100 ‘Friends’ Show Quotes For Every Life Situation

friends show quotes

Could we be any more of a Friends fan? Unless you are of course, that being said.  

Forever popular TV show Friends sadly ended in 2004, but that hasn’t stopped its global population continuing its cycle from generation to generation.  

Friends isn’t just a TV series, it’s a way of life, a meme, and the funniest series to quote whilst going about your day-to-day life. Widely available to watch on streaming services like Netflix, more people are falling in love with the show than ever, and its fan-base continues to grow. 

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We’ve rounded up a bunch of the best Friends show quotes, about a hundred actually for your entertainment. 

You can use these in everyday life, for Instagram captions, or for some plain old fun. Don’t worry, we won’t make you read 18 pages…front and back!  

Quotes about Life

1. “Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it!” 

MonicaThe Pilot  

A quote about: Reality
Use this when: Someone welcomes a baby. 

Rachel, the bride who is notoriously known for ditching her first fiancé at her own wedding, officially moves in with Monica after turning up in her wedding dress at Central Perk. The next day, Rachel is determined to change her life and with the help of her friends, she’s encouraged to cut up all of her credit cards. Monica welcomes her bluntly to her new reality with this line.   

2. “Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to.” 

PhoebeThe Pilot  

A quote about: Procrastination 
Use this when: Your boss asks you to work overtime. 

It’s all about being blunt and honest when using this line. Ross is needing a little assistance in putting up his new furniture and Joey asks Phoebe if she wants to help. Of course she doesn’t, so she tells them straight. We love her for being so upfront, I think we would decline too!  

3. “Not just clean, ‘Monica clean’.” 

MonicaThe One With the Male Nanny 

A quote about: Cleaning 
Use this when: Your parents inspect your house. 

What makes Monica happy other than cooking? Cleaning! Poor Chandler is woken up in Tulsa by Monica over-excited about her new job at Javu. Not only does she love her job, but could it be any more clean? We are still trying to book her to come clean our homes, but she’s fully booked until 2045.  

4. “Oh God. Can open. Worms everywhere!”

Chandler – The One Where Joey Moves Out  

A quote about: Secrets 
Use this when: You find out something weird about your friends. 

Joey is caught licking the spoon and putting it back in the drawer, apparently, he does this a lot. Chandler and Joey share a moment of revealing some odd habits Joey does…something about a toothbrush, too. *Shudders*. We fully support Chandler’s reaction to new information on his roommate. Tip: Buy your own soap and hide it.  

5. “Today, it’s like there’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, then me.” 

Rachel – The One With Ross’ New Girlfriend 

A quote about: Depression 
Use this when: You’re hungover. 

JULIE! It’s her, it’s Ross’ new girlfriend and Rachel is feeling pretty down about it after she went to meet him at the airport. We feel for her, and this is a vulnerable moment as she confides in Joey about her feelings. The moment of comfort is of course ended by laughter, as Chandler walks through the door. But we adore this scene of friendship.  

6. “I mean, sure. I have my bad days but then I remember what a cute smile I have.”

ChandlerThe One With the Ballroom Dancing 

A quote about: Self-love
Use this when: You look in the mirror on a Monday morning.

Use this quote as a caption for your Instagram selfie! Chandler wants to quit the gym, but they are so persistent with him remaining a member. In this exchange with a member of staff, they question if he’s satisfied with himself. How dare he question our handsome Chandler! Of course, he fires back with sarcasm. We agree, he has a cute smile. 

7. “I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.”

Chandler The One With the Proposal 

A quote about: Sarcasm
Use this when: At a job interview.

Imagine running into your current partner’s ex, just when you’re about to pop the question. Yeah, it could only happen to Chandler. Of course, it had to be Richard with his hot moustache. To make an awkward situation funny, Chandler hits them with a funny, sarcastic line. Richard didn’t like it, but we did Chandler, we got your back.  

8. Monica: “Phoebe, do you have a plan?” / Phoebe: “I don’t even have a pla.”

PhoebeThe One With George Stephanopoulos

A quote about: Winging it
Use this when: Setting your new year resolution.

BFFs, alcohol, and pizza – what more could you want? In an attempt to cheer Rachel up after the tax man took most of her first pay check, her friends throw a slumber party. The mood lowers when Rachel rants about life and all the things possible that would dampen a happy party with your besties. We have to say, I think most of us don’t have a pla.  

9. Monica: “Where have you been?” / Ross: “Emotional hell.” 

Monica & Ross – The One With the Prom Video

A quote about: Hard times
Use this when: You haven’t replied to messages in a week.

After trying to convince Rachel is Ross’ lobster, Ross joins the gang at Monica’s to watch a prom video. His parents are there for the show, too, and Monica quickly checks in on Ross before they sit down. He’s right, he’s had a bit of an emotional day, but maybe he should have never made that list about Rachel…  

10. “I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

ChandlerThe One With the Tea Leaves

A quote about: Sarcasm
Use this when: You don’t feel like playing therapist.

It’s a little awkward right now for Rachel after a date with Joey. So, to help the situation, she goes to her best friends for advice, Chandler being one of them. Now, we all know his advice isn’t reliable and we’re pretty impressed at his quick comeback – our Chandler is so self-aware! 

11. “I am not a pushover.”

Rachel – The One With the Joke 

A quote about: Self-defense
Use this when: You want extra fries and they say no.

The girls all agree to their flaws, Rachel being a pushover. We don’t think that’s entirely true. Phoebe congratulates them on their acceptance! But they quickly change their minds. This is a quick-witted scene between the three friends, and we love them for their flaws no matter what.  

12. “I tell you, when I actually die, some people are gonna get seriously haunted.”

Ross – The One With the Memorial Service 

A quote about: Dying
Use this when: Planning your funeral with your family.  

Just like most of us on a normal day, we like to plan our own funerals and fake our deaths. Ross is probably the first to have set the trend, but sadly this time round, nobody turned up to his fake funeral. Disappointed, as you would be, Ross pledges to haunt people when he is actually gone.  

13. “You’re a strange kind of grown-up.”

Mike – The One With Princess Consuela 

A quote about: Adulting
Use this when: Your dog chases its tail.

Joey is a little upset in this episode, as Monica and Chandler are planning on moving out and ask him to go view the house. Joey puts on a front to be the better person and Phoebe applauds him, but he quickly expresses his true intent. Mike, observing, times this line effortlessly. Poor Joey, we are here for you buddy! 

14. “It’s okay. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought they would.”

Rachel – The One With the Wedding Dresses 

A quote about: Disappointment
Use this when: You / someone need some inspiration.

After acting a little crazy with her new boyfriend Joshua, Rachel decides to sit with the girls in wedding dresses, causing him to scare-off completely. Ross arrives to confirm a double-date, but it turns into a heartfelt moment, as Rachel comes to terms with Ross’ wedding and realizes that life doesn’t always go to plan.  

15. “I just shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions anymore.”

Rachel – The One With all the Kissing

A quote about: Decision-making 
Use this when: You appoint someone to make your decision. 

Rachel is looking back on going to London, she thinks it’s stupid…we won’t comment. But the fun doesn’t stop, she allows Phoebe to make all of her decisions from now on. It’s a little too much for her to handle though, so Monica takes the role, instead. We can’t help but wonder how much fun Pheebs would have been…  

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16. “Let me think. Let me think. Oh, I don’t care.”

Chandler – The One With the Baby Shower 

A quote about: Not caring
Use this when: Someone demands an answer from you.

It’s gameshow time for the guys and Joey is rehearsing for a new gig, a gameshow called Bamboozled. Ross is eager to play, Chandler doesn’t quite fancy his chances at first, but both become addicted. The game might not make much sense and we’re still trying to pick our brains and understand it today. Maybe not one for a chill family night in.

17. “I’ve got this uncontrollable need to please people.”

Monica – The One With Ross’ Tan 

A quote about: People-pleasing
Use this when: You can’t say no.  

Monica and Phoebe are trying to avoid an old friend, one who has a rather odd British accent. After calling and Chandler picks up, Monica is put on the spot to answer, agreeing instantly to a dinner date. We understand the need to try and get out of something. Rule number one, don’t let Chandler answer the phone.  

18. “You’re not alone. We don’t know where we’re going! You just gotta figure at some point, it’s all gonna come together.”

Monica The One With George Stephanopoulos

A quote about: Life
Use this when: When things get deep on a night out.

Life can sometimes be, well, a little floppy. Thanks to Rachel and her magic beans, Phoebe and Monica are pep-talking her out of feeling bad for leaving her former life and giving up the orthodontist. You can always count on your BFFs to make it better, even if you are still waiting for your magic beans.

19. “When I first meet somebody, it’s usually panic, anxiety, and a great deal of sweating.”

Chandler – The One With Joey’s Award

A quote about: Anxiety
Use this when: Setting up your social media profile.

Monica is having a little bit of a panic. Like a healthy couple, she tells Chandler how she feels and because he’s totally grown up now and reached adulthood (he was a late bloomer), Chandler comforts her and says the right thing. Aww, don’t you just love them?!  

20. “I’m so happy, and not at all jealous!”

Rachel – The One With the Proposal 

A quote about: Jealousy
Use this when: All your friends are getting married while you’re binging Netflix true crime shows.

What better way to make yourself feel better than with a sarcastic comment that convinces yourself you’re not at all bothered by your BFFs getting married. Monica and Chandler are officially engaged (YAY!) and Phoebe and Rachel share a moment of joy for their friends. They’re also feeling a little deflated, but rest assured we know their time will come. 

21. “It’s so hard to care when you’re this relaxed.”

Chandler – The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

A quote about: Relaxation
Use this when: Avoiding all adult responsibilities.

Chandler didn’t see himself as much of a man who likes to take a bath. Monica convinces him it’s the best way to unwind and before you know it, he becomes a little addicted to the essence of the tub. In fact, he breaks all bath-time decorum, and Monica finds out he has jumped in. Well-played Chandler, well-played.  

22. “It’s always better to lie than to have the complicated discussion.”

Chandler – The One With Rachel’s Phone Number 

A quote about: Lying
Use this when: You’re explaining your spending to the bank.

Chandler is back from Tulsa, and Joey doesn’t know. Joey really wants to go to the game with him, but Monica wants some quality time with her man. Like most of us when trying to get out of something, we lie. Chandler does exactly that to avoid telling the truth. It’s a pretty Chandler thing to do.  

23. “It’s a moo point. It’s like a cow’s opinion; it doesn’t matter. It’s moo.”

Joey – The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs

A quote about: Urm, cows?
Use this when: Someone talks trash.

Rachel is asking her opinion on how long you should wait to make a move on someone – her eye candy is Tag (not the game). To simplify it, Joey makes a point that it’s all ‘moo’. It doesn’t matter about the advice if Tag (you’re it) doesn’t like her back.  

24. “I say more dumb things before 9am than most people say all day!”

Chandler – The One With the Fake Party 

A quote about: Social skills
Use this when: You’re public speaking.

In this moment, Phoebe is a little frustrated with her pregnancy cravings and knocks over a box of cereal. As per, Chandler’s quick wit enters the room, calling her a ‘cereal killer’. The audience laughed, but Monica didn’t quite enjoy the pun. Don’t worry Chandler, we thought it was funny. 

25. “It’s Sunday. I don’t move on Sundays.”

Chandler – The One Where Ross Finds Out

A quote about: Weekends
Use this when: You’re being dragged to Sunday service.

Poor Chandler feels a little unattractive and Monica insists on helping him get into shape. After her brutal regime, she’s a little too much for him and the final straw is this moment when Monica knocks on his door, bright and early on a Sunday. We’re siding with Chandler; nobody should sacrifice a Sunday to workout.  

26. “I’m a young woman, I have needs.”

Janice – The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh

A quote about: Being female 
Use this when: Saving topless photos of Captain America. 

Chandler was in Yemen, now he’s with Monica. And Janice…well, she decided to have some of Ross. Though, the tables have turned here, and the gang find out about Janice and Ross. It’s a fan-favorite moment, any chance to have our Janice on screen! Pity nobody told her Chandler was back. *Crickets* 

27. “I’m a lone wolf. A loner. Alone. All alone. Forever. What’s a lone wolf gotta do to get a hug around here?!”

Joey – The One With the Secret Closet

A quote about: Lonliness
Use this when: On a camping trip or vacation.

Poor Joey is left alone after Rachel moves out. In this scene, we see him trying to convince himself he’s fine and that he can revert back to his old ways, like waking around naked in the apartment. In a nutshell? Joey is just one big cuddly wolf who needs a hug.  

28. “I tend to keep talking until somebody stops me.”

Chandler – The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

A quote about: Talking too much
Use this when: Accepting an Oscar.

Chandler is trying his hardest to score a new job in advertising. It was going smoothly, until he opened up about his sex life with Monica. Thankfully, the interviewer wasn’t too traumatized. We wish all of our interviews went this smoothly.  

29. “It’s so exhausting, waiting for death.”

Phoebe – The One Where Joey Loses his Insurance 

A quote about: Dying
Use this when: You’re on your death bed.

Phoebe has some bad news from her psychic – she’s going to die in a week. We love her for being so patient, and in this scene, she’s reminded she is still alive by Rachel. In Phoebe’s playful manner, she begins to groan and croak after delivering this funny quote. Life wouldn’t be as fun without her, so we’re glad she’s still around.

30. “Everybody looks so happy. I hate that.”

Phoebe – The One With the Monkey

A quote about: Bitterness
Use this when: You’re basking in your morning mood.  

New year is upon the whole gang, what a way to celebrate than with Monica throwing a party. Everyone except them is having a good time, and just as the clock is about to strike midnight, Phoebe reminds us that we just don’t like seeing people happy when we’re not. 

31. “I’m a gym member. I try to go four times a week, but I’ve missed the last twelve hundred times.”

Chandler – The One With the Ballroom Dancing 

A quote about: Working out
Use this when: Discussing fitness resolutions for the new year.

Monica is a little shocked Chandler has a gym membership. We’ve all been there, and this moment is so relatable when Chandler admits he is a member, but he just doesn’t go (guilty, here). He can’t quite find it in him to quit the membership, because they over-charge. Ahem, some gyms have the nerve! 

32. “I hope it’s still funny when you’re in hell.”

Monica – The One With the Giant Poking Device

A quote about: Bullying
Use this when: People laugh at your singing.

Rachel and Monica have been left to babysit Ben. After accidentally bumping his head, Ross finds out and decides to have a little fun with Monica. It’s a cruel but funny way to payback your sibling and a nice moment that shares their often competitive but loving bond.  

33. “I’m very wise, I know.”

Phoebe – The One With All the Cheesecakes

A quote about: Wisdom
Use this when: Explaining something difficult to someone.

Joey and Phoebe are on a date, only this time, Phoebe wants to rush and meet someone else. Joey is attempting to take all the time he can to get payback, so he compliments her (sarcastically), and she hurriedly responds. To be honest, we can’t disagree with her own statement.  

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Quotes about Love

34. “You’re my lobster.”

RossThe One With the Prom Video

A quote about: Love
Use this when: Hugging your pet, or lobster.  

Ross, as usual, messes up with Rachel. To make it right, Phoebe shares her words of wisdom that so happen to involve lobsters. Ross thinks himself of a hero and interrupts a conversation between Rachel and a man and attempts to be romantic using the lobster reference. He meant well, though according to Google, lobsters only last in love for two weeks. Yikes.  

35. “He’s so pretty, I want to cry.” 

RachelThe One With Rachel’s Assistant  

A quote about: Boys, boys, boys 
Use this when: Staring into the eyes of your Tom Hardy poster. 

Rachel is faced with another tough decision; no, it’s not buying boots that make her feet bleed (lesson learnt from Monica). She’s hiring a new assistant and is faced with the decision of hiring someone with experience and someone young, good-looking and with a name like Tag. In fact, he’s so pretty, it makes her want to shed a few tears.  

36. “You’re over me? When were you…under me?”

RossThe One Where Ross Finds Out  

A quote about: Break-ups  
Use this when: An ex tries to tell you they’re done. 

A moment fans all waited for, Ross and Rachel finally come as one and both realize their feelings for each other. Ross dates Julie, and Rachel realizes how she feels about him, declaring she is now over him (we sense she isn’t). In this comical scene, Ross finds out how she really feels, and sweet Julie is waiting downstairs.  

37. Joey: “How did the date go?” / Ross: “Great! I’m across the street, having sex right now.” 

Joey and RossThe One With the Video Tape 

A quote about: Dating 
Use this when: Your date clearly went wrong. 

If you need dating tips, Joey is your man! Ross does exactly that and uses the back-packing in Europe story to woo his date over. However, it doesn’t work. Ross really doesn’t get much luck and he drops this perfectly-timed line when Joey asks how it went. We can’t help but laugh at Ross’ misfortunes!  

38. “They can say you’re high maintenance, but it’s okay, because I like maintaining you.”

ChandlerThe One With the Joke 

A quote about: Acceptance
Use this when: Trying to score a date on Tinder.

This dialogue between Chandler and Monica was too cute. During this scene, she’s trying to convince Phoebe and Rachel that she isn’t high maintenance after telling her she is. Monica may be OCD with cleaning and a little bossy, but we love her for it. Chandler did a real good job getting himself out of this one. Could he be any more romantic?  

39. “I thought we were apart for a good reason, but then I suddenly realized there was no reason good enough to keep me from spending the rest of my life with you.”

Mike – The One in Barbados, Part Two

A quote about: Romance
Use this when: Winning back the love of your life.

Poor David, he’s just about to pop the question to Phoebe, and Mike in shining armor comes along to tell her how he feels. We must admit, we do love Mike and the comedic timing of David adds to this funny, but very sweet moment. If we don’t have someone traveling across country to win us back, quite frankly we don’t want them.  

40. “It’s you and me, alright? This is it.”

Rachel – The Last One 

A quote about: Eternal love
Use this when: Watching a horror movie with your cat.

The moment that made us all cry and had fans on the edge of their seats as Rachel gets on the plane for Paris. Only, she gets off the plane and in this heartfelt dialogue between her and Ross, they both declare it’s them, forever. If this won’t make you cry, I don’t know what will…  

41. “We were on a break!”

Ross – The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

A quote about: Break-ups (temporary ones, duh)
Use this when: Your manager catches you at the water cooler.

Were they on a break? This classic quote from Friends has sparked conversation since it was first said. Ross and Rachel take a break, and Ross makes a mistake by sleeping with someone else. This iconic saying continues to ring fresh in our ears, even after reading 18 pages…front and back.  

42. “If you’re too afraid to be in a relationship, then don’t be in one.”

Monica – The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey 

A quote about: Relationships
Use this when: Speaking some hard truths that need to be heard.

Chandler lost his mind a little, and just after everyone finds out about his and Monica’s relationship, he already messes it up. This time, Monica isn’t going easy to help him fix his mistake. She speaks some truth with a little more of a serious quote, but we respect her for standing her ground. And Chandler, think before you speak.  

43. Chandler: “What’s wrong with her?” / Ross: “She’s not Rachel.”

Ross – The One With the List 

A quote about: Your true love
Use this when: Searching for your Rachel Green.

Ross’ second biggest mistake when it came to Rachel was that list. Oh my, we wish we could shake him. Whilst comparing Julie and Rachel on a nicely typed list, Ross comes to the realization that Julie just isn’t quite like his first love. He meant well, but as per; his intentions weren’t properly executed.  

44. “Until I was 25, I thought the response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh, crap.’”

Chandler – The One With the Tea Leaves 

A quote about: Young love
Use this when: Reassuring your friends whose love life sucks.

Joey is feeling pretty down about the whole Rachel thing, he isn’t taking the rejection well. Fully understandable, he’s growing up. Chandler, of course, using his typical humor, interjects his past trauma with a joke to help Joey feel better. A comedic moment, but a bonding one between the BFFs.

45. “When I was growing up, I didn’t have a normal mom and dad or a regular family like everybody else, and I always knew that something was missing. But now, I’m standing here today knowing that I have everything I’m ever going to need. You are my family.”

Phoebe – The One With Phoebe’s Wedding

A quote about: Family
Use this when: You’re thankful for the people around you.  

When it came to Phoebe’s wedding day, fans couldn’t have been happier to finally see our quirky fan-favorite finally receive happiness. She’s been through it, but Phoebe is one heck of a tough cookie. In this moment, her and Mike are exchanging vows – it’s a sweet and loving scene, just like our Pheebs. 

46. “Everything you need to know is in that first kiss.”

Rachel – The One With the Sonogram at the End

A quote about: Intimacy
Use this when: Preparing a friend for a first date.

The gang are hanging out at the coffee house, talking about the importance of kissing during sex. The girls agree it’s important, and the guys compare it to being an opening act. We’re pretty certain this is why men sometimes slack on foreplay, they’re waiting for the mic drop.  

47. “I thought this was going to be the most difficult thing I was ever going to have to do, but when I saw you walking down that aisle, I realized how simple it is. I love you.”

Chandler – The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding

A quote about: Marriage
Use this when: (let’s be soppy) It’s your wedding day!  

Chandler really outdone himself at his wedding. So he should, considering he wanted to dip out and leave Monica hanging. In this moment when they are exchanging vows, we are reminded by just how much he loves Monica.  

48. “It’s never taken you more than a shower to get over a relationship.”

Monica – The One Without the Ski Trip

A quote about: Relationships
Use this when: Reassuring someone they can get over a breakup.

The gang are discussing the break between Ross and Rachel after he sleeps with the xerox girl. Joey tells them it’s never taken him a week to ger over a relationship. Monica’s brutally honest wit, bites back brilliantly with this line. A gentle nod to Joey’s sex life.

49. “The way I feel about you, it’s like I finally understand what Lionel Richie has been singing about.”

Janice – The One With the Giant Poking Device

A quote about: Love 
Use this when: You need to win over someone’s heart. 

Oh…My…God. It’s a sweet moment for Janice and Chandler. Her brilliant laugh and loud manner…we sure miss their relationship, sometimes. But in this scene, Chandler realizes that she should be with her husband and be a family. Janice can’t resist making the moment even sweeter by comparing their love to Lionel Richie’s music.  

50. “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”

Chandler – The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel

A quote about: Sadness
Use this when: Speed-dating.

Things heat up with Janice and Chandler – he’s finally realizing how much she means to him, so they take their relationship one step further. But in true Chandler fashion, he takes it one step too far, scaring off Janice. Instant regret and outburst follows.   

chandler quote

51. “Lately, I have been having thoughts, musings if you will…and maybe they’re crazy thoughts, but I’ve been thinking about us.”

Rachel – The One in Barbados 

A quote about: Falling in love
Use this when: Telling your crush how you feel.

Things have taken a turn with who loves who. And now it’s Rachel crushing on Joey. In Barbados, she decides to come clean with how she feels after spending the day with him having fun. Though so many ship Rachel and Ross, we can’t help but aww at the sweetness of these two.  

52. “These are just feelings. They’ll go away.”

Joey – The One Where Joey Tells Rachel 

A quote about: Feelings
Use this when: You stub your toe on the corner of a table.

Joey plucks up the courage and Ross finds out about him having feelings for Rachel. We feel a little sorry for him in this moment, he clearly truly cares for her, but Ross doesn’t know how to take the new information. Joey tries his best to convince him it’s not that deep. 

53. “A no-sex pact, huh? I seem to have one of those going with every woman in America.”

Ross – The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin

A quote about: Loneliness
Use this when: You’re lying to your parents about your virginity.

Phoebe starts the conversation with Monica folding laundry, her favorite pastime. Monica can’t wait until the wedding is over, due to her and Chandler having a no-sex-until-marriage pact. Ross times his quote perfectly in this moment and reminds us sarcastically that he’s not getting any.  

54. “You are so beautiful. You’re so kind. You’re so generous. You’re so wonderfully weird.”

Mike – The One With Phoebe’s Wedding

A quote about: Appreciation
Use this when: (we have to get soppy again) Appreciating your partner for everything they are.

We’ve gotta give it to Mike, it’s a PHEW moment when he decided he wanted to marry Phoebe after breaking her heart. This romantic quote is delivered during the exchanging of vows at their wedding, and we just have to say aww, Mike loves Phoebe for all that she is, and we love him for that.  

55. “I’m gonna love you so much that no woman is ever gonna be good enough for you.”

Monica – The Last One 

A quote about: Love
Use this when: Feeling extra protective over your partner.

*Grabs a tissue* Monica and Chandler finally have babies of their own. When they cut the umbilical cord, Monica shares a moment and a few words with her son. We have to admit, she’s going to be the best mom, but let’s hope the kid grows to learn how to clean. Remember the crummies? 

56. Rachel: “No, you’re not an idiot, Ross. You’re a guy very much in love.” / Ross: “Same difference.”

Ross & Rachel – The One After Ross Says Rachel 

A quote about: Unrequited love
Use this when: Reassuring your heartbroken buddy.

It’s the aftermath of the wedding (oh dear, Ross) and Ross has asked Emily to come to the airport, so they can go on their honeymoon. Only, she’s a little late in turning up. Rachel, who has feelings for Ross, sticks with him and reassures him he’s not an idiot. Well, we may have another name for someone that says another person’s name at their own wedding.  

57. “I turned to a friend for comfort and instead I found everything that I had been looking for my whole life.”

Monica – The One With Chandler and Monica’s Wedding

A quote about: Affection
Use this when: Telling your loved one how you really feel.

There are so many sweet phrases said on the show, especially this one said during the delivery of Monica’s wedding vows. Looking back on some of the past episodes, it really was a match made in heaven for them both.  

Quotes about Food

58. Joey: “What’s wrong buddy?” / Ross: “Somebody at work ate my sandwich.” 

Joey & RossThe One With Ross’ Sandwich

A quote about: Sandwiches
Use this when: You’re trying to get free food from your gran. 

Ross’ sandwich was eaten by his boss at work – a tasty left-over turkey sandwich with the unforgettable moist maker. However, even after labelling his food, it was still taken and chowed down on. Personally, we think Ross’ reaction here is valid. Who takes someone else’s food? It’s a crime!  

59. “Brussels sprouts? That’s worse than no food.”

Ross – The One With the Late Thanksgiving

A quote about: Christmas dinner
Use this when: Declaring a national ban on sprouts at Christmas.

After arriving late for Monica’s well-cooked, huge Thanksgiving dinner, the rest of the friends are locked in the hallway and Monica is refusing them some of that delicious turkey (poor Joey). Rachel thinks she is on to a winner as something is left cooking in Joey’s oven. Unfortunately, it’s a foodie’s worst nightmare – Brussel sprouts. Ross sums it up perfectly, they are most definitely worse than no food.  

60. “You hung up on the pizza place? I don’t hang up on your friends.”

JoeyThe One With the Creepy Christmas Card 

A quote about: Pizza
Use this when: Your friends don’t want pizza.

In typical fashion, Joey’s love for food prevails. He walks in on Rachel ending a phone call, who lies about who she hung up on. She tells him it was the pizza place; Joey is a little shocked. I mean, of course he is! Who the heck hangs up on a pizza place anyway? This moment shows that food is just as much of a friend.  

joey tribbiani quote

61. “Joey doesn’t share food!”

JoeyThe One With the Birth Mother 

A quote about: Food
Use this when: You’re piling your plate at a buffet.

We’re with Joey on this one. In this episode, we know Joey doesn’t share food, but his date isn’t aware, until she begins to take some off his plate. How rude! It’s not until the end when Ross tries to take a bite from Joey’s muffin, reminding him…he doesn’t share food! We thought Ross knew better, remember your sandwich?  

62. “Cheese: It’s milk that you chew.”

Chandler – The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

A quote about: Cheese
Use this when: Serving cheese on a stick at parties.

A top quote from the show! Monica spent eight hours organizing jobs in alphabetical order for Chandler to apply for. Instantly drawn to advertising, Chandler is convinced he would be great at coming up with slogans, picking up a slice of cheese. This slogan gives us all a chuckle – he’s not wrong, is he? We’re still waiting for Dairylea to use it. 

63. “I grew up with Monica. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat.”

Ross – The One Where Rachel Tells Ross 

A quote about: Eating
Use this when: Cussing your sister.

Ross was a little shocked when he found out Rachel was pregnant, and in an attempt to make it right, he turns up for her first scan. Of course, they begin bickering and his comparison to Rachel unable to eat alone, brings up what could only have been a traumatic experience for him. I’m sure Monica left him the crumbs. 

64. “I needed a plan, a plan to get over my man. And what’s opposite of man? Jam.”

Monica – The One With the Jam 

A quote about: Being a foodie
Use this when: You need to make jam and get over your man!

Monica is still feeling the heartbreak after her recent split with Richard. We feel her, and we want Monica to be happy. She decides to make jam and lots of it! Rather than channel her true feelings, she uses food and cooking for comfort to get over an ex. Joey isn’t complaining though. Jam good!  

65. “You ordered pizza without me?”

Joey – The One With Ross’ Wedding

A quote about: Take-out
Use this when: You come home and your partner already ate.

It’s Ross’ wedding…we’ve lost count which one. Joey is feeling a little homesick and talks with Phoebe over the phone. She’s ordered a pizza and he’s a little jealous that it’s being ordered without him, rightly so! But don’t worry, Phoebe ordered his favorite.  

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66. “I’m full, and yet I know if I stop eating this, I’ll regret it.”

Chandler – The One With all the Cheesecakes 

A quote about: Eating too much
Use this when: The food is too good to stop.  

We’ve all been there. We eat something delicious, and it tastes so good. If we stop when our bellies are full, we might just regret not finishing that one last bit. Chandler knows us well, and in this scene, him and Rachel share a cheesecake which tastes so good, they can’t stop eating it.

67. Joey: “What are we doing?” / Chandler: “Wasting our lives.” / Joey: “I meant for lunch.”

Joey & Chandler – The One With the Invitation  

A quote about: Lunch 
Use this when: All you can think about is your next meal.  

It’s a relaxing day in Central Perk, Joey and Chandler are wasting away, whilst all the gang seem to be doing something, like Ross who’s getting married. Everyone is doing stuff! In this scene, Joey is clearly thinking about food and not the bigger picture. We dream about food a lot, too, Jo!  

68. “Food? Oh, give me!”

Joey – The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress

A quote about: Food
Use this when: Stealing ice cream from kids.

Weddings are stressful enough, and Monica is planning her big day. She’s having a difficult time narrowing down the menu, but who is better than Joey when it comes to the art of food? Nobody. He kindly offers to help and with his experience, we’re hoping he’ll have a burger van someday. 

69. “Well, the fridge broke, so I had to eat everything.”

Joey – The One With Joey’s Fridge

A quote about: Eating 
Use this when: You need to comfort eat. 

When a fridge breaks, we all sit down and eat its entire contents, right? Just like Joey when Chandler finds him eating everything from the fridge due to it ruining. It’s a funny moment where we see Joey in his element of food and Chandler looking a little confused. 

70. “Here come the meat sweats.”

Joey – The One With the Rumor 

A quote about: Overeating
Use this when: Indulging a Sunday roast.

It’s mayhem in Monica’s home, she refused to cook a big turkey, but what is Thanksgiving without it? Joey convinces her to cook one and he promises to eat every last bit. Joey’s commitment to food and not going back on his word is hilarious, and we appreciate that he leaves nothing to waste. Use this line as a caption for your food-filled Instagram story.

joey food quote

71. “We are dessert stealers. We are living outside the law.”

Rachel – The One With All the Cheesecakes 

A quote about: Sweets
Use this when: Hoarding the discounted cakes.

After accidentally eating someone else’s cheesecake (okay, stealing), Chandler walks in on Rachel scoffing the cheesecake alone. Rachel fires back with the reality that if anyone knew, what would they think of them? Cheesecake is most definitely worth taking the risk.  

72. “Man, I’m starving. What was I thinking at dinner? ‘Do you want soup or salad?’ Both. Always order both.”

Joey – The One Where They’re Up All Night

A quote about: Dinner
Use this when: The restaurant dinner didn’t fulfil you.  

Ross and Joey have got themselves into a bit of a predicament and are trying to get off the roof by climbing down the fire ladders. For Joey, there’s never a wrong time when it comes to thinking about food and of course, as Ross tries to scramble down, his mind wanders to a feast.  

Quotes about Friendship

73. “I guess they weren’t as good friends as we are.” 

Joey The One With Ross’ Tan  

A quote about: True friendship 
Use this when: You want to get really soppy with your BFF. 

Rachel and Joey finally admit their feelings and begin dating each other. As they try to overcome their nerves, both sit and have a heartfelt moment. Reflecting on their relationship, they realize their bond and friendship is stronger than ever. A comforting moment…and yes, Ross is totally fine, we think.  

74. “Oh, I’m sorry, did my back hurt your knife?” 

Rachel The One With the Breast Milk 

A quote about: Betrayal 
Use this when: Someone lets you down. 

In this scene, Rachel is upset with Monica for going shopping with Julie. Ah Julie, always getting in the way. Monica is trying to apologize, but Rachel is not having any of it. This was a moment where their friendship was tested and love got in the way. Of course, it didn’t tear them apart, friends for life.  

75. “A promise between friends means never having to give a reason.” 

PhoebeThe One Where Estelle Dies  

A quote about: Relationships 
Use this when: Writing a last-minute message in a birthday card. 

Estelle, Joey’s fabulous, chain-smoking agent dies. Only Phoebe knows and to try and save Joey disappointment in trying to get an audition, she does what any friend would do – call them pretending to be the agent. The line is delivered in a comedic manner, but we can’t help but aww at the friendship between these two.  

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76. “I stepped up! She’s my friend and she needed help. And if I have to, I’d pee on any one of you!”

Joey – The One With the Jellyfish 

A quote about: Loyalty
Use this when: Your friend gets stung by a nettle plant.

Something went down at the beach that day, and the rest of gang are trying to get it out of Joey, Chandler and Monica. Joey throws us this funny line, but he couldn’t go through with it. Well, it’s the thought that counts. Are you even friends if your friends don’t offer to pee on you?  

77. “Wow, we really are bit**es.”

Rachel – The One Where Joey Loses his Insurance 

A quote about: Being mean
Use this when: Trash-talking exes with friends.

Rachel and Monica pay Ross a visit to his new job (where he funnily adopts a British accent). Before entering, Rachel spots a few sorority girls, a little reminder of her youthful days. She waves, but they rudely ignore her. A moment of realization for Rachel and how she may have been back then. We do think she’s a wonderful woman now, though!  

78. “Oh, that’s okay. Girls tend not to like me.”

Rachel – The One Where Ross is Fine

A quote about: Girlfriends
Use this when: You’re not asked to be bridesmaid.

Ross is fine, isn’t he? During this scene, Charlie apologizes to Rachel for not initially liking her. It’s a female thing, ex dating new person, ex still in touch. We understand the territory competitiveness and we respect Rachel for brushing it off so calmly. After all…Ross was cooking something up in the kitchen.  

79. “Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life.”

Phoebe – The One With all the Cheesecakes 

A quote about: Friendship
Use this when: Being a softie with your BFF.

Phoebe and Joey meet up every now and again for a date and a little moan about the gang. Urgh, could their friendship be any more perfect? This time, Joey ditches her to go on a date, which annoys Phoebe. She puts him in his place and wins the moment with this meaningful quote.  

Miscellaneous Quotes

80. “You don’t have a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”

JoeyThe One in Barbados 

A quote about: TV
Use this when: Checking into your budget hotel room. 

Joey is attending an event for Ross’ speech and a fan approaches Ross. Joey of course, because he’s an actor, assumes they know him, too. Only, they don’t own a TV – shocker! Joey throws this funny quote back, which of course is totally relatable. Even Ross owns a TV!  

joey funny quote

81. Joey: “You didn’t cry when Bambi’s mom died?”/ Chandler: “Yes, it was so sad when the guy stopped drawing the deer.”

Joey & Chandler – The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry 

A quote about: Crying  
Use this when: You are trying to look cool, edgy and emo.  

Chandler can’t cry, but Monica is determined to get him to cry! After some of the gang watch E.T, Phoebe insists Bambi is sadder. Chandler, with absolutely zero heart and soul, reminds us all why we love his sarcastic sense of humor, throwing in one of his best lines on the show. He’s got a point though…  

82. “How you doin?”

Joey – First said in: The One With Rachel’s Crush 

A quote about: Flirting
Use this when: Learning to woo your crush.

Three simple words can really make a gal or guy blush. No, it’s not what you think! But Joey knows how to woo the ladies, and his most famous line is surely the way to do it. Rachel is also trying to woo someone herself, and Joey kindly shows her his secret weapon. A popular saying that definitely gets us a little hot under the collar.  

83. “Something is wrong with the left phalange.” 

Phoebe – The Last One, Part One 

A quote about: Travelling 
Use this when: You need to get out of that vacation. 

In the final episode, Part One, we see Rachel sitting on the plane ready to go to Paris. Phoebe tries to convince her by pre-warning that she has a feeling something is wrong with the plane. We know she has a sixth sense about this kind of stuff, so it’s a real good job Rachel didn’t stay on the plane…Some say they are still looking for the missing phalange.  

84. “Unagi”

RossThe One With Unagi

A quote about: Sushi? 
Use this when: You want to scare off people that annoy you. 

It’s all about girl power when Phoebe and Rachel decide to take up self-defense. Ross, channeling his inner ego, tells them that he learnt ‘Unagi’. The girls aren’t convinced, and Ross spends his time carefully planning a moment to jump-scare them. It’s Ross, it goes wrong, and in this episode, women are the ultimate heroes. Again, Ross is totally fine though.  

85. “I can’t believe my dad saw us having sex! He didn’t make it to one of my piano recitals, but this he sees!”

MonicaThe One Where No One Proposes 

A quote about: Baby-making
Use this when: You and your partner get caught.

Like most people when trying for a baby, they like to do it in a janitor’s cupboard – all that bleach really adds to the romance. But for Monica, her dad just so happens to catch them in the act, a little too non-cholent for our liking. This is a funny but also embarrassing moment for Monica and Chandler – quite frankly, we would have to find a new dad.  

86. “Pivot!”

Ross – The One With the Cop

A quote about: Bossing around
Use this when: Slow people are walking in front.

It’s exhausting carrying furniture into your new home, especially if you have to haul it upstairs. Ross, with the help of Chandler and Rachel, are helping him move a new sofa after refusing to pay for delivery (he’s so frugal). This scene is hilarious and features one of the most iconic catchphrases from the show. We think it’s a great way to order someone around!  

87. “Look at me! I’m Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

Joey – The One Where No-One’s Ready 

A quote about: Fashion
Use this when: You’re excusing your Christmas tum.

Ross has a super important event, and all he wants is for everyone to get ready and leave on time. Unfortunately, Joey and Chandler are bickering over a seat, and they continue to argue. Joey gets his revenge and puts on every single clothing item of Chandler’s. It’s funny, iconic and the perfect fancy dress outfit.  

88. Ross: “I went to that tanning place your wife suggested.” / Chandler: “Was that place the sun?” 

Ross & Chandler – The One With Ross’ Tan 

A quote about: Tanning 
Use this when: You’re laughing at your dad’s hat sunburn.  

Like most things, Ross’ luck is very small. What a way to make yourself feel better though with a bit of self-love. Unfortunately, he ended up with a really bad tan. He got two eights and it all went wrong. But Chandler’s quick wit couldn’t help but make us laugh as Ross storms in rather miffed. Do not count in Mississippi’s. 

89. Janice: “What a small world.” / Chandler: “And yet I never run into Beyoncé.” 

Janice & Chandler – The One Where Estelle Dies

A quote about: Beyonce
Use this when: You keep seeing the wrong person.

Chandler and Monica are having a wonderful time viewing their potential new home. But something loud lurks around the corner…yup it’s, Janice and she’s viewing the same house. Chandler throws back a line at her, but we can’t help but wonder how small the world really is to keep bumping into Janice.  

90. “I want world peace. Oh, and bigger boobs!”

Phoebe – The One With George Stephanopoulos

A quote about: Necessities
Use this when: Competing in a beauty pageant.

The gang are sitting in Central Perk sharing what they would do if they were omnipotent (it’s a big word). Phoebe takes a turn and of course, she wants all the lovely things for the world, including world peace and adding a boob job to her list. Pheebs! You don’t need it; we love you as you are.  

phoebe buffay lines

91. Cathy: “You have really great hair.” / Chandler: “Oh thanks I grow it myself!”

Cathy & Chandler – The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line

A quote about: Hair
Use this when: Visiting the hairdressers.

We must admit, the temptation to be sarcastic to everyone around us grows daily. Chandler is the true king of sarcasm, and in this particular moment when Cathy is about to cut his hair, to slice the tension, he perfectly times it with a little wit. Technically though, we do grow our own hair.  

92. “Chandler watches shark porn!”

Monica – The One With the Sharks

A quote about: Urm, hobbies?
Use this when: Trying to embarrass a friend in public.

Monica is a little shocked to find Chandler with his pants down and sharks on the TV. He’s too embarrassed to admit it and Monica jumps to conclusions – she thinks he’s enjoying shark porn. Props to Monica, though, for offering to thrash around for him and supporting this alleged fantasy.  

93. “Isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?”

Rachel – The One With Ross’ New Girlfriend

A quote about: Excitement
Use this when: You have to pretend you like your gifts.

Rachel tries hard to put on a brave face as Ross and his new girlfriend Julie come back from a work trip. It’s not quite fantastic though, and Ross seems to miss the sarcasm in her tone, perhaps he’s too loved up for this moment. Nonetheless, Rachel’s heartache produced a funny one-liner. Sorry, Rach.  

94. Monica: “I think I’d be great in a war. I’d, like, get all the medals.” / Chandler: “Before or after you’re executed by your own troops?”

Monica & Chandler – The One With the Ride Along 

A quote about: War
Use this when: Trying for a gold medal in a race.

It’s the event after the ride along and the gang are hanging out discussing Phoebe’s new boyfriend and whether he’s been shot. Monica reminds us that she would make general before all of her friends. Chandler fires back with sarcasm, but it’s this scene where we are reminded of her bossy personality. 

95. “God, I love how sexy I am.”

Phoebe – The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend 

A quote about: Self-admiration
Use this when: You’re feeling fresh in your new PJs.

Phoebe is killing it with her singing, thanks to her cold blessing her with a sexy, raspy new voice. Even the gang agree she sounds better vocally, and in typical Phoebe fashion, she acknowledges her newfound sound. Sticky shoes – a real hit at the coffee house that day.  

96. “No, I’m a positive person. You’re like Santa Claus on Prozac in Disneyland getting laid.”

Phoebe – The One in Massapequa 

A quote about: Positivity 
Use this when: One of your friends needs to be silenced. 

We all love a positive and happy person, but for Phoebe, her new boyfriend Parker is a little too much. He’s fun at first, but he becomes a tad overbearing. After an attempt to silence him with a game (it clearly doesn’t work), Phoebe truth-bombs Parker with this line. We’re always thankful for her ability to speak up. 

97. “They don’t know that we know they know we know.”

Phoebe – The One Where Everybody Finds Out

A quote about: Knowing
Use this when: Searching for hidden Christmas presents but your parents already know.

This moment has to go down as the most funniest and entertaining in a comedy TV series. It was the gang’s finest hour, if not Phoebe who we applaud for putting on a great show. In this scene, they are trying to mess with Chandler and Monica, realizing that they know they know…so, there’s only one thing to do, up their game.  

98. Ross: “Hello? Did you not read the Lord of the Rings in high school?” / Joey: “No, I had sex in high school.”

Ross & Joey – The One Where They’re Going to Party! 

A quote about: High-school
Use this when: Your book club asks you for input.

Chandler and Ross’ party-friend Gandalf is in town (not the same guy from Middle Earth), and they’re up for a night out! Joey hasn’t read LOTR, and he wants to know why that’s his name. Of course, he didn’t geek out in high-school like Ross, and Joey and this quick comeback reminds them of that.  

99. Phoebe: “Have you ever chased someone to the airport before?” / Ross: “Not since my cop show got canceled.”

Phoebe & Ross – The Last One 

A quote about: Sarcasm
Use this when: Rushing for your flight at the airport.

It’s the final episode of the series and Ross is determined to make it to the airport and see Rachel. Phoebe understands the assignment as Ross is clueless on how to execute his plan. Rachel did get off the plane…although it wasn’t Ross’ master plan.  

100. “Guys can fake it? Unbelievable! The one thing that’s ours!”

Monica – The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

A quote about: Urm, sex?
Use this when: Sex was unsatisfying.

Monica and Chandler are in full baby-making mode, and Monica is convinced the night before was a good night for the deed. Chandler comes clean *oh dear* and tells Monica he faked it and, well, our reaction is the same as Monica’s… can they fake it? This changes everything.  

monica geller quote

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the list! And for that alone, would you like to pick a Wicked Wango Card?  

We hope you enjoyed reading these 100 classic Friends quotes and had fun looking back at some of the most memorable, sweet, and hilarious moments from the sitcom.  

Feel free to use these quotes in life, or daily musings! 

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