31 Cool Harry Styles Gifts Every Fan Will Love

harry styles gifts

Harry Styles has been a mega heartthrob for close to a decade now and only seems to be getting better with age.

So, if you know a die-hard fan of the One Direction lad, you might consider gifting them one of these awesome Harry Styles gifts! 

From coffee mugs to apparel and home accessories, continue reading as we uncover the coolest stuff and merch out there. 

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1. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Pouch 

Are you obsessed with Watermelon Sugar? Purchase this cute pouch! Great for beach days, travelling or as a makeup bag, this versatile pouch makes for the ideal gift. Let your imagination run wild with this unique and cute present idea! 

$14 at Redbubble

2. Harry Styles Clock

If you fancy waking up to Harry every morning, buy yourself this stylish wall clock! The neutral colors are perfect for any wall and will blend in perfectly with your décor. If your housemates are Harry fans, they can enjoy his silhouette on the wall, too. 

clock harry styles

$43 at Redbubble

3. Sticker Set

What’s better than this Harry Styles gift for a teenage fan? You get over 50 stickers for notebooks, laptops or walls! These goodies are not only a great Christmas gift idea for a super-fan, but they also come at a reasonable price, too! What better way to be spoiled for choice?

harry styles stickers

$9 at Amazon

4. Harry Night Lamp

Fans can go to sleep and wake-up with Harry by their sides with this cool LED lamp. With a touch control sensor, you can turn the lamp on and off with a simple swipe. The lamp also changes color! A perfect gift for a young fan who is afraid of the dark! 

$20 at Amazon

5. Harry Styles Coloring Book

This is a beautiful gift for the youngest of Harry Styles fans, but also for those who have an artistic flair. There are various designs which are hand-drawn just for your coloring delight. This fun activity is perfect for entertainment and as a Christmas gift or ‘just-because’ gift.

harry styles coloring activity book

$10 at Amazon

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6. Harry Styles Case

Why not gift your friend with this super cute phone case? Help them protect their phone in style with this Harry-inspired accessory. This arty case is available for iPhone 4s and above and makes a perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

harry styles pink phone case

$24 at Redbubble

7. Harry Styles Notebook

If your friend or family member likes to doodle or keep a diary, consider gifting them this spiral notebook. A great present for the creative fans out there – or even those who are still in education and want a cool notepad to take to class! 

note book harry styles

$14 at Redbubble

8. Mrs. Styles Pillow 

Harry Styles’ dating history is vast. If you dreamt of being one of his many “Mrs. Harry Styles” ever since he walked onto The X Factor, then you’ll be on your way with this pillow. You know what they say, if you put it out into the universe, you’ll get it back. So, start with a stylish pillow for your bed or couch! A great gift idea for a teenager!

mrs styles pillow case

$22 at Redbubble

9. Harry Styles Blanket

Stay warm and cozy with Harry by your side with this soft throw blanket. Ideal for chilling on the sofa, in bed or even during your travels, there’s no better way to keep the Adore You singer close to your heart. 

throw blanket harry styles

$29 at Amazon

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10. Harry Styles Earrings

These trendy earrings are ideal for any super-fan and will keep them stylish throughout the year. Depicting Harry wearing pink, these cute accessories are sure to jazz up an outfit real quick. Treat your BFF or mom to this ultimate Harry Styles present – also a fantastic stocking filler!

harry styles earrings

$22 at Amazon

11. ‘Adore You’ Shirt 

Does your bestie adore Harry Styles? Gift them this creative illustrated t-shirt that depicts Harry from his Adore You video. The flattering tee can be proudly worn with all styles; from ripped jeans, to tracksuits or skirts. 

$23 at Redbubble

12. ‘Harry’s House’ Mug 

Do you start your day with a hot beverage? It will always begin on the right foot with this mug. A great excuse to stare at him while you have your morning cup of Joe! With Harry’s House album cover on it, it’s destined to be an uplifting mood setter.

harry styles house mug

$19 at Redbubble

13. Harry Styles Coasters

If you’ve already got the mug (and why wouldn’t you if you’re a real super-fan?), why not finish your set with a perfect coaster to sit your mug on? This set of illustrated coasters comes in a pack of four so there’s enough to leave one in every room of your house. 

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coasters harry styles

$16 at Redbubble

14. Sequins Pillowcase

Know someone who loves sparkles and more of Harry? Whether it’s their birthday, graduation, anniversary or Christmas, this pillowcase is for them! An ideal gift for your girlfriend, daughter or sister’s room for the holidays or to upgrade their house décor. 

$16 at Amazon

15. Air Fresheners

Spruce up your car with these air fresheners! You’ll never miss Harry’s face, even when you’re driving! And if they’re not your style, why not gift them to your favorite gal pal who is obsessed with the singer? 

harry styles air fresheners

$12 at Amazon

16. ‘Treat People With Kindness’ Bag 

This tote bag features Harry’s empowering lyric and his famous butterfly tattoo. An accessory that fits all your favorite items with a multi-purpose use, you’ll always be reminded of the popular star when carrying it around. And at such a good price, you can buy one for your bestie, too. 

bag harry styles

$23 at Redbubble

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17. ‘Golden’ Mug

Whether you’re a coffee lover or you prefer tea, why not drink it from this vibrant Harry Styles mug? With cute illustrations from his Golden music video, this merchandise is a perfect way to start your day and enjoy taking a sip while listening to that very song.

golden harry styles mug

$18 at Redbubble

18. ‘The Book of Harry’

This book is a must-have, whether it’s for yourself or you treat it to a special someone. ‘The Book of Harry’ delves deep into the path the singer took to stardom and also looks at how he manages his fame today. Anything that may interest you about the global superstar is sure to be found here.

the book of harry

$16 at Amazon

19. ‘Harry’s Girl’ Cosmetic Bag

If you’re “Harry’s girl”, this cosmetics bag is for you. This merch can be used for travelling, on vacation, gym or as a make-up bag. Organize your cosmetics in this compact and functional bag with an adorable design that’s great for all the female stans out there!

harry's girl bag

$15 at Amazon

20. Pop Art Poster

Add some color to your walls and make it known who your favorite popstar is! This is a perfect decorative piece for any space and serves as beautiful pop art. Seeing Harry on your wall every day – what fan wouldn’t want that? A great gift for your buddy, girlfriend or colleague!

harry styles dancing wall art

$21 at Redbubble

21. ‘As It Was’ T-Shirt

As It Was is one of Harry’s most popular songs, so there’s no reason for fans not to fall in love with this t-shirt. This clothing is a fabulous statement piece to profess your love for the song. Gift-wrap it as an anniversary, graduation or thanksgiving gift, so fans can let everyone know how much they love Styles.

harry styles as it was video shirt

$24 at Redbubble

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22. Harry Styles Pin

Accessorize your bag, jacket or backpack! Make yourself stand out just by adding this tiny adorable detail. A great gift if you’re going for a small, cute, yet special present. A perfect decorative piece that shows you’re a Harry supporter and also a great gift for all pin collectors!

pin harry styles

$4 at Redbubble

23. ‘Harry’s House’ Tote Bag

Looking for Harry Styles things? This bag is a great gift for everyday use. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate this merch for its fun and vivid illustrations of songs from Harry’s House. A terrific gift if you want to invest in something useful and practical – for boys and girls!

harry styles bag

$15 at Amazon

24. ‘Fine Line’ Pillow

A great addition to your bedroom or living area, this Fine Line pillow will give your couch or bed a colorful splash. The home accessory is a cute decoration for any room and a pop of color that brings joy to any Harry Styles fan!

fine line pillow case

$24 at Redbubble

25. ‘Harry’s House’ T-Shirt

Harry’s House is one of fans’ most favorite albums, making this statement t-shirt a piece they’d love to own. Implement your favorite music into your style with this t-shirt and never look back. An apparel gift for a special occasion!

harry's house t-shirt

$24 at Redbubble

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26. Harry Styles Bath Mat

This soft and spongy bath mat is a perfect addition to your bathroom and the best home décor for a fan. Featuring Harry’s fashionable stance, it’ll make your bathroom a little more colorful. A useful gift to buy that gives the subtle hint you’re a Harry Styles fan!

bath mat harry

$37 at Redbubble

27. ‘Treat People With Kindness’ Necklace

Keep a piece of Harry close to you with this necklace that’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend, best friend or daughter. With a beautiful rose design, this necklace also has his heartwarming lyrics, ‘Treat people with kindness’. A great fashion accessory and reminder to be kind and helpful towards others. 

treat with kindness necklace

$12 at Amazon

28. ‘Fine Line’ Socks

Keep your feet warm with these cute socks. Soft, stretchy and comfortable, this is an awesome little gift if you don’t know what to get someone, but know they’re a fan. They’ll make any outfit fun and exciting, whilst staying warm and fashionable during those cold days.

socks harry styles

$17 at Redbubble

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29. Harry Styles Candle

If you’re looking to make your house a bit cozier, this candle will do just that thing. The scent will bring the perfect warm and comforting feeling to any home where Harry Styles fans are and for that reason, this is a 5/5 stars gift!

watermelon sugar candle

$19 at Amazon

30. Harry Styles ‘Golden’ Necklace

A beautiful accessory for anyone who admires Harry’s style. The necklace is a perfect dupe for the one worn by the singer in his Golden music video and will surely make any outfit stand out a bit more with its cute design. One of the best Harry Styles gifts out there!

harry styles golden necklace

$12 at Amazon

31. Jigsaw Puzzle

An amazing gift for those who love solving puzzles – and a bit of Harry. This jigsaw puzzle is a superb present idea for Christmas or Birthdays. Coming in five optional sizes, this is great way to spend time with friends and family during game night. Just make sure you’ve got Harry’s music playing!

puzzle harry styles

$36 at Redbubble

Harry truly is a fashion inspiration and these trendy themed gifts can help you update your accessory game, too.

Let us know which Harry Styles gifts you’ll be buying by leaving a comment in the section below. 

This article was originally published in November 2021.


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