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If you’ve followed the MCU saga, you’d know that Thor is by far one of the most powerful and charismatic of the bunch. That being said, the Norse god also has quite a bit of lore behind him that even the most ardent Marvel fans may not know. 

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Well, we’ve made it our mission today to tell you everything there is to know about his character and the world around him.

Without further ado, here are 20 fun Thor facts you probably didn’t know until now!

1. Thor’s First Comic was in the 60s 

Thor first appeared in the 83rd edition of the comic Journey Into Mystery, in 1962. It was created by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Larry Lieber and was met with immediate success. In nearly 60 years, you might be surprised to learn that his trademark costume has barely changed. 

2. Another Comic Book Creator Made a ‘Thor’ Cameo

Marvel fans are used to seeing Stan Lee cameos throughout the MCU, but another comic book creator also made a quick appearance in the first installment of the Thor franchise. Although few people apart from hardcore comic book fans will recognize him, Walt Simonson, writer and artist of the Thor comics, shows up for a few seconds during a banquet scene where he can be seen laughing between Sif and Volstagg. 

5. Ragnarok Means…

For those who find “Thor: Ragnarok” an aesthetically pleasing title, but have no clue what it means, you’ll be happy to know that “Ragnarok” actually means “Twilight of the gods”. Which makes sense considering the movie is all about Thor’s sister, Hela, wanting to destroy Asgard and every single god within it.

3. Thor Could Time Travel

Although the movies don’t explore this too much, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir once gave its owner the ability to travel through time. We would have loved to see that power show up in the cinematic universe, but we can understand how a time travelling object might resolve problems a little bit too fast for a two-hour blockbuster. 

4. Real Scientists Were Consulted for the Thor Movies

Although most of what happens in the Thor movies is pure science-fiction, real scientists were still consulted to make sure that even the pseudo-science seemed authentic. This was especially necessary for characters such as Erik Selvig, Jane Foster or Darcy Lewis, who are all versed in astrophysics and needed to sound somewhat like they knew what they were talking about. 

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6. Patty Jenkins Quit Directing Thor 2

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman, nearly got to direct Thor 2, though it was Alan Taylor who eventually helmed it. Jenkins left the project, because she didn’t think the plot was that awe-inspiring. It’s safe to say she dodged a bullet, as this second installment was not exactly a critical hit.

7. Tom Hiddleston Wanted to Play Thor 

Tom Hiddleston initially wanted to play Thor, but his audition convinced everyone that he was better suited for Loki, god of mischief. We’re sure Tom would have made a great Thor, given some time in the gym and a new haircut, but we also can’t imagine anyone else playing Thor’s dark haired sibling so… we’re kind of glad he didn’t get the part. 

8. Asgardians Aren’t Fully Immortal 

To live for as long as they do, Asgardians need to eat a specific fruit that grows only on Asgard – the apples of Idunn. If they don’t eat said apples, they will grow old just like the rest of us, albeit a bit more slowly. That being said, they do have one cool inbuilt genetic perk that we would kill for, which is that they cannot catch any Earthly disease. 

9. Thor Has Extraordinary Pets 

In the comics, Thor has two pet goats named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, which pull his chariot. In Norse mythology, their names are Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. We’d really like them to appear in the movies, but we’re not quite sure how charismatic that would look.

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10. Several Hammers Were Made for Thor 2 

Thirty different hammers were created for Thor: The Dark World to make sure several ones were available at all times in case one was damaged. The hammers were made of various materials, so that a soft one would be available for stunts and authentically heavy ones would be made for scenes where it just had to be carried.

11. Stan Lee Wanted to Play Odin 

An unknown fact about Thor and his universe! Stan Lee initially wanted to play Odin, but Anthony Hopkins eventually took on the role (with Lee’s seal of approval). And although he didn’t have many scenes in the franchise, the legendary actor gave a great performance. Stan Lee obviously still got to have his usual cameos in all three installments. 

12. Hela Made History  

Here’s some juicy movie trivia for you! Before Cate Blanchett took on the role of the terrifying and wildly charismatic Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel still didn’t have a female villain. Cate thus made MCU history, but we wish it had happened earlier!

13. Liam Hemsworth Almost Stole the Role

After Chris Hemsworth initially did quite a bad job during his first audition, Liam Hemsworth, his little brother who starred in the Hunger Games franchise, also auditioned for the part and nearly got it. Chris ended up securing the bag, so we can’t help but wonder what the family dinners were like after that. 

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14.  Thor Was Once a Frog

Loki is as mischievous in the comics as he is in the movies, and that also goes for his messy relationship with Thor. It therefore wouldn’t surprise you to learn that comic-Loki once turned his big bro into a frog. Yes, a frog. And Thor, as a frog, went on to take part in a rats vs frog war in Central Park. As one does.

15. He Has Another Brother 

Thor has another brother named Atum, a powerful guy who occasionally swallows gods like they’re burgers, so he can take their powers. We’d love to see him in the movies, but Marvel probably thinks Thor has been through enough family drama as it is.

16. Thor Once Helped Hitler

The MCU will obviously never make this canon, but the comics once made Thor help Adolf Hitler kill Joseph Stalin. Yes, you’ve read that right. Thor once became a hitman for the Nazi regime, which was framed as a thoughtful commentary on how war can make even the purest souls do the wrong thing. Profound, but extremely dark.

17. No, Thor Can’t Fly 

This fact about Thor may confuse you! It may seem like it from the way he always descends from the sky like a big, muscly angel, but Thor cannot fly any more than you and I can. It’s his magic hammer that allows him to take to the air when he throws it hard enough. 

18. The Hammer is More Powerful on Paper

Most of Thor’s super-abilities come from Mjolnir, but its powers in the comics vary a lot depending on the storyline, from time-travel to super-strength, and more. When it comes to the movies, the writers add some powers every now and then depending on their needs and what works best for the story. 

19. There Was Almost a Thor Movie in the 90s 

Sam Raimi nearly directed a Thor movie in 1990, but 20th Century Fox wrongfully thought a story about a Norse god wouldn’t keep anyone on their toes. That was long before superheroes were all the rage, and we’re kind of grateful that the trend only came around once they had the proper special effects for it.

20. Chris Hemsworth Has a Heart of Gold

Chris Hemsworth once visited a children’s hospital in full Thor armour, which obviously made everyone’s day. Tom Hiddleston was also there in Loki’s costume, though we’re pretty sure the children were a bit more on the fence with him. 

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Here you have it, 20 interesting facts about Thor and his wild and exciting world. If there is one thing Marvel does perfectly, it’s to make us crave for more and more information about our favorite heroes, so we hope this list was satisfying in that regard. 

But if you’re still hungry for more, don’t hesitate to share your own lesser-known facts in the comments below!


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