Kanye West’s Dating History – A Complete List of Girlfriends 

Kanye west's Dating History

Kanye West isn’t only famous for being one of the best-selling male artists or for his bizarre fashion and behavior, he’s also well-known for his long list of relationships. 

Having split from the love of his life, Kim Kardashian, Ye’s path to finding love again has taken a very interesting turn. We’ve seen him have whirlwind romances with (several) supermodels, and get married (YES, MARRIED!) to his former wife’s lookalike

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The controversial rapper has always had a very public love life, but there may be some secrets left untold. 

From gold diggers, to relationships that only lasted fourfiveseconds, we take a trip down memory lane to uncover Kanye West’s dating history… 

Ex: Sumeke Rainey

Who is She? Ye’s high school crush
Dated in: The 90s

Ye’s first reference to one of his girlfriends was on his song Never Let Me Down, and it was about his high school sweetheart, Sumeke Rainey. 

Kanye rapped, “Nothing sad as that day my girl’s father passed away / So I promised to Mr Rainey, I’m gonna marry your daughter.” 

Unfortunately, that was just Kanye spitting bars, because there certainly weren’t any wedding bells. The rapper and Sumeke sadly didn’t go the distance, as they stopped dating once Kanye rose to fame.

Ex: Alexis Phifer

Who is She? Fashion designer 
Dated in: 2002-2008

Alexis and Kanye met in 2002 and had a six-year on-and-off relationship. In 2004, upon Kanye’s rise to fame, the pair had a short break, because Alexis apparently couldn’t handle the rapper’s stardom. 

But they later reconciled and got engaged in 2006. The duo sadly split up for good after 18 months, following the death of Ye’s mother, Donda.

Although Kanye and Alexis never made it down the aisle, she told People, “It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends. I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.”

Alexis Phifer
alexisphifer | Instagram

Ex: Brooke Crittendon

Who is She? Actress
Dated in: 2004-2006

During a break with his ex-girlfriend Alexis, Kanye met this aspiring actress backstage at an MTV production, which resulted in a two-and-a-half-year relationship. 

While it all seemed like sunshine and rainbows at first, with their split ending “amicably,” Brooke later revealed that their “open” relationship made things difficult for her. She even went as far as to warn Kim Kardashian about Kanye’s “obsession with sex” when he started dating the reality star.

Rumored Ex: Sessilee Lopez

Who is She? Model
Dated in: 2008

This former couple got involved with each other when Sessilee featured in Kanye’s Flashing Lights music video. But it seems this was just a fling, as nothing further progressed in this love story. 

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Sessilee Lopez
therealsessilee | Instagram

Ex: Amber Rose

Who is She? Model
Dated in: 2008-2010

After calling off his engagement to Alexis, Ye fell madly in love with controversial model, Amber Rose. The duo lasted two whole years, before it ended in a messy breakup. 

Amber accused Kanye of “constant bullying” amid her heartbreak, and even admitted that she would have “killed herself” during the turbulent breakup – “I’m famous, and I’m broke. I can’t date anyone else. I can’t say anything on the Internet because Kanye has such a voice. If I was going to kill myself, I would have done it during those times.”

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, the rapper said he had to take “30 showers” after splitting with Amber, to which Amber retaliated on Twitter saying, “Ppl make mistakes in life trust me I have. But when u bully other ppl and ur not perfect its so fu**ed. I own up to every piece of my life.”

amber rose kanye ex
amberrose | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Melody Thornton

Who is She? Singer
Dated in: 2010

After calling it quits with Amber Rose, Kanye was later linked to Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton. The two artists were spotted at Marc Jacobs and later seen being intimate with each other. 

Other than that sighting, though, Kanye and Melody never made a public debut together. 

Apparently, this short fling caused a feud between Melody and Kim Kardashian, as Kim had a crush on the rapper at the time.

Melody Thornton
melodythornton | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Selita Ebanks

Who is She? Victoria’s Secret model
Dated in: 2010

It seems like Ye was beelining models in the mid 2000s, as he was also linked to Selita Ebanks. After starring in Kanye’s short film Runaway, the pair were spotted getting cozy at fashion week in Paris. 

But nothing more came of Kanye’s relationship with Selita. 

Selita Ebanks
selitaebanks | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Chanel Iman

Who is She? Victoria’s Secret model
Dated in: 2010

2010 was clearly a busy year for Kanye’s dating life as he was linked to another Victoria’s Secret model, Chanel Iman. 

When questioned about their relationship during an interview with US magazine, the model laughed it off, saying it’s all “rumors”.

The two remain tight friends, however, as they were spotted together several times, including at a Givenchy fashion show in 2011, and Iman even walked in Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4 fashion show in 2016.

Chanel Iman
chaneliman | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Kate Upton

Who is She? Victoria’s Secret model
Dated in: 2011

In 2011, Kanye was spotted kissing a blonde model on a balcony in Cannes, and the world assumed it was supermodel Kate Upton. 

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Unlucky for Ye, however, he didn’t have the privilege of getting close to Upton, who confirmed on Twitter that she wasn’t even in Europe at the time. “I’m not dating Kanye,” the model wrote.

Kate Upton
kateupton | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Angela Martini

Who is She? Model
Dated in: 2011

Kanye was linked to former Miss Universe, Angela Martini in 2011, after a source told NYDailyNews, “They are dating. I just don’t know if it’s exclusive.”

Although at the time, Angela denied the hook-up, she later confirmed that their relationship did exist during an interview, “Ah, 100 years ago! Yes, there was [a relationship]. I said it since you said I have no problem telling it…” 

Kanye and Angela’s romance only lasted a few months, before he moved onto the next one. 

Angela Martini
angela_martini | Instagram

Ex-Wife: Kim Kardashian

Who is She? Reality star & entrepreneur
Dated in: 2012-2020

Kim and Kanye had a friendship long before they got together in 2012. Kanye even admitted he always had the hots for her, saying, “I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time.” 

After Kim’s failed marriage with Kris Humphries in 2012, Kanye finally got the chance to sweep her off her feet, and the famous couple officially began dating. 

Just four months later, Ye proposed to Kim in the most extravagant way. The pair tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Italy in 2014, and went on to share four beautiful children together. 

kim north chicago
kimkardashian | Instagram

Kimye were certainly one of the most powerful couples in the world. That said, all wasn’t well in paradise. After a string of arguments in 2020, Kim decided to call it quits and separated from the Life of Pablo rapper. Apparently, “Kim and Kanye haven’t been on the same page for a while now,” a source reported at the time.

Kanye then had an outburst after their divorce had been settled in 2022, mocking Kim’s then-boyfriend (Pete Davidson) and doing all that he could to cause public drama on social media. 

Kim remained as dignified as ever for her children, and today, they finally have a good co-parenting relationship. 

kim dating kanye
kimkardashian | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Jeffree Star

Who is he? Makeup entrepreneur & influencer
Dated in: 2021

Amid Ye’s messy divorce with Kim Kardashian, rumors started swirling that he had an affair with Jeffree Star. However, the YouTuber was very quick to shut down these bizarre rumors, saying, “I thought it was hilarious…I love rumors. I think they’re funny, but some girl on TikTok made it up and it went viral before I even knew.”

Confirming that this alleged fling was untrue, Jeffree claimed that he and Kanye had never even hung out, and joked that the Yeezy designer wasn’t his type. 

Jeffree Star
jeffreestar | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Irina Shayk

Who is She? Model
Dated in: June-Aug 2021

Four months after Kim filed for divorce, Kanye was spotted in Paris with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. People even confirmed that the couple were not “dating,” but seeing each other (whatever that means?).

“They’ve been quietly seeing each other for a couple months,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’s always thought she was beautiful and they’re both looking forward to seeing where this goes.”

By August 2021, Kanye and Irina’s romance was over, because she only “liked him as a friend” and didn’t “want a relationship”.

Irina Shayk
irinashayk | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Vinetria

Who is She? Instagram influencer
Dated in: Nov-Dec 2021

In November 2021, Kanye was spotted with Instagram influencer Vinetria at his Donda Academy’s debut basketball game, while a source told PageSix that they had been seeing each other “for a while now”.

Kanye was hooking up with Venetria while he was still publicly pleading for Kim back (rebound or what?). That drama obviously got a little too much for the model, who backed off after just one month of dating. 

Vinetria | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Yasmine Lopez

Who is She? Instagram model
Dated in: Dec 2021

After being spotted partying together in 2021, rumors started flying that Kanye was linked to Instagram model Yasmine Lopez. 

She was quick to shut down the speculation, though, and ended up calling out another IG model for sleeping with Kanye. 

This guy just leaves whirlwinds wherever he goes! 

Yasmine Lopez
the_yasmine__lopez | Instagram

Ex: Julia Fox

Who is She? Actress
Dated in: Jan-Feb 2022

Kanye’s first public and official relationship after his divorce with Kim K was with Julia Fox. 

From going on dinner dates, allegedly spending the night together, and being plastered all over social media in matching outfits together, sources finally confirmed that Ye was indeed dating Julia. 

Julia, however, couldn’t sustain the intense relationship that came with Kanye, so they split amicably, but still remained good friends. She revealed to ES magazine that Ye had “unresolved issues that he was dealing with.” She added, “It just seems like he had a lot to work on, and I just don’t have time for it or energy. I don’t have the bandwidth or emotional capacity for it.”

When Julia was asked if she was ever actually Kanye’s girlfriend, she said, “I don’t think those words ever came out of my mouth, actually. It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend. But it also felt like I was being cast in the role of his girlfriend — and he was casting me. He was the orchestrator of it all. It really did feel like a movie.”

Rumored Ex: Chaney Jones

Who is She? Model
Dated in: Feb-June 2022

Shortly after his split with Julia, Ye pursued Chaney Jones, who looked awfully similar to his ex-wife, Kim. He appeared to confirm the relationship by sharing a photo of them on Instagram with a love heart emoji as the caption.

The pair seemed to be going from strength to strength, until Chaney deleted all of her posts of Kanye off her grid, amid speculations that he was seeing Monica Corgan. 

However, Chaney posted a series of images for Ye’s 45th birthday saying, “I love you”.

Chaney Jones
chaneyjonesssss | Instagram

Rumoured Ex: Monica Corgan

Who is She? OnlyFans model
Dated in: June-Aug 2022

After being pictured with model Monica Corgan on an alleged movie date, the internet was quick to assume that she was Kanye West’s new girlfriend.

The mysterious woman was even photographed visiting Kanye’s Malibu home in August 2022. But despite all these sightings, nothing more came out of this relationship and Ye’s new beau was soon forgotten…

Monica Corgan
monicac0rgan | Instagram

Rumored Ex: Juliana Nalü

Who is She? Model
Dated in: Oct-Dec 2022

While the public were busy slamming Kanye for sharing anti-Semitic tweets in October 2022, he was busy hanging out with a mystery model on several occasions. 

Ye and Juliana were spotted at a restaurant together and on movie dates arm-in-arm. The model seemingly confirmed their relationship by retweeting a photo of the pair with a love heart caption.

When soon asked by an Instagram fan how she could date someone who’s anti-Semitic, Juliana confirmed their split by writing, “I’m single. Thanks for caring.”

Wife: Bianca Censori

Who is She? Architectural designer 
Dated in: Jan 2022 – Now 

With Kanye only finalizing his divorce from Kim Kardashian in November 2022, it came as a surprise to learn that he’d already got hitched to someone else by January. 

Ye’s new wife, Bianca Censori is apparently a long-term architectural designer at Yeezy. The Australian beauty (who is obviously another Kim Kardashian lookalike) reportedly got married to the rapper at the start of 2023, in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills, according to TMZ.  


From being seen wearing wedding rings, as well as matching (questionable) outfits, it looks like Kanye is settled down for now when it comes to his dating life.

Bianca Censori
bianca.censori_official | Instagram

Knowing Kanye, we can only assume he will go through another dozen models, before he settles down again – unless he’s fortunate enough to win Kim back! 

What do you think of Kanye West’s dating history? Has the Kardashian ship sailed for good? Do you think he’s finally found ‘the one’ in Bianca Censori? Let us know in the comments below!


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