70+ Best Easter Eggs Found in DCEU Movies

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The last few decades have seen an evolution in movie sagas. These sets of connected movies once stood alone as contained stories. Now, they are strung together as super-series, or mega-franchises we now call universes.  

Yes, we’re looking at you, DC Comics and Marvel!  

This makes for a whole lot of fun for movie fans. One of the best parts of these “universes” is that it opens doors to limitless Easter Egg potential.  

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When movies, comic books, characters, settings, and storylines become so intertwined, filmmakers like to sprinkle references all over the place, making the experience more enjoyable for fans.  

With all this in mind, and having combed through Marvel’s Easter Eggs before, we went back through the DC Extended Universe and uncovered some of the best Easter Eggs across 16 films.  

Some Easter Eggs are easy to notice, while others might take a lot of detective (pun fully intended) work to spot. From 2013’s Man of Steel right through 2023’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, here are the best DCEU Easter Eggs we’ve cracked open…   

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Man Of Steel (2013) 

1. Sullivan’s Truck & Tractor Repair Shop  

Sullivan’s Truck & Tractor Repair Shop is a known establishment from the Smallville series, and Zack Snyder basically brought it back as a background homage in Man Of Steel. The shop doesn’t play a central role, but it does give nod to Chloe Sullivan, one of the lead characters in the WB series.

Chloe Sullivan man of steel

2. LexCorp Tower 

If you’re a bit fuzzy on the DCEU, you might need a reminder that Lex Luthor is not the main villain in Man Of Steel. That would be Zod. Still, Luthor’s fingerprints are all over the movie, in the form of “LexCorp” mentions (not unlike the Wayne Enterprises images we see in the Dark Knight trilogy). Most notably, we see LexCorp Tower, first standing tall and later in ruins.  

LexCorp Tower man steel

3. S.T.A.R. Labs  

Another fun DC movie Easter Egg that appears in Man Of Steel is S.T.A.R. Labs. This may not seem like much of a hidden reference at first; it could just be a place for Dr. Emil Hamilton to work. What DC Comics fans know, however, is that S.T.A.R. Labs was likely planted as a DCEU entry point for Cyborg, who canonically draws power from the facility.   

star Labs man steel

4. Wayne Enterprises Satellite 

When Man Of Steel came out, we didn’t know there would be a Batman crossover on the way. But it seemed more than likely. Accordingly, Man Of Steel established clearly that Bruce Wayne did in fact exist in Superman’s universe – by having Superman and Zod crash through a Wayne Enterprises satellite during an epic brawl.  

Wayne Enterprises man steel

5. Destruction of Wegthor 

When Superman’s biological father Jor-El is fighting to save Krypton, there’s a ruined planet visible in the sky. To the casual viewer, it looks like a beautiful bit of movie scenery. To comics readers though, it’s clear that this is Wegthor, a moon that was destroyed in a nuclear accident, kicked off by Kryptonian Jax-Ur. Jax-Ur, in turn, shows up as part of Zod’s gang in this film.  

Wegthor man steel

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) 

6. Riddler’s Graffiti  

Talk of graffiti-based Easter Eggs in Dawn Of Justice usually revolves around a defaced Batman suit referencing the Joker’s murder or Robin in the comics. More subtle, however, is another bit of graffiti that serves as a clear introduction of the Riddler. A simple question mark on a column in a rundown Wayne Manor appears to be proof that the Riddler does in fact lurk in the DCEU.  

dawn of justice riddler

7. KGBeast 

Like any self-respecting villain, Lex Luthor has stooges and henchmen to spare in this film. One such henchman is Anatoli Knyazev. This doesn’t mean a whole lot in the film, or even in the broader DCEU as we came to learn. But comic fans will recognize Anatoli Knyazev as the real name for the KGBeast, a bad guy who first appeared in 1988’s “Batman #417” (“Ten Nights Of The Beast”).  

8. 1938  

At one point in Dawn of Justice, Daily Planet editor Perry White rips up a paper in frustration over Clark Kent’s ongoing insistence in covering Batman. He then tells Kent, “If it was 1938, you could stand for something. But it’s not 1938…” The implication is that this was when the Planet was founded, but it’s also a clear nod to the publication date of “Action Comics #1” – Superman’s first ever appearance.

9. Darkseid’s Symbol 

It’s no controversy to say the DCEU has been messy (which is basically why James Gunn is rebooting it). So, this Easter Egg doesn’t mean a whole lot. It’s still worth noting that during the infamous “Knightmare” sequence in Dawn Of Justice, Darkseid’s “Omega” symbol is visible on the ground. Some saw this as a hint of Darkseid’s involvement as a central Batman villain. But the character was ultimately used in a far less significant manner.  

Darkseid dawn of justice
DC_Extended | Twitter

10. TK-421 

A Star Wars Easter Egg in the DCEU? You betcha! When Lex Luthor is arrested at the end of Dawn Of Justice, he’s booked in prison under the identity “TK-421”. This also happens to be the ID of the Stormtrooper from whom Luke Skywalker once stole a uniform in the original Star Wars trilogy. The reason? Snyder is a huge Star Wars fan! What a fun little detail! 

Suicide Squad (2016) 

11. Carmine Falcone 

Most DC Comics fans know Carmine Falcone as a formidable Gotham City gangster. He doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the Suicide Squad directly, but he does exist in the film. A lit-up sign reading “Falcone” can be seen within the city skyline at one point. Was this shout-out for atmosphere building, a subtle outreach to Dark Knight trilogy fans, or a hint of more to come?

Carmine Falcone suicide squad

12. Harley Quinn Gymnastics  

Fans of DC Comics know that Harley Quinn has an athletic background. In the animated series, she’s an Olympic-caliber gymnast, and in the comics, she earns a gymnastics scholarship to a Gotham college. These aren’t vital plot points, but they do deepen the character, and Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn includes a nod to this background when she’s basically hanging upside down in prison.  

13. Joker’s Baby Clothes  

Here’s one of the many Joker Easter Eggs seen in DC movies.

Remember when the Joker laid in a circle of knives? If you look closely, you’ll spot some baby clothes around him. Theories varied as to why they were there, with some saying it was a reference to planned children with Harley Quinn, or to deceased would-be children (given that Joker’s wife Jeannie dies pregnant in The Killing Joke). Director David Ayer explained, though, that “those are the same onesies the babies were wearing in Harley’s fantasy vision,” seen later in the film.  

joker baby clothes scene

14. Watchmen Reference

There’s a moment in Suicide Squad when Deadshot looks into a retail window and a yellow smiley face is painted on the wall. This is a not-so-subtle nod to Watchmen. What some fans may not realize is that it could have been a hint of crossover material to come (rather than just a homage). DC Comics formally added Watchmen in 2016, meaning that – again, the material is available to the DCEU.  

Watchmen suicide squad

15. “Batman: Harley Quinn” Cover Image  

The Alex Ross cover art for 1999’s “Batman: Harley Quinn” comic book is among the most legendary images in DC lore. And while Suicide Squad largely features Harley Quinn in different outfits than what she has on in this cover, the film did manage to squeeze in a visual reference. Margot Robbie wears the jester-esque outfit in a flashback sequence, dancing with a well-dressed Joker.   

Wonder Woman (2017) 

16. Diana’s Day Job 

In the present-day scenes of Wonder Woman, Diana is revealed to be a curator and Greco-Roman expert at the Louvre. In a vacuum, this seems like a suitable profession for her – it positions her as a general authority and it helps her hide in plain sight. It’s also an Easter Egg referencing “Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #105”, where Diana had a similar role at the fictional Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities.  

17. Paradise Island 

The land from which Diana hails is introduced as “Themyscira” in the movie. This lines up with some comic lore, but the film also contains a subtle reference to an older, unofficial name. At one point, Steve flippantly refers to Themyscira as “Paradise Island.” He’s making a quip, but this is an obvious Easter Egg referring to the fact that the location was actually called Paradise Island before the name “Themyscira” was introduced in the late ‘80s.    

18. ‘Superman’ Bullet Homage

In Wonder Woman, a memorable sequence doubles as a fun homage to a moment in the Christopher Reeve Superman film, in which Clark Kent catches a bullet headed for Lois Lane. This time around, Diana deflects a bullet into Steve’s hand when the two are ambushed by German thugs.  

19. General Erich Ludendorff

Speaking of German thugs, you may remember that one of the big bads among them is one General Ludendorff. Did you know that he’s plucked directly out of history? A “General Erich Ludendorff” really did serve for the Germans in World War I! Now, that’s an interesting Easter Egg in the DCEU we didn’t see coming! 

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20. Wonder Woman’s First Ice Cream 

Unlike most of the DCEU, Wonder Woman doesn’t contain humor or funny dialogue. One of the film’s lighter and more charming moments, however, occurs when Diana stops to accept an ice cream on a train platform. It’s her first ever, and she reacts by telling the vendor he should be “very proud.” This amusing little aside was pulled right from a comic book by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.  


Justice League (2017) 

21. Green Lantern Corps 

Many DC Comics fans were disappointed in the lack of Green Lantern lore – until Justice League, of course. This movie confirmed that the Green Lantern Corps exists within the DCEU. You could almost blink and miss it, but a Green Lantern appeared to perish in battle during Steppenwolf’s ancient attack (viewed in a flashback sequence).  

22. Crispus Allen

Justice League plucked actor JK Simmons out of the Spider-Man movies and slotted him in as Commissioner Jim Gordon in Gotham. This somewhat Marvel-DC crossover could be seen as an Easter Egg in itself. But much cooler – one of his detectives in Justice League was Crispus Allen. The detective is a notable character in the 2000s “Gotham Central” comics by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka.   

23. Wind-Up Penguins

At one point in Justice League, Alfred tells Bruce Wayne that once upon a time, exploding “wind-up penguins” were the greatest of their concerns. This is a very fun Easter Egg referring the deranged animal weaponry in the Batman movie, Batman Returns and a possible hint at the Penguin as a DCEU villain.

penguins batman returns

24. Detective Comics #682

In one of the most striking visual moments in Justice League, Detective Gordon stands next to his Caped Crusader beacon and looks up to find Batman himself looming overhead. Little more than a silhouette against a stormy sky, Batman is standing atop a gargoyle fashioned as a skeleton in a cloak. The Easter Egg of it all is that this shot is a clear DC reference to Graham Nolan’s cover art for “Detective Comics #682”.  

25. Gorilla Grodd  

One terrific (and amusing) DC villain that has so far been left out of the films (perhaps for the best) is Gorilla Grodd, the ultra-intelligent, psychic, and sinister gorilla. The DCEU has refrained from introducing Grodd, but Justice League did leave the door open. The Flash notes that he understands gorilla sign language, which is clearly a reference to his own history with the creature (who is primarily a Flash antagonist in comics).  


Aquaman (2018) 

26. Cobra-Kai Shout-Out 

Arthur’s a big fan of movies. Preparing for the duel with his half-brother Orm in Aquaman, Arthur asks for tips from his mentor. To indicate his need, Arthur asks “Teach me how to fight Cobra-Kai,” calling out the rival dojo to our heroes in The Karate Kid. Wax-on, Wax-off. 

27. Annabelle’s Cameo

Here’s a super-cool DCEU movie Easter Egg! James Wan inserted a number of his works into the movie, but this one is a rather obscure one. Hidden in the wreckage of the sunken galleon, in the ruins of old Atlantis, an unmistakable, familiar head might be spotted – that of the haunted doll, Annabelle from Wan’s The Conjuring

28. “Hey Fight Club!” 

Arthur is certainly one for popping the pop-culture references. While trekking though the desert, he mocks Mera by calling her “fight club.” The name could mean a number of things, but we’re guessing he was comparing Mera to Tyler Durden. Like him, she is a devil on Arthur’s shoulder daring our hero to do something incredibly dangerous for some notion of being a hero. That’s our take, anyway. 

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29. ‘Justice League’ Callback

One of Aquaman’s most well-known and ridiculed powers is his ability to communicate with fish. The movie decides to mock the mockers by having a few boys make fun of a young Arthur about his talent, only for him to mentally call a shark to bang the glass and scare them off. This was clearly a nod to Bruce Wayne’s Justice League line to Aquaman, “I hear you talk to fish”, and of course, the general mockery the character has gained by the public. 

30. Pinocchio References

Out of the many DC Easter Eggs, this is the most fun! Did anyone else spot the “Pinocchio” book handed to Mera in Italy, right after Arthur made a comment about it? Or how about the moment the duo got stuck inside a whale’s mouth, which was an obvious reference to the Disney classic? Aquaman gave Pinocchio several shout-outs, even at the start of the film when a toy of the character is spotted in Arthur’s home. 

Shazam! (2019) 

31. ‘Big’ Reference

This isn’t really a DCEU Easter Egg, but it’s the most enjoyable reference in Shazam!. It’s been stated that Shazam! is the superhero version of the beloved film Big, and in one scene, there’s a clear shout-out to the film. As Shazam fights his way through a toy store (at one point tossing a Batman action figure), he winds up facing off with Dr. Sivana, and they step on a floor piano. It’s a reference to Big’s most famous scene (and really one of the greatest scenes in film history).  


32. Fawcett Central School  

This is an obvious Easter Egg, but it’s still a nice tribute to Shazam’s comic background. In the film, Freddy, Billy, and the rest attend Fawcett Central School. The name is a homage to Fawcett Comics, which was the company that initially ran “Shazam!” before the hero became part of the DC Universe. Later, DC Comics also gave the company shout-outs by basing the Shazam character in Fawcett City.  

33. “Gee whiz!”

As you may have noticed in Shazam!, there are a few dated catchphrases used. Specifically, “Holy moly!” and “Gee whiz!,” which feel like they’re plucked out of the 1950s. And if that’s how you felt, you might not have been far off! “Holy moly!” was a favorite catchphrase of the Shazam character back in the ‘40s when he was known as Captain Marvel, and “Gee whiz!” appears to refer to Whiz Comics, which published Captain Marvel content in 1940.  

34. Francesca’s Mirror 

Another nice bit of comic lore that pops up in Shazam! comes in the form of a magic mirror. When young Billy Batson explores the Rock of Eternity, he finds himself wandering amidst a variety of significant artifacts and symbols from the DC Universe. Most noticeable among them is an old mirror – a clear reference to Geoff Johns’ New 52 comic book which features a famous mirror whose host is named “Francesca”.  


35. Batman v Superman 

Shazam! makes such a point of existing within the DCEU that some of its references border on comedic. There’s an almost Deadpool-esque wink-and-nod factor to it all. Some of these are a lot of fun, including one in which a fight scene sees Shazam fly past an apartment window where a child is simulating the Batman v Superman fight with action figures.  

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Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn (2020) 

36. Daddy’s Lil Monster  

This DCEU Easter Egg makes for a fun bit of continuity between its movies. Toward the end of Birds Of Prey, Harley Quinn and her crew come upon a stash of weapons and accessories, within which Harley finds the iconic “Daddy’s Lil Monster” shirt she wore in Suicide Squad (along with her trusty, deadly bat). This is a nice visual symbol that it’s go time for Harley.  

37. Roller Derby  

If you aren’t familiar with Harley Quinn’s comic lore, you could easily buy the roller derby scene as… just some quirky idea. Roller derby, however, is a direct callback to the comics. In “Harley Quinn #1” by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Harley takes to the Coney Island derby as a means of income.  


38. ‘Paul Dini’ Beer   

One of the goals of Birds Of Prey is to flesh out Harley Quinn’s character background. Some details are revealed in Suicide Squad, but this movie gives new information – that Harley’s father once gave her up for a can of DINI beer. This, of course, is not an actual beer in the real world, but it is a tribute to one Paul Dini, who originally created the character.  

39. A Pet Hyena 

If you gave Birds Of Prey a watch, you’d have noticed Harley’s unusual pet: a hyena named ‘Bruce’. Why? Because Harley has a crush on Bruce Wayne. This could also easily be shrugged off as one more quirky Harley Quinn idea by those who are new to the character. But in fact, Harley has had pet hyenas in past material including Batman: The Animated Series and assorted comics.  

40. A Boomerang Poster  

Some were surprised that none of the Suicide Squad cast were in Birds Of Prey. This movie was very much a spotlight on Harley Quinn (and maybe a fresh start for her within the DCEU). That said, there is a small nod to Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Harley sees his WANTED poster and remarks that she “knows that guy.”  

boomerang birds of prey

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) 

41. The Tiara Throw 

In Wonder Woman, we saw the titular character occasionally wearing her trademark tiara. She even made a point of sliding it on before her famous No-Man’s-Land crossing. In this sequel, however, she uses the tiara as boomerang-like weapon. This was an idea pulled from the Wonder Woman comics, in which the tiara is indeed part of her arsenal.  

42. Lynda Carter’s Cameo

In Wonder Woman 1984, Asteria is mentioned as an Amazon warrior who preceded Diana. The point of this detail is to provide a backstory for the golden armor Wonder Woman wears at the end of the movie (which has appeared in numerous comics). If you watch through the credits, you’ll actually see Asteria, played by Lynda Carter, who was TV’s Wonder Woman back in the ‘70s.  


43. Etta Candy 

In Wonder Woman, one of Diana’s first and truest friends is Etta Candy, who plays a secretary and assistant to Steve Trevor. Etta’s role doesn’t really roll over into Wonder Woman 1984, but she does appear – and you may have missed her. The film includes a brief look at a photo in which Diana is standing with a much older woman. This is meant to be Etta in old age, implying the two have remained friends.  

44. The Amazon Olympics  

This Easter Egg in the DCEU honors Wonder Woman’s comic origins. The beginning of Wonder Woman 1984 featured a look back at the Amazon Games, a.k.a. the Olympic Games of the Amazon. This is just used as a fun way to kickstart the story. It’s also a shout-out to Diana’s comic debut in 1941 where she is chosen to accompany Steve Trevor to the United States. 

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45. A Steve Trevor Tribute  

One bizarre moment in this movie occurs when Steve Trevor comes back to life, and sees another man’s face looking back at him in the mirror. This is made sense of in the movie, but in reality, it was meant as a tribute. The man in the mirror is actor Kristoffer Polaha, and he’s meant to resemble Lyle Waggoner, the late actor who played Steve Trevor in the iconic TV series.  


Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) 

46. Superman’s Symbol

There’s a shot in Zack Snyder’s Justice League where London Bridge is adorned with a black banner featuring a white Superman symbol. It’s noticeable enough, but the inspiration for it might not be so obvious to those who aren’t hardcore comic lovers. The banner was meant to resemble the black suit Superman wore after coming back to life in the comics, and the one he wears in his resurrection later in the movie.  

Justice League superman symbol

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47. Martian Manhunter

The Snyder Cut makes light use of a very important comics character named the Martian Manhunter. His role in the film is minimal, but it still raises some questions. The character is played by Harry Lennix, who also played General (and eventually Secretary) Swanwick – supposedly a normal human – in past DCEU films. The Snyder Cut appears to be telling us that this Lennix character was an alien in hiding. 

48. Jerry 

At one point, Lois Lane hands a coffee to Officer Jerry. As sharp observers have noted, there are three purposes for this character. First, he is unassuming Officer Jerry. Second, he is a tribute to Jerry Siegel, who created Superman. And third, he is an homage to Superman: The Movie, in which the same actor, Mark McClure, played young Jimmy Olsen.  

49. Ryan Choi 

Most casual movie watchers aren’t really bothered that Silas Stone has an assistant named Ryan Choi. Choi doesn’t play a huge part in The Snyder Cut, but he was clearly meant to further enrich the fabric of superhero lore that makes up this film. In the comics, Choi is none other than Atom – a DC hero who first appeared in 2006.  

50. “You Are Not Alone”  

This is a sad but beautiful Easter Egg that no doubt meant a great deal to Zack Snyder. When Batman exits The Flash’s hideout, he passes a billboard that says, “You are not alone.” This is the real-life motto of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, undoubtedly included due to the tragic death of Snyder’s daughter (which was his reason for stepping down from Justice League).  

justice league you are not alone

The Suicide Squad (2021) 

51. King Shark  

One of our favorite little moments in The Suicide Squad is when Amanda Waller introduces King Shark, who is reading a book upside down in prison. It challenges one of the best actresses alive to discuss an “ancient shark god” with a straight face, but it’s also a fun Easter Egg. The comic “Suicide Squad #20” features an image of King Shark reading. He’s a bit more sophisticated in the comics, though, as he’s reading the book the right way round. 

52. John Ostrander

It’s great seeing comic book creators getting shout-outs in these films, and in this case, John Ostrander, creator of The Suicide Squad, gets a few! The sneakiest Easter Eggs are spotted on the truck numbers seen outside the prison. They correspond with Suicide Squad comic issues that Ostrander wrote. Ostrander is also given a cameo in the movie, as the white-haired doctor in the opening scene.  

53. Harley Quinn’s Tattoo 

Before this film, Harley Quinn sported the tattoo, “Property of Joker.” If you pay close attention to one particular shot in The Suicide Squad, you’ll notice that the same tattoo has been altered. “Joker” has been replaced by “No One.” Ms. Quinn has quite literally updated her relationship status in ink and is officially a single superhero.  

harley quinn tattoo easter egg

54. Juan Soria Tribute 

The Suicide Squad is teeming with characters pulled directly from the comics. Sol Soria is an original…kind of. She is a character designed for the film, but her last name is a tribute to Juan Soria, a somewhat tragic and short-lived comic book character who works briefly with the Suicide Squad (after being turned down by the Justice League).  

55. Harley’s ‘Arkham City’ Costume

The video game Batman: Arkham City is one of the most popular pieces of DC content, so it’s only fitting that it inspires DCEU films. It seems to have had such a role regarding Harley Quinn’s costuming in The Suicide Squad. Writer/director James Gunn has credited the 2011 video game with the inspiration for the character’s look this time around.  

Black Adam (2022) 

56. Superhero Cameos 

Shazam! has a lot of fun with the idea that superheroes are sort of ‘celebrities’. Black Adam isn’t quite as in-your-face about this, but there are moments where young Amon totes around comic books based on the likes of Cyborg and Wonder Woman. You might also notice there are posters and toys based on Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and the Flash in his bedroom.  That’s a whole lot of DC merch

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57. Adam’s Throne 

Black Adam differs from some comic lore in that the titular character chooses not to rule Kahndaq. In the comics, he does rule the land for a time. Before Black Adam makes a different decision in the movie, he does sit rather comfortably on the Kahndaq throne, in what appears to be a direct callback to cover art from the “52 #47” comics released in the 2000s.  


58. ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ 

Western movies are clearly a running theme in Black Adam. Did you notice the movie Adrianna’s brother Karim is watching? Indeed, it was The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Was the character of Black Adam inspired by The Man With No Name? Soon after, there’s a Western-type shoot-out and classic Western duel music plays in the background, too.  

59. Task Force X 

If it’s been a while since you’ve dived into Suicide Squad lore, you might have forgotten that another name for the team is Task Force X. This name also comes up in Black Adam, specifically when Amanda Waller suggests a Task Force X “black site” as a prison. This might just be a fitting idea for Waller to have, given that she runs the Suicide Squad. But it may also hint at expanded Task Force X content to come.  

60. The John Williams Theme  

It’s not too much of an Easter Egg that Superman appears in the post-credit scene of Black Adam. It’s a straightforward ‘surprise’, and one that leaked widely. What some may miss, is that the brief cameo features notes of John Williams’s original Superman theme. This, along with the Man of Steel’s brighter suit, seems to hint at a new direction for the character – away from Zack Snyder’s darker interpretations.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods (2023) 

61. ‘Lord of the Rings’ Reference

This DC movie gives other mega-franchise, Lord of the Rings a shout-out in one particularly funny scene. A tongue-in-cheek nod is used when Billy struggles to remember the name “Soloman”. He accidentally calls him “Saruman” instead, referencing none other than the infamous Lord of the Rings character himself. 

62. The Original Billy Batson  

This DC Easter Egg will make those 70’s kids smile! When Shazam is trying to save the city, we see a character wearing a distinct red and yellow shirt. This shirt is a reference to a costume from the Shazam! TV series in the 1970s. What’s more, the man wearing it is none other than actor Michael Gray, who played Billy Batson in that series. This character also calls Shazam by his Captain Marvel name.

63. ‘Fast and Furious’ Shout-Out

During one meeting between Shazam and Hespera, our hero makes a hilarious reference to the Fast & Furious saga, claiming to have seen all the movies and alluding to their lessons about family. He’s sort of poking fun at Helen Mirren herself, who appears as a sort of antihero family matriarch in the Fast & Furious films. This isn’t a DCEU Easter Egg (unless universe-building really gets out of hand), but it’s a fun nugget, nonetheless.  

64. Tawny The Cat 

You may recall young Darla caring for a small orange cat after super-powered Darla rescues a whole basket of them. Young Darla mentions that the cat’s name is Tawny, which is a clear reference to a talking tiger that helps Shazam in the comics. “Tawky Tawny” was created for “Captain Marvel Adventures #79” by Otto Binder and CC Beck.  

65. ‘S’ Is For Starro 

If you pause the scene where Shazam visits the pediatrician’s office, you’ll find a plethora of toys and images representing powerful DC heroes. Far more subtle is the alphabet on the wall, where the letter “S” is next to a picture of Starro – a monstrous, mind-controlling supervillain introduced in The Suicide Squad. Look out, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern dolls on the shelves!  

starro fury of the gods

The Flash (2023)

66. All the Supermen

Throughout the Flash’s multiverse adventures, we stumble upon a few Superman cameos, enough to get us giddy with excitement.

There’s George Reeves (from Adventures of Superman) giving us the iconic pose; Christopher Reeve (from Superman) who features alongside Helen Slater’s Supergirl; and Nicolas Cage (from Superman Lives) who fights a giant spider. Finally, the back of Henry Cavill’s Superman (from Man of Steel) is spotted as he battles a volcano.

henry cavill cameo the flash

67. Grayson’s

There’s a shop called “GRAYSON’S” in Central City that might’ve caught your eye. This is a fun and sneaky reference to Dick Grayson, the first Robin!

68. All the Batmen

As the Flash travels through the Speed Force, die-hard DC Comic fans would have recognized the several Batman-actor cameos. First there’s the big reveal of Michael Keaton’s Batman (from Batman), then there’s Adam West’s version who’s seen interacting with the Joker from the Batman (1966) world. Lastly, Batman & Robin’s very own George Clooney makes a surprise appearance at the end of the movie to meet Barry.


69. The Joker’s Laugh

You can’t miss that laugh! But maybe you did…With all the bizarre and mind-blowing multiverse cameos in this movie, one particular Easter Egg you might’ve missed in The Flash was the Joker’s laugh. Barry finds a small bag in Michael Keaton’s Batman Batcave, which when opened, a familiar and haunting laugh can be heard. That is of course, the sound of Jack Nicholson’s Joker!

70. Andy Muschietti’s Cameo

Did you notice this obscure Easter Egg in The Flash? Remember when the Flash stole someone’s hot dog? Well, that particular person is none other than Andy Muschietti, who is the director of this movie.


Blue Beetle (2023)

71. Big Belly Burger

Remember the box where Jenny Kord hid the scarab? No? Well, if you know your DC Comics lore, you’d have recognized it was from ‘Big Belly Burger’ – the fast-food chain from Coast City, where Green Lantern Hal Jordan lives. The Flash season 2 has even referenced it, as well as other DCEU material.

Big Belly Burger

72. The Ads in Palmera City

As Jamie travels through Palmera City, eagle eyed viewers may spot some of these small special nuggets. First, you can see an ad for LexCorp (Lex Luthor’s tech company) and secondly, you can spot another for The Daily Planet, Clark Kent’s news company.

palmera city blue beetle

73. Superman and Flash References

Did you get all excited when you heard these super-fun DC hero references? When Rudy learns that Jaime is a superhero, he comments that Palmera City has the Blue Bettle, just like how “Superman has metropolis.” He also mentions that Central City has the Flash. COOL!

74. Blue Beetle Costumes

Homage to the two previous Blue Beetle heroes was made during this movie, and you had to be an avid fan to have spotted them. Dan Garret’s costume was seen at Ted Kord’s mansion, while Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle costume is briefly spotted during the opening credits on newspaper headlines.

Ted Kord Costume blue beetle easter egg

75. Batman Reference

Uncle Rudy makes another DC superhero reference, this time to the one and only Dark Knight. He mentions that “Batman’s a fascist.” We still don’t know which Batman he’s exactly refereeing to (whether it’s Bale’s, Clooney’s, or Pattinson’s), but at least we’re 100 percent sure our fave hero exists in this universe.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023)

76. Aquaman’s Seahorse Storm

Straight out of the comics is a seahorse named Storm, who is seen during Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Arthur Curry rides this giant seahorse in the comics, as well as in the original Super Friends animated cartoon.

77. ‘Castaway’ Reference

Upon seeing Orm’s disheveled appearance in prison, Arthur calls him “Castaway,” a fun reference to the film of the same name. He also tells Orm to pick up “Wilson,” while pointing at a gun – this refers to the iconic volleyball friend in the 2000 movie.

78. Loki Shout-Out

There have been a lot of obscure Marvel references in DC movies, but there’s no two ways about this one. During an argument between Arthur and Orm, the former calls his half-brother “Loki.” This isn’t just a fleeting shout-out to the popular Marvel character, but it also affirms that most of Aquaman 2 has a lot in common with Thor 2, as well.

79. Iron Man Reference

Remember when Arthur declares that he is Aquaman during the press conference at the end of the movie? Well, that mirrors a similar moment in Marvel’s Iron Man, where Tony Stark also reveals his superhero identity at a press conference. Tony Stark’s announcement kicked off the MCU timeline, while Arthur Curry’s announcement has officially ended the DCEU. Nicely done…

80. ‘Harry Potter’ Nod

You’ve gotta be a real Harry Potter fan to notice this Easter Egg in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. During Arthur and Orm’s argument, Arthur tells him that he’s going straight back to “Azkaban” after their mission. Azkaban is the infamous prison in the Harry Potter movies, of course.

As you can see, DC’s films have been positively overflowing with reference material. This is the nature of comic book cinema, but it is also thanks to the devotion the DCEU creators have had to existing lore. And ultimately, it’s what makes this somewhat haphazard, inconsistent collection of interconnected hero sagas most fun for fans.  

If you have any favorite DCEU Easter Eggs we didn’t get to above, be sure to let us know in the comments!  

Originally published in May 2023.


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