Bridgerton: The 20 Best Characters, Ranked

From the dashing Duke of Hastings to the multi-dimensional Bridgerton siblings, which character do we 'burn' for?
best bridgerton characters

Dearest Gentle Reader, what is it about the hit period series Bridgerton that keeps you firmly hooked on like a tight-fitted corset?

Is it the steamy love scenes or the profound romantic declarations? Or perhaps it’s the stunning costumes, grand sets, and classical pop covers that you burn for. Mostly, though, I have a feeling it’s the characters that keep you gripped on this popular TV show.

From the dashing Duke of Hastings to the multi-dimensional Bridgerton siblings, every character is as alluring as the Regency-era setting itself. But in the words of Lord Anthony, who is the “bane of my existence and the object of all my desires?”

With every season — and spin-off — the show goes through a wardrobe change of characters, so it might be best to do a roll call of the most memorable ones.

Scroll down for my ranking of the 20 best Bridgerton characters (including those in Queen Charlotte) — based on their impact, likableness, and overall contribution to the series.

The Best Bridgerton Characters Ranked

20. Cressida Cowper

Cressida Cowper

Where else would this ill-mannered gossip be, if not at the bottom of the list? Cressida Cowper, my least favorite Bridgerton character, is like that coworker you want to defenestrate, or that neighbor you fantasize about running over. I’m exaggerating, obviously. Although she’s had some character growth and I feel *slightly* sorry for her, I can’t forgive her for picking on poor Penelope, gossiping and competing for suitors. Pretty sure she cries herself to sleep for being match-free.

19. The Featherington Sisters

prudence Featherington

Whiners and graceless groaners, Prudence and Philippa are no one’s favorites — neither in our hearts or among the ton. They now have different surnames as they both successfully married, making their mama heave a sigh of relief. However, their pitiful, back-breaking journey to this status remains fresh in my mind. On the one hand, you’re happy for them. On the other, you feel sorry for those poor blokes.

18. Mrs. Varley

Now, why would a lowly servant rank higher than high-born ladies? Unlike her fellow trusty servants on this show, Mrs. Varley stands out not just for being the Featheringtons’ loyal housekeeper, but their partner in crime, as well. She could have left when they were insolvent, but she stayed, taking up the family’s duties and plotting with Portia for the good of the household. What other housekeeper would do that? Someone give Mrs. Varley the Servant of the Season Award!

17. Lord and Lady Mondrich

Because they are a T-E-A-M — and possibly the most superior couple on the show. Friends of the Duke of Hastings, and well-acquainted with the Bridgertons, the businessman and his audacious wife are slowly becoming favorites, and for that, they deserve a worthy mention. From rigged fights to opening a manhole, they try to stand firmly on their feet, as they aren’t as endowed as others. But having now gone from working class to high society, these two are clearly moving up in the world of Bridgerton, and I love that for them.

16. Benedict Bridgerton 

benedict Bridgerton 

What’s a Bridgerton doing on the lowest rungs of the ladder? Benedict is a great guy, but his character isn’t as flourished as his more popular family members. We know he wants to be free to forge his own path, uninfluenced by societal expectations, and he’s also the supportive sibling who’s there when you need him. Remember when he rescued Eloise, the sibling he’s closest with, from a crude description of how babies are made?

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15. Genevieve Delacroix

Ah, Benedict’s ex-fling with the fake French accent…The successful businesswoman who styles the ladies of the ton and collaborates with Lady Whistledown. That alliance ended when she realized their tryst wasn’t worth a charred reputation. But throughout the series, she’s proven to be a good person, and bestie to Penelope. Need advice, a place to crash, or want to spread a rumor about someone having an illegitimate child so you don’t have to marry him anymore? Just head over to the modiste!

14. Simon Basset

Simon Basset

It goes without a doubt that the Duke of Hastings was one of the best characters in the first season. He was ridiculously good-looking, and his presence always spoke more than he ever did. But I can’t say I *miss* him. Simon hangs low on the ladder, as he allows his hatred for his father to control him by denying Daphne, his wife, the joys of motherhood. In the end, love, frequent shenanigans around the estate, and of course common sense prevail, and Augie Bassett is born.

13. King George

King George bridgerton

Although not so much a major character on Bridgerton, the spinoff show Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story helped us sympathize with the once-was charming and graceful king. A well-rounded and humanized portrayal of a vulnerable King who is plagued by mental illness, I couldn’t help but feel a certain level of compassion for this character as he navigates the tragic relationship with his wife.

12. Colin Bridgerton

Colin Bridgerton

“I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington…” Well, I will never forget those words Mr. Colin Bridgerton!!

But all things (and Season 3) considered, he still gets brownie points for being the perfect gentleman. Indeed, despite being blind to the whole package that is Penelope (except in Season 3, of course), Colin is the ultimate sweetheart. He looks out for Featheringtons before they almost get shanghaied; expresses that he could have married Marina despite the pregnancy; and rescues his best friend Penelope from the many torments of the ton. Colin’s that guy you wanna be friends with, but not too friend-ly with, you get me?

11. Edwina Sharma

Timid and sweet Edwina is bland to say the least. Her agreeable nature makes me yawn and yes, I use her scenes for bathroom breaks. It was when she discovered that Anthony, her husband-to-be, was in love with Kate, her sister, that I felt some fire oozing from her. That fire restored order in both households and mended her relationship with her sister. It also gave her a prince instead of a viscount, so you know, talk about leveling up!

10. Daphne Basset

Daphne Basset

The incomparable Duchess Daphne Basset. The pretty face that had men swooning and girls admiring. The Bridgerton that chose a Duke over a Prince…and took drastic measures to ensure pregnancy. The things we do for love, right? Of course, she has to be among the top 10 characters! As the first Bridgerton daughter, she discharges her duties of setting a good example for her younger sisters and upholding her family’s prestige splendidly. But in what world did she think she could play around with the handsome Duke and not get…burned?

9. Eloise Bridgerton 

Eloise Bridgerton

Witty, somewhat awkward, and sharp as a whip, Eloise Bridgerton is probably the only lady in the ton who doesn’t care for fancy balls and suitors. And that’s why she’s one of the best Bridgerton characters. The fifth in the family and the brightest of them all, she detests the societal structure and its expectations, and simply desires independence — the ultimate role model, indeed. However, no one is immune to the love bug — but the lucky gentleman has to win her brains first before her heart.

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8. Anthony Bridgerton 

Anthony Bridgerton

His bossy nature isn’t particularly endearing, but you can’t blame him. Thrust into the role of Viscount so young and so unexpectedly, Anthony Bridgerton had to man up to the responsibilities, which included protecting his large family and maintaining their integrity. Surely such a person would be stimulated by his equal, and he found it in Kate Sharma. “I am a gentleman,” he says. The next minute, he’s ripping her clothes off. No sir, you are not.

7. Kate Sharma

Kate Sharma

“It is only a bee, my lord.” You sure about that, girl? *winky face*

Kate is introduced in Season 2, as the headstrong, assertive, and protective older sister of Edwina Sharma. In efforts to save her family from financial woes, Kate strives to find a suitable match for Edwina, but things get complicated (and incredibly steamy). The malevolent looks she exchanges with Anthony Bridgerton, her sister’s first match, soon melts into affection, and trouble ensues. But this is Bridgerton. There are always happy endings, at least for those we like.

6. Portia Featherington

Portia Featherington

Now, what’s this scheming bully of a mother doing ranking so high up? Hear me out. Portia Featherington may be horrid to her daughters, particularly Penelope, but you have to admire her fierce guts and will to protect them and her family’s status. Thankfully, her eldest daughters are married — finally — to upstanding men in society, so we hope to see a little more softness and less plotting from this iconic character. Or not. The Featheringtons are never without trouble. 

5. Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton

She’s the matriarch of the eponymous family — of course she’s going to rank among the big five. Despite suffering from grief (of losing her husband), Violet Bridgerton does a splendid job at keeping the household together, and maintaining her family’s social standing. As the supreme ‘mother’ of the show, who only wants ‘love’ for her children, Violet is the glue for her big family. Oh, and her friendship with Lady Danbury is one of the delights of the series.

4. Brimsley 

Yes, Brimsley, the Queen’s butler. He deserves his flowers. You’ll understand my choice if you watched Queen Charlotte, of course. The show revealed that he was more than just the Queen’s servant in the Royal Palace. He was a great friend and confidant, who helped young Charlotte navigate the demands of being queen. Instrumental in helping the royal couple find balance, Brimsley’s endeavors mirrored his own personal life. Like that time he danced with the air, reminiscing about his lover Reynolds — that had me bawling.

3. Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury

Forget Mrs. Whistledown, this might just be the ‘Bridgerton boss.’ This magnificent force of a woman keeps everyone on their toes. Second to the Queen, Agatha Danbury is the most influential woman in the ton, whose sass and power have helped her land at third place in my ranking. She commands respect and she oozes confidence the moment she walks into a room. Oh and she knows how to serve looks and rock a dress at her grown age.

2. Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte

If you watched Queen Charlotte, you’d understand why I ranked her as the second-best Bridgerton character. It was in the spinoff where we learned about Charlotte’s journey and realize that underneath all that carriage and extravagant attire is a tender woman who never gave up on the love of her life. She did threaten to take out Eloise, so it makes you wonder what else happened to make her turn out so…severe. Ah, yes, the stress of ruling a transcontinental empire. Or the weight of her wigs, perhaps.

1. Penelope Featherington

Penelope Featherington

Should I even explain myself? I think we can collectively agree that Penelope Featherington is Bridgerton’s best character. The dark horse of the show and the most underrated character — at least among those around her — Pen is actually the most powerful person in the ton. No one is immune from her spicy publications, which can make or break anyone’s reputation, and as loveable as she is, she’s done some questionable things. Like scuttle her cousin’s chances of marriage out of selfishness and defame her best friend.

But that’s why we love her. She has flaws, she is multi-dimensional, and when she’s got pen to paper, damn, she can be ruthlessly witty. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Lady Whistledown.

So there you have it, the top 20 best Bridgerton characters. I’d like to know your thoughts on the ranking. Did I miss anyone or did I include an undeserving member of the ton?

If you’re surprised that your own faves didn’t make the list, that’s what the comments are for!


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