22 Vampire Diaries Characters Ranked

vampire diaries characters ranked

Alright, blood-suckers! It’s time for the ultimate fight in Mystic Falls! We’re about to pit every lead character on The Vampire Diaries against each other to find out who we liked most.

Could it be the suave yet insane Klaus Mikaelson? Or is it Katherine Pierce who made us tune in every week? Which character drained the blood life out of us and bored us the most?

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Stakes at the ready! From wolves to witches and hybrids to vampires, here are the 22 Vampire Diaries characters ranked from worst to best…

22. Vicki Donovan

Other than being Tyler’s booty call, Matt’s sister, and Jeremy’s unrequited love interest, there’s not much to say about Vicki. A little self-centered and selfish, the best thing about this character is that she was the very first person to turn into a vampire. Her death was also one of the first OMG moments on the show – that’s the most we can credit her for.

21. Mason Lockwood

I mean, there’s nothing bad to say about Mason Lockwood, but there’s certainly not enough to mention about his character, which explains his ranking on this list. He started off a bit douchey, was a cool mentor and werewolf guru to Tyler, and eventually died at the hands of Damon, which, let’s admit, doesn’t really bother us to this day.

20. Annabelle

Sneaky and shady, but at the same time, sweet and loving, we can’t help but feel conflicted when it comes to Anna. We can’t really blame her for her hidden agenda – all she wanted was her mother back, right? Sure, she pretty much used Jeremy for her own good, but that’s not going to stop us from erasing this character from our memories anytime soon.

19. Kol Mikaelson

This cheeky and menacing bad boy was enjoyable to watch, we’re not going to lie, but compared to his other siblings, Kol is rather mundane. It’s true his character improved in The Originals, but in terms of his TVD‘s role, there’s not much to really remember about Kol.

18. Jenna Sommers

Like all fans of this TV show, we grew attached to Jenna, so seeing her die was truly heartbreaking. Although not an integral part of the storyline, let’s just say she still deserved better. Plus her relationship with Alaric was goals.

17. Sheriff Forbes

A loving mom, badass sheriff, and bestie to Damon, Elizabeth Forbes will always be remembered as an iconic character. Although she didn’t accept Caroline for who she was at first, she eventually came around, giving us one of the sweetest moments from the series – “I’m still your little girl.” Cue the tears.

16. Lexi Branson

Ultimate best-friend material and a genuine soul who brought out the best in Stefan, there’s no forgetting Lexi Branson. She put the friend in friendship, had unconditional love for her pal, and truly lived in the moment. We still resent Damon for killing her to this day.

15. Matt Donovan

Matt may have not been supernatural, but his character still stood out for us. A good friend, brave, and pretty much consistent, we have to tip our hats off to Matt for actually staying alive in Mystic Falls until the end. Best human on the show. That’s the most we can give him, right?

14. Elijah Mikaelson

Vampire in a suit? Check. Gentlemanly and charming? Check. Badass? Absolutely check. We squirmed when Elijah was first introduced on the show, but he eventually proved his moral and loyal side, which really made an impression on us. Plus, he was helpful to Elena, which is always a bonus.

13. Tyler Lockwood

I think everyone wished there was more Tyler Lockwood beyond just six seasons. Starting off as an A-class douchebag, this guy had a real character arc, eventually becoming somewhat decent, despite most of the crap he went through. His relationship with Caroline wasn’t our fave, but she did bring out a good side in him.

12. Rebekah Mikaelson

A bad bi*ch who kept it real, who can ever forget Rebekah? A misunderstood and unstable character with serious brother issues, this top character was relatable to many. Despite her bad decisions and vindictive ways, we couldn’t help but have a soft spot for her.

11. Alaric Saltzman

Everyone needs an Alaric in their lives, right? He was the father figure of the entire show, after all. A strong man who went through tough times, Alaric had a big heart that anyone could rely on. His bromance with Damon was also fun to watch.

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10. Jeremy Gilbert

He died five times, was Bonnie’s one true love and remained the heart and soul of his sister, Elena. Jeremy Gilbert was a standout character on The Vampire Diaries, hands down. The kid went through a lot, so his ‘boring’ choice to live life as a hunter is excused. It’s safe to say Jeremy’s departure was enough to leave us depressed for a year.

9. Enzo

A cheeky sense of humor and incredibly charming, but at the same time, ridiculously cunning and vengeful. Enzo may be annoying at times, but ultimately, he proves he’s a loyal friend and caring character, who’s just trying to make things right. Let’s not forget that accent, either. Iconic.

8. Elena Gilbert

As one of the famous trio, it may be surprising that Elena is positioned here. If it weren’t for her winging and whining, we *may* have ranked her a little higher. Everyone bent over backwards for her, she was your typical damsel in distress, and she made everything about her. Despite this, we still routed for her character and respected her ability to stay strong throughout. Let’s just say we MUCH prefer Elena’s doppelganger, though.

7. Stefan Salvatore

Okay, we’re getting into dangerous territory here. And it’s not because we’re talking about a Salvatore brother, but because there will be fans that come at us for this ranking. Stefan was great, don’t get us wrong, but he was just a little moody and broody and too ‘nice’ (until his humanity switched off) for us. We still love how tragically heroic and loving he was, though. We’ll just leave this here: humanity Stefan was meh, soulless Stefan was awesome.

6. Bonnie Bennett

The definitive hero of the group and the real reason why everyone stayed alive until the very end. This witch was badass, brave, and so selfless, it’s amazing how she lasted after being tested so many times. Will it hurt to say Bonnie Bennett put Elena Gilbert to shame?

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5. Kai Parker

You know a villain is super bad when they’re ranked as one of the best characters on a show. Incredibly cruel and dangerous, Kai Parker turned Mystic Falls upside down upon his arrival and kept viewers gripped. Undeniably terrifying for his unpredictability, his dark sense of humor and damaged bad boy persona certainly made him extra fun to watch.

4. Klaus Mikaelson

Another villain we love to hate. Power-hungry and merciless, this ruthless killer had a complexity behind him and a softer side that actually made you swoon. Our guilty pleasure, it’s easy to rank Klaus as one of the greatest characters on The Vampire Diaries.

3. Katherine Pierce

The be-all and end-all of this story. The foundation of the Salvatore brothers and the reason for their obsession over Elena Gilbert. Katherine Pierce is evil and manipulative, and a little scary, too, but she remained a consistent character and kinda fun. Under all that evil, she was just a sad soul who deserved better.

2. Caroline Forbes

Caroline had an excellent character development. She went from being the annoying popular girl to a strong, mature and sweet fighter. A lot of that has to do with her becoming a vampire – that’s when Caroline became GREAT and one of the most-loved among fans. She stayed positive during pain, she put the good in Klaus and remained a loyal friend to everyone.

1. Damon Salvatore

I guess this one comes as no surprise. I mean, what is The Vampire Diaries without it’s best character, Damon Salvatore? Sure, he had some bad streaks, but he eventually learned to put love first. He had one of, if not the best character growths on the show, proving that behind all that smugness and relentless evil, Damon had a heart. And a big one at that. Other than keeping the action going, Damon was also ridiculously charming and cool, funny and witty and brutally honest.

Sure, our best Vampire Diaries character may have been cliché and predictable, but you would have to compel us to change our minds. Want to give it a go? Which Vampire Diaries character is your favorite? How would you change our ranking? Sound off in the comments below!


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1 year ago

Jeremy by far the worst character in the show

2 years ago

Elenas not a damsel in distress tho?she’s literally won many fights on her own u also cannot blame her for ppl CHOOSING to save her all the time that’s on them she’s said she hates that ppl do that for her .

2 years ago

Klaus Mickelson is the best character on tvd.

2 years ago

Nope… Klaus mikaelson is the best character in the whole tvd universe

Matilda Curtis
2 years ago

Damon should’ve been ranked 22 smh, he sucked