30+ Cool Drake Quotes That Will Inspire You

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For a guy who can turn “YOLO” into a pop culture phrase and get it added into the Dictionary, there’s no doubt that Drake has a special way with words.

Apart from his famous lyrics, the rapper has spoken many words of wisdom throughout his career that might just spark some inspiration in you.

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From sayings about love, self-confidence and success, there are many life tips you can learn from Drizzy. So, let’s jump(man) right in! Here’s a selection of cool Drake quotes that will inspire you to your core…

1. “I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.”

A quote about: Failure
Use it when: You need to excuse your mistakes.

Drake may seem like the ‘good boy’ among most rappers, but he’s also been in and out of trouble, too. From Drake’s feuds with fellow artists to using his ex-girlfriend’s vocals on Marvin’s Room without permission, he admits he’s made mistakes – but at least he doesn’t fake perfection. 

drake perfection quote

2. “I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down.”

A quote about: Relationships
Use it when: Someone is getting under your skin. 

Drake is usually a funny guy, he’s not the confrontational type, but as seen by his fights with Kanye West and Chris Brown, the rapper doesn’t shy away. Use this quote if you, too, only react when you’re majorly antagonized by people.

3. “When you care about your music, taking risks is something you should do to keep things exciting.”

A quote about: Working hard
Use it when: You need to get out of your comfort zone. 

This quote may be about Drake and his music, but it can be applied to any career. If you’re ever forced out of your comfort zone, remember Drizzy’s words. When you have a passion for your project, injecting a little risk can help you learn, fail, grow and explore further. 

4. “Nobody understood what it was like to be black and Jewish…being different from everyone else just made me a lot stronger.”

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use it when: You feel ‘different’ from everyone else.

Whatever you feel makes you ‘different’, just remember you have the courage to stand out and embrace your individuality. Drake was apparently bullied at school for his racial and religious background, but his ability to withstand the haters and accept who he is, helped him come out even stronger.

5. “Strength isn’t always shown in what you can hold on to, sometimes it’s shown in what you can let go of.”

A quote about: Moving on
Use it when: You’re struggling to let go.

Whether it’s been the women Drake has dated (ahem, Rihanna), or a friendship with a rapper (ahem, Kanye), Drizzy has dropped the things pulling him down. When you have the ability to let go of the negative things in life, you prove yourself stronger than ever. 

6. “It’s never too late to realize what you want in your life and it’s never wrong to fight for it.”

A quote about: Success
Use it when: You think you can’t get what you want.

What Drake is trying to tell you here is, you can do this! Whether it’s a change in career or a change of heart, it’s never too late to do what’s right for you. Though it may not be easy, Drizzy says that you need to fight and follow your passions in life. 

7. “Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending.”

A quote about: Life
Use it when: You want to be inspired.

Drake tweeted this famous quote back in 2011 and his words resonate until now. Whether you want some motivation about life, love, or relationships, this versatile quote offers it all. Sounding like a lyric pulled straight of Drake’s songs, this saying is the ultimate inspiration for any situation in life. 

8. “My mother made me truly appreciate women.”

A quote about: Respect
Use it when: You want to shout-out your mom!

These words ring true – “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.” This short yet sentimental Drake quote proves just how sweet of a guy he is – and it’s all thanks to his mom.

drake mom quote

9. “A lot of people talk that talk, and just do it because that’s what hip-hop is about.”

A quote about: Confrontation
Use it when: You want to explain people’s controversial actions.

In an interview with GQ, Drake explained that hip-hop culture expects you to be “confrontational”, that people “talk that talk” because they have to. This sounds a lot like real life, too, with people who feel they have to prove their controversial side to stay ‘cool’ or ‘relevant’. 

10. “Haters will broadcast your failures, but whisper your success.”

A quote about: Haters
Use it when: Your haters are trying to bring you down.

This may be one of Drake’s best quotes, yet. It’s no secret that haters want to see you fail. And when you do, they’ll be the first to shame you. Drizzy is reminding you to pay close attention to those who don’t clap when you win because they’re the ones secretly waiting for you to fall. 

11. “I’m just a human being that’s willing to show you that I’m human…A lot of people will only show you the confident side, especially in the music business because the vulnerable side, they don’t want to go there…I’m OK with going there. That, to me, is supreme confidence.”

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use it when: You want to show your emotional side.

One thing we love about Drake? His ability to show his emotional side. From Trust Issues to Over My Dead Body, his rap music can be unapologetically “vulnerable” and “human”. But that’s what makes him different. “Supreme confidence” is being able to express your emotions without fear.

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12. “I hate the gist of living your life on the Internet and telling everybody personal details about yourself on social media.”

A quote about: Social media
Use it when: You want to disconnect from social media.

Unlike many celebrities, Drake doesn’t share much about his personal life on social media. You rarely see him tweeting his opinions or sharing a photo of his latest girlfriend. If you also prefer to keep your social persona lowkey, this quote will mean a little something to you.

13. “I’m not a gangster, I don’t have no desire to be hard.”

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use it when: You don’t follow the crowd!

Lots of people pretend to be strong or tough, but we know that they really aren’t. Once again, Drizzy gives us a quote that puts his vulnerability in the spotlight. He doesn’t try to be “gangster” or “hard” like his industry demands. He’s comfortable with his emotional side and uses it to stand out.

14. “My mind isn’t plagued by beef.”

A quote about: Beef
Use it when: You need to ignore the beef. 

If only we could all be like Drake when we’re faced with fights and feuds. I mean, it’s pretty rare to hear anything bad about this rapper. He knows how to say no to negativity and maintain boundaries when it comes to beef. Always remember to keep calm and shake all the bad stuff off, right?

15. “I pulled my weight when it came to my pen. Anybody that knows me knows that my strongest talent is writing…that’s why people ask me to write songs for them.”

A quote about: Justification
Use it when: It’s time to tell the truth.

We all know that Drake has been accused of using ghostwriters to pen his lyrics. Well, in an interview with Rap Radar, he debunked these claims and asserted that writing is his strongest talent. This quote can inspire those who have been wrongly accused to stand up for their truth!

16. “Everybody has an addiction, mine happens to be success.”

A quote about: Success
Use it when: You want to show how dedicated you are.

If there’s one thing to admire about Drake, it’s his determination for success. He is one of the world’s best-selling artists, with a net worth of $180 Million, after all. Without his dedication and “addiction” as he calls it, perhaps Drizzy wouldn’t be where he is today. If you also have a healthy addiction to becoming successful, this top quote is for you. 

drake success quote

17. “I love my space, I love my work, and I love my routine. And for me to break that for somebody, it would just have to be a really special person that fits into that puzzle.”

A quote about: Relationships
Use it when: You know work comes before love.

Drake has dated a ton of ladies over the years, but hasn’t seemed to find ‘the one’. Is it because they struggle to fit his schedule? This saying goes out to those who can’t find someone to fit into their ‘puzzle’ yet.

18. “Perfection to me is, I walk away from a situation and say, ‘I did everything I could do right there. There was nothing more that I could do.’ Like, I worked as hard as I possibly could have. That’s perfection.”

A quote about: Perfection
Use it when: You’re struggling to be ‘perfect’

All of us strive for perfection. But Drake reminds us here that ‘doing your best’ is enough. If you’ve done all that you can to get something right, but end up failing, remember Drizzy’s words – they’re bound to pick you back up again.

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19. “Not being vulnerable is never gonna be my thing. I’m always going to share with you what’s going on in my life.”

A quote about: Vulnerability
Use it when: You want to express yourself.

Drake prefers to let us in on his life through his song lyrics. And from what we’ve heard so far, he’s not afraid to expose his vulnerable side. This quote goes out to those who are as proudly fearless as Drizzy and gutsy enough to talk about their times of hardship.

20. “I wake up in the morning and my heart is light, man. It’s not heavy. I don’t have skeletons in the closet on their way out.” 

A quote about: Happiness
Use it when: You’re finally happy with your life.

We all want to get to this stage, right? To wake up in the morning and feel happy. To not have anything negative steal your joy. Those who are already there, like Drake, should use this quote to express their gratitude. 

21. “I feel like I’m truly and genuinely proud and unafraid. I’m not scared of who I am.”

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use it when: You feel proud of yourself.

Drake made weakness cool – and he’s not afraid to keep using his emotional side to sell records. If you have something unique about yourself to be proud of, use Drake’s quote to shout it from the rooftops. 

drake confidence quote

22. “I feel connected to my generation through the music, but I also fear for us. We’re in a very self-destructive state where we’re addicted to outside opinions and we all feel like we have fans.”

A quote about: Haters
Use it when: You need to ignore the haters.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, you’ve probably been publicly criticized or mocked for something that you did. Like Drake says, you listen to outside opinions and fall for everything they say. But the key is to ignore the haters, and keep doing you!

23. “I’m actually a very honest person, and sometimes I end up like, ‘Man, I said too much.’ It’s hard for me not to tell the truth when you ask me.”

A quote about: Honesty
Use it when: You’re aware of your honesty.

Drake is an honest guy. From expressing his emotions in his music, to revealing all in his interviews, he candidly speaks the truth. If you consider yourself the same as the Views rapper, this saying will have some value to you.

24. “My life is mine to remember.”

A quote about: Life
Use it when: You’re living life to the fullest.

This makes for a cool Instagram caption! A touching quote from Drake that will remind you to live life to the fullest. The rapper doesn’t have time for haters and leaves no room for negativity – he’s here to make memories because that’s what’s important. 

25. “A relationship can give you a gut-wrenching feeling sometimes. It’s a real emotional ride.” 

A quote about: Relationships
Use it when: A relationship is getting tough.

Most of us have endured tough relationships and experienced all the mixed emotions that come with it. This phrase by Drake proves he knows exactly how it feels. 

26. “I don’t really have a gimmick or a ‘thing.’ I’m one of the few artists who gets to be himself every day.”

A quote about: Realness
Use it when: You’re proud of being you.

Once again, Drake bears out his authenticity – one of the many reasons we love him. Perhaps his pureness is what has made him one of the most successful male artists of all time! Use this quote when you want to vouch for your realness!

27. “I walk in an arena and people will cheer and then there might be days when I walk in an arena and people might boo, but it all sounds the same to me because it’s all just noise that lets me know I’m relevant.”

A quote about: Haters
Use it when: Haters are hating.

Nothing fazes Drake. Whether he’s laughed at or booed at, this guy knows how to stay positive. Got haters like Drizzy? Just know that they are actually low key obsessed with you. The more they talk, the more relevant you become. 

28. “When it comes to knowing what to say, to charm, I always had it.”

A quote about: Love
Use it when: Your words have charmed someone.

Just by reading through this list of quotes, Drake clearly has a way with words. So much so that he uses his love language to swoon the ladies. If you have the secret to charming people with your words, this saying is perfect for you. 

29. “I’m mischievous, but I’m calculated.” 

A quote about: Personality
Use it when: You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind. 

This quote tells us Drake’s also got a mischievous side. As devilish as he can be, the rapper knows to be smart about it and keep his feet on the ground. Use this quote if you also have a sneaky yet smart attitude. 

30. “Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.”

A quote about: Moving on
Use it when: You’re crying over an ex.

From splitting up with Rihanna to having heartbreak with Nicki Minaj, Drake has had his fair share of breakups. And these wise words from the popular star tells us exactly how to get over an ex. Noted!  

drake moving on quote

31. “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” 

A quote about: Determination
Use it when: You feel like giving up. 

Feel like you’re on a difficult road to nowhere? Struggling to fulfil your dreams? Drake would tell you to shift your focus from the end goal to the journey and you’ll soon see your mindset change. 

32. “The ideal girl is driven, working on something other than modeling or being a singer.”

A quote about: Love
Use it when: It’s time for something new.

He might have dated a bunch of ‘models’ or ‘singers’, but Drake has now realized that he needs a girl outside this business. If you, too, have had enough of the same old guy or girl, this quote is for you.

33. “You use rap to update people on what’s been going on in your life. At least, I do. My music is an update. I don’t want to talk to you on social media.”

A quote about: Music
Use it when: You want to talk through your music.

This quote reminds us that Drake is not a fan of social media. He prefers to open up about his life through his music. Just know that every Drizzy lyric you hear has meaning, and aren’t just random words put together because they rhyme. 

34. “People just want me to go off more and lose my composure and then that way I guess I would make more headlines or be more iconic. That’s not me. I’m a naturally poised individual.”

A quote about: Expectations
Use it when: You need to own your individuality.

Sometimes, people expect the worst of you. Just like Drake, you need to prove them wrong and simply do you. He doesn’t conform to expectations and neither should you. 

35. “The fact that I can express the issues that I’m having with family, with women, or with self. The fact that I can express that to me is the ultimate confidence.”

A quote about: Self-confidence
Use it when: You’re proudly open about personal stuff.

Once again, Drake defines self-confidence. From rapping about his absentee dad to crooning about Rihanna, Drake is not afraid to get personal in his lyrics. If you’re brave enough to open up about personal issues without feeling guilty or embarrassed, consider yourself as fearless as Drizzy.

36. “I feel like I surround myself with people that are just as, if not more ambitious than me.” 

A quote about: Friends and family
Use it when: You’re proud of your circle. 

Drake picks his friends wisely, and you should do the same. Be it friends or family, this saying will push you to surround yourself with positive, successful people. No wonder he’s besties with DJ Khaled (AKA the ultimate motivator)! 

37. “I’m at a great place in my life. My life is about peace, my life is about drinking espressos and wine.”

A quote about: Happiness
Use it when: You’re at peace with yourself. 

It’s a great feeling to be content about your life. It’s when you can enjoy the simple things like drinking your favorite beverage. Use this good quote to tell the world you’re finally at peace.  

drake life quote

Whether you’re a fan of Drake or not, these deep quotes by the rapper will hit you right in the feels.

Add them to your Instagram captions or simply use them for some motivation and you’re bound to be more inspired for the day ahead –  ‘you only live once’, right?

Let us know which Drake quotes are your favorite in the comments section below… 


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