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When it first dropped as an original Netflix series in 2016, Stranger Things became an instant classic.

Chock-full of fun 80s references, loveable characters, and a gripping sci-fi plot filled with monsters and secret experiments, this little gem of a show has been delivering thrills for three whole seasons.

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As you eagerly wait for season four, (which should happen sometime this year if the Gods of streaming are kind to us), you can enjoy a list of the best moments so far.

To refresh your memories of the Upside Down, here are the 15 best Stranger Things scenes – in Tell Tales’ humble opinion. 

Spoiler alert, obviously. 

1. Dungeons & Dragons 

Season 1, The Vanishing of Will Byers

The show introduces us to Will and his friends in the best possible way, almost foreshadowing what’s to come in this fantasy-filled show. Showing us what a nerdy bunch they are, the kiddos play Dungeons & Dragons in a dark basement like most boys their age did in the 1980s.

Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin all share a love of the famous role-playing game and routinely escape their ordinary little town by diving into its exciting and dangerous fantasy world. Until of course, one of them is kidnapped by a real-life monster and their childhood becomes one terrifyingly authentic D&D game for the next four years. Childhood goals.

2. Barb Dies

Season 1, Holly, Jolly 

Most fans will agree that Barbara is one of the most underrated, neglected and iconic characters on Stranger Things, and the devastating way she meets her end only makes this statement truer.

After getting dragged to a party she didn’t want to go to, Barb ends up being sucked into the Upside Down by the Demogorgon, while Nancy and Steve have a romantic moment upstairs. She’s later found dead in the beast’s ‘fridge’, while Hopper and the team are looking for Will. 

3. Eleven Loves Eggos

Season 1, The Monster

Starving and exhausted after escaping the laboratory she was raised in, Eleven celebrates her first steps in the outside world by stealing some Eggos in plain sight.

Using her powers to make the automatic doors shatter and prevent the staff from running after her, we’d advise against doing the same thing if you ever get hungry yourself. But if this isn’t the most badass way to take advantage of your telekinetic abilities, we don’t know what is. 

4. Eleven Beats the Bullies

Season 1, The Monster

As two kids make fun of Will at school, several days after the latter disappeared, Mike understandably loses his temper and shoves one of them to the ground. Just as he’s about to fight back, the bully freezes and realizes he’s peeing himself.

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All the other kids burst out laughing as he stands there, embarrassed beyond words, and Mike realizes Eleven has discreetly used her powers to make this happen. Proud of herself, she wipes her bloody nose and they exchange a smile. A scene so memorable, we wouldn’t be surprised if this kid never bullied anyone again and became a saint. 

5. Sensory Deprivation Tank 

Season 1, The Bathtub

An iconic Stranger Things moment and one that’s scary enough to make you go cold. As they try to locate Will, the gang reproduces a sensory deprivation tank which could help Eleven find him.

It doesn’t get much more spooky and exciting than seeing Eleven anxiously wander in the dark, terrified of what she might come across, then finally find Will in the Upside Down. If only we could locate our lost socks that way…

6. Ghostbusters Unite

Season 2, Trick or Treat, Freak

In a TV show as action-packed and frightening as Stranger Things, having moments of joy is also important, and season 2 certainly delivered. As Will and his friends prepare for Halloween, we are given an adorable and hilarious montage of them being photographed in their Ghostbusters costumes.

This is obviously some hefty foreshadowing for the actual hunting they will have to do later on. Even more hilarious – they arrive at school only to realize no one else is dressed up. Ouch.

7. Steve’s Advice

Season 2, The Spy

Steve and Dustin were certainly the most unlikely pairing of season 2, but we’re glad the showrunners turned them into the hilarious monster-hunting duo we now know and love.

This adorable and funny scene sees them walk along railroad tracks, while Steve gives Dustin advice on how to have fabulous hair like him. It happens very early on in their friendship, but these few minutes of comedic chemistry make it clear they are meant to be friends for life. 

8. Jonathan and Nancy Kiss  

Season 2, The Spy 

Taunted by the conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman while they are spending the night at his place, Jonathan and Nancy suddenly have to face their obvious romantic chemistry when he mocks them for clearly being in denial.

Embarrassed and confused by his remarks, the teens pace around all evening… and end up listening to Murray’s advice by finally smooching. For many fans who shipped the two since day one, this scene was worthy of applause. For those who preferred Nancy with Steve, however…

9. Max Stands Up To Billy

Season 2, The Gate

After years of being insulted and bossed around by her older brother, the intimidating and self-involved Billy, Max finally stands up to him as he savagely beats up Steve, by planting a syringe into his neck which instantly puts him to sleep.

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As he begins to zone out, she picks up Steve’s nail-bat and makes him swear that he’ll stop bothering her and her friends. Terrified, Billy says yes and passes out. Iconic is one word for it.

10. Eleven Closes the Gate 

Season 2, The Gate

Although Eleven’s powers have always been badass, watching her use them against monsters 80 times her size is always impressive. The Mind Flayer might be a powerful baddie, but Eleven still manages to unleash her telekinetic gift to close the interdimensional gate it’s about to cross – a cool move which also kills all the creatures it was controlling in Hawkins.

Props to Millie Bobby Brown, who was acting in front of a green screen, but still managed to make this scene a sci-fi masterpiece.

11. Steve and Dustin’s Handshake 

Season 3, Suzie, Do You Copy?

After seeing them hunt monsters together in season 2, the evolution of Steve and Dustin’s friendship was one of the most anticipated aspects of season 3, and the showrunners did not disappoint.

In this first episode, Steve is working at the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop when Dustin comes in and the two engage in an overly complex but oh-so heartwarming handshake. It causes Steve’s colleague Robin to hilariously ask him in utter confusion – “How many children are you friends with?”

12. The Kids Go to the Mall 

Season 3, The Mall Rats

Stranger Things wouldn’t honor the 80s properly if it didn’t have at least one big mall scene. The Duffer Brothers were clearly aware of that, as this colorful building was almost a character in its own right for the entire third season.

In true Breakfast Club-ish fashion, we are introduced to the chaotic Hawkins mall with a fun montage that shows Eleven and Max giving themselves a makeover, while Mike and his friends get extremely confused by a lingerie shop. Ah, being a teenager. 

13. Dustin & Suzie’s Musical Moment 

Season 3, The Battle of Starcourt

Nothing says ‘let’s save our friends and the world from impending doom’ like having a musical duet with your summer camp girlfriend over the phone, right?

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Dustin calls his beloved to ask how to improve their little Armageddon situation, but she refuses to give him the answer right away and forces him to…sing A Never Ending Story with her. A scene that will go down in history as being altogether extremely confusing, adorable, and unbearably funny.

14. Billy’s Sacrifice 

Season 3, The Battle of Starcourt

We’ll be honest, Billy didn’t do much to redeem himself in the episodes leading up to the season 3 finale. That being said, he was still just a teen possessed by the Mind Flayer, so it’s not like he had time to show that he could change for the better. His final moments, at least, make it clear that he was not entirely cruel, and could have been a good person if he tried.

As the battle against the Mind Flayer unfolds in Hawkins’ mall, Billy protects Eleven by standing up and facing the monster, only to be impaled in front of his sister and her friends. He then dies in Max’s arms, telling her “I’m sorry”. We’re not crying, we just have a demogorgon in our eye. 

15. Hopper’s Letter 

Season 3, The Battle of Starcourt

After Hopper ‘died’ to save everyone whilst re-closing the gate and pushing the Mind Flayer back into its dimension, the Byers finally decide to leave Hawkins. As the family (and Eleven) packs up, Joyce gives El a letter that Hopper wrote as a speech regarding her relationship with Mike.

This ‘heart to heart’ ends up being twice as emotional for Eleven, as she knows she’ll never see him again. One part of it reads “And then I left some Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life. For the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again.” Just enough to make us weep continuously until season 4 comes out. 

Here you have it, the best Stranger Things scenes so far! We don’t doubt for one second that the fourth season will make this list even longer and we can’t wait to see what otherworldly threat Eleven and her friends will have to face next.

One thing is certain – they’ve had enough training by now to defeat Godzilla itself.

As always, let us know in the comments what your best Stranger Things moment(s) is, and if we forgot any other epic scenes that you can’t get enough of.



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