100+ Ariana Grande Lyrics: Best Lines from Her Songs

The best lyrics by Ariana Grande about love, friendship, female power and heartbreak.
best ariana grande lyrics

Whether you want to be empowered with Break Free; get deep in your feels with My Everything; or “live your most authentic life” with Yes, And; Ariana Grande’s lyrics are fit for any occasion.

As one of the best-selling female artists of all time, Ariana has a huge song catalogue filled with verses and quotes about love, heartache, girl power, and urm, sex.

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You can use her lines to pair with your next social media post, or simply be inspired by and find motivation in.

So, let’s get this show on the road and say thank you, next

Scroll down as we unpack the best Ariana Grande lyrics and find out how you can apply them to your life.

FYI, we might be a little sarcastic, so don’t take us too seriously.

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1. “You give me that kinda something / Want it all the time, need it every day”

The Way

Use it When: Your grandma gives you candy.

A lyric about love addiction – Whether you’re talking about the candy from your grandma, or that addictive romance from your beau, this sweet (and sultry) lyric by Ariana Grande definitely expresses your craving.

2. “On a scale of one to ten, I’m at a hundred / Never get enough, I can’t stay away”

The Way

Use it When: Weighing yourself after eating five donuts.

A lyric about attachment – When you’re seriously obsessed with that boy/girl, there’s only one line to show how attached you are. It works as a flirty text message, too…don’t scare them away, though.

3. “I ain’t going nowhere ’cause you’re a keeper”

The Way

Use it When: You’re way too attached.

A lyric about soulmates – If you think you’ve found “the one,” tell them they’re a “keeper” using this quote. It’s a sweet way (see what we did there?) of sharing your love with them.

4. “I got a bad boy, I must admit it / You got my heart, don’t know how you did it”

The Way

Use it When: Your dog isn’t trained, but you still love him.

A lyric about bad boys – This lyric probably alludes to Ariana’s boyfriend at the time, Jai Brooks. If you’ve also got yourself a bad boy and you’re whipped by his cheeky ways, this line is for you.

5. “I been feeling you / Before I even knew what feelings were about”

Baby I

Use it When: Discovering new emotions. 

A lyric about feelings – Ariana’s play on words here is cute. That first love is a lot, and sometimes, it makes you feel things you never expected.

6. “Boy, you make me feel so lucky / Finally, the stars align”

Right There

Use it When: Your boy buys you some Ariana merch.

A lyric about being blessed – Does it feel like everything has fallen into place? Is luck truly on your side? If you’ve been lucky in love, this Ariana song quote is one way to show your gratitude.

7. “Lost in your eyes and I lose all track of time”

Right There

Use it When: Admiring Brad Pitt’s eyes.

A lyric about being crazy in love – When the romance is good, it’s easy to get distracted. Love really is a drug and sometimes, it has a way of zapping your focus.

8. “All I need is all your loving to get the blood rushing through my veins”

Tattooed Heart

Use it When: You’re literally dying for attention.

A lyric about love – Love keeps us alive, right? Being apart from that person can make you feel like you’re on the brink of death (exaggeration, I know). If you need a special someone keep your heart pounding, here’s a line for you.

9. “Just as long as I’m the name on your tattooed heart”

Tattooed Heart

Use it When: Threatening them to prove their undying affection.

A lyric about everlasting love – Everyone promises ‘forever,’ but there’s no escaping it once it’s been eternally marked on your heart, right?

10. “I cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them”

My Everything

Use it When: Cutting an onion.

A lyric about heartbreak – Ariana Grande’s lyrics have been upbeat so far, but this line is a real tear-jerker (pun intended). It’s a sad song quote that reminds you how much crying you’ve done to see yourself clearer and move on.

11. “Pain is just a consequence of love”

My Everything

Use it When: Recovering from a broken heart.

A lyric about breakups – This quote will hit you hard if you’ve loved so deeply, only to lose it all. Those going through heartbreak might feel a little better knowing Ari has also felt the pain of losing a loved one.

12. “He wasn’t my everything ’til we were nothing”

My Everything

Use it When: Taking things for granted.

A lyric about value – Realizing what you had until it’s gone can be a harsh reality. This emotional lyric by Ariana Grande hits the nail on the head if you never saw how important someone was until you no longer had them.

13. “How soon do we forget how we felt?”

Best Mistake

Use it When: Stubbing your toe on the sofa.

A lyric about forgetting someone – Trying to forget how good an ex made you feel is hard. They may have been your best mistake, but try to remember the reasons why you broke up in the first place.

14. “You’re the best mistake I’ve ever made”

Best Mistake

Use it When: Buying that $800 handbag.

A lyric about best mistakes “This is so wrong, but so right.” Yeah, we’ve all heard that one before. This is a great caption to use when cherishing memories of a bad ex.

15. “Head in the clouds / Got no weight on my shoulders”


Use it When: Letting someone else do your homework.

A lyric about being blissfully ignorant – If you’re enjoying life being blissfully unaware and out of touch with reality, own it! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss; and real life is just yucky.

16. “I’ve got one less problem without ya”


Use it When: Dropping off your kids at school.

A lyric about healthy breakups – This is a perfect and empowering lyric by Ariana that proves how much better off you are without your ex. Single= a stress-free and carefree you!

17. “I only wanna die alive”

Break Free

Use it When: You’re on your death bed.

A lyric about living your best life – In the words of Ariana herself, “Life is so short – there’s no reason to not enjoy it…Have fun, be spontaneous and let go.”

18. “This is the part when I break free”

Break Free

Use it When: Finally leaving that awkward party.

A lyric about letting go Was your breakup a long time coming? Quote this song lyric! These words from Break Free will express your feelings of liberation after being in a negative relationship.

19. “I was under your spell / Like a deadly fever / On the highway to hell”

Break Free

Use it When: Being tied down for so long.

A lyric about toxic relationships – Sometimes, it takes coming out out of a toxic relationship to realize how blinded you were – and Ari describes those feelings perfectly with these words.

20. “She might’a let you hold her hand in school / But I’ma show you how to graduate”

Bang Bang

Use it When: Giving that next-level love.

A lyric about unique love – If you’re about show someone what real love is, use these fun words by Ari and be the bad girl to blow their mind.

21. “Take my breath and never let it go”

Love Me Harder

Use it When: A hot police officer breathalyzes you.

A lyric about passion – This lyric is for those who want to give everything to their lover. If you want them to soak up every part of you, mutter this quotable line and let them indulge in you.

22. “I’ll take the pleasure / Take it with the pain”

Love Me Harder

Use it When: Popping that painful red zit.

A lyric about love’s highs and lows – Love can hurt, but it’s also the best feeling in the world. This affectionate lyric is for you if you’re ready to risky it all. You could also say this line alludes to make-up sex, too (wink, wink).

23. “If you want to keep me / You got to love me harder”

Love Me Harder

Use it When: They’re not passionate enough.

A lyric about unrequited love – Are you with someone who isn’t giving it their all? Need some more oomph from them? Sing this Love Me Harder lyric, and let them know what it takes before it’s too late.

24. “Feel like a failure / Cause I know that I failed you”

One Last Time

Use it When: Your plant shrivels up because you failed to water it.

A lyric about failing someone – Letting someone down can give you a real guilt-trip. If the guilt is eating you up, the least you can do is let that person know how remorseful you are with this quotable line.

25. “You got everything / But I got nothing here without you”

One Last Time

Use it When: Your ex moves on (and you haven’t!)

A lyric about missing someone – If that ex-lover has moved on, but you’re still stuck on them, this meaningful One Last Time lyric will resonate to you.

26. “Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily”

One Last Time

Use it When: Apologizing to your mom so you can go to that party.

A lyric about forgiveness – There’s always *some* hope your ex will forgive and forget by spending just one last time together, even if it’s just for one minute…which brings us to the next Ariana Grande lyric…

27. “Stay with me a minute / I swear I’ll make it worth it”

One Last Time

Use it When: Seducing someone to stay.

A lyric about temptation – If you know how to swing, sway and seduce someone, hit them with this line. It will be 60 seconds they won’t forget…

28. “If my real ain’t real enough, I’m sorry for you, babe”


Use it When: They’re jealous of you.

A lyric about being authentic – Ariana wastes no time with people who dislike her or call her fake. This may be a dig at the press, when they reported she had “diva attitude.” Got people doing the same to you? Give them this Ari comeback.

29. “It’s my business / God as my witness”

Dangerous Woman

Use it When: God’s got your back.

A lyric about minding your own business She’s widely judged about her boyfriends and weight loss, but Ariana is letting you know that she trusts her own decisions, regardless of what others think – only God can judge her.

30. “Something ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman”

Dangerous Woman

Use it When: You’re about to show the world (or your man) your confidence.

A lyric about feeling empowered – You might relate to this because you feel like a strong woman who can take on the world, or a sensual woman who wants some spicy action. Either way, we’re proud of you, boo.

31. “Something ’bout you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t”

Dangerous Woman

Use it When: The latest R.E.M. Beauty collection drops, but you’re trying to budget.

A lyric about feeling rebellious – Got someone who makes you feel naughty and want to rebel? Ariana’s Dangerous Woman has a ton of lyrics that will give off that vibe.

32. “I’m so into you / I can barely breathe”

Into You

Use it When: Your lover triggers an asthma attack.

A lyric about overwhelming love – This line is flirty enough to let your admirer know how much you want them. If they take your breath away, it’s time to hit them with these sensual lyrics – or pick up your asthma inhaler.

33. “Close ain’t close enough ’til we cross the line”

Into You

Use it When: You seriously desire your crush.

A lyric about intimacy – This line is about being irresistibly drawn to someone and getting past the friend-zone. If you’re ready to risk it all and want that thrill, make your temptation loud and clear with these lyrics.

34. “Name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice”

Into You

Use it When: It’s game night!

A lyric about feeling playful – Ariana is willing to do anything her lover wants to do, but she’s in control. If you’re feeling just as risqué as the diva, grab ahead and grab some, you know, dice.

35. “A little less conversation and a little more touch my body”

Into You

Use it When: Their voice bores you.

A lyric about lust – We love how Ariana has blended Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation and Mariah’s Touch My Body here. If you want no talking, and just straight-up lovin’, you know what to say.

36. “You got a bad reputation / Doesn’t matter, ’cause you give me temptation”

Side to Side

Use it When: They’re a walking red flag, but who cares?

A lyric about unhealthy relationships – If you find yourself willing to embrace all the bad sides of a lover, this bar might ring true to you. Put it down as one of your best Ariana Grande lyrics.

37. “He giving me that good sh*t / That make me not quit”


Use it When: Your boyfriend brings you chocolate for your PMS.

A lyric about pleasure – The “good sh*t” Mrs. Grande is referring to is urm, to put it plainly, sex. These words make it clear how addicted you are to that certain someone in your life. Oh, and listen to how Ari says “not quit” – it sounds like “nut quick.” Yeah, saucy.

38. “You’ve become my favorite sin”

Bad Decisions

Use it When: Opening your 10th Amazon order this month.

A lyric about sinful love – It seems Ariana is attracted to them bad boys. If you share that in common with the popstar, feel free to use this as a card message this Valentine’s Day.

39. “We got that Bonnie and Clyde love”

Bad Decisions

Use it When: Planning a heist together.

A lyric about passionate romance – Got each other’s backs like Bonnie and Clyde? Is your love as dangerous, rebellious and thrilling as theirs? If you’re a couple of crazy kids in love, use this quote. Avoid the same unhappy ending, though.

40. “Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bi*ch?”

Bad Decisions

Use it When: You become a DGAF queen.

A lyric about self-discovery – When Dangerous Woman came out, Ariana became that good-girl-gone-bad. If you’ve got that newfound sensuality, confidence, and attitude, use this lyric for your next Instagram caption.

41. “‘Cause we’re collecting moments / Tattoos on my mind”


Use it When: Living your best life.

A lyric about making memories – This is a lyrical masterpiece – one of Ariana Grande’s best lines. It describes the feeling of collecting forever-lasting memories with someone so beautifully.

42. “The hard times are golden / ‘Cause they all lead to better days”

Be Alright

Use it When: Waiting to receive that Temu order.

A lyric about hard times – If you need an inspirational lyric from Ariana Grande, bookmark this one. It’ll remind you that that the hard times only make you stronger.

43. “I don’t have you here with me / But at least I have the memory”

Thinking ‘Bout You

Use it When: Holding onto memories.

A lyric about memories – Whether it’s about a breakup or losing a loved one, this lyric will be meaningful to you. Hold on to those memories, and keep your chin up, hun…

44. “Ain’t got no tears in my body / I ran out, but I like it”

No Tears Left to Cry

Use it When: You have a good cry.

A lyric about crying – Cried every tear? Feeling free and relieved? Maybe you’ve got that same newfound strength and confidence that Ariana had after her heartbreaks.

45. “Lovin’, I’m livin’, so we turnin’ up”

No Tears Left to Cry

Use it When: Ariana’s music is playing.

A lyric about living it up – You only live once, right? It’s time to put those worries behind you, get turnt up, and start living it up like Ariana.

46. “We way too fly to partake in all this hate”

No Tears Left to Cry

Use it When: Them bi*ches give you ag.

A lyric about giving zero fu*ks – Undoubtedly one of Ariana Grande’s best lyrics from her album Sweetener. You can use this phrase when you’re in your IDGAF era. You’re too cool for bad vibes and angsty behavior.

47. “God is a woman”

God is a Woman

Use it When: Discussing the origins of life.

A lyric about female domination – Feeling like a girl boss right now? Are you proud to be a feminist? Shout-out this powerful line and tell them this a woman’s world. FYI, archeologists even believed God was female for the first 200,000 years of human life on earth!

48. “Baby, lay me down and let’s pray”

God is a Woman

Use it When: You want that missionary position.

A lyric about erm, praying? Whether you’re inviting your lover to bed, or literally want them to join your prayer sesh (yer right), this innuendous line is the way to go.

49. “When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing”

God is a Woman

Use it When: You deflect that negative energy.

A lyric about rising up – The God is a Woman lyrics are so uplifting. When they try to bring you down, just let them know that you can’t help but shine even more.

50. “I can so over-complicate / People tell me to medicate”


Use it When: You’re at an intervention.

A lyric about mental health – In all seriousness, this lyric is a sensitive one. Especially for those whose mental health is suffering. We feel you if over-thinking and over-complicating gets the best of you.

51. “Feel my blood runnin’ / Swear the sky’s fallin'”


Use it When: Anxiety eats you up.

A lyric about anxiety Worrying can put you in a dark place. So much so that the fear makes it feel like you’re caving in. Ariana sang these lyrics to let you know that you’re not alone.

52. “You remind me of a time when things weren’t so complicated”


Use it When: Pouring yourself a glass of wine.

A lyric about feeling safe – What a lyrical standout from Ariana… Just know you’ve got someone special if they know how to take your fears away.

53. “Why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you”

Goodnight n go

Use it When: Your puppy keeps distracting you.

A lyric about irresistible love – You know when someone’s so cute, you could gobble them up? You can use this quote on that adorable pet, baby, or even lover.

54. “Thank you, next”

Thank U, Next

Use it When: You’re so fu*king grateful for your ex.

A lyric about moving on – This is a fab quote to use when you’re thankful for all your failed relationships, and ready for the next best thing.  

55. “One taught me love / One taught me patience / One taught me pain / Now, I’m so amazing”

Thank U, Next

Use it When: Looking back at your fave Harry Potter characters.

A lyric about self-love – This lyric from Thank U, Next will make you reminisce on every life lesson your former flames have taught you. Now? You’re the best version of yourself.

56. “Spend more time with my friends / I ain’t worried about nothing”

Thank U, Next

Use it When: You get the girl squad together.

A lyric about friendships Facts! Ariana’s lyrics are usually about boys and heartbreak, so it’s refreshing to have one that touches on friendships. Use this phrase when you put your besties above all.

57. “I met someone else / We having better discussions / I know they say I move on too fast / But this one gon’ last / ‘Cause her name is Ari / And I’m so good with that”

Thank U, Next

Use it When: Putting yourself first.

A lyric about prioritizing yourself – This is one of the best Ariana Grande lyrics, because – plot twist! She brags about meeting someone else, and well, it’s herself – we never saw that one coming. You gotta love self-love.

58. “How she handles pain / That sh*t’s amazing”

Thank U, Next

Use it When: Your wisdom teeth give you problems.

A lyric about strength – You might have gone through the wars, but you’re proud of yourself for trudging through. Use this motivational line to remember how tough and strong you are.

59. “Go ahead, ruin my makeup”

Make Up

Use it When: You watch The Notebook.

A lyric about make-up sex – Ari uses a play-on-words here to sing about make-up sex. She clearly thinks it’s hot to fight and then make-up, and she really doesn’t mind if some passionate kissing ruins her, well, makeup.

60. “It’s a mood, it’s a vibe, it’s a look, it’s a match”

Make Up

Use it When: Your outfit is on point.

A lyric about feelin’ yourself – Make this your mantra for 2024! This is probably the coolest caption to use for your latest Reel or TikTok. It truly highlights how much you’re feelin’ yourself right now…

61. “Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines / Buy myself all of my favorite things”

7 Rings

Use it When: You get that monthly payment.

A lyric about being filthy rich – We’ve officially reached the crème de la crème of Ariana’s lyrics. 7 Rings features the best phrases to use, especially when it comes to boasting about the luxuries in life.

62. “Been through some bad sh*t, I should be a sad bi*ch / Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?”

7 Rings

Use it When: Lockdown is over and it’s time to head out.

A lyric about resilience – The hard times make you stronger – we’ve heard that one before. But we much prefer Ariana’s way of saying it.

63. “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it”

7 Rings

Use it When: Showing your your new weave on Insta.

A lyric about new hair – Everyone can’t stop talking about Ariana Grande’s hair. Whether it’s her infamous half-up style or signature ponytail, she’s always getting compliments about her latest weave.

64. “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”

7 Rings

Use it When: You secure the goods.

A lyric about wealth – Mo’ money, NO problems, right? Not all of us can relate to this boastful lyric, but it’s still a fun one to use for Instagram when you show-off your latest purchase – or partner.

65. “Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no “Mrs.””

7 Rings

Use it When: You get engaged just for the ring.

A lyric about shiny rings All you single ladies out there who want to show-off their latest shiny ring, take a Snap and caption it with these words to let everyone know you’re proud not to be a “Mrs.”

66. “Whoever said money can’t solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve ’em”

7 Rings

Use it When: You pretend to be rich AF.

A lyric about money When you’re rich like Ari, money don’t mean a thang…it makes the goddamn world go round! Excuse me as I count the mere $15 in my pocket…

67. “Happiness is the same price as red-bottoms”

7 Rings

Use it When: Buying your first I-can’t-really-afford-these Louboutins. 

A lyric about self-indulging – Ariana says money can buy happiness, but not really. When she sang these lyrics live, the famous star added, “Just kidding.” But hey, if buying a pair of red-bottoms makes you happy, you do you, girl.

68. “My smile is beaming / My skin is gleaming”

7 Rings

Use it When: Walking out of the spa.

A lyric about self-care Happy people are the prettiest, right? If you’re on cloud nine, and totally feeling yourself, brag about it.

69. “My receipts be looking like phone numbers”

7 Rings

Use it When: You accidentally overspend at Sephora.

A lyric about being a millionaire – Ariana wants to remind us just how rich she is, and just how broke we are. Basically.

70. “Took one fu*king look at your face / Now I wanna know how you taste”

Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Use it When: You stumble upon a hottie on Tinder.

A lyric about desire Was it love lust at first sight? If you’re in the sexting mood, send these provocative words to your crush.

71. “Break up with your girlfriend ’cause I’m bored”

Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Use it When: You’re in your lonely girl era.

A lyric about homewrecking – On a first listen, you think Ariana is literally asking to be a homewrecker. But watch the music video, and tune in for the ultimate plot twist. But hey, ho, if the shoe fits and you kinda want that guy to leave his GF for you, don’t hold back (but yeah, we’re still gonna judge you).

72. “I only hate on her ’cause I want you”

Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Use it When: That bi*ch got the new Stanley Cup.

A lyric about jealousy – Fans speculated that Break Up With Your Girlfriend was aimed at Ariana’s ex, Big Sean, who was dating Jhené Aiko. But like we said, the video clip tells a different story, setting the facts straight.

73. “I’d rather be alone tonight / You can say “I love you” through the phone tonight”


Use it When: You need space.

A lyric about independence – Never felt so seen? Whether you need time to focus on yourself, or just to figure out some feelings, don’t be afraid to ask for some ‘me-time.’

74. “Painted a picture / I thought I knew you well”

In My Head

Use it When: You experience ‘what I ordered vs. what I got.’

A lyric about being deceived – Going through a breakup? You might connect with this lyric if an infatuation made you fall for someone they are not. Sorry to say that it was all in your h-e-e-a-a-d (skrrt skrrt).

75. “My imagination’s too creative / They see demon, I see angel”

In My Head

Use it When: You won’t accept that your cat is an evil bi*ch demon.

A lyric about loving someone you shouldn’t – If like Ari, you built a perfect, unreal image of someone that’s bad for you, shout-out these relatable lyrics. Sigh…the flaws of a creative imagination…

76. “Look at you, boy, I invented you”

In My Head

Use it When: Gushing over your baby boy.

A lyric about influence – This is one of our favorite Ariana Grande lyrics. Badass, savage and *click-click* full of attitude. Send these iconic words to your ex who thinks he’s the sh*t.

77. “Cardio good for the heart / I figured we could work it out”

In My Head

Use it When: You collapse after 60 seconds on the treadmill.

A lyric about failed romance – We never realized how good the lyrics for In My Head were until now. This is a smart play-on-words to describe a romance that failed, no matter how hard you tried.

78. “He just comes to visit me when I’m dreaming every now and then”


Use it When: You dream about a late loved one.

A lyric about grief – This is one of Ariana’s most bitter-sweet lines in her music catalogue. Dedicated to her ex, Mac Miller, who died of an overdose in 2018, it’s a lyric that will offer comfort during grief.

79. “I’m a girl with a whole lot of baggage”


Use it When: Asking the hot flight attendant to help with your bags.

A lyric about emotions – Emotional trauma can take a toll on relationships, and that’s precisely what happened to Ariana during her fling with Pete Davidson (following the death of her ex). Use this quote to warn someone of your excess baggage.

80. “F*ck a fake smile”

Fake Smile

Use it When: They think you’re a fool.

A lyric about being real – #Mood! Take this lyric as a sign to stop putting up a façade to hide your emotions. Cheers to being your authentic self!

81. “Got somewhere I gotta be now / I’m starving”

Fake Smile

Use it When: The Subway worker keeps talking about her day.

A lyric about food – You gotta love it when celebrities talk about eating! If you thought “same,” you can use this line as an excuse to leave a party, family gathering, or awkward run-in with someone.

82. “Teardrops on my face / Let it wash away my sins”

Rain on Me

Use it When: Accidentally sending a text to the person you’re talking about.

A lyric about crying – Crying is cathartic. It’s a good release and it can help get rid of any negative thoughts – like remembering the time you accidentally stepped on your cat’s paw.

83. “Boy, I’m tryna meet your mama on a Sunday / Then make a lotta love on a Monday”


Use it When: Holding a weekly planning meeting with your date.

A lyric about serious relationships – Your love is so serious, you’re about to meet the parents. But it’s also fun, because you’re in for some naughty business the next day. Staying in sync with your partner is healthy, right?

84. “Know my love infinite / Nothing I wouldn’t do”


Use it When: Writing a Valentine’s card.

A lyric about unwavering love – Got that love that lasts forever? Tell your lover that your passion is eternal with this romantic lyric from Ari’s Positions.

85. “My presence sweet and my aura bright”

Shut Up

Use it When: Writing your Insta bio.

A lyric about happiness Some people radiate good vibes, and that’s you young lady. Use this lyric as a caption for when you’re feeling genuinely happy.

86. “All them demons helped me see sh*t differently”

Shut Up

Use it When: Life throws you a curveball.

A lyric about hardships – When you’re going through hard times, let Ariana be your inspiration. It’s the difficulties that will give you deeper sense of self and purpose and a greater appreciation for life.

87. “I vibrate high and my circle lit”

Shut Up

Use it When: You’re living it up with your friends.

A lyric about feeling good – If you’re looking for a cool caption to use for your Instagram Reel or TikTok, these lyrics are the most worthy to let everyone know you’re living your best life.

88. “I get everything I want cause I attract it”

Just Like Magic

Use it When: You get extra cheese on your In-N-Out fries.

A lyric about achieving goals – Ariana believes in the law of attraction, and we are here for it! It’s your turn to manifest your dreams and attract anything you want in life.

89. “Losing friends left and right / But I just end up loving life”

Just Like Magic

Use it When: You need a quote for your Burn Book.

A lyric about losing friends – Lost a friend? Take it from Ariana and just know that it might be for the best. Unbothered, happy and in your grown woman era!

90. “Manifest it / I finessed it”

Just Like Magic

Use it When: You get away with murder (okay, not literally).

A lyric about manifestation – Time to celebrate all your wins in life! This is one of Ariana Grande’s best lyrics that will let everyone know your manifestation is just like magic…

91. “If I put it quite plainly / Just gimme them babies”


Use it When: You want to ‘accidentally’ get pregnant.

A lyric about baby-making – We think Ariana’s lust is bordering on baby-fever, here. We’re not sure which ex she was singing to, but thank the stars she didn’t have his babies…

92. “Watching movies / But we ain’t seen a thing tonight”


Use it When: Sitting behind someone with a HUGE ponytail at the movies.

A lyric about Netflix and chilling – We love some provocative wordplay! Send these raunchy words to your date and let them know you’ve got some Netflix and chill in mind tonight…

93. “Can you stay up all night? Fu*k me ’til the daylight”


Use it When: Those eight cups of coffee are taking effect.

A lyric about making love – How do we put this plainly? Ariana wants to be sexing it up all. night. long. If you have no problem making it past 9pm, go ahead and put these lyrics into action.

94. “You drink it just likе water / You say it tastes likе candy”


Use it When: Someone convinces you to take a shot.

A lyric about 34+35 (do the math) – Ariana gets NSFW in 34+35 and we are here for it. You cheeky readers know exactly what she’s referring to, and you can feel free to recite this naughty quote, too.

95. “You might need a seat belt when I ride it / I’ma leave it open like a door, come inside it”


Use it When: Warning someone of your reckless driving.

A lyric about sex – Okay Ari, we see what you’re doing here, making us blush and all that. This is yet another NSFW lyric for those who like to, well, ride it?

96. “Got the neighbors yelling, “Earthquake!” / 4.5 when I make the bed shake”


Use it When: It’s the morning after an earthquake.

A lyric about that good love – Ariana wants to show-off how good she is under the sheets – so much so that even the neighbors can hear it.

97. “Made of glass, the way you see through me”


Use it When: The security realizes you’re using a fake ID.

A lyric about being heard – Got someone who just gets you? Do they understand you, feel you and love you for you? Use this metaphorical line by Ariana to express your gratitude.

98. “I’d love to see me from your point of view”


Use it When: Someone stops you in the street to compliment your hair.

A lyric about loving yourself – This beautiful line is perfect for when someone loves you for you and accepts you for all of your pretty and all of your ugly too.

99. “Your business is yours and mine is mine”

Yes, And?

Use it When: Your boss asks why you were late.

A lyric about privacy – This lyric from Yes, And? is referring to the constant scrutiny Ariana faces from the public, but she’s finally putting her foot down. Channel your inner Ari, too – don’t let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

100. “Why do you care so much whose di*k I ride?”

Yes, And?

Use it When: Your mom asks who you’re dating.

A lyric about private affairs – Ariana has faced a lot of scrutiny regarding her love life and she is OVER it. If you’re also tired of being judged for who you date, just ask them this question. That’ll silence them…

101. “It’s breaking my heart to keep breaking yours again”

Use it When: Telling your partner you over-spent at the mall again.

A lyric about breaking up – You’re feeling every bit of emotion reading this – especially if you’ve been in a similar “situationship” as Ariana. She’s clearly alluding to her broken marriage with Dalton Gomez here.

102. “Won’t abandon me again for you and I”

Use it When: You’re lactose intolerant but eat the cheese anyway.

A lyric about putting yourself first – Ari admits to neglecting herself in this particular lyric, but she’s now ready to recognize her self-worth. If you’re also in your self-love era, quote this lyric from Ariana’s Eternal Sunshine album.

103. “Hope you feel alright when you’re in her”

Use it When: Being sarcastic to an adulterer.

A lyric about cheatersEternal Sunshine has to be Ariana’s most revealing album, and this song in particular puts the nail in the coffin. Her ex-husband cheated. And this catty lyric reflects every bit of savagery she has in her.

104. “I found a good boy and he’s on my side / You’re just my eternal sunshine”

Use it When: Replacing your ex with an upgrade.

A lyric about moving on – Ariana’s ready to erase all memories of her ex-husband now that she’s found love in another (*cough* Ethan Slater). These lyrics excellently echo the iconic movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – also the inspiration behind the majority of Ari’s seventh album.

105. “Something about him is made for somebody like me”

Use it When: He loves Ariana as much as you do.

A lyric about finding a match – There’s something so poetic about these Ariana lyrics. Use them when you’ve finally found someone who gets you and loves you for who you are.

106. “The boy is divine / The boy is mine”

Use it When: Casting a spell (I mean, that’s what it sounds like, right?).

A lyric about ownership – Claim your lover by using these lyrics as a caption. This is Ariana’s “bad girl anthem” (as she put it with Zane Lowe), so preach the lyrics and own it, girl.

107. “You hit just like the first sip of wine after a long day”

Use it When: Turning on Netflix when you get home.

A lyric about exhilarating love – Ariana says there’s no ordinary things when it comes to her lover. He’s got that special something, equivalent to a glass of wine after a long day.

Ariana Grande, Poet.

Indeed, Ariana’s lyrics are some of the best words you’ve ever read – she’s a literal poet!

Whether you’re sad, sassy, happy or lustful, one of these iconic and best Ariana Grande song lyrics are sure to capture the right vibe.

Let us know what your favorite line is in the comments below…


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