Bridgerton: 17 Hottest Scenes to Make You Blush

Forget posh, forget classy! These Bridgerton scenes are naughty and oh so sexy!
bridgerton's hottest scenes

Content warning: This article contains mature themes.

Bridgerton: An epic story of a retro society behaving prim and proper. They gasp at juicy gossip, dance at lavish soirées, and make romantic declarations, all in the backdrop of orchestral renditions of your favorite pop songs.

‘Classy’ indeed. But that’s all at first glance of this Regency-set period drama.

Bridgerton is fancy, but it’s also filthy. The rich are nice, but they’re also naughty. This popular show is deliciously abundant with unchaperoned lingering gazes, sexual chemistry, heaving torsos, hot and heavy make-out sessions, and erm, sex scenes that make you blush.

That, gentle readers, is what most of us live for, or, in Bridgertonspeak, burn for. 

The second part of the latest season drops very soon, and as we wait with bated breath, let’s stroll down memory lane and relive the steamiest scenes that had us engaging in little fantasies of our own.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are Bridgerton’s hottest scenes — from season one to season three, as well as scenes from Queen Charlotte.

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Bridgerton Season 1 Hottest Scenes

1. Simon and Daphne Smooch in the Garden

Kicking off the list is this swoonworthy scene in Season 1. These two can never, ever keep their hands — or mouths — off each other, even when they’re mad at one another. But who’s complaining? Simon and Daphne’s hot scenes are what got us into the dirty and naughty world of the Bridgerton in the first place.

In this scene, Daphne flees from the prince’s proposal and meets Simon, whose unbothered reaction vexes her, and she storms off into the garden.

Simon follows, and at this point, I sit forward in anticipation. Up until now, these two have been serving us foreplay after foreplay, so surely, things are about to sizzle…

Simon grabs her and kisses — no, mauls her. They might have unlocked a new level of second base if her meddling brother hadn’t arrived. Ugh. Partypooper.

2. Daphne Tells Simon She Burns for Him

Married against their will — so to speak — the Duke and his incomparable stop by an inn to spend the night, and either is tensed that the passions burning in their loins are unrequited.

How erroneous…and erotic.

They burst into each other, fess the eff up, and they engage in slow and sensual lovemaking.

Now, readers, do you want me to stop?

3. Simon and Daphne Do it. Everywhere

I dare you to listen back to Wildest Dreams without having flashbacks of this infamously passionate scene.

That was the soundtrack for the newlyweds as they christen every corner of their castle; in the rain, in their bedroom, in the bare field (where Simon flashes his titled behind), and in the library.

Clearly, these two are not in the least bashful, and like me, their housekeepers are absolutely living for it!

4. Simon and Daphne Get Intense on the Stairs

Let’s just say Daph wasn’t the only one weak in the knees during this particular scene.

When Simon arrives home late, his duchess confronts him about his whereabouts. This culminates in a charged kiss, before Simon carries her to the stairs and goes to town on her.

Imagine a sleepy servant stumbling upon this sight on his way to the loo. Pah! Like the Duke and the Duchess haven’t displayed worse…

Sorry folks, this NSFW scene isn’t available on YouTube…

5. Anthony and Siena Get Rough at a Boxing Match

Before ‘Kanthony’ enchanted us all, there was ‘Sienthony.’ However, it wasn’t just their names that made for an odd pairing. They were socially incompatible, and she ends up taking up with another gentleman.

In the midst of their secret love affair, Anthony and Siena find themselves seated across each other during a boxing match. Their eyes do a little sparring of their own and soon enough they’re sneaking under the bleachers for their own private match — their lips bruise against each other, while Siena rips off his clothes.

Round one, smash!

Bridgerton Season 2 Sexiest Moments

6. Anthony Teaches Kate To Hold a Gun

The award for the heaviest breathers goes to Kanthony. Sorry Queen Charlotte, but George doesn’t even begin to compare to these two. Their intimacy is off the wall!

Kate joins the men for a hunt, and Anthony, still disoriented by *that* bee sting, engages her in a sensually charged tête-à-tête.

Their faces get steamily close to each other, as he shows her how to hold a gun, and well, we’re treated to 20 seconds of Lord Snifferton taking in Kate’s smell as though he’s getting high off a flower he just discovered.

7. Kate and Anthony Get Caught in the Act

Still dizzy from the sniffing tango back in the woods, Anthony and Kate cautiously share a dance — forced by her sister — while she reveals her plans to disappear after the wedding.

Anthony storms into a room, upset, with Kate hot at his rear.

There, our ears are privy to the most swoonworthy dialogue, full of sexual tension. A close-up of their lustful gazes and passion-soaked breaths are a symphony to our ears, until Daphne barges in and ruins it.

Girl, you had your time. Jeez!

8. Anthony Tells Kate She’s the Bane of His Existence

That line is branded in my heart!

Dinner with Anthony’s prospective in-laws ends in disaster, and once again, our gentleman storms off, Kate catches him, and we’re in for a more electrifying encounter than the last.

Anthony’s honor and Kate’s duty are stretched dangerously thin as they engage in titillating repartee, aka dirty “proper” talk, with their lips and noses brushing each other’s with immense need and yet, restraint.

Just kiss already! Hands up if you also kept screaming at the TV.

9. Kate and Anthony Make Out in Church

Making out in church? Oh my! But what is Bridgerton without a bit of scandal?

Ha! Well, the real scandal happens hours before, when Kanthony basically eye-fu*k each other, as he’s about to take his wedding vows with another woman — aka, Kate’s sister.

Following his wedding-gone-wrong, Kate and Anthony find themselves alone in the church, and the chemistry is burning. They exchange some grandiose words, which basically sum up as: The truth is out, we might as well do it get on with it.

And so, their lips clash and explore each other, and dearest readers, it is our turn to exhale. Finally.

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10. Anthony and Kate Finally Get Down to Business

The gardens in Mayfair have certainly borne witness to a lot of shenanigans. This time, it’s third base between two proper people who have been behaving improperly since they laid eyes on each other.

Anthony’s honor has snapped, Kate’s duties are kaput, and so, they toss their clothes, and submit to their desires, finally ending our torture, because, let’s admit it — Season 2 had us aching for a smidgen of sex for seven whole episodes!

Can we just replay the moment the Viscount utters, “Go inside?” Urm, yes sir!

‘Queen Charlotte’ Hottest Moments

11. Charlotte and George Get Intimate On the Table

This young couple detested each other — ahem — but had to meet every alternate day to make an heir. As if they never looked forward to it.

In this sexy moment, George and Charlotte are having dinner, and they just can’t stand each other’s presence. 

The tension melts into need, and before you know it, food and utensils are flying off the table, as our king and queen get down and dirty, without a care in the world if their servants are there. Kiss like no one’s watching, eh?

12. Lady Danbury Takes Control

…Or Lord Ledger comes inside….*wink wink*

Lady Danbury is in mourning, and Lord Ledger has been a good friend, taking walks with her, discussing loss…nearly kissing her. Wait, what?

That’s why she was so surprised to find him at her door, and soon we are ushered into a sexy shot of Lord Ledger’s bare backside moving against Danbury. It gets sexier when she climbs on top.

Sure, this tryst is so wrong, but they’re so shippable!

Bridgerton Season 3 Hottest Scenes

13. Benedict and Lady Tilly Get Off

The easy-going, responsibility-free Benedict Bridgerton fears his freedom is endangered by eager debutantes and anxious mamas, until he happens upon Lady Tilly Arnold, an incredibly attractive widow whose carriage makes an impression on him.

He brings her flowers, but a few seconds later, we realize she’s interested in something more. So is Benedict, as he tosses the bouquet away and mouths spill secrets to each other. Not so much a spicy scene, but definitely full of sexual tension…

Which brings me to the question, how does one get a guy to bring you flowers — then passionately toss them on the floor for you? Asking for a friend.

14. Colin Has a Wet Dream

Penelope asking Colin to kiss her is an unexpected go girl! moment, but the greater surprise comes when Colin unleashes all his fantasies, to which Pen shares that she feels the same way, too.

They fall into each other, kissing harder and less chastely than the first time, with Penelope moaning his name.

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Our heart skips a beat, but suddenly, we’re yanked back into reality when he wakes up, and we realize that this was just one of Colin’s wet dreams. Argh!

Not to worry, readers, there’s more to come! 

15. Polin Happens

Wet dreams do come true! The fandom exploded when Colin confessed his feelings in the mid-Season 3 finale, leaving Pen to stare back in disbelief, and viewers like myself to lose control. 

We are treated to a fun rendition of Pitbull’s Give Me Everything, as Polin explore each other’s mouths, and Colin, our daring lad who led the balloon rescue, dares a hand under Pen’s dress. Flustered? Me? Absolutely!

What follows is mind-blowing — not just for Penelope — and painfully short.

That’s why our eyes are on June 13th. We have to see what’s to come of this (pun fully intended)!

16. Polin Go All the Way

“Lie down.” 

That’s all I heard 17 minutes into the second part of Season 3, and it had me grinning in anticipation because bodies were about to thrust! 

Our newly engaged — and undressed — wallflower proceeds to a lounge chair, still dazed by her dreams finally leaving her imagination, and the most eligible bachelor of the season, aka her forever crush, who confessed moments ago that he loves her, joins her.

Penelope and Colin’s lovemaking is more tender than hot, but given their history which is without drama, but copious with friendship, we wouldn’t have it any other way. This was one of Bridgerton’s longest — and probably most detailed sex scenes by far.

17. Benedict Has a Ménage à Trois 

…and it wouldn’t be his first. Throughout the series, Benedickst has been adventurous; with an art model, the modiste, the modiste and another lady; but Lady Tilly is about to show him a whole new world.

She invites him to dinner, where her ridiculously handsome friend, Mr. Suarez, vets him, after which he stumbles across the both of them in an intense lip lock. She later explains the situation, and laid-back Benedict makes a decision.

This scene shows his unconventional induction: an ardent kiss to Tilly and then, some hair-grabbing tongue action with Suarez. For a moment, I was just as anxious as Tilly, but Benedict proves once again that societal norms do not apply to him.

Phew, that was intense! We were promised a show of Regency romance, not a tornado of voyeuristic delights! These scenes are so sexually driven, I almost feel like I’m intruding on something every time I watch them!

Which moments would you pick as Bridgerton‘s hottest scenes? Is it the infamous carriage scene in Season 3 that tickles your fancy or the library moment shared between Daphne and Simon? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!


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