprah Winfrey

From being born into poverty and getting raped at the age of 9, Oprah Winfrey has risen to become the world’s most admired and influential woman. From charity work to her famous talk show, the chat-show host undoubtedly deserves all the success and happiness in the world.

2. Angelina Jolie

She manages to maintain her beauty, juggle a movie career, manage six children, keep hold of a handsome husband and also participate and help countless charities. Angelina Jolie is the most awe-inspiring women in Hollywood. As an Oscar-award winning actress and UN goodwill ambassador, Jolie is the epitome of greatness.

3. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has gone from rags to riches. The struggling single mother turned out to be a billionaire author thanks to her remarkable and well-praised Harry Potter book series. J.K. Rowling has inspired both children and adults with her books and she is also a committed charity campaigner.

4. Beyonce

All hail Queen B. From Destiny’s Child to a solo career, Beyoncé is certainly the woman to turn to for some inspiration. From her songs like Single Ladies and Run the World (Girls) to her effortless ability in owning the stage, Beyoncé oozes female empowerment.

5. Meryl Streep

This Hollywood icon has wowed audiences with her bags of talent. Meryl Streep is an outstanding actress, there’s no surprise that she holds the record for most Academy Award nominations of any actor. Streep’s profound contribution to Hollywood has even rewarded her with three ‘Best Actress’ Oscars!

6. Lady Gaga

This star not only empowers women but also youths. Lady Gaga inspires many to be true to who they are through both her music and Born This Way Foundation. She is without a doubt, one of the most exciting and powerful female artists out there. Lady Gaga is exactly what this music industry needs – a breath of fresh air and fearlessness.

7. Madonna

She’s been around for 30 years and she’s still going strong. Madonna is beyond question the Queen of pop. The most talked about popstar has iconic music that has already gone down in history. She’s reinvented her style so many times and has continued to be applauded.

8. Judi Dench

This national treasure is one of the best actresses Britain has to offer. Dame Judi Dench is an Oscar-winning actress that has spawned a career of over 50 years. Dench is the true representation of grace, charisma and talent. Her contribution to Hollywood is forever timeless and one-of-a-kind.

9. Victoria Beckham

This Spice Girl-turned-fashion icon has paved her way towards success and worldwide recognition. Victoria Beckham is one of the most sought-after fashion designers. Her leading role in fashion, marriage to famous footballer David Beckham and the respectful way she carries herself has made her one of the most inspiring and empowering women in showbiz.

10. Lena Dunham

Although not yet known to many but recognised by those who watch Girls, Lena Dunham is well on her way to becoming a notable figure in television. The 27-year-old is nothing but fearless, courageous and confident. She is the creator, director and writer of the well-acclaimed hit-series Girls.

Which female star inspires you most? Let us know in the comment box below.


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