It’s Eminem’s birthday, tell a friend!

Today marks the 41st birthday of one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Eminem is one of the most successful recording artists and has a career that seems to be endless.


Slim Shady’s 20 years of stardom has involved music, acting, teasing, name-calling, everything – you name it. Many would deem him the megaman of rap.

While the man behind Berzerk is probably busy celebrating, we want to take a look back at five of his greatest hits. Eminem’s great contribution to music include the following tracks….

My Name Is (1999)

The God of rap showcased his usual signature comical side in this one. My Name Is was the first hit to make Eminem explode in the music scene.

The Real Slim-Shady (2000)

Slim Shady definitely stood up in this hit. More humor and more scandalous lyrics and video-clip scenes. The song was the first of many to tease Britney Spears.

Stan (2000)

Eminem toned down in Stan and exposed a more emotional side. Featuring Dido, the song was inspired by the death of the star’s uncle-Ronnie.

Lose Yourself (2002)

As a soundtrack to his movie – 8 Mile, Lose Yourself is one of Eminem’s most powerful and greatest additions to hip-hop. The raw lyrics and rhythm is what counts the hit as one of Eminem’s best.

Not Afraid (2010)

The well-known chorus is what has helped Not Afraid to be one of Eminem’s most-talked about tracks. The rapper presents some serious passion in this number.

We’re more than certain that we’ve missed out a few more of Eminem’s huge tracks. Which songs are your favorite? Sound off in the comment box below…

Eminem’s upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out November 5th.




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