40 Cool Taylor Swift Gifts Every Fan Will Love

taylor swift gifts

Are you a super-fan of the pop icon? Perhaps you’re looking to treat that die-hard Swiftie in your life?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the very best merch that will excite any Taylor lover. From a Shake It Off tee to a super cool mug, we’ve got the coolest Taylor Swift gifts suitable for all ages and price ranges. 

So, whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or a simple treat for yourself, we’ve got you covered with 40 amazing gift ideas for the Taylor Swift fanatic in your life. 

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1. Sticker Pack 

Do you want to make your laptop unique? This valuable sticker pack is just for you. With over 150 cool and beautiful stickers of Taylor’s face and song lyrics, you can switch up the look of your laptop, book or mirror in no time. 

sticker set taylor swift

$10 at Amazon

2. 89 Swift Sweater

This unisex hoodie is ideal for people of all ages and is great if you want to reminisce about your fave Taylor Swift concert, or simply show your support as a fan! With an understated tie-dye effect, this comfy sweater can be paired with any outfit. 

$50 at Amazon

3. Taylor Swift Eras Mug 

Who said drinking coffee in the mornings had to be boring?! Let a Swiftie sip their favorite hot beverage out of this mug depicting Taylor’s iconic poses from several eras throughout her career.

eras mug taylor

$20 at Redbubble

4. Taylor Swift Coloring Book

Buy your bestie this illustrated coloring book to keep them busy! It’s a great gift for fans who may be younger in ages too. Fill in illustrations of Taylor with any color and bring the Evermore singer to life with this sweet gift idea.

taylor swift coloring activity book

$22 at Amazon

5. ‘Calm Down’ Sweater

Looking for a warm sweater for your best friend? This You Need to Calm Down jumper is the ideal gift to honor one of Tay’s best tracks. With a picture from the music video, this sweater is great for all ages and genders and will be your friend’s go-to whenever they get dressed for the day. 

calm down taylor sweater

$39 at Redbubble

6. ‘Incredible Things’ Perfume

Delicious Swift merch! This sweet-smelling perfume with hints of vanilla is the greatest essence for any young lady. A few spritzes will keep you feeling like an enchanted princess throughout the day, and closer to Taylor than ever before.

taylor swift incredible things perfume

$75 at Amazon

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7. ‘Be More Like Taylor’ Book

If you want to know what makes Taylor so awesome, then this fan book is ideal for you! With a guide that tells you how to be exactly like the pop princess herself, you’ll be channeling her confidence, creativity and coolness in no time. 

be more like taylor book

$12 at Amazon

8. Eras Tour Shirt

After attending the Eras Tour or seeing clips on social media, we bet it has a place in your heart. Wear this t-shirt and let Taylor play to your heart’s content. Not only will this remind fans of the biggest arena tour, but it will also add a cool touch to their outfit.

taylor swift eras tour shirt

$29 at Redbubble

9. Midnights Cap

What better way to be stylish and showcase your favorite singer and album than by wearing this gorgeous ‘dad hat’? With pretty Midnights artwork centered in the middle, you can opt for any color of your choice and even get it as a baseball cap instead!

taylor swift midnights merch

$24 at Redbubble

10. ‘Folklore’ Mug

Are you a big tea or coffee drinker? Treat yourself to this cute mug that will make you smile every time you have a hot beverage. With cute illustrations and inspirational words from Taylor’s Folklore album, this ceramic mug is perfect for any drink! 

folklore mug

$20 on Redbubble

11. Eras Coasters

This merchandise is bound to make any Swiftie smile. A set of four coasters with Taylor Swift detailing will make a great addition to a fan’s table. They can even gather inspiration from the poses while doing their very best Taylor impression.

coasters taylor swift

$16 at Redbubble

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12. ‘New Year’s Day’ Journal 

This super cute memory book is perfect for your friend who wants to make a note of their happiest memories. Whether it’s a day out to a Taylor concert or a friend’s birthday party, it can all be listed in this hardback book imprinted with a quote from New Year’s Day.

notebook taylor swift

$23 on Redbubble

13. Karma is a Cat Shirt

Sweet like honey, karma is a cat. If Karma is your favorite track off Midnights, this shirt will make it loud and clear. Featuring an adorable illustration of Taylor’s kitty in her signature pose, this piece of apparel is ideal if you’re looking to treat a Swiftie.

karma is a cat shirt

$24 at Redbubble

14. ‘Damn’ Mug

Is your sister or daughter not a morning person? Gift them with this mug to make those 7am wakeup calls a little better. You can even purchase a matching coaster dedicated to Taylor’s song to keep on their bedside table for that first morning brew. 

damn 7am mug

$18 at Redbubble

15. ‘American Dynasty’ Pouch 

Need somewhere to store your spare cash? This sweet pouch with the printed lyrics “I had a marvelous time ruining everything” is perfect as a purse, a makeup bag or even a pencil case. Gift it to someone who’s a fan of The Last Great American Dynasty – we promise they’ll love it. 

$15 at Redbubble

16. ‘Taylor Swift: In Her Own Words’ Book

Is your girlfriend a super fan? You can buy them this Taylor Swift book that will keep them occupied for days. With a collection of quotes from Swift’s public statements, this sweet present is ideal for those who want to get to know the singer up close and personal.

Taylor Swift In Her Own Words

$11 on Amazon

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17. Anti-Hero Sweatshirt

It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me. If you consider yourself the Anti-Hero, get a hold of this sweatshirt. Available in an array of colors (but it’s prettiest in Oatmeal Heather) as well as different sizes, this clothing dedicated to Tay’s sweet song is a great gift to wrap up this Christmas.

antihero taylor swift shirt

$40 at Redbubble

18. Taylor Swift Bracelets

Walk around in style with these Swiftie bracelets. Repping the exact fandom you belong in, this piece of jewelry is a cute and stylish way to shout it out. 

taylor swift bracelet eras

$14 at Amazon

19. ‘Mad Woman’ Pillow

This gorgeous low-key pillow is ideal for your friend who is a lil cray-cray! It’ll sit perfectly on their bed or chair and make a great addition to their décor. Plus, it’ll put Mad Woman on replay in their heads, and what’s better than that?

$25 at Redbubble

20. ‘I’m Feeling 22’ T-Shirt 

Are you a massive Taylor Swift fan? Absolutely adore 22? This ‘I’m Feeling 22’ t-shirt will look great paired with jeans or leggings for an ultra-casual look and will also shout-out one of Tay’s most epic tracks. 

feeling 22 taylor shirt

$24 at Redbubble

21. ‘Lover’ Phone Case

Consider purchasing this cute love heart case that’s inspired by Taylor’s Lover album. The protective shell will ensure that your phone doesn’t get scratched while also looking super chic in the tie-dye effect case. 

lover taylor swift phone case

$38 at Redbubble

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22. Swiftie Duvet Cover

Upgrade your bedroom décor with this sweet duvet cover. The soft pink and blue butterfly mix will add a soft tone to any bedroom and help any Swiftie profess their love for the Reputation star.

$89 at Redbubble

23. Swiftie Clock

Wondering what to get a Taylor Swift fan? Mix pop art with a clock and you get this awesome wooden-framed Swiftie clock. A Taylor-inspired gift for your pal who’s a loyal fan, but is never on time.

swiftie pink clock

$35 at Redbubble

24. Shake It Off T-Shirt

Here’s some gear to help any fan shake off a bad day. Put Tay’s iconic track on and dance to your favorite song in this trendy t-shirt. Or simply wear it out and about to remind everyone of the smash pop hit! 

shake it off taylor swift shirt

$26 at Redbubble

25. ‘Taylor 1989’ Backpack

The best buy for Swifties who are in need of something to carry around in style! Whether you want to take this backpack to school, on vacation or simply use it everyday, it makes one of the most ultimate Taylor Swift gifts.

taylor swift 1989 backpack

$50 on Redbubble

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26. Proud Swiftie Shirt

If you’re a huge Taylor fan, say it loud and proud with this low-key tee. Ideal for everyday use, you can wear this t-shirt with a pair of jeans and converse. There’s no better way to show your dedication to the Swiftie fandom.

$25 at Redbubble

27. Funny Bath Mat

This counts as a cheeky and funny Taylor Swift gift, and we guarantee it’ll make any Swiftie smile. Imprinted with the lyrics “I Think I’m Finally Clean”, there’s never been any song more fitting for a bath mat.


$28 at Redbubble

28. Taylor Swift Puzzle

Want to spend your time swiftly wisely? Get your hands on this awesome jigsaw puzzle that depicts the popstar from her Midnights album cover. If not for you, this item makes a fantastic birthday gift for that Taylor fan in your life.

taylor swift midnights puzzle

$36 at Redbubble

29. Swift 89 Shirt

If you, too, were born in 1989 just like Taylor, this t-shirt makes a great addition to your wardrobe. You can also get it for that special someone in your life who wants to jazz up their look with some Tay Tay inspiration.

taylor swift t-shirt

$24 at Redbubble

30. Merry Swiftmas Sweater

What’s Christmas without a reminder of your favorite celeb? This hilarious sweater cannot go amiss during the holiday season! With the funny words “Merry Swiftmas” printed all over, eating that Christmas turkey will never be more enjoyable. 

taylor swift christmas sweater

$42 at Redbubble

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31. ‘The Little Guide to Taylor Swift’ Book

Taylor says all the right things! If you know someone who needs a little bit of inspiration and motivation, gift them this book which features numerous quotes by Taylor on confidence, careers, beauty, relationships, and more.

little guide to taylor swift

$9 at Amazon

32. ‘Repurrrtation’ T-Shirt

Only the nearest and dearest of Taylor’s fans would love to own this t-shirt. Blending together a fun and fabulous image of the singer’s album as well as her pet cat, this apparel is one that’ll make any Swfitie smile (or purr)!

reputation funny shirt

$29 at Redbubble

33. Taylor Swift Blanket

It doesn’t get more cuter than this! A flannel blanket that’s superb for cozying up to in the winter months. With prints of Tay’s album names as well as iconic poses on it, we have a feeling this would make a great Christmas gift for any fan.

taylor swift blanket

$10 at Amazon

34. Birthday Card

Whether you choose to treat someone to a Taylor Swift-themed gift or not, this card is a must. With its funny wordplay on Tay’s song, Anti-Hero, any Swiftie will have a smile on their face whilst opening this birthday card!

taylor swift birthday card

$9 at Amazon

35. Eras Tour Bag

If you attended Taylor’s Era Tour, and didn’t manage to grab merch on the day, consider nabbing this adorable tote bag, instead! Makes an awesome stocking gift for someone else, too!

taylor swift eras tour bag

$26 at Redbubble

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36. Taylor Swift Charm Bracelet

If that Swifite in your life prefers a more subtle way to showcase their fandom, gift them with this charm bracelet. With pendants symbolizing icons that are close to Taylor, this piece of jewelry will make a fan forever grateful.

taylor swift charm bracelet

$13 at Amazon

37. Makeup Bag

Store all your goodies in this cute pouch! Whether you use it for school, your makeup or cosmetics, this piece of merch is one of the most perfect Taylor Swift gifts to share with your families and friends!

taylor swift makeup bag

$14 at Amazon

38. ‘Swiftea’ Mug

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Or cleverer? This mug will make any fan’s heart warm up as they sip through their swiftea. Or how about you grab it for yourself as a self-care treat!

swiftea mug

$15 at Amazon

39. Taylor Swift Keychain

Wondering what to put in your daughter’s Christmas stocking or what to buy a Taylor fan for Secret Santa? This keychain might just be the perfect pick!

taylor swift keychain

$14 at Amazon

40. Graphic Top

Wear your favorite popstar loud and proud by owning this fabulous t-shirt. Representing Taylor during her phenomenal Eras tour, this graphic t-shirt is great for any brother, girlfriend or colleague!

eras tour taylor swift shirt

$39 at Redbubble

That rounds up our gift guide suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, you can show your appreciation to a loved one with these great present ideas!

Let us know which of these Taylor Swift gifts you’ll be adding to your wish-list by leaving a comment in the section below. 

This article was originally published in March 2020.


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