R.E.M Beauty Dupes for Ariana Grande Makeup Lovers

r.e.m beauty dupes

First came Kylie Jenner’s lip-kits and Kim Kardashian’s beauty collection; then Lady Gaga dropped Haus Labs and Selena Gomez even stepped onto the beauty scene with Rare Beauty.

Yet another leading lady to do it is none other than pop legend Ariana Grande.

Indeed, the dainty diva with the big vocals has treated fans to her own beauty line that lets makeup junkies mimic her prettiest looks including that floating wing eye, bold lip and dazzling cheekbones.

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If you haven’t been lucky enough to grab one of Ariana’s products, have no fear, because we’ve got a list of R.E.M Beauty dupes for you to consider. They’re similarly luscious, equally perfect, and usually more affordable.

This list is constantly updated with Ariana’s latest R.E.M items.
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Utmost Importance Lip Gloss

You can’t call yourself a makeup lover if you don’t own a clear and crystal-like lip gloss like this one. It’s the utmost importance! If you’re looking to update your current one, there’s always the option of trying NYX’s Lip Plumper Gloss, which does the same job as Ari’s stunning item.

rem beauty dupe utmost importance

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On Your Collar Lip Gloss


Not everyone will take a liking to Ariana’s purply lip gloss. But if the lavender hue is actually your go-to shade, why not try out this version by Stila, which offers an equally violet multi-dimensional shine and color.

rem beauty dupe chuckie

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You can always count on NYX for the best lip glosses! This one in the shade Bit of Honey isn’t just perfect, but it also resembles VCR by R.E.M Beauty. A tawny rose hue for an even better price!

rem beauty dupe vcr

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Jelly Sandals

Ariana couldn’t have given this product a better name – it literally looks like jelly sandals. Imagining this iridescent clear lippie plumping up your pout? Why not give Rimmel’s matching lip gloss a go, instead!

rem beauty dupe jelly sandals

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Away Message

If you prefer to go nude for your next makeup look, this lippie by NYX should be your go-to. Plump up that pout and fool everyone into thinking you’ve just nabbed Ariana’s Away Message gloss!

rem beauty dupe away message

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Pink Razor

The On Your Collar lip glosses promise fuller-looking lips, heavenly hydration, and a high-shine finish. If you’re looking to purchase something similar to the Pink Razor gloss, this one by Maybelline probably guarantees the same perfection.

rem beauty dupe pink razor

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On Your Collar Matte Lipstick


Make that pout lustful and luscious by applying this lipstick by Maybelline. Cheap, cheerful and almost identical to R.E.M Beauty’s Tiramisu On Your Collar lipstick, this cosmetic is a hydrating matte hue intended to stay on for 24 hours.

rem beauty dupe tirimasu

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Drive-In Movie

Every lady (or lad) could do with a perfectly pink lippie like this one by Maybelline. Named ‘Touch of Spice’, this intense color can be smoothly applied in one swipe, achieving that same nude rose hue as Ariana’s Drive-In Movie.

rem beauty dupe drive-in

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Deliciously chestnut-y like wine, R.E.M Beauty’s gorgeous lipstick is ideal for any night out. Glides on like a dream, just like this item by Maybelline which offers a matching toasted red look.

rem beauty dupe wine n dine

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Roller Skates

Every makeup junkie owns a nude peachy hue for everyday wear, but Roller Skates by Ari catches the eye like no other. If you want to get your hands on it, only to find it’s sold out, try out this alternative by Maybelline, instead.

rem beauty dupe roller skates

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Another nude pink lipstick to spice up your makeup look. If you’re looking for something more affordable and more accessible, try out this version by Maybelline, which although is an ink crayon, still delivers that similar pigment.

rem beauty dupe bubbly

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At the Borderline Eyeliner

Achieve Ariana’s signature bold eye by using Maybelline’s pitch black eyeliner. You can recreate her classic looks with this dupe for the At the Borderline Eyeliner, which delivers a smooth glide and is absolutely smudge-free.

rem beauty dupe eyeliner marker

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Midnight Shadows Eyeshadow Palette

Midnight Snack

midnight snack ariana

Whether you’re in need of a hint of blue or beige for your eyeshadow, this palette by the Catkin Store is everything you need. What’s more is, it presents similar shades to Ari’s Midnight Snack collection including the blue shimmery Blueberry and rose matte hue Sashay Sorbet.

catkin Neutral Cosmetic EyeShadows

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babydoll ariana

A selection of nine must-have shades that mimic the colors offered by the R.E.M Beauty Babydoll palette. With eyeshadows that resemble the likes of Boca Mocha and Sun Baby, this set lets you create flattering makeup that Ariana would even be proud of.

catkim bronze palette

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principessa ariana

If you’re looking for darker mattes and shimmers to beautify your eyes, this palette by NYX might be the way to go. It’s a pretty decent dupe for Ariana’s Principessa set with shades of reds, golds, and beautiful browns alike.

nyx Warm Neutrals

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Gogo Boots

gogo boots

This may not be completely identical to Ariana’s Gogo Boots eyeshadow palette, but at least you can find dupes for a few shades in there! There are gorgeous alternatives for the likes of Lava Lamp and Hot Pants!

maybelline blushed nudes

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Smitten Kitten

smitten kitten

With awesome dupes for Hit Send, Flirt and Love Bite, there’s a high chance you’re going to fall in love with this palette as much as you did with Smitten Kitten!

Wet n Wild Always Blushin' Eyeshadow

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Midnight Shadows Liquid Eyeshadow


L’Oreal is here to save the day if you’re on the hunt for a matching liquid eyeshadow to R.E.M Beauty’s Fembot product. This high-impact shimmer eyeshadow is just as powerfully pigmented as Ari’s pinky cosmetic and certainly more affordable!

rem beauty dupe fembot

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Milky Way

You can travel to the milky way with this super stunning shade by e.l.f that just about replicates the bluest of the Midnight Shadows liquid eyeshadow set. One-swipe glitter coverage and blue enough to beautify your eyelids, what more could you ask for?

rem beauty dupe milky way

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A metallic burgundy bronze shimmer is all you’ll need to create a fabulous look, whether it’s for a party or a chilled day out with friends. L’Oreal’s item in Bronze Light is your best-bet if you’re hunting for a Nerd dupe!

rem beauty dupe nerd

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Lab Coat

Ariana would definitely approve of this one! String of Pearls by L’Oreal is a lightweight liquid formula for the eyes, delivering an iridescent hue that suits any complexion. Guess what? It probably also offers ‘universally flattering effects’ just as the R.E.M Beauty cosmetic promises, too.

rem beauty dupe lab coat

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You can’t go wrong with golden eyelids. Suitable for a daytime or evening look, this liquid eyeshadow allows you to create everlastingly pretty looks that Ariana’s Comet eyeshadow would – and at an even better price!

rem beauty dupe comet

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Want that same metallic warm taupe color by R.E.M Beauty? Has it sadly sold out? Have no fear, because this beauty item by L’Oréal is an ideal replacement. Just as brown and ravishing, this liquid eyeshadow is great for vamping up your look.

rem beauty dupe ufo

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Sometimes, a smoky and sultry eye is all that’s needed to turn heads on a night out. If Telescope by Ariana Grande has tempted you, check out this dupe by Stila, which is just as daringly dark and dazzling.

rem beauty dupe telescope

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Hot Lava

Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow is everything a girl (or guy) would need and more when wanting to magnify your eyes and bring out the best in them. This product is a metallic copper that gives R.E.M Beauty’s Hot Lava a run for its money.

rem beauty dupe hot lava

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Science Fair

If you dare to be as bold and bright as this liquid eyeshadow, get your hands on this pretty product by e.l.f, which paints a marvelous metallic blue violet hue onto your eyes. If Ariana does it, then so should you!

rem beauty dupe science fair

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BRB Midnight Shadows Matte Eyeshadow

Who would’ve thought? An identical liquid eyeshadow that resembles Ariana’s BRB item to a T. Although a little more pricier than R.E.M Beauty’s product, at least you will be guaranteed ‘high-pigment’ and an ‘impactful’ matte finish.

rem beauty dupe brb

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Interstellar Highlighter Topper

Miss Mercury

Ariana Grande sure knows how to amplify those cheekbones, and what better way than with her Miss Mercury highlighter? Of course, if you’ve been unable to grab it, opt for this dupe by CoverGirl which paints on that same champagne shade.

rem beauty dupe miss mercury

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Miss Saturn

Again, CoverGirl is here to save the day! A deliciously sparkly dupe that mimics Ariana’s golden pink highlighter to the max. Achieve that same dewy, luminous highlight that you’ve been looking for with this option that’s a lot cheaper!

rem beauty dupe miss saturn

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Miss Uranus

A frosty pink shade that intensifies your facial focal points and gives you that extra shine you’ve been after. Miss Uranus is definitely a die-for color, but so is this replica by Maybelline!

rem beauty dupe miss uranus

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Midnight Shadows Metallic Gel Eyeshadow


We can certainly affirm that this creamy product is a superb dupe for Ari’s latest Affirmation Metallic Gel Eyeshadow. With the same hints of pink and purple, this lavender hue is on point for the upcoming summer!

affirmation rem dupe

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This eyeshadow by Maybelline is the gift you’ve been looking for ever since you laid your eyes on R.E.M Beauty’s golden metallic gel. It’s got similar champagne touches and blends in like a breeze!

gifts rem dupe

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Eyeshadow Gloss

If you’re one to love a splash of gloss on your eye, this clear and wet-look gel is the way to go. Mimicking Ariana’s glossy eyeshadow, this item by Girlactik is moisturizing with major shine and goes on smoothly.

eye gloss rem dupe

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Midnight Shadows Eye Stick


If you’re looking to tan up your look, check out this eyeshadow stick by Julep. It’s equivalent to Ariana’s darling bronze shimmer, ‘Juno’, which glides effortlessly onto the lids and has a waterproof, long-lasting effect for greatness.

juno rem beauty dupe

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An all-over eyeshadow to make your eyes pop, this item by Julep offers a champagne shimmer hue that resembles R.E.M Beauty’s stick. Brighter eyes, bolder lids, what more could you want this spring season?

starlight rem beauty dupe

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Some of us want a matte eyeshadow to truly bring out the eyes. Well, if you haven’t managed to bag Ari’s Midnight Shadows Eye Stick, ‘Intergalactic’, try out this super cute dupe by Julep that promises a smooth application and a hydrating, nourishing formula.

intergalactic rem beauty dupe

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Effortlessly paint your lids with this warm nude cream eyeshadow, provided by none other than Julep. This cream-to-powder eyeshadow stick gives plenty of pigment and even paints a similar shade to R.E.M Beauty’s ‘Lightyear’ cosmetic.

lightyear rem beauty dupe

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Shooting Star

Caramel and cute, ‘Shooting Star’ by Ariana is a delicious brown cream hue. If you’re looking for something similar, there’s the option of buying this shade by Julep, which is equally appealing, lustrous and brightening.

shooting star rem beauty dupe

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Lunar Eclipse

For a more chocolate brown color on your eyelids, try out this cosmetic by Julep in the shade ‘Ginger Matte’. It may not have Ariana’s name written all over it, but it sure as heck looks like her ‘Lunar Eclipse’ eyeshadow stick!

lunar eclipse rem beauty dupe

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On Your Collar Liquid Lipstick


Consider yourself Ariana’s wifey for lifey? You may not have been able to grab her tan rose lipstick, but there’s always the opportunity to get an alternative like this one by Maybelline.

wifey rem beauty dupe

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You’re sure to be a hottie when wearing ‘Athens’ by NYX. This brown nude shade is perfect for dressy and casual occasions and even looks a hella lot like Ariana’s On Your Collar lipstick, too!

hottie rem beauty dupe

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Doll Face

If you want to go bright and bold this season, this wild pink raspberry shade called ‘Doll Face’ by R.E.M Beauty is the way to go. But if you want something a little cheaper, but equally stunning, this dupe by NYX is a great option, too.

doll face rem beauty dupe

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Every diva needs to don a red lip and be proud of it. If you’ve yet to paint your pout red, consider getting your hands on this product by NYX – it just so happens to be a good R.E.M Beauty dupe for the ‘Diva’ liquid lipstick!

diva rem beauty dupe

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If a rich chocolate brown lip sounds like your thing, then grab this liquid lipstick by the wonderful Maybelline. It’s a marvelous matte hue that looks just like Ari’s ‘Absolutely’ On Your Collar cosmetic.

absolutely rem beauty dupe

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Orange, yet red; bold, yet beautiful. This lippie by Ariana is on everyone’s wish-list this summer. If you’re desperate to add it to your makeup bag, but haven’t been able to, check out this more affordable version by Maybelline, instead.

topless rem beauty dupe

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Leave a Message

‘Loyalist’ by Maybelline is an identical dupe for the R.E.M lipsitck, ‘Leave a Message’. Beautifully formulated, long-lasting and offering a stunning matte finish, you can grab this item if you’re looking something alike.

leave message rem beauty dupe

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Essential Drip Lip Oil

Raspberry Drip

Perfect to take care of your lips, whilst also looking super cute and glam. KYDA’s lip oil in the shade ‘Raspberry’ looks very much like Ariana’s ‘Raspberry Drip’ item and even provides that similar shine and shimmer you’ve been craving.

raspberry drip rem beauty dupe

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Pickin Petals

The ‘Pickin Petals’ lip oil by R.E.M Beauty boasts a sheer peachy pink shade. That happens to sound and look a lot like this alternative by KYDA, which promises a moisturizing lip oil gloss and similar petal pink hue.

pickin petals rem beauty dupe

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It’s only a matter of time before Ariana drops her next beauty item and we’ll be right here with all the best R.E.M Beauty dupes to consider.

Which cosmetic have you nabbed? Let us know in the comments below!


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