70+ Nicki Minaj Lyrics: Best Lines from Her Songs

best nicki minaj lyrics

There’s no denying Nicki Minaj’s talent. She is dubbed one of the best-selling female artists and greatest rappers in the game, after all. These mantles are all thanks to her killer tracks and unrivaled song lyrics. 

From rapping about confidence, throwing shots at haters, and crooning about love and success, there’s a whole slew of lines that might resonate to you.

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So, if you need some badass bars to help you channel your inner Barbz, or simply want to be motivated by her iconic verses, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of over 70 best Nicki Minaj lyrics ranging from her very first single to today’s biggest hits. 

Her discography is vast, but her list of lyrics are even more colossal. Dig in, get inspired and don’t forget to use them as your next Instagram caption…

1. “And for your loving, I’ma die hard like Bruce Willis”

Your Love

Use it When: You want to profess your passion.

A lyric about love – Nicki has fallen hard for this guy. So hard, that she’d die for him. Cool wordplay that references the famous action movie and a great line to use to tell someone how much you love them.

2. All these haters mad because I’m so established”

Check It Out

Use it When: Haters be hating.

A lyric about haters – People are jealous of your success, and they know it’s something they can never possess (oh, that rhymes). This is a cool lyric to use as an Instagram caption when showing off to your haters just how far you’ve come. 

3. “The good advice I always hated / But lookin’ back, it made me greater”

Right Thru Me

Use it When: Learning lessons. 

A lyric about growth – If you’re one to ignore good advice, this quote will remind you that it will help you in the long-run. Quit being in denial, listen up and like Nicki says, it’ll make you greater.

4. Ni**a got the peephole to my soul”

Right Thru Me

Use it When: You find someone who understands you. 

A lyric about vulnerability – It can be scary when someone you’re falling for truly understands you and loves you for who you are. Nicki wears her heart on her sleeve in this track, and you can, too by using this line on a lover.

5. “I am no longer trying to survive / I believe that life is a prize / But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: You want to appreciate life.

A lyric about life – Nicki has been open about struggling with money when growing up. Now, she’s no longer suffering and even goes as far as to call this life a “prize”. To add to that, she reminds listeners that “living” is different from just “existing”.

6. “I get what I desire, it’s my empire / And yes, I call the shots, I am the umpire / I sprinkle holy water upon a vampire”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: You’re in control of your life.

A lyric about power – When you finally feel content with your life, make this sassy verse your mantra. You have so much power, you’re even able to ward off those ‘vampires’ – AKA enemies. YAS QUEEN!

7. “And I will retire with the crown, yes / No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: Feeling lucky.

A lyric about success – Just like Nicki, your success is going to take you far – all the way to your retirement. She calls that “blessed”, yes. And you wonder why they call her a wordsmith…

8. “Clap for the heavyweight champ, me”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: You deserve a round of applause.

A lyric about success – Another badass, confident and memorable line from Moment 4 Life that will turn you into your own cheerleader. Heck, you’re so proud of your success, you can compare yourself to a heavyweight champ!

9. “Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t faze me”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: The haters mean nothing to you.

A lyric about enemies – When those haters get you down, be like Nicki. Turn the other cheek and continue doing your thing.

10. “Greatness is what we on the brink of”

Moment 4 Life

Use it When: You need to believe in yourself.

A lyric about achievement – You know a song is great when there are multiple lyrics to be inspired by. This famous one encourages you to believe in greatness, because it’s right round the corner. Wise words, Nick!

11. “I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin”

Roman’s Revenge

Use it When: You want to emphasize your power.

A lyric about power – Nicki opens this track with this cut-throat lyric to remind everyone that she is the powerful protagonist in the rap game, not just a female side-kick like the Disney princess mentioned. A strong line for all the mighty ladies out there.

12. “My flow nuts like M&M’s in the yellow bag”

Up Out My Face

Use it When: Acknowledging your talent.

A lyric about self-value – The popular star uses a great pun here to reference her talent. If you’re proud of something, this M&Ms bar is one to use!  

13. “Hotter than a middle eastern climate”


Use it When: Making your allure known.  

A lyric about self-admiration – You’re a baddie and you know it. Nicki spits this fierce line to remind everyone just how badass she is. Use this Insta-worthy song lyric when you also want to show-off your fire…

14. “You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer”


Use it When: Empowering your femininity.

A lyric about girl power – Nicki wants to let the guys know that she’s more powerful than her male counterparts in the rap game. What a way to scream female empowerment… 

15. “If I’m fake, I ain’t notice ’cause my money ain’t”


Use it When: They call you ‘fake’.

A lyric about money – Your haters may brandish you as ‘fake’, but like Nicki, you sure as heck know your money ain’t. They can hate you all they like, but you’re the one laughing all the way to the bank.

16. “’Forget Barbie, fu*k Nicki, sh-she’s fake, she on a diet’, but my pockets eating cheesecake”


Use it When: Biting back at critics.

A lyric about the rich life – Nicki puts her haters in their place with this savage rhyme. She may be branded “fake” and her curves may be criticized as false, but she asserts that she’s eating enough cheesecake to fill her pockets – AKA making the mulla.  

17. “Pink wig, thick a*s, give ’em whiplash”


Use it When: You’ve got everyone staring.

A lyric about your body – If your booty makes them stare so hard that they hurt their necks, use this funny lyric by Nicki to show-off your confidence. 

18. “You’re like slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye”

Super Bass

Use it When: You want to compliment him.

A lyric about Slick Rick – If you know, you know. Slick Rick is notoriously famous for wearing an eye patch and being one of the baddest in the hip-hop game. So if your man is slicker than Slick Rick, he’s one heck of a guy.

19. “All these bit**es is my sons”

Did It On Em

Use it When: You want to express your power.

A lyric about ownership – Probably Nicki’s most repeated lines in her music, this top lyric tells us exactly just how much power she has. If you have that much ownership and consider yourself a superior, this menacing quote is for you.

20. “If I had a di*k, I would pull it out and pi*s on ’em”

Did It On Em

Use it When: You want to claim your territory.

A lyric about haters – Nicki is known for her crude, savage lines, and this one definitely tops the mark. You could use these harsh words on any hater, because, yes, you do have that much superiority over them. 

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21. “She ain’t a Nicki fan, then the bi**h deaf, dumb”

Did It On Em

Use it When: Someone doesn’t believe in you.

A lyric about self-confidence – Know someone who doesn’t support you? Nicki would tell you they were “deaf, dumb”. Again, savage. But this forceful lyric also conveys your self-confidence. If they don’t like you, there must be something wrong with them.

22. “I came to win, to fight / To conquer, to thrive / I came to win, to survive / To prosper, to rise / To fly”


Use it When: You need some self-belief. 

A lyric about life – Whether you use this entire verse or take a few lines from it, you’re going to be inspired, either way. A motivational rhyme that will truly encourage you to believe in yourself.  

23. “I wish today it would rain all day / Maybe that’d kinda make the pain go away”


Use it When: You’re feeling down.

A lyric about sadness – We’re all allowed to have a little cry once in a while. If you’re all up in your feelings, this emotional lyric from Nicki might hit the spot.

24. “They got they guns out aimin’ at me / But I become Neo when they aimin’ at me”


Use it When: You’re dodging enemies.

A lyric about strength – Great wordplay, here. When it comes to the haters taking swings at the rapper, Nicki dishes out a metaphor and compares herself to Neo from The Matrix who was shot, but survived. If only we all had her confidence, right?

25. “Me against enemies, me against friends / Somehow, they both seem to become one”


Use it When: Friends let you down. 

A lyric about friendship – This line rings true to those who have been betrayed by their besties. If you’ve been through it, preach this lyric loud and clear, but after that, remember to move on. 

26. “See, we become alive in the time of fear”


Use it When: You’re facing a threat.

A lyric about fear – Feel like you’re losing courage? Choose fight over flight and conquer through the situation. Like Nicki says, fear can only make us stronger. 

27. “Ain’t got time to talk, just hi and bye, bi**h”

Make Me Proud

Use it When: Living your busiest life.

A lyric about time – When you’re living your best and busiest life, there’s no time for chit-chat. This is a cool bar to use to tell the world you’re unavailable right now.

28. “Cherish these nights, cherish these people / Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel”

Stupid Hoe

Use it When: You want to bring joy to every day.

A lyric about being grateful – This inspirational lyric will motivate you whenever you lay eyes on it. Nicki’s right, life is a movie, and we won’t get a second chance at it (a sequel). So, loosen up, enjoy the ride and appreciate everything around you. 

29. “Bad bit**es, like me, is hard to come by”


Use it When: You’re feeling like a baddie.

A lyric about confidence – If there’s one way Nicki has reached success, it’s through her undeniable confidence. Whether you’re trying to convince a lover, or even applying for a job (maybe), this egotistical line is worth using. 

30. “You own my heart, he just renting”

Right By My Side

Use it When: Convincing someone they’re the one.

A lyric about love – Romantic, cheesy lyrics from Nicki? A rare moment, indeed, but this line is strong enough to convince a lover that you’re devoted to them and that other person don’t mean a thang. 

31. “I’m not living right, I’m not living if you’re not by my side.”

Right By My Side

Use it When: You really need that lover in your life.

A lyric about missing somebody – Tell that special someone that you need them in your life, because life truly doesn’t feel the same without them. A soppy bar from Nicki, but one that many will relate to.

32. “Bit**es ain’t sh*t and they ain’t sayin’ nothing / A hundred motherfu**ers can’t tell me nothing”

Beez In The Trap

Use it When: Brushing off the haters.

A lyric about ignoring people – These bit**es don’t mean anything to you. Even if it’s one or one hundred haters, you know they’re irrelevant and you have the power to ignore their words.

33. “They’ll never thank me for opening doors / But they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross”


Use it When: People are unappreciative. 

A lyric about ungratefulness – Nicki paved the way for many of these rappers, helping them out along the way. If you, too, have supported people that never gave back or even thanked you, this lyric will ring true.

34. “If you are my rival, then that means you’re suicidal”


Use it When: People try to compete against you.

A lyric about rivals – Nicki is no stranger to addressing her haters and you can use this exact lyric to do the same. This diss line cuts deep for those who rival you and reminds them not to test you.

35. “Call it a curse / Or just call me blessed / If you can’t handle my worst / You ain’t getting my best”

Marilyn Monroe

Use it When: Someone doesn’t deserve you.

A lyric about relationships – Comparing her life to Marilyn Monroe, Nicki tells all that she is both blessed and cursed. If you feel the same way, remind that certain someone that they only deserve you if they can handle both the best and worst version of yourself. 

36. “Truth is, we mess up ’til we get it right”

Marilyn Monroe

Use it When: You mess up.

A lyric about failure – You’ve got to fail to succeed, right? Use this honest lyric to get you through the hard times and remember that messing up only makes you stronger.

37. “People’ll love you and support you when it’s beneficial / I’ma forgive, I won’t forget, but I’ma dead the issue”

Pills n Potions

Use it When: You need to forgive and forget.

A lyric about selfishness – We’ve all realized someone in our life is mostly take, and no give. But like Nicki, we have to “dead the issue” and move on. Forgiving and forgetting is easier than holding grudges. A Pinkprint lyric to remember.

38. “Not that I don’t got good vision, but I don’t see competition”

Win Again

Use it When: Competition doesn’t affect you.

A lyric about rivalry – Competition can be a good thing – it means you’re doing something right. But when you’re confident in your success, it’s easy to ignore. That’s what Nicki’s telling us, here. 

39. “These ho*s couldn’t test me / Even if their name was Pop Quiz”


Use it When: Reminding them not to test you.

A lyric about strength – When you feel like they’re trying to get a rise out of you or sabotage you, remember this powerful line from Nicki. They’ll aim for your boundaries or weaknesses, but they couldn’t test you even if they tried.

40. “I’m throwing shade like it’s sunny.”

Want Some More

Use it When: Proudly trash-talking someone.

A lyric about throwing shade – Threw a rude or slick comment towards someone who deserves it? This cool and fun lyric is a great way to show how proud you are of your feistiness! 

41. “Kitty on fleek, pretty on fleek”

Feeling Myself

Use it When: You’re feelin’ yourself (duh).

A lyric about feeling pretty – Whether you see the naughty side to this Pinkprint lyric is up to you. But you can still use it to show-off just how fine and dandy you are.

42. “Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me / Propofol, I know they hope I fall”


Use it When: People try to destroy you.

A lyric about toxic people – Known for being a scandalous star, this controversial quote of Nicki’s won’t surprise you, but there’s no denying how powerful these words are. If you’ve got someone trying to ruin your life, this line will resonate to you.

43. “Tell ’em winning is my motherfu**in’ protocol / ‘Cause I score before I ever throw the ball / These bit**es washed up and ain’t no fu**in’ soap involved”


Use it When: Reminding them of your greatness.

A lyric about winning – Yet another rhyme from Nicki that exclaims just how badass you are. Winning is your second-nature and everyone else? They’re old, irrelevant and erm, dirty? 

 44. “We dope girls, we flawless. We the poster girls for all this”


Use it When: You and your bestie are repping.

A lyric about friendship – Woke up flawless? If you and your BFF are just as cool as Nicki and Beyoncé, use this lyric to make it known. 

45. “I ain’t never need a man to take care of me”

Truffle Butter

Use it When: You’re proclaiming girl power.

A lyric about independence – Feeling let down by a man? Do they think they have control over you? Proclaim your independence and girl power by shouting this top lyric off the rooftops.

46. “Your whole style and approach, I invented / And I ain’t takin’ that back, cause I meant it”

Truffle Butter

Use it When: Dealing with imitation.

A lyric about copying – Nicki always raps about being the first to do it in the rap game. So many female rappers have copied her along the way. If you’ve got someone stealing your style, you know what to tell them.

47. “The night is still young, and so are we”

The Night is Still Young

Use it When: You’re living your best life.

A lyric about living life – It’s not often that we get a motivational, uplifting lyric from Nicki, so appreciate it while you can. When you’re out late and worried about that early alarm, just remember that the night is still young…

48. “We fresh to death, down to the shoes.”

The Night is Still Young

Use it When: Feeling fresh.

A lyric about self-love – Use this cool Nicki Minaj lyric when you’re feeling fine. If your hair, outfit and even your shoes are pretty on fleek, you have a right to shout it out. 

49. “I never worry, life is a journey / I just wanna enjoy the ride”

The Night is Still Young

Use it When: You need a new perception.

A lyric about being happy – When life gets you down, just remember this line by Mrs Minaj. Life is too short to worry, so make the most of it and enjoy the ride to its fullest.

50. “He was the realest, I was the baddest, we was the illest.”

All Eyes On You

Use it When: You’re missing an ex.

A lyric about love affairs – Sometimes, it helps to look back on relationships and see the bright side instead of feeling bummed about it. You guys may have seemed like the real deal, but it’s time to move on…

51. “I give zero fu**s and I got zero chill in me”

Side to Side

Use it When: You’re about to turn savage.

A lyric about being brutal – When you feel that savage-ary coming on, this line is what you’ll need to warn people. Tell them that you’re not afraid to let rip and have no filter when it comes to your actions or words.

52. “MJ to the teens, I am Billie Jean and the bi**h is my son / I’m doin’ it for fun, I am the first number, tell them bi**hes I won”

Changed It

Use it When: You’re feeling superior.

A lyric about being number one – Skillful wordplay once again from Nicki, who’s brave enough to compare herself to the legendary Michael Jackson. Utter this gimmicky line when you’re also feeling high and mighty.

53. “I don’t need no, fake / Soon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakes”

No Frauds

Use it When: Those frauds are snaking you.

A lyric about fake people – This punchline is great for targeting those imposters. Use this on your Instagram or Twitter to warn the snakes that you’ve got your eyes on them.

54. “Regret in your tears, know you taste ’em”

Regret In Your Tears

Use it When: Someone’s let you down.

A lyric about heartbreak – When someone disappoints you and breaks your heart, make use of this emotional phrase. Let them know you’re aware of their strong feelings of regret. 

55. “I just wanted memories, tried to make some with you / Now I gotta erase some with you”

Regret In Your Tears

Use it When: Trying to forget someone.

A lyric about break ups- Going through a breakup? Nicki reminds you you’re not alone in your pain. Rumor has it, this sad love song is about the emcee’s split from Meek Mill. Let’s just say her broken heart was real evident.

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56. “I count up the racks like Serena / Plus I got that a*s like Selena”

Regret In Your Tears

Use it When: You’re feelin’ yourself.

A lyric about knowing your worth – A relationship might have ended, but you still know your worth. Whether you’re successful like Serena Williams or got a body like Selena Quintanilla, just know you still got it, girl!

57. “They say big girls don’t cry / Baby, I cried / The real ones don’t lie / Baby, you lied / I don’t know what to do with you / Baby, now I’m through with you”

Regret In Your Tears

Use it When: Getting over someone.

A lyric about moving on – Nicki wears her heart on her sleeve here, telling us that this breakup cut her real deep. Most importantly, though, she’s moving on. You should do the same.

58. “Cause you don’t even know what you just lost / You don’t even know what you just had / You don’t even know, and that’s what’s bad”

Regret In Your Tears

Use it When: Telling them what they’re missing.

A lyric about staying strong – It’s tough staying strong when a relationship goes south. They’ve lost something good and even though they don’t realize it yet, they’re bound to realize it soon. 

59. “Let’s be real, all you bit**es wanna look like me”

Barbie Tingz

Use it When: She’s trying to steal your style.

A lyric about copying – This ain’t the first time Nicki has rapped about copycats. If you start noticing everyone imitating your style, you have a killer line to throw at them…

60. “Face so pretty bit**es wish they could slice me / She just mad ’cause he never bought her ice like me”

Barbie Tingz

Use it When: The ex-gf is jealous.

A lyric about jealousy – Genius believes this lyric was aimed at Nas’ ex-wife Kelis who ‘liked’ a negative post about Nicki on Instagram. It’s no coincidence that Nicki and Nas were often spotted wearing matching iced-out necklaces throughout their relationship, too.

61. “They call me Ms. Bi**h, but I don’t miss, bi**h”

Coco Chanel 

Use it When: You never miss a goal.

A lyric about achieving – Your cattish side is what gets you far in life, am I right? Indeed, sometimes you’ve gotta be cruel to be kind to get to places. Being a bi**h is what gives you that edge to succeed. 

62. “And when we say it’s Hot Girl Summer, we ain’t talkin’ ’bout degrees”

Hot Girl Summer

Use it When: That summer body is ready.

A lyric about beauty – Whether it’s on Instagram or Twitter, let everyone know that hot girl summer is coming right up with a fine selfie. Summer body ready, y’all!

63. “I know you don’t like me, you wanna fight me / Always on my page, never double-tap like me”


Use it When: You clock a silent scroller/stalker.

A lyric about envious people – Apparently, Nicki found out Cardi B was scrolling through her page without ever giving ‘likes’. If your hater does the same, this punchline might embarrass them. 

64. “My flow’s still sick, I ain’t talkin’ a pandemic / I write my own lyrics, a lot of these bit**es gimmicks”


Use it When: You’re being copied, but still winning.

A lyric about gimmicks – This epic lyric reminds the haters how much they wish they were you. You’ve got to love the wordplay and pun about the global pandemic, too.

65. “Floodin’ my watch, but ain’t givin’ a clown the time of day”

Do We Have a Problem?

Use it When: You’re too busy for clowns.

A lyric about time – If you’re as lucky as Nicki, you might be icing out your watch with diamonds. So much so, you have no time for fools. Use this quote when telling the clowns you have no room for them in your life.

66. “I got a princess face, a killer body, samurai mind”

Super Freaky Girl

Use it When: Defining yourself.

A lyric about your intelligence – While this line from Super Freaky Girl would make a great Insta bio, it’s also a fabulous way to describe yourself to an admirer that you’d like to set straight. You’ve got the looks, but there’s no messing with you. Nicki said it – your mind is as sharp as a samurai sword.

67. “When the Queen leave, bit**es wanna come out like a cockroach”

Red Ruby Da Sleeze

Use it When: People talk about you when you’re not around.

A lyric about bad-mouthing – Nicki is basically saying that her enemies only seem to come out of the woodwork and speak bad on her name when she’s on a hiatus from music. If you have enemies who also bad-mouth you when you’re not around, this quote will mean a little something to you.

68. “I’m the one that they tread like tractors / And still can’t catch a break like fractures”


Use it When: You can’t catch a break from haters.

A lyric about being vandalized: Are people treading on you and you can’t catch a break? This play on words might touch you if you’re also tired of haters bringing you down.

69. “When we come out, it look like Princess Diana on the street”

Princess Diana

Use it When: You’re feeling boujee.

A lyric about popularity: Both Nicki and Ice Spice (who features on this track) know their worth and recognition in the music scene. When you’re feeling just as boujee as these rap stars or Princess Diana herself, use this lyric as your motto.

70. “I’m a ten, so I pull in a Ken”

Barbie World

Use it When: Showing off as a couple.

A lyric about looking good together: Everybody needs their Ken, right? When you know that you and your beau look good together, brag about it – in Barbie style!

71. “I wish I’da hugged you tighter the last time that I saw you”

Last Time I Saw You

Use it When: Missing someone.

A lyric about regrets: You always miss somebody when they’re gone, right? If you want to send out a message to that special someone who you wish could be in your arms right now, plaster this lyric all over your socials.

72. “Spit your game, pop your sh*t, face on pretty, a*s they thick”

Use it When: You need some hype.

A lyric about loving yourself: Whenever you’re feeling low, remember this Barbie Dangerous lyric. Full of motivation, this line reminds you to pop your sh*it and get on with it. Nicki is the hype girl we all need.

73. “Their worst nightmare, they still dreamin’ / Bit**es Jack and I’m still queen”

Use it When: Showing dominance.

A lyric about superiority: Nicki boasts about her dominance in the hip-hop game. Do people feel threatened by your superiority? This line will remind them who’s the “queen” and who’s the “jack.”

74. “My throne, they can’t S-I-T / My crown, you can’t F-I-T”

Use it When: Asserting your power.

A lyric about being the queen: Need to spell it out to your subordinates? Use this iconic lyric from Pink Friday 2 and literally make them read it letter by letter.

75. “Stay in your Tory lane, bi**h, I’m not Iggy”

Use it When: Remembering this rap feud.

A lyric about Megan, Tory, & Iggy: Nicki subtly calls out three rappers in this FTCU punchline, but she’s really firing shots (pun not intended?) at Megan Thee Stallion who was shot by Tory Lanez, and had beef with Iggy Azalea.

76. “Bi**h, I’m the Pink print, tell him to kiss the pink ring”

Use it When: He needs to bow down.

A lyric about female empowerment: In the words of Beyoncé, bow down bit**hes! As a woman of great power, Nicki reminds all the men to submit to her and kiss her ring – her pink ring, to be exact.

77. “Peak under my dress, Marilyn Monroe”

Use it When: You wanna ride like a Cowgirl.

A lyric about Marilyn? This Nicki Minaj lyric plays on Marilyn Monroe’s iconic flowing dress, and invites admirers to take a peak. Saucy…

78. “We not the same, you my opposite / I am the queen, you my opp and sh*t”

Use it When: You need to humble your opp.

A lyric about opponents: Nicki’s play on words here is fire. If you have an opp who needs humbling – Alexa, play Big Difference.

79. “Bit**es ain’t blowin’ up, they only blowin’ the guys”

Use it When: Stating facts.

A lyric about girls who try to get in: We’ve all heard about those bit**es doing the dirt just to get in. We can’t lie. Nicki ate this line. Truer words have never been spoken.

80. “Bad bi*ch, she like six foot / I call her Big Foot / The bi*ch fell off, I said, “Get up on your good foot”

Use it When: You’re Team Barbz during the Nicki vs. Megan feud.

A lyric about Megan Thee Stallion – A savage Nicki Minaj lyric indeed. This diss line goes out to Megan Thee Stallion, who infamously got shot in the foot by Tory Lanez in 2020, and apparently fell off the charts at the time, too.

If you got through this entire list of lyrics, consider yourself a true Barbz and lyrical master! You’ll be quoting Barbie all day long! 

Nicki’s lines surely are proof of a skill of penmanship and a sassy way to gain some everyday motivation. 

Which of these best Nicki Minaj lyrics will you be living by? Let us know in the comments below!


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11 months ago

She isn’t talented. This isn’t technical death metal. Money doesn’t equal talent. I believe even most people know this in this sad age.. Her music is simple easy to produce and her lyrics are something a 10 year old could write. Again this isn’t technical death metal, this is pop mumble rap crap.