22 Bad Bunny Gifts for Every Fan

bad bunny gifts

Since Bad Bunny broke through in 2018 with his legendary Drake collab Mia, he’s gained countless fans all over the world. Today, the ‘King of Latin Trap’ is among the most popular rap/pop artists around. 

If you’re obsessed with Benito’s sound (and vibe), or you know someone else in the fan club, these gifts for Bad Bunny fans will get your reggaetón moves going. 

So, whether you want to embrace your fandom, or you’re looking to treat a fanatic of Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana star, we’ve put together 22 cool Bad Bunny gifts to consider…

1. Bad Bunny T-Shirt

What could be better than a t-shirt with Bad Bunny printed all over? This stylish black top will have you showing off your love for Benito by repping all his poses at once. No one will confuse you for anything but a super-fan.

bad bunny shirt

$28 at Redbubble

2. Bad Bunny Stickers

This is a set of 200 different stickers representing the popular star. You’ll find logos, images of Benito, lyrics, album covers, and other visuals fans will instantly recognize. Put them on school binders, bathroom mirrors, laptops, or wherever else you think of!

bad bunny stickers

$14 at Amazon

3. Wall Clock

Want Bad Bunny looking over you? Want a quirky accessory for a home office? You can’t do a whole lot better than this clock. With his logo in the background, the artist himself is featured on the clock face with his iconic beaded braids. Bonus: You have some options for frame and hand colors. 

bad bunny clock

$40 at Redbubble

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4. Bad Bunny Bag

Home accessories are fun, but sometimes you want to take your favorite artist with you. Enter the Bad Bunny tote bag. This is a lightweight tote with space for your daily essentials (or whatever you need to hit the beach). Featuring Benito, this bag sets a cool mood for your day out. 

bad bunny bag

$18 at Redbubble

5. Bad Bunny Heart Keychain

This one is mostly aimed at female fans, given the heart charm says, “Just a girl who loves Bad Bunny.” Along with two of his distinct logos as charms, this is a great way to carry Bad Bunny’s artistic style with you as you go. 

bad bunny keychain

$12 at Amazon

6. Bad Bunny Pillow

This pillow is definitely one of the best Bad Bunny gifts around. As talented as Benito is as a musician, colorful and unpredictable style are also huge parts of his persona. That’s what this unique throw pillow captures, showing the artist in bright, varied styles. 

bad bunny pillow

$26 at Redbubble

7. Bad Bunny Mug

Designed for the cover of the album Un Verano Sin Ti, the ‘sad heart’ logo has become one of the rapper’s most iconic symbols. It also makes for a really cool design on this coffee mug, which is accompanied with Benito’s face (heart logo on the flip side).

bad bunny mug

$21 at Redbubble

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8. Bad Bunny Pouch

If you (or another Bad Bunny fan on your gift list) can’t get enough of his eccentric aesthetic, this pouch is the ideal present. Designed as a small white zipper bag (for travel essentials, makeup, cash, etc.), it is plastered with symbols and drawings relating to the artist. 

bad bunny makeup bag

$14 at Amazon

9. Bad Bunny Blanket

Is it a obsessive to cloak yourself in a big soft blanket featuring over a dozen blown-up photos of Bad Bunny? Erm, yes. Then again, are Bad Bunny fans generally a little obsessive? Absolutely. We say embrace it and cozy up with these visuals of the singer. 

bad bunny blanket

$18 at Amazon

10. Bad Bunny Hoodie

Instead of depicting the full Un Verano Sin Ti album cover, this hoodie sets these elements against solid-color backgrounds (you have about 25 to choose from). This apparel is a fun style statement, and of course, a nice way to rep a great album, too.  

bad bunny hoodie

$27 at Amazon

11. Bunny Logo Hat

A lot of Bad Bunny’s merchandise is, like the rapper himself, pretty loud. This hat draws a contrast with an almost classy approach. We’re talking plain baseball cap with the Bad Bunny logo outlined in the middle. It’s a great hat, and you can snag it in one of 18 colors.

bad bunny hat

$19 at Amazon

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12. Necklace & Bracelet 

Want some Bad Bunny jewelry? Look no further. This two-in-one gets you Benito’s logo pendant necklace and a small silver charm bracelet complete with his symbols. What better way to subtly show off your fandom? One of the best Bad Bunny gifts out there!

bad bunny jewelry set

$13 at Amazon

13. Bad Bunny Sunglasses 

With these sunnies, you’ll be embracing heart-shaped glasses similar to those Bad Bunny wears. They’re definitely a statement with gold frames and deep-red lenses, but hey, even if they’re not everyday go-tos, they’re great for a drive across town while cranking up Yo Perreo Sola or Safaera

bad bunny glasses

$14 at Amazon

14. Bath Mat 

Fans of Bad Bunny are familiar with his simple yet stylish logo. His iconic emblem makes for a pretty cool artistic statement – especially on a bath mat. The logo is multiplied and set against a black background with colorful outlines. Is it a bit loud for a bathroom? Sure. Will fans care? Of course not!  

bad bunny bath mat

$34 at Redbubble

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15. Car Air Fresheners

Want to hang Bad Bunny merch from the rearview car mirror? Well…maybe you’ve never thought about it, but after you check these items out, you might! Depicting the rapper in different poses, you can take your pick and spice up your car’s interior.

bad bunny car freshener

$8 at Amazon

16. Bad Bunny Slippers 

There’s not a lot to say, but these slippers are absolutely fantastic. Cozy, fuzzy, and soft, adorned with the sad heart logo, they make for a perfect design. Pair them with that Bad Bunny bath mat, and you or a lucky fan in your life is going to have a full bathroom accessory set going. 

bad bunny slippers

$24 at Amazon

17. Birthday Card

If you’re getting someone a Bad Bunny gift for their birthday, this gift card should go along with it. The card features Benito with his own ‘Happy Birthday’ message, along with a lyric from Maldita Pobreza – “Te quiero comprar un Ferrari pero no puedo.” 

bad bunny birthday card

$6 at Amazon

18. Benito Coasters

You can’t have too many coasters! Whether they sit on a coffee table, adorn your main dinner area, or wait in a drawer to be brought out for parties, they always serve as fun conversation starters. This Bad Bunny set is no different!

bad bunny coasters

$18 at Redbubble

19. Shoe Charms

Here you have a full set of Bad Bunny-inspired charms (including an incredible Spider-Man version of the Bad Bunny logo, and a great one of the artist in chill mode, flashing the peace sign). You don’t have to use them on your shoes, either…these things are fun to attach wherever you like. 

bad bunny shoe charms

$6 at Amazon

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20. Bad Bunny Plush Figure

A nine-and-a-half-inch plush figure of the sad heart logo for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Any fan of Bad Bunny would appreciate having this around, whether as a desk ornament, a charm to carry around, or even to keep on a bedside table. It’s almost like your very own little Bad Bunny stuffed animal. 

bad bunny plush

$15 at Amazon

21. Logo Light

A light stand with a Bad Bunny logo outline, reaching about eight inches in height, this lights up in a range of neon colors. Merch doesn’t get a whole lot more fun, whether this becomes a bedtime room lamp for a brother or sister – or an accent for parties. 

bad bunny light

$20 at Amazon

22. Bad Bunny Gift Set

Finally, if you can’t decide on a Bad Bunny gift idea above, you can consider a full-fledged gift set. This one comes with wristbands, stickers, a phone holder, a poster, and even a (very cool) drawstring bag. It’s a treasure chest for any Bad Bunny fanatic, both boys and girls.

bad bunny gift set

$20 at Amazon

Which one of these Bad Bunny gifts will you be treating yourself to? Are you buying one of these items for a loved one?

With birthdays and Christmas around the corner, there’s no shortage of themed gifts to treat someone with!


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