Emma Stone’s Best Movies

Emma Stone

She’s kissed Ryan Gosling TWICE, she’s funny, she’s dating Andrew Garfield and she’s in plenty of big movies. How is it we are not hating on this Hollywood girl yet?!

It’s because Emma Stone is a superb actress. From her red hair to her blonde hair to her smoky voice and to her cuteness, Ms Stone is fabulous in every way. She’s graced the movie world with her ability to be both funny and serious and has managed to climb the A-list ladder in no time. Living the actress’ dream by starring in big name movies alongside eminent actors, Emma Stone is in fact one of our favorite young actresses in the game.

Emma Stone

To salute Emma for her outstanding contribution to Hollywood, we have gathered up her six best movies….

Superbad – 2007

Emma played Jules as Seth’s love interest. The young red head was getting her name known in this comedy classic…


Easy A – 2010

Easy A is most probably the highlight of Emma’s career. The actress showed off her skills as a comedian…

Easy A

Crazy, Stupid Love – 2011

Emma played alongside Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell in this comedy romance. The star was beginning to blossom following the release of this flick…

Crazy Stupid Love

The Help – 2011

The Oscar-nominated movie showcased Emma’s power as an actress. No longer was she associated with only comedy but also serious roles…

The Help

The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012

This superhero classic landed Emma the celebrated role of Gwen Stacy as well as a hunky Hollywood off-screen romance- Andrew Garfield…

The Amazing Spider-Man

Gangster Squad – 2013

Emma shone light on her ability to play a hot 50’s redhead donning gorgeous dresses…

Gangster Squad



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