24 Best Demi Lovato Songs Ever

best demi lovato songs

Demi Lovato has dabbled in various music genres throughout her career, from pop-punk classics, emotional ballads, to pop hits.

Throughout the release of her eight studio albums, this pop-rock icon has wowed us with her powerhouse vocals and song-writing skills.

Most importantly though, Demi has made us feel seen as teens with songs like Don’t Forget; made us ugly-cry with raw and honest hits like Skyscraper; and let us dance our butts off to tracks like Cool For The Summer

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There are so many top hits by Demi, we can’t keep count. So, to make it easier for you and I, we’ve decided to break down her greatest songs according to each album.

Let’s cut to the chase! Here’s a list of the best Demi Lovato songs from each album starting with 2008’s Don’t Forget to 2022’s Holy Fvck

Don’t Forget (2008)

La La Land

‘La La Land’ – forget the movie, Demi did it first. Her debut single is what made her a household name among fans. Capturing her youth, this hit was written and recorded when Demi was just 16 years-old. And it’s aged pretty well. La La Land is pop punk perfection, and let’s be honest, it’s the reason why most of us started wearing Converse in the 00s…

Don’t Forget  

Although more vulnerable than her previous releases at the time, Don’t Forget is still a total bop to this day. The singer shows off her powerhouse vocals in her mid-teens, and truly sets the tone for her successful career ahead. In fact, we might just say this is the standout track of the album.


Sexy rock, full of attitude, and just a lot of fun. May we remind you that this hit was written by a mere 16 year-old? Trainwreck is your classic teen pop song that makes punk fans rock their heads and sing their hearts out all over again.

Here We Go Again (2009)

Here We Go Again

Did somebody say pop rock anthem? Indeed, Here We Go Again is a hit-and-a-half. It’s giving Hilary Duff, but it’s also heavily influenced by Kelly Clarkson. A timeless banger that’s fun and infectious, don’t @ us if you catch us rocking to this in a car ride…

Catch Me

Catch Me is a lyrical masterpiece, a true testament to Demi’s songwriting skills. While it starts off melodic, with Demi showing-off a softer side to her voice, it winds up picking up speed, with a loud punk/hard rock twist at the last minute. 

Gift of a Friend

In an album full of pop rock hits, Gift of a Friend is a breath of fresh air. It’s slow and sweet, and it truly highlights Demi as a pop princess. Talking of ‘princess,’ this track could easily be pulled straight out of a Disney movie. You know, one like Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure… 

Unbroken (2011)


Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Demi sounds stripped-back in this endearing ballad. It may not be one of her most popular songs, but it’s certainly a favorite of ours. The chorus is infectious and Demi’s besotted heart is beating loud and clear. A cute love song for the fans.

Give Your Heart a Break

You’re swinging your head, bopping your feet, and getting goosebumps, we know. Give Your Heart a Break ranks as one of the greatest songs by Demi Lovato, thanks to its beautiful strings, iconic drums, and catchy chorus. An iconic, unforgettable masterpiece. Excuse us as we sing our hearts out…


We’ve officially reached peak Demi Lovato here. Skyscraper isn’t just one of Demi’s best songs, but possibly one of the greatest power ballads out there. Demi’s first Top 10 Billboard Chart hit is an obvious pick because of its raw and fragile delivery. A metaphor for overcoming her struggles, you can almost hear Demi’s voice breaking as she delivers this emotionally-powerful performance. 

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Demi (2013)

Heart Attack

Heart Attack is right up there with the best Demi Lovato songs. Not only is it a legendary pop hit, but it also cements Demi as one of the greatest singers of our generation. Wowing us with her vocal acrobatics, Demi shines brighter than ever in this ecstatic banger that makes you wanna act like a girl, paint your nails and wear perfume

Really Don’t Care

Get your sign of the horns ready and rock it out, Lovatics. Really Don’t Care is the ultimate break-up song that hears Demi embrace her sassy girl era. Full of attitude, heavy beats, and fun vibes, this sing-a-long hit is one for the ages. 

Made in the USA

It was a tough choice between this one and Neon Lights. We chose Made in the USA simply because it’s a pop-country smash. It’s very Miley Cyrus of that era, but it’s also unique to Demi. A poptastic song with a soaring chorus is everything you need to head out on a road trip with your hair blowing in the wind, losing track of time.


Call us predictable, but we’re confident in picking Demi’s most popular songs as some of her best. Indeed, Confident is one of the most memorable songs in her music catalog. Its stomping, thundering, and theatrical sound is impactful enough to remember it a decade later. What more do you want than a song that pumps you up and makes you channel your badass self?

Cool For the Summer

The breezy synths in the verses make it feel like summer, while the heavy rock chorus is enough to turn you into a metal-head – if you weren’t one already. While it’s not Demi’s greatest song of all time, Cool For the Summer is still a fan-favorite, and it’s actually what catapulted her into an international star.

Stone Cold

Stone Cold is one of the most difficult songs to sing. No surprise then that it absolutely showcases Demi’s trademark powerhouse vocals. It’s a heart-achingly beautiful piano ballad that will put you in your feels immediately. We’re not crying, you’re crying. 

Daddy Issues

Demi touches upon her “daddy issues” which stem from her relationship with her late father, Patrick. The lyrics are honest and the beat is fun and addictive. Considered one of Demi Lovato’s top songs, this is a track that showcases her talent as a true popstar. Where’s the repeat button?

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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me is definitely one of Demi Lovato’s best songs ever. She once again reveals her vulnerability in the soulful song and delivers powerhouse vocals that very few superstars these days can achieve. It’s a raw pop ballad that still has Lovatics singing their hearts out.

Sorry Not Sorry

This sassy and powerful track is undoubtedly one of the best Demi Lovato songs of all time. Middle finger up to her haters, she is confident and in control throughout this empowering song. Demi’s highest-charting single in the U.S and first Grammy nominated track, Sorry Not Sorry has got an eternal spot on our playlists.

Dancing With the Devil

Demi can clearly sing anything. Sounding like a sultry and melodramatic Bond theme at first, you soon realize this top song has a deeper meaning – it’s a raw confessional summarizing Demi’s near-fatal overdose in 2018. Dancing With the Devil is a soulful number that deserves more hype.

Met Him Last Night

Even if this track didn’t feature the legendary Ariana Grande, it would still be a favorite. A mid-tempo R&B hit where two larger-than-life vocalists unite and dominate – what more could you want? Met Him Last Night is dreamy and hypnotizing, and one that gets the replay button without hesitation.

What Other People Say

One of Demi’s best collaborations in her discography, this hit featuring Sam Fischer is an honest and emotional ballad. Perfectly blending both voices, we’re relishing in Demi’s vocal gymnastics and Sam’s smooth sound.


Is it 2008 again? Demi is totally serving old-school vibes in this one, so as day-one Lovatics, we absolutely love it. Pop-punk, fun, and energetic, it takes a good listen to realize just how deep these lyrics are. Demi once again honestly reflects on her struggles with addiction.


29 sounds great now that pop-punk is returning to its peak. The pop star masters her vocal prowess in this one. Referencing Demi’s relationships, particularly that with Wilmer Valderrama, her voice brilliantly rip-roars through this hard-rock inspired song. It’s definitely the best song on the album.

Happy Ending

Demi Lovato meets Avril Lavigne? That’s the vibe we’re getting. The star’s vulnerability and pain is loud and clear on Happy Ending, making it a heart-wrenching track to listen to. Once again, Demi’s songwriting talent shines through and her voice takes center-stage. It’s a good one.

What are your best Demi Lovato songs? Let us know what tracks are your favorite and if we’ve forgotten any in the comments below…


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